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How to Create a Formula Assessment with a Selected Measurement

How to Create a Formula Assessment with a Selected Measurement

Posted by Support Team on April 28, 2024 — Updated on April 28, 2024

Within our Workout Software, you have the ability to create a formula assessment using selected measurements.

This guide will walk you through the steps on how to create a formula assessment with a selected measurement.

1. Click “Account”

Navigate to the “Account” tab.

Click 'Account'

2. Click “Assessments”

Go to “Assessments” tab on the left side bar.

Click 'Assessments'

3. Click “Add”

Click on the “Add New Assessment” button.

Click 'Add'

4. Enter Name and Description

Enter an assessment name and description.

Enter Name and Description

5. Enable Assessment Scoring

Enable assessment scoring by checking the box for “Score this assessment”.

Enable Assessment Scoring

6. Enable “Send a confirmation email receipt?”

Enable the option to “Send a confirmation email receipt”. The client will receive an email when their assessment is completed summarizing the points and total score.

Enable 'Send a confirmation email receipt?'

7. Enable Assessment to be Public

Enable the option to “Allow completed assessments to be viewed without logging”. This allows the assessment results to be viewable on the leaderboard when not logged in.

Enable Assessment to be Public

8. Click “Fields”

Go to the “Fields” tab.

Click 'Fields'

9. Add “Formula Field”

Add a “Formula Field”.

Add 'Formula Field'

10. Enter Your Formula Field Question

Enter your formula field question.

Enter Your Formula Field Question

11. Enter Formula

Enter your formula.

Enter Formula

12. Select Measurement

Under Save Result as Custom Measurement, select a measurement from the drop down list.

Select Measurement

13. Add New Field

Add a new field.

Add New Field

14. Select Field Type

Select fields that will allow points to be earned for each response. For example drop down fields, checkbox groups and toggles.

Select Field Type

15. Add Options

In this example we used a drop down field. So enter the question and add drop down options.

Add Options

16. Set Points

Set the points for each option you add.

Set Points

17. Example

Here is an example of the drop down options and points.


18. Click “Customize”

After adding all of your fields, click on the “Customize” tab.

Click 'Customize'

19. Click “Submit Assessment”

Enter the button text, for example “Submit Assessment”.

Click 'Submit Assessment'

20. Click “Save Assessment”

Click on “Save Assessment” to save changes.

Click 'Save Assessment'

This guide covered the steps required to create a formula assessment with a selected measurement.

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