My Session Details – Trainer View

To view session details on the My Sessions view within your fitness business management software platform, follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Explore how to manage session details from the new My Sessions view.

1. Click a Session

On the Upcoming tab, click on a session.

Click a Session

2. Click Manage

In the session, there are tabs to view the Attendees, the Waitlist, and the Session Details. From the Attendees tab, you can manage all the clients attending the session by clicking on “Manage”. You can also manage a single client by clicking on the menu icon next to their name.

Click Manage

3. Visit Status

In both menus you can manage the visit status.

Visit Status

4. Click Completed

Clicking on the arrow next to a client will complete the visit.

Click Completed

5. Click on a Client

Click on a client to view their details.

Click on a Client

6. Visit Details

The Visit tab will show the visit’s details.

Visit Details

7. Contact Details

The Contact tab will show the client’s contact information.

Contact Details

8. Private Notes

The Private Notes tab is where you can add training info notes as well as private notes.

Private Notes

9. Manage Client Options

The menu icon in the upper right will have additional options to manage your client. Click on the “X” to close this view.

Manage Client Options

10. Add Client

Back on the session view, click on the Add Client icon.

Add Client

11. Add to Session

From here you can add a client to the session.

Add to Session

12. Add to Waitlist

Or you can add a client to the waitlist.

Add to Waitlist

13. Select Client

To add to the session or the waitlist, find the client and select them from the drop down list.

Select Client

14. Save Changes

Save changes to add the client to the session or waitlist.

Save Changes

15. View Menu

On the session view, there are also options to edit and cancel the session as well as edit global service settings.

View Menu

16. View Waitlist

Click on Waitlist to view anyone on the waitlist.

View Waitlist

17. Session Details

Session Details will have information about the staff and have options to edit the session and the global service settings.

Session Details

18. Click Edit Session Details

Click on the Edit session details link.

Click Edit Session Details

19. Modify Session

Here you can modify the session and save changes.

Modify Session

20. Close Session View

Click on the “X” to go back to your list of upcoming sessions.

Close Session View

This guide covered accessing session details, managing visit status, adding individuals to sessions and waitlists, and editing sessions.