How to Map Locations to QuickBooks

Within our Gym Management Software, you’re able to connect to QuickBooks to automatically sync all charges on your platform with your QuickBooks account. If you have multiple locations on your platform, you can map your charges to a specific location in QuickBooks as well.

PLEASE NOTE: Enabling Locations in QuickBooks may require an upgrade of your QuickBooks account.

First, make sure connected to QuickBooks and that you’ve created your locations there:

Once you’ve got your Locations set up in QuickBooks, Here’s how to map your the Locations in your for Business account to QuickBooks, starting from the “Account” tab of your Dashboard.

The step-by-step instructions are below.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Make sure you’re signed in with your for Business Admin / Owner account.

Step 2: Click the Account tab, then click “Connected Apps” on the left side menu

Show where to find Connected Apps

Step 3: Scroll down to the QuickBooks option and click on the “Manage QuickBook Settings” button.

show the manage quickbook settings button

show how to refresh your quickbooks data

show the location of the show locations link

Step 6: Map your Location(s) to the corresponding Location(s) in the dropdown selectors.

This is pulling from your QuickBooks data:
show how to map your locations

Step 7: Click the “Save QuickBooks Settings” button to save your changes.

show where the save settings button is
Now you’ve got your Locations mapped to Locations in QuickBooks!
show changes when quickbooks is conencted

Next Steps:

Now that you have your Locations mapped to QuickBooks, you can map items available to purchase from your for Business platform to the corresponding items in QuickBooks as well!

See below for what to do once QuickBooks account is set up:

Updated on November 22, 2022

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