How do I delete sets from the workout logger in the app?

From your Dashboard in the mobile app, navigate to the workout you want to edit.

After reviewing the workout as needed, click the edit icon at the bottom of the screen.

Confirm that you want to edit the workout by clicking the “Edit Exercise Log” banner near the top of the screen.

Next, locate the exercise within your workout that contains the sets that you want to delete. Then tap the arrow next to that exercise.  

From the “Log Exercise” screen, swipe left on the set that you want to delete. When the red “Delete” button appears, tap it and the set will be permanently removed from that exercise, as well as the workout. 

If you want to delete sets from other exercises in the workout, tap “Next.” “Next” will take you to the following exercise in the workout. Use “Next” to navigate through all of the exercises in the workout, or tap the back arrow to return to the workout logger.

Once you have either navigated through all the exercises in your workout or returned to the workout logger, tap the “Update” button near the top of the screen.

Your updates will then be saved, and you can review them in the “Workout Summary.” When you’ve finished reviewing your updated workout plan, tap “Close” in the upper corner of the “Workout Summary” view, and you will automatically be returned to your Dashboard.

If you have any further questions or problems, feel free to contact us via our contact formContinue logging workouts, and we will continue providing support! 

Updated on October 30, 2020

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