How to Set Auto-Filter For Client’s Location on the Booking Page

In this guide, you will learn how to automatically filter the client’s location on the booking page.

1. Click “Account”

Navigate to the “Account” tab.

Click 'Account'

2. Click “Customize Platform”

Click on the “Customize Platform” tab on the left side bar.

Click 'Customize Platform'

3. Click “Scheduling Settings”

Go to the “Scheduling Settings” section.

Click 'Scheduling Settings'

4. Enable the Filter

Go to “Public Booking Page” section and enable the “Automatically filter the booking page based on the account’s assigned location” checkbox.

Enable the Filter

5. Click “Save”

Scroll down and click “Save” to update changes.

Click 'Save'

6. Verify Location Filtered

Now when a user goes to the booking page it will be automatically filtered by sessions available for that client’s location.

Verify Location Filtered

7. Click “Filter” Icon

The user can verify the location by clicking on the filters icon.

Click 'Filter' Icon

8. Verify Client Location

From the pop-up, the location field will have the user’s location already selected.

Verify Client Location

This guide covered the steps to enable the auto-filter for a user’s location on the booking page.