How do I set up shared packages / memberships for families?

Here’s how to share packages between family members, starting from the Clients tab of your Dashboard. Step-by-step instructions are below:


Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: On the Clients list, click the name of the client that is going to pay for the package(s).

Step 2: Click “Packages” on the left side menu.


Option 1: New Package

Option 1 Step 3: Click the “Add Package” button to add a new package.


Option 1 Step 4: Select the Package and Payment Method and confirm.


Option 1 Step 5: on the “Confirm Purchase” view, add the client account(s) that you will want to share this package with under the “Sharing” header.

There is no need to include the account that you are charging for the package, since it will be included by default.


Option 1 Step 6: Click “Confirm and Charge” to process the payment and share the package.


Option 2: Package Already Purchased

Option 2 Step 3: Click the group of people (Share Package) icon.


Option 2 Step 4: Add the client account(s) that you want to share this package with.


Option 2 Step 5: Click “Save Package” to confirm

Now all accounts with shared packages will be able to book sessions!

Updated on October 30, 2020

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