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7 Best Physical Therapy Home Exercise Program (HEP) Software in 2024

7 Best Physical Therapy Home Exercise Program (HEP) Software in 2024

Posted by Tyler Spraul, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist® (CSCS®) on November 17, 2023 — Updated on April 26, 2024

Compare the best physical therapy home exercise program (HEP) software from Exercise.com, WebPT, WebExercises.com, and more.

Best Physical Therapy Home Exercise Program (HEP)Software

Discover the best HEP software for physical therapists, personal trainers, and fitness professionals who want software to create workouts online for clients, utilize an evidence-based exercise demonstration video library (or create your own) offer workout logging to clients, sell workout plans online, run online workout groups, and more—all from your own custom branded fitness app. The best physical therapy exercise software is one where the best app for physical therapy exercises comes standard.

See why the best home exercise program builder software and the best exercise software for physical therapists can help you utilize the best white label fitness app software and the best personal trainer app builder software so that you can make a fitness app and your own physical therapy booking, billing, HEP management, and client management platform without all of the hassle and expense of creating a HEP fitness app from scratch.

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Dean Somerset - Bird Dog
“Developing an easy intake system with my apps and ways to scale the delivery of workouts has been huge. Working with 20-30 individuals who each have specific goals and restrictions can be challenging, but your platform makes it easy to organize everyone’s programs and put a plan together that will get them the best results possible. The simple, effective tools help expand and simplify my coaching process.”
Dean Somerset
Owner, Somerset Fitness

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Best Physical Therapy HEP Software Features Comparison

SoftwareExercise LibraryWorkout CreatorWorkout LoggingMobile AppsCustom BrandedBookingGoalsRecordsMeasurementsPaymentsInvoicingWaiversAssessmentsMessagingReports

Selecting the Best Physical Therapy Home Exercise Program (HEP) Software is crucial for physical therapists seeking to enhance their practice and improve patient outcomes with the best apps for physical therapy. This specialized software offers essential tools for creating, managing, and tracking home exercise programs tailored to individual patient needs. The ideal HEP software should combine a comprehensive exercise library, user-friendly workout creator, and efficient tracking capabilities to provide an effective and engaging patient experience.

Exercise.com, recognized as the best personal training software and best gym management software, also excels as a top contender in physical therapy software. With its extensive exercise library software and the best apps for physical therapists to deliver at home physical therapy exercises, Exercise.com stands out as the best physical therapy home exercise program software. It offers features that go beyond basic exercise programming, such as custom workout creation, detailed tracking, and a patient-friendly mobile app – making it an optimal choice for physical therapists looking for comprehensive and best HEP software.

#1 Exercise.com

Exercise.com is not only a leader in general fitness software but also excels as the best physical therapy HEP software.


  • Extensive Exercise Library: Offers a vast library of exercises, including demonstrations for physical therapy and the best exercise prescription software. Includes a physical therapy exercise database.
  • Customizable Workout Creator: Enables therapists to create personalized home exercise programs.
  • Efficient Workout Logging: Allows for detailed tracking of patient progress and adherence.
  • Patient-Friendly Mobile App: Provides an easy-to-use app for patients to access their exercises.
  • Custom Branding: Offers custom branding options to reflect the therapist’s practice identity.


  • Learning Curve: The wide range of features may require some initial learning for therapists.
  • Pricing: May be higher priced compared to basic platforms, reflecting its comprehensive capabilities.

As the best physical therapy home exercise program software, Exercise.com provides a comprehensive solution for physical therapists. It offers not just an extensive exercise library but also advanced features for workout creation, patient engagement, and practice management, making it the best HEP software for physical therapy.

Here’s just some of what you can do on the Exercise.com platform:


Process payments for open gym, classes, and personal training.

Gym Payments

Landing Pages

Create gym landing pages easily.

Landing Pages

Fitness Challenges

Manage fitness challenges (Read More: 100+ Fitness Challenge Ideas)


On-Demand Fitness Content

Offer on-demand fitness content.


Fitness Classes and Groups

Create classes and fitness groups.

Online Groups

Fitness Livestreaming

Conduct gym livestreaming easily.



Engage with clients via automations.

Gym Member Engagement


Manage leads with a gym CRM.

Gym CRM Software

Fitness Assessments

Create and send fitness assessments with ease.


Habit Tracking

Use fitness habit tracking to inspire and motivate gym members and clients.

Habit Tracking

Progress Photos

Use fitness progress photos to engage with members.

Progress Photos


Use fitness leaderboards to track event performance and inspire healthy competition.



Create exercise supersets in a snap.


Rep Max Progressions

Program exercise rep max progressions with ease.

Rep Max Progressions

Exercise Library

Use the exercise demonstration video library or create your own custom exercise demonstration videos. Incorporate the best physical therapy exercises database into the best physical therapy apps.

