How do I add a custom welcome message for workout plan purchasers?

A custom welcome message allows you to communicate your most important message with customers immediately after purchase!

Here’s how to set up a custom welcome message for someone who buys a workout plan, starting from the “Plans” tab of your Dashboard:

1. Click the pencil “Edit” icon for the workout plan for sale to open it in the Workout Plan Creator.


2. Click the “Publish” / “Published” button in the top right corner to edit the Publish settings.


3. Make sure there is a Price entered, and you’ll see the “Plan Purchaser Welcome Message” field.

You can add HTML code, including video embeds! 


4. Enter your custom message, then click “Re-Publish Plan” to save your changes!

Now everyone who purchases this plan will receive your custom welcome message right away!

Updated on October 30, 2020

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