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101+ Ways to Make Money with Martial Arts in 2024

101+ Ways to Make Money with Martial Arts in 2024

Posted by Tyler Spraul, Certified Strength and Conditioning SpecialistĀ® (CSCSĀ®) on May 4, 2024 ā€” Updated on June 18, 2024

Learn how to make money with martial arts with this big list of creative ways to make money with martial arts. Martial arts schools, martial arts apps, a martial arts YouTube channel, and more.

Ways to Make Money with Martial Arts

Martial arts can be more than just a passion or a hobby; it can also be a profitable business venture. Here are the top ways to make money with martial arts, utilizing various approaches from teaching and coaching to leveraging media and product sales. These martial arts income methods can be efficiently managed with the help of Exercise.com, which offers comprehensive tools for scheduling, client management, content delivery, and more, enhancing the profitability of your martial arts business.

Fitness Income Ideas

Choosing the best martial arts software is key. You can learn how to create a martial arts app, learn how to start an online martial arts training business, or learn how to start a martial arts business like a traditional martial arts school, and more. Don’t just dream up martial arts business ideas, get the software tools you need to put them into actions with Exercise.com.

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Best Ways to Make Money from Martial Arts

  1. Open a Martial Arts Studio – Start your own dojo or studio where you can teach daily classes across various age groups and skill levels.
  2. Offer Private Lessons – Provide personalized one-on-one training sessions tailored to individual client needs.
  3. Host Workshops and Seminars – Organize specialized workshops focusing on specific skills, techniques, or self-defense.
  4. Create an Online Training Program – Develop subscription-based online courses for students who cannot attend in-person classes.
  5. Sell Martial Arts Equipment – Offer martial arts gear, uniforms, and training equipment either in your studio or online.
  6. Host Martial Arts Competitions – Organize local, regional, or online tournaments and charge entry fees.
  7. Write a Martial Arts Blog – Share your expertise and monetize the blog through ads, sponsored posts, or affiliate marketing.
  8. Publish Martial Arts Books or E-books – Write instructional books or memoirs about your martial arts journey.
  9. Develop a Martial Arts App – Create an app for training tips, techniques, or virtual classes.
  10. Offer Martial Arts Fitness Classes – Combine fitness with martial arts to attract a broader audience interested in health and wellness.
  11. Martial Arts Choreography Services – Provide choreography for films, theater productions, or dance performances.
  12. Run a Martial Arts YouTube Channel – Create and monetize content related to martial arts training, reviews, or entertainment.
  13. Martial Arts Photography and Videography – Specialize in capturing martial arts events, promotional videos, or training sessions.
  14. Martial Arts Retreats – Organize retreats that combine martial arts training with relaxation and meditation in attractive destinations.
  15. Martial Arts After-School Programs – Offer classes for kids as part of after-school activities.
  16. License Your Martial Arts Program – Develop a unique training program that can be licensed to other studios or online platforms.
  17. Corporate Martial Arts Training – Offer stress-reduction and team-building martial arts sessions for corporate clients.
  18. Martial Arts Event Commentating – Provide expert commentary for martial arts competitions or broadcast events.
  19. Sell Martial Arts-Themed Merchandise – Design and sell apparel, accessories, or decor items inspired by martial arts.
  20. Affiliate Marketing – Promote products or services related to martial arts and earn commissions on sales through your platforms.
  21. Online Martial Arts Consultancy – Offer advice on training techniques, dojo management, or martial arts business development.
  22. Produce Martial Arts Shows or Performances – Organize theatrical performances that showcase martial arts as an art form.
  23. Create Martial Arts Nutrition Plans – Develop and sell dietary guides tailored to the needs of martial artists.
  24. Martial Arts Travel Guide – Lead tours to significant martial arts locations or events around the world.
  25. Virtual Reality Martial Arts Experiences – Develop VR content that allows users to learn martial arts in an immersive setting.

These diverse approaches to making money with martial arts cater to different aspects of the industry, from direct training and education to media production and event management. By utilizing Exercise.com, you can enhance these business models with features like online class scheduling, membership management, digital content delivery, and integrated payment processing. Whether you’re running a traditional dojo, managing online courses, or organizing global martial arts events, Exercise.com provides the necessary tools to manage your business efficiently and grow your revenue streams.

