How to set the auto recharge on a package to unlimited

This guide walks you through setting up the auto-recharge on a package to unlimited.

1. Click on the “Schedule” tab

Click on the “Schedule” tab.

Click on the 'Schedule' tab

2. Go to “Manage Packages”

Select “Manage Packages” from the dropdown list.

Go to 'Manage Packages'

3. Edit the package

Click on the “Edit Package” icon.

Edit the package

4. Edit “Max Number of Charge Cycles” field

On the Auto-Recharge Settings, remove the value of “Max Number of Charge Cycles” field. It should default to Unlimited.

Edit 'Max Number of Charge Cycles' field

5. Save the package

Click on “Save Package”.

Save the package

6. Go to the “Clients” tab

You can also edit a package’s auto charge cycle on a user’s account. Starting from the clients tab.

Go to the 'Clients' tab

7. Go to the client’s payment details

Hover over the gear icon on a client and select “Payment Details” from the fly out menu.

Go to the client's payment details

8. Edit the package

In the “Package Recharge Schedules” section, click the “Edit Recharge” icon next to the package you would like to edit.

Edit the package

9. Delete the number in the Max Number of Charges field

Remove the value in the Max Number of Charge Cycles field. Verify the placeholder says “Unlimited”.

Delete the number in the Max Number of Charges field

10. Save the schedule

Select “Save Schedule” to save the changes.

Save the schedule

11. Verify the changes

After saving, the Max Number of Charges will display “Unlimited.”

Verify the changes