How do I edit my workout schedule?

If you want need to change the days that you have workouts scheduled, it’s easy to do both on the website and apps.

Click the link to view instructions for the app you’re using:

Step-by-Step Guide:


1. Open the “My Stuff” tab on your Dashboard.


2. Make sure “My Workout Plans” is selected, then hover your mouse over your current workout plan and click the “Change Schedule” button.

From the list of options, click the “Change Scheduled Days” button. Then a pop-up window will appear.


3. Update your workout days as needed.

In the pop-up window, look for “Schedule your workout days.”

Please note that certain days are selected by default. However, you can easily change those days.

All you need to do is deselect the default days, then select the days that you wish to workout on. 

4. Make sure to update your starting workout so you don’t start the plan over from the beginning!


5. Click “Next Step” to continue.

6. Review your new settings and click “Start Plan!” to update your schedule.

Your new workout schedule will be saved and applied to your current workout plan once you click the “Start Plan!” button.


Now you’re all set with your new schedule!

Updating your Schedule on the Apps:

1. Tap your profile image to open the “My Profile” page.


2. Tap the plan shown in the Workout Plan section.


3. Select the active plan that you want to update the schedule for.


4. Tap “Stop” in the top right corner and confirm on the pop-up message.


5. Tap the “Start” button to restart the plan and set up your new schedule.


6. Update your scheduled days.


7. Make sure to update your starting workout so you don’t start the plan over from the beginning!


 8. Tap “Start Plan” at the bottom of the page to confirm and start your plan with your updated schedule.


Now you’re all set with the updated workout schedule!

Updated on October 30, 2020

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