My Sessions – Trainer View

To view your upcoming sessions within your fitness business management software platform, follow the step-by-step instructions below.

This guide will cover viewing and filtering upcoming, completed and canceled sessions.

1. Upcoming Sessions

At the top of the My Sessions view there are tabs to view Upcoming, Completed and Canceled sessions. There is also a tab to filter all staff members .

Upcoming Sessions

2. Calendar

All of the views have a date filter. Click on the calendar icon.


3. Select Date

From the calendar, select the date you would like to filter and confirm by clicking “OK”.

Select Date

4. View Upcoming Sessions

View upcoming sessions.

View Upcoming Sessions

5. View Completed Sessions

View completed sessions.

View Completed Sessions

6. View Canceled Sessions

View canceled sessions.

View Canceled Sessions

7. View All Staff

View appointments for all staff members.

View All Staff

This guide covered viewing upcoming, completed and canceled sessions.