How to export Daily Logged Workouts Summary Report

Learn how to export the Daily Logged Workouts Summary report.

1. Click “Account”

Navigate to your “Account” tab.

Click 'Account'

2. Click “Reports”

Click on the “Reports” tab on the left side bar.

Click 'Reports'

3. Click “Workout”

Go to the “Workout” section.

Click 'Workout'

4. Click “Daily Logged Workouts Summary”

Click on Daily Logged Workouts Summary report.

Click 'Daily Logged Workouts Summary'

5. Click “This Month”

Select a time frame or customize the dates using the calendar.

Click 'This Month'

6. Select Week Plan

In the filters section, select a plan from the “Week Plan” drop down list.

Select Week Plan

7. Select a Group Calendar

Select a Group Calendar.

Select a Group Calendar

8. Click “Refresh Report”

Click “Refresh Report” to generate the report.

Click 'Refresh Report'

9. Click “Export”

Click the “Export” button to export the report in CSV format. The file will automatically download.

Click 'Export'

This guide covered the process of exporting the Daily Logged Workouts Summary report.