Leveraging a platform like Exercise.com allows you to streamline your operations, making it easier to focus on what you loveā€”teaching and promoting martial artsā€”while maximizing your earning potential. Book a demo with Exercise.com today to explore how it can transform your martial arts business and help you capitalize on these profitable opportunities.

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Ways to Make Money with Martial Arts Online

Here are some of the best ways to make money with martial arts online, each adaptable and scalable with the support of digital tools like those provided by Exercise.com, which enhances online martial arts business operations with comprehensive scheduling, client management, and content delivery features.

  1. Virtual Martial Arts Classes – Teach live classes through platforms like Zoom or via a subscription-based model on your website.
  2. On-Demand Video Courses – Create detailed video tutorials and programs that students can purchase and follow at their own pace.
  3. Online Private Coaching – Offer personalized training sessions conducted via video calls.
  4. Martial Arts Blogging – Start a blog focused on martial arts and monetize through ads, affiliate marketing, or sponsored content.
  5. E-commerce Store – Sell martial arts equipment, apparel, and accessories through an online shop.
  6. Online Workshops and Seminars – Host specialized workshops or seminars that participants can attend virtually.
  7. Subscription-Based Training Plans – Offer monthly subscription plans that provide ongoing training and fitness programs.
  8. Martial Arts Webinars – Conduct webinars on topics like techniques, philosophy, or career development in martial arts.
  9. Martial Arts eBooks – Write and sell eBooks on training techniques, martial arts history, or personal development.
  10. YouTube Channel – Create a YouTube channel focused on martial arts training, reviews, and lifestyle, and earn through ads and sponsorships.
  11. Online Martial Arts Competitions – Organize virtual tournaments with participants submitting their performances via video.
  12. Martial Arts Podcast – Start a podcast related to martial arts and generate revenue from sponsorships and advertising.
  13. Affiliate Marketing – Promote martial arts-related products and earn commissions on sales.
  14. Online Martial Arts Consultancy – Provide expert advice and consultancy services remotely.
  15. Martial Arts Photography and Art Sales – Sell high-quality photographs or art pieces related to martial arts.
  16. Virtual Reality Martial Arts Training – Develop or teach courses that utilize VR technology to simulate training environments.
  17. Martial Arts Fitness App – Create a mobile app that combines martial arts training with fitness routines.
  18. Online Martial Arts Academy – Establish a comprehensive online academy offering a variety of courses and certifications.
  19. Digital Merchandising – Design and sell digital goods such as training guides, posters, or branded virtual backgrounds.
  20. Social Media Influencer – Leverage platforms like Instagram or TikTok to build a following and collaborate with brands.
  21. Martial Arts Choreography Tutorials – Offer online courses or private sessions focusing on martial arts choreography.
  22. Patreon or Membership Site – Launch a Patreon or a dedicated membership site offering exclusive content and community features.
  23. Online Martial Arts Therapy – Integrate martial arts into therapeutic practices and offer sessions online.
  24. Martial Arts Event Promotion – Promote and manage online or hybrid martial arts events and seminars.
  25. Crowdfunded Martial Arts Projects – Use crowdfunding platforms to finance unique martial arts projects or productions.

These online business models allow martial arts professionals to reach a broader audience and generate diverse revenue streams. By using Exercise.com, you can effectively manage your online business, streamline administrative tasks, and provide high-quality services to your clients globally. The platform’s robust features support everything from video content management and live streaming to e-commerce and customer engagement, making it an ideal choice for expanding your martial arts business online.

If you’re ready to explore the potential of your martial arts skills in the digital arena, consider leveraging Exercise.com to maximize your impact and profitability. Book a demo with Exercise.com today to see how it can elevate your online martial arts business.

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Creative Ways to Make Money with Martial Arts Online

Here are creative ways to make money with martial arts online, each of which can be enhanced by utilizing the comprehensive features offered by Exercise.com to manage online training, scheduling, client interactions, and more.

