How to Set the Order of Required Profile Fields

Learn how to set the order of required profile fields with this guide.

1. Click “Account”

Navigate to your Account tab.

Click 'Account'

2. Click “Customize Platform”

Click on the “Customize Platform” tab on the left side bar.

Click 'Customize Platform'

3. Scroll to Custom Content

Scroll down to Custom Content and click on the “Enter Profile Fields that are required for anyone to access their content” box.

Scroll to Custom Content

4. Select Profile Fields

Select all the required profile fields you want to add. The order is preserved and will be displayed in the order in which they are selected.

Select Profile Fields

5. Click “Save”

Scroll down and save the changes.

Click 'Save'

6. Complete your Profile

When a client logs in to their account, they will see the order of fields that you entered earlier on the customize platform tab.

Complete your Profile

This guide walked you through setting the order of required profile fields.