How I collect a payment with a card reader?

Here’s how to charge a client’s card using a card reader, starting from your current checkout flow. Step-by-step instructions are below:

Step 1: Start your normal checkout flow for packages, products, workout plans, etc.

Click a link below to see the step-by-step instructions for each checkout option:

Step 2: When you get to the “Select Payment Method” step of the checkout process, select the “Swipe Card” option and select your card reader.

show where to select a card reader

Make sure your card reader is active:
Check to make sure the card reader is active

Step 3: Click the “Show Purchase Summary” button.

highlight the show purchase summary button

If the reader is connected, you will see the name of the reader and the “Start Swipe Card” button.
Check to make sure the card reader is active

If you don’t see the name of your card reader or are having trouble connecting to the reader, click the “Reset Card Reader Connection?” link.
show how to reset the card reader connection

Step 5: Click the “Start Swipe Card” button.

Your card reader screen will display a prompt to insert or swipe the card.

show the waiting for card swipe status

Step 6 : Swipe or insert your client’s card, and wait for confirmation to remove the card.

Step 7: Remove the card when prompted.

You’ll see confirmation of a successful swipe:

highlight the successful charge indicator


After a successful swipe, the client’s card will be charged and you can close the pop-up:

show how to close the page


Now you know how to use your card reader as a payment method!

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