Exercise Library

Workout Plan Creator

Create workout plans for patients as well as parents and dependents, teams, and more. Offer the best at home exercise program coupled with the best physical therapy exercise software to offer a professional experience both in-person and online.

Workout Plan Creator

TV Workouts

Cast gym TV workouts to in-gym TV screens quickly and efficiently.

TV Workouts

Group and Location Management

Manage multiple groups and locations with ease.


Client Management

Manage clients and gym members with ease. An online training software comparison for personal trainers makes it easy to see why Exercise.com offers the best client management functionality for in-person and online personal training. The best personal fitness trainer software should work for you on the go, just like in the gym.

Client Management

Appointment Booking

Book appointments for parents and dependents with ease. (Read More: Best Gym Booking Software)


Gym Check-In

Gym check-in software that makes your life easy. (Read More: Best Gym Check-In Software)



Communicate with gym members, athletes, team members, personal training clients, class members, parents, and dependents via SMS, email, and in-app push notification.


Performance Tracking

View performance over time, track personal records, and other fitness stats with performance reporting dashboards. The best fitness software for personal trainers offers exercise tracking, habit tracking, workout tracking, and more.

Performance Reporting

Business Dashboards

And of course, view all of your gym business reports easily too.

Gym Reports

Custom Branded Fitness Apps

All from your custom-branded fitness apps (Read More: Best Gym Mobile Fitness Apps Software)

Custom Branded Apps
Our overall experience with Exercise.com is a breeze. We love how easy it is to integrate this app with our current workflow while providing great fitness programs for our customers and save us time in the process.
Julie Ledbetter
Owner, Ledbetter Fitness

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#2 WebPT


WebPT stands out as a dedicated software solution for physical therapy, offering specialized features for home exercise programs.


  • Tailored Exercise Library: Features a comprehensive library focused on physical therapy.
  • Intuitive Workout Creation: Allows therapists to easily create and customize exercise programs.
  • Patient Progress Tracking: Enables efficient tracking of patient adherence and progress.
  • Integrated Practice Management: Combines HEP features with broader practice management tools.
  • Patient Communication Tools: Includes messaging capabilities for enhanced patient engagement.


  • No Custom Branding: Lacks the option for custom branding available in Exercise.com.
  • Focused Mainly on Physical Therapy: May not offer as diverse an exercise selection as broader platforms like Exercise.com.

WebPT is an excellent choice for physical therapists who need a focused HEP solution, but it may not provide the same level of customization and versatility as the best physical therapy home exercise program apps like Exercise.com.

Read More: WebPT

#3 WebExercises.com


WebExercises.com is a platform specifically designed to provide exercise content for rehabilitation professionals.


  • Specialized Exercise Content: Offers a vast selection of exercises tailored for rehabilitation.
  • Simple Program Design: User-friendly interface for creating exercise programs.
  • Direct Patient Access: Patients can easily access prescribed exercises online.
  • Customizable Programs: Allows therapists to tailor programs to individual patient needs.


  • Limited Patient Tracking: Does not offer comprehensive workout logging features.
  • No Integrated Practice Management: Lacks broader practice management features found in comprehensive software like Exercise.com.

WebExercises.com is a valuable resource for physical therapy exercises but may fall short as the best online HEP software due to its limited tracking and management capabilities.

Read More: WebExercises.com

#4 MedBridge


MedBridge provides a robust solution for physical therapy continuing education and patient engagement, including HEP functionalities.


  • Educational Exercise Library: Includes a library with educational content for patients.
  • Custom Program Creation: Therapists can create tailored exercise programs.
  • Patient Engagement Tools: Features tools for maintaining patient motivation and adherence.
  • Mobile App Accessibility: Offers a mobile app for patient access to exercise programs.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Provides insights into patient progress and program effectiveness.


  • No Payment Processing: Lacks integrated payment processing features.
  • Primarily Education-Focused: More focused on educational content than Exercise.com’s broad exercise options.

While MedBridge excels in educational content and patient engagement, it may not offer the same level of exercise variety and payment functionalities as the best physical therapy home exercise library software like Exercise.com.

#5 Trainerize


Trainerize is known for its versatility and is adapted by physical therapists for managing home exercise programs.


  • Comprehensive Exercise Options: Offers a wide range of exercises suitable for physical therapy.
  • Engaging Workout Logging: Includes features for patients to log workouts and provide feedback.
  • Customizable Program Building: Therapists can create personalized exercise routines.
  • Robust Mobile App: Provides an intuitive app for both therapists and patients.
  • Integrated Messaging System: Facilitates direct communication between therapists and patients.


  • General Fitness Focus: May not be as specialized in physical therapy as other HEP-specific software.
  • Limited Practice Management Tools: Does not offer comprehensive practice management tools found in Exercise.com.

Trainerize is