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How to Use Personal Trainer Workout Builder Software

Personal trainer workout builder software is growing in popularity, as it helps trainers provide clients with workouts both face-to-face and otherwise. The best personal training workout software offers convenient workout logging for clients that is customizable for personal trainers. An exercise library and data analysis capabilities are important features to add to workout software for personal trainers.

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UPDATED: Jun 28, 2021

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Get the Basics...
  • The best workout software for personal trainers will be available via mobile app for both trainers and clients.
  • Personal training workout software should be customizable to add more personalization and convenience.
  • Features like an exercise library and data analysis can help steer your clients to success and improve their adherence.

Today’s top personal trainers are becoming more efficient by capitalizing on personal trainer workout builder software. Taking advantage of the best workout building software can help personal trainers spend more time building a larger clientele, instead of building and delivering workouts from scratch.

When comparing workout builder software options, you’ll want to consider customizable features, automation, exercise library compatibility, and more. We’ll break down how to find and how to use personal trainer workout builder software to make matters easier.

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The Best Personal Trainer Workout Builder Software

With an ever-growing fitness industry becoming more and more virtual, it’s important for personal trainers to have the right software to keep up with the competition. Personal training workout software can help trainers and clients, as it helps to keep workouts accessible and measurable for both parties.

Personal Trainer Workout Apps

Not all workout software is created equal. You’ll want to be sure your workout software has as many features as possible to get the most for your money. For starters, workout software should always be compatible with a branded fitness app that allows your clients to quickly access and log workout progress.

What software do personal trainers use? Some of the top personal trainer workout building apps include Trainerize, My PT Hub, TrueCoach, Vagaro, JEFIT, and As usual, each app comes at a different price and with different pros and cons.

In this case…

JEFIT is a service designed strictly for personal training clients whereas the others are made to help personal trainers provide clients workouts. Although TrueCoach has high ratings overall, there are allegedly some missing functions per user reviews.

“Some of the programming features are missing, that would make it even more streamline.”

Trainerize, another top competitor, has many of the most desirable functions but has limitations with pricing and customization ability.

“I don’t understand why there would be a maximum charge from their system, as if they are stating I can’t decide for myself what to bill for my products. It’s extremely frustrating.”

Having a mobile fitness app is an important first step to be sure you can quickly create and send workouts on the go. Your clients will enjoy having 24/7 access to the workouts you’ve created.

See how Trainerize stacks up to in, “Best Trainerize Alternative: Trainerize vs.”

Customizable Workout Builder for Personal Trainers

As a personal trainer, you’ll be able to create unique and customizable workout plans that fit the varying needs of your clients. The best personal trainer software for your business will be customizable so that you won’t need to repeatedly write similar workouts step-by-step.

Taking the cheaper route might not be the best idea, since some of the lesser-known workout software options will have limitations on which features are customizable. As seen above, even Trainerize has a limit to pricing plans that could prevent you from making big sales.

The best workout software and associated gym ecommerce software should all be customizable so you can charge whatever you desire for any number of workouts you choose. The best online personal training software will even have a customizable exercise library. As a trainer, you’ll create your normal workouts but save time writing plans.

Personal Trainer Exercise Library Software

With more and more personal training clients indulging in distance training, workouts should be available to clients with or without you. Fitness terms and exercises don’t always look the same from source to source. In other cases, you might find that a familiar exercise is called something different than what you had previously been taught.

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There are a lot of complex exercises, such as kettlebell swings, that can be done incorrectly; potentially causing harm. It wouldn’t be appealing to you or your client to have written, step-by-step instructions on how to do a kettlebell swing in your workout plan.

Strong personal trainer workout software will have an exercise library that offers clients video instructions alongside the workouts. As a trainer, you should be able to include any important notes or cues to those exercises to promote client success and safety.

For you, this might mean devoting a good chunk of time during the initial stages to creating effective videos that emphasize any key points of exercises you want to include in your programs. Thankfully, this should be a one-time process, only.

Workout Performance Analysis

Client success can be measured in a variety of ways depending on your client’s goals. You could conduct fitness assessments to see how much fat your client has lost, how much muscle they’ve gained, or how much more weight they lifted. When it comes to workout progress, it’s much easier to have the analysis done for you.

Beyond that, your client won’t need to ask you if they’re doing better or worse, they’ll be able to see for themselves. Not only will you be able to go back and track previous workout metrics, but strong software should also provide performance analysis with visual aids like charts, graphs, and so on.

Learning when and why to use personal trainer software is easy. You want to use personal training software to help build a bigger clientele while saving you time and effort for both you and your clients. Electronic data analysis will save you from putting together an elaborate report for your clients.

Personal Trainer Workout Builder Software: The Bottom Line

Buying the right personal training software can be instrumental in growing your personal training business. Workout software should be mobile, customizable, and offer additive features like an exercise library and data analysis.

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