Service Balances Overview

Within our Gym Management Software, you can use Service Balances to bill your clients in a more customized way, based on their attendance.

The Service Balance allows your clients to accrue a balance for each visit used. You can then bill your clients later for those visits.

To get started with Service Balances on your platform, you’ll want to set up the price for each session that will be applied to the service balance. Step-by-step instructions are below:

Step-by-Step Guide:

Setting up your Session Price

Step 1: Select “Manage Services” from the drop-down and create or edit a service.

create new service


Step 2: Set the price of the service per session/visit and save changes.

Whenever a visit is closed out, the visit price set in the service settings is deducted from the client’s service balance.

set price


Enable Service Balance for Your Package(s)

Step 1: Select “Manage Packages” from the drop-down and create or edit a package.

create package


Step 2: Select a service you have previously created a session price for.

select service


Step 3: Under Payment Settings, enable “Service Balance” and enter the amount of credit the user will receive upon purchase of the package.

When your client purchases a package with a service balance enabled, you’ll specify the amount of credit added to their service balance to start with.

payment settings


If there is not enough credit to cover all visits, the service balance will go into the negative, and you’ll be able to choose how to bill clients from there – whether automatically or via manual invoice.

Click here to see how to automatically charge clients for their Service Balance once all visits are used.

Step 4: Select either a one time-price or a subscription payment plan for your package.

Choosing one-time price or subscription plan will determine the next steps in the setup process.

Configuring Subscription-Based Packages

For subscription-based packages, any additional visits used while the service balance is in the negative can either be invoiced manually or automatically charged in the next billing cycle, depending on how you configure the package settings.

Step 1: Once you select a subscription plan for your package,  adjust the billing options.

subscription settings


If you enable Automatically Add Each Visit To The Subscription’s Upcoming Invoice:

When a visit is closed out using this package and it results in a negative service balance, the visit will automatically be added to the subscription’s next invoice.

At the end of the billing cycle, your client will then be invoiced for the package AND the visits that resulted in a negative balance combined.

If this option is not selected, you will need to manually invoice your client for the visits that resulted in a negative balance.

If you enable Reset Billing Cycle When All Visits Are Used:

When all visits on the package are used, your client will be charged automatically and will receive a new package. The subscription’s billing cycle will start a new cycle.

This setting is typically used in conjunction with the Automatically Add Each Visit To The Subscription’s Upcoming Invoice option to automatically invoice the client for all of their completed visits.

Step 2: Select the subscription charge behavior.

charge behavior


If you choose Charge Automatically:

Your client will automatically be charged at the beginning of each billing cycle.

send invoice


If you choose Send Invoice:

An invoice will be created at the beginning of each billing cycle. You will be responsible for making sure the client pays the invoice. The account will not receive a package for the next billing period until the invoice is paid.

The option to automatically send an invoice email is also available.

Configuring Non-Subscription Packages (One-Time Charge)

If your package is not subscription-based, you will need to manually invoice for the visits that resulted in a negative balance unless to enable the settings below.

Step 1: Once you enter a one-time price for your package, adjust the billing options.

one time price


If you enable Automatically Recharge Package When All Visits are Used:

Your client will be charged automatically for a new package once all the visits in their current package are used.

Enter the Max Number of Charge Cycles (optional):

This will set a limit on the maximum number of times your client can be automatically charged for a new package after they use all the visits in their current package.


Reviewing a Client’s Service Balance

Step 1: On the client’s payment details, go to the “Service Balance” tab.

client management


Step 2: Review the timeline of activity to see how the service balance changed with each new package charge and each completed visit.

You can also manually adjust a client’s service balance at any time.

service balance


Global Settings for Service Balance

On your Customize Platform page, you can enable a global setting that will deduct from a client’s service balance for ANY service that does not require a prepayment.

customize platform



If “Enable Service Balance for visits booked where prepayment is not required?” is enabled:

If a session was booked with no prepayment required, and the client has no package to deduct a visit from, the completed visit will deduct the service price from the client’s service balance.

Now you can use service balances to charge specifically for sessions your clients use over time!

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