How do client workout calendars work?

Within our Gym Management Software, you are able to manage client workout calendars.

Client workout calendars allow you to manage each client’s workout schedule and make changes to the client’s workouts or schedule without having to re-publish an entire workout plan.

Here are the basics when it comes to managing your client’s calendar:

Importing Workout Plans

If you have already created a plan for a client, you can import that plan directly onto their calendar:
import plan

Select the plan from the drop-down list.
select plan

When importing a plan, you can choose the start date and scheduled workout days:
schedule settings
Additional options are also available: You can select to have workout logging required before moving on to the next scheduled workout. If you want the plan to repeat, select the number of times from the drop-down list. You can select to have the client notified of the new workouts as well as assign the plan to the client.

Customizing the Workout Schedule

If you need to adjust the schedule after importing the plan, you can just drag and drop workouts to rearrange them as needed. If you don’t have a workout plan to import, you can create workouts one at a time or copy workouts from other days on the calendar:
move workouts

Bulk Workout Editing Options

You can also bulk manage workouts by selecting multiple workouts and choosing the action that you want to take (Delete, Move, or Copy to a specified date/client):
bulk workout options

Removing Workout Plans from the Calendar

To remove an entire workout plan that you have imported to a client’s calendar, you can click on the “manage client” link.
manage link
Then, click the “Plans on Calendar” tab, and you’ll see the delete icon.
delete plan

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