  1. Interactive Online Dojos – Create a virtual dojo where students can participate in live, interactive training sessions.
  2. Martial Arts Gaming Leagues – Organize online martial arts-themed gaming competitions or leagues.
  3. Martial Arts Virtual Reality Experiences – Develop VR experiences that teach martial arts techniques in an immersive environment.
  4. Online Martial Arts Choreography Contests – Host competitions where participants choreograph and submit their martial arts routines.
  5. Martial Arts Film Club – Run a subscription-based club that reviews and discusses classic and modern martial arts films.
  6. Digital Martial Arts Exhibitions – Create virtual exhibitions showcasing the history, evolution, and cultural impact of various martial arts.
  7. Martial Arts Flash Mobs – Organize virtual flash mobs where participants perform choreographed martial arts routines.
  8. Martial Arts-Themed Escape Rooms – Design online escape rooms with martial arts puzzles and storylines.
  9. Online Martial Arts Bookstore – Sell martial arts books, both physical and digital, through an online store.
  10. Martial Arts Podcast Network – Create a network of podcasts covering different aspects of martial arts, from training tips to industry news.
  11. Martial Arts Role-Playing Games – Develop role-playing games (RPGs) based on martial arts adventures.
  12. Martial Arts Cooking Classes – Offer classes on how to prepare traditional meals from countries famous for their martial arts.
  13. Online Martial Arts-Themed Craft Store – Sell crafts related to martial arts, such as homemade belts or decorated weapons.
  14. Martial Arts Fashion Line – Design and sell a line of martial arts-inspired clothing and accessories.
  15. Virtual Martial Arts Conferences – Organize online conferences featuring seminars, workshops, and networking opportunities.
  16. Martial Arts Meditation Sessions – Offer guided meditation sessions with a focus on the philosophy and mental discipline of martial arts.
  17. Personalized Martial Arts Storybooks – Create customized childrenā€™s books that incorporate martial arts themes.
  18. Martial Arts Technique Analyzer App – Develop an app that analyzes users’ techniques through video and provides feedback.
  19. Martial Arts Stunt Coordination Courses – Teach online courses on how to perform and coordinate martial arts stunts safely.
  20. Martial Arts Travel Vlogs – Produce vlogs exploring martial arts origins and training locations around the world.
  21. Online Martial Arts Fitness Challenges – Host fitness challenges that incorporate martial arts training routines.
  22. Martial Arts ASMR Videos – Create videos that use the sounds of martial arts training (like punches, kicks, and grunts) for ASMR relaxation.
  23. Subscription Box for Martial Artists – Offer a monthly subscription box that includes training tools, snacks, and educational materials.
  24. Martial Arts Poetry and Art Competitions – Host competitions where artists and poets express their love for martial arts through their work.
  25. Martial Arts Scholarships and Grants – Provide online funding opportunities for promising martial artists to train or compete.

These creative online business ideas showcase the versatility and broad appeal of martial arts in the digital space. With Exercise.com, managing these innovative ventures becomes streamlined, allowing you to focus on content creation and client engagement. Whether you are producing virtual reality training, running online seminars, or managing a martial arts gaming league, Exercise.com provides the tools you need to succeed in the digital marketplace.

If youā€™re ready to explore these unique opportunities and expand your martial arts business online, book a demo with Exercise.com today to discover how its software can facilitate your success.

Fun Ways to Make Money with Martial Arts Online

Leveraging your martial arts expertise doesn’t have to be all serious business; it can also be a source of fun and creative martial arts income. Here are some fun ways to make money with martial arts online, each idea bringing a unique twist to traditional martial arts practices. With a platform like Exercise.com, you can effectively manage and grow these ventures through features such as online class scheduling, digital content management, and client engagement tools.

  1. Martial Arts Themed Virtual Escape Rooms – Design and run virtual escape rooms with martial arts puzzles and challenges.
  2. Interactive Martial Arts Game Shows – Host live, interactive game shows where participants answer trivia or perform martial arts tasks.
  3. Martial Arts TikTok Challenges – Create and promote martial arts challenges on TikTok, engaging with a younger audience.
  4. Online Martial Arts Parody Videos – Produce and share humorous martial arts videos that parody common training scenarios.
  5. Martial Arts Magic Tricks Tutorials – Combine sleight of hand with martial arts movements to create engaging magic trick tutorials.
  6. Virtual Martial Arts Dating Events – Organize online speed dating events where martial arts enthusiasts can meet.
  7. Martial Arts Movie Nights – Host virtual movie nights featuring classic martial arts films, with live commentary and discussions.
  8. Martial Arts Costume Contests – Run online contests for the best martial arts-themed costumes.
  9. Fantasy Martial Arts Leagues – Create a fantasy sports-style league for martial arts competitions, where participants can draft fighters and score points based on real-world events.
  10. Martial Arts Comedy Skits – Write and perform martial arts skits, sharing them on YouTube or social media.
  11. Animated Martial Arts Tutorials – Develop animated tutorials that teach martial arts techniques in a fun and engaging way.
  12. Martial Arts-Themed Scavenger Hunts – Design digital scavenger hunts that incorporate martial arts history or techniques.
  13. Online Martial Arts Improv Workshops – Offer workshops where participants use martial arts movements to improvise scenes.
  14. Martial Arts Poetry Slams – Host online events where participants perform spoken word pieces about martial arts.
  15. Virtual Martial Arts Flash Mobs – Coordinate virtual flash mobs where participants perform martial arts routines simultaneously via livestream.
  16. Martial Arts Reality Show Competitions – Produce a web series that features martial arts instructors competing in various challenges.
  17. Martial Arts Influencer Collaborations – Partner with other influencers to create entertaining martial arts content.
  18. Martial Arts-Themed Virtual Reality Experiences – Develop VR experiences that allow users to enter a martial arts world.
  19. Online Martial Arts Music Videos – Choreograph and film martial arts routines set to popular music.
  20. Martial Arts Crafts and DIY Projects – Share tutorials on making martial arts-related crafts, such as homemade punching bags or decor.
  21. Martial Arts-Themed Interactive E-books – Create interactive e-books that include martial arts stories and lessons.
  22. Martial Arts Video Game Streams – Stream yourself playing martial arts video games, providing commentary and tips.
  23. Online Martial Arts Talent Shows – Organize talent shows where participants showcase their martial arts skills.
  24. Martial Arts Meme Creation and Sharing – Create and share martial arts memes, building a community and engaging with fans.
  25. Martial Arts Virtual Tours – Offer virtual tours of famous martial arts schools and locations around the world.

These fun online martial arts business ideas not only allow you to make money but also to connect with a global community of martial arts enthusiasts in unique and engaging ways. With the help of Exercise.com, managing these fun ventures becomes easier and more efficient, allowing you to focus on creativity and community building. Whether youā€™re hosting interactive game shows or producing animated tutorials, Exercise.com provides the tools you need to succeed.

If you’re inspired to turn your martial arts passion into an enjoyable online business, consider how Exercise.com can support your goals. Book a demo with Exercise.com today to explore the possibilities and start your fun martial arts online venture.

Ways to Make Money with Martial Arts Teaching Kids

Teaching martial arts to children is not only rewarding but also offers numerous opportunities to generate income. Here are 25 ways you can make money by focusing your martial arts teaching on kids, leveraging your expertise to create engaging, educational, and fun experiences. These methods can be efficiently managed and expanded with the help of Exercise.com, which provides tools for scheduling, client management, digital content delivery, and more.

  1. Kids Martial Arts Classes – Offer regular classes in a studio setting tailored specifically for different age groups of children.
  2. Online Martial Arts Courses for Kids – Create and sell video courses that teach martial arts to kids at different skill levels.
  3. Private Lessons for Young Athletes – Provide one-on-one training sessions tailored to individual childrenā€™s needs and goals.
  4. Martial Arts Birthday Parties – Host martial arts-themed birthday parties that include a class, demonstrations, and games.
  5. After-School Martial Arts Programs – Partner with schools to offer after-school martial arts classes as a structured activity.
  6. Kids Martial Arts Camps – Run seasonal camps during school breaks focused on martial arts training and fun activities.
  7. Martial Arts Workshops for Kids – Organize short-term workshops that focus on specific skills, such as self-defense or tournament preparation.
  8. Family Martial Arts Classes – Conduct classes where parents and children can train together, enhancing family bonding.
  9. Virtual Martial Arts Challenges – Create online competitions where kids can submit videos of them performing martial arts routines.
  10. Kids Martial Arts YouTube Channel – Develop a channel with training videos, tutorials, and entertaining martial arts content for children.
  11. Martial Arts Demonstrations at Schools – Perform martial arts demonstrations at schools to inspire students and promote your classes.
  12. Childrenā€™s Martial Arts Books and eBooks – Write and sell books or eBooks that teach martial arts principles and stories to children.
  13. Martial Arts-Themed Educational Materials – Create and sell educational materials that incorporate martial arts into learning basic skills like math or reading.
  14. Customized Martial Arts Gear for Kids – Sell martial arts uniforms, belts, and other gear customized with names or unique designs.
  15. Kids Martial Arts Competitions – Organize local or online tournaments specifically for children.
  16. Parent-Child Martial Arts Seminars – Host seminars that educate parents on how to support their childrenā€™s martial arts training.
  17. Martial Arts Homework Help Sessions – Combine martial arts classes with homework help, making it convenient for parents.
  18. Martial Arts Fitness Tracker for Kids – Develop or sell a fitness tracker app that helps kids track their progress in martial arts and fitness.
  19. Martial Arts Dance Choreography for Kids – Teach children how to incorporate martial arts movements into dance routines.
  20. Martial Arts-Themed Video Games – Create or collaborate on video games that teach martial arts principles or techniques.
  21. Martial Arts Pen Pals Program – Facilitate a program where kids can correspond with other young martial arts students around the world.
  22. Martial Arts Storytime Sessions – Host online or in-person storytime sessions that incorporate martial arts themes.
  23. Martial Arts Motivational Speaking for Kids – Offer motivational speaking services at schools, focusing on discipline, respect, and perseverance taught in martial arts.
  24. Martial Arts Safety Workshops – Conduct workshops that teach kids about safety, both in and out of the dojo.
  25. Kids Martial Arts Subscription Boxes – Offer monthly subscription boxes that include martial arts training tools, educational materials, and fun activities.

These diverse approaches to teaching martial arts to children not only help in building a stable income stream but also play a crucial role in impacting young lives positively. By using Exercise.com, you can manage these activities more efficiently, track the progress of your young students, and communicate effectively with parents, making it easier to focus on what you do bestā€”teaching martial arts. Whether youā€™re hosting virtual classes, running a full-scale kids camp, or managing a series of workshops, Exercise.com provides the tools you need to succeed.

If youā€™re ready to explore these opportunities and enhance your kids’ martial arts teaching business, consider how Exercise.com can support your goals. Book a demo with Exercise.com today and start transforming your passion for martial arts into a thriving business.

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Can you make money from martial arts?

Yes, you can certainly make money from martial arts. Many individuals have turned their passion for martial arts into a profitable career or business. Here are some common ways to generate income from martial arts:

  1. Teaching: Opening a martial arts school or dojo is one of the most traditional ways to earn money. Instructors can charge for classes, monthly memberships, private sessions, and workshops.
  2. Online Courses and Videos: With the growth of digital platforms, many martial arts instructors now offer online classes, courses, and instructional videos. This allows them to reach a global audience and generate passive income.
  3. Seminars and Workshops: Hosting specialized seminars and workshops can be a lucrative way to earn money. These events often attract higher fees per participant because they offer intensive training over a short period.
  4. Competitions and Tournaments: Organizing or participating in martial arts competitions can provide income through entry fees, sponsorships, and ticket sales for spectators.
  5. Merchandising: Selling martial arts-related merchandise such as uniforms, training equipment, and protective gear can add an additional revenue stream.
  6. Personal Training: Many martial artists provide personalized training sessions focusing on specific skills or fitness goals, which can command higher fees than regular classes.
  7. Affiliation Programs: Creating an affiliation program can allow you to expand your brand and receive royalties from other schools that use your curriculum or branding.
  8. Corporate Programs: Offering self-defense and fitness programs to corporations as part of their wellness initiatives can also be profitable.

Each of these methods requires different levels of investment and comes with its own set of challenges, but they all offer viable paths to making money from martial arts. With the right business strategy, marketing, and dedication, martial arts can be a rewarding and financially successful career.

