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How do I use TrueCoach?

How do you use TrueCoach? Learn how to use TrueCoach and see why the all-in-one software platform is still the better choice.

UPDATED: May 11, 2021

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Get the Basics...
  • TrueCoach enables users with an all-in-one software platform designed for fitness businesses.
  • TrueCoach consists of features that include a workout builder and an exercise library.
  • There are some software problems with TrueCoach that users have complained about.

There’s always a learning curve when it comes to navigating your fitness business software for the first time, so it makes sense that a common question for TrueCoach users is, “How do I use TrueCoach?”

Learn how to use TrueCoach below.

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How do I use TrueCoach?

To use TrueCoach, you’ll need your TrueCoach login to get started. Then, you can head to the TrueCoach help center to learn how to navigate the software. For any pressing questions, you’ll have to contact TrueCoach support.

How does TrueCoach work?

TrueCoach is an all-in-one software platform built for fitness professionals. Its features include a workout builder, an exercise library, real-time messaging, and more. Truecoach’s platform can be accessed on computers, smartphones, and/or tablets as well.

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TrueCoach Software Problems

When learning how to use TrueCoach, you may run into issues with its exercise library and app features, as the TrueCoach reviewers below did.

The library is not particularly easy to sort and find movements. The taxonomies could be more diverse (i.e. a spectrum of “beginner” to “advanced”).” – (Capterra)

Unlike TrueCoach, workout software provides you with an exercise library that contains thousands of exercises that you can easily search for through a search bar. Each exercise is presented with information such as demonstrations, graphics of muscles worked, and more.

There’s no Android version and despite numerous complaints on Google Play, it really doesn’t seem the TC team is actually interested in devoting the energy to make an Android version.” – (Capterra)

Currently, there is no official android version of the TrueCoach platform for clients, only a beta version still in development. There is an android app called TrueCoach Connect that is mainly for clients and trainers to message each other, but with no other key features, users in the review section on the Google Play Store have complained of not only functionality issues but that there is no use for it as well, resulting in a 1.7-star rating on the Google Play Store., on the other hand, provides gym owners and their clients with a custom health and fitness app for both iOS and Android smartphones. The great thing about’s platform is that the app can be utilized for any feature, not just messages. The software platform is designed to manage your fitness business on the go, no matter if you have an Android or iPhone.

Navigating a new software platform can be complicated – but it doesn’t have to be. The all-in-one software platform is easy to navigate and is the best TrueCoach alternative.

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