How do I rearrange the order of fields in my Assessments?

While the assessment creator provides you with a pre-set structure, sometimes that won’t meet your needs. So, we’ve created ways for you to customize the assessments to your personal taste. This guide shows you how to rearrange the assessment questions in whatever order you prefer. Just follow the steps below! 

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Locate the question.

Once you’re in the assessment creator, scroll down to the section labeled “Assessment Fields.” There you will find several question options.

Step 2: Use the arrows.

Locate the question that you want to rearrange. Then, to the left side of the question, use the up arrow or the down arrow to move the question either up or down.  

Feel free to rearrange the questions until you find the order that you like best!

Updated on October 30, 2020

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