How do I start a martial arts business?

To start a martial arts business, research your market to define your niche, secure a facility, and obtain the necessary licenses and insurance. Develop a business plan outlining your services, pricing, and marketing strategy. Initial marketing should focus on community engagement and introductory offers to attract students.

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How do I start an online martial arts training business?

Starting an online martial arts training business involves creating high-quality video content or live classes that can be accessed remotely. Build a website or platform where students can subscribe or pay for these courses. Utilize social media and SEO to drive traffic to your online offerings.

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What are some creative martial arts business ideas?

Creative martial arts business ideas include opening a martial arts retreat center, offering specialized workshops (e.g., self-defense for women), and creating an online store selling customized martial arts equipment or apparel. Integrating yoga or fitness classes within your martial arts studio can also attract a wider audience.

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How to use martial arts to make money?

You can use martial arts to make money by offering private lessons, opening a martial arts school, competing in tournaments with cash prizes, and conducting workshops or seminars. Expanding into online platforms for training and tutorials can also generate additional revenue.

How to make money as a fighter?

Making money as a fighter involves competing in professional bouts where prize money, sponsorships, and endorsements can be substantial. Additionally, fighters can earn by giving personal training sessions or seminars based on their expertise and reputation.

How to make money with taekwondo?

Making money with taekwondo can be achieved by teaching classes, opening a dojo, selling taekwondo-related merchandise, and competing in tournaments. Offering specialized workshops and private coaching sessions are also viable ways to increase earnings.

How to make a career in martial arts?

To make a career in martial arts, gain certification in your chosen style, build experience through teaching, and continually enhance your skills. Diversify your income sources by competing, opening your own school, and creating online content or courses.

How do I market my martial arts?

Market your martial arts business by leveraging social media platforms, creating engaging content, and offering free trials or workshops. Network within your community and use email marketing to keep potential and existing clients engaged.

Can you make money from Jiu Jitsu?

Yes, you can make money from Jiu Jitsu by teaching classes, conducting seminars, and producing instructional videos or books. Competing in Jiu Jitsu tournaments with cash prizes and gaining sponsorships also contribute to earnings. Use the best Jiu Jitsu business management software to help maximize your Jiu Jitsu business earnings.

Can you make a living off fighting?

Yes, making a living off fighting is possible through prize money, sponsorships, and endorsements in professional competitions. Fighters can supplement their income by providing training sessions and leveraging their reputation for other business opportunities.

Is it legal to open a fight club?

Opening a fight club involves legal considerations that vary by location. Typically, it is legal if all activities are regulated, licensed, and insured according to local laws. However, the term “fight club” often implies underground, unsanctioned activities which would be illegal.

Who is the highest paid fighter?

The highest paid fighter can vary from year to year, with top boxers and MMA fighters often earning the most through matches, sponsorships, and endorsements. Figures like Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor have been among the highest earners.

What is the salary of a karate instructor?

The salary of a karate instructor varies based on location, experience, and the size of their classes. Typically, full-time karate instructors can earn anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000 annually.

How much does a Taekwondo grandmaster earn?

The earnings of a Taekwondo grandmaster vary widely. Those who own well-established schools or have numerous students can earn significantly more than those who teach smaller classes or are less well-known, with potential earnings exceeding $100,000 annually.

How to be successful in martial arts?

Being successful in martial arts involves consistent training, competing to gain recognition, and continuously learning and adapting your skills. Teaching others and opening your own school can also establish you as an authority in the field.

What are some alternative income streams for martial arts schools?

Alternative income streams for martial arts schools include offering online classes, hosting summer camps, selling branded merchandise, organizing tournaments, and renting out dojo space during off-hours.

Can you get rich teaching martial arts?

While teaching martial arts can provide a stable income, getting rich depends on several factors including the size and number of classes you offer, additional services such as private lessons, and successfully marketing your school to continuously attract new students.

What is the best martial arts software?

The best martial arts software is one that offers comprehensive features such as class scheduling, membership management, billing, and communications. Exercise.com stands out as a top choice, providing a versatile platform that supports both on-site and online martial arts businesses effectively.

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