How do I set up a time-released workout plan for my group?

Time-released workout plans allow you to make workout plans available to your group members only after they have been a member of your group for the time you choose. 

You can set up each workout plan to release at a different time to give your clients a consistent schedule of new workouts to follow as they continue to pay for your group.

Once you have created a group, you can set up your first time-released workout plan.

Create your plan like usual, and click the “Publish” button in the Workout Plan Creator.

Select the correct group in the “Publish to a group:” dropdown, and then choose when you want to release that workout plan to the group:

If you want the workout plan to be available to all group members immediately, choose week 1.

Choose any other week, and we’ll give your group members access to the workout plan as soon as they fulfill the group membership requirements that you’ve chosen for that plan.

Example: If you choose week 3, your group members will not see the workout plan on the group page until they start their 3rd week as a member of the group.

Updated on October 30, 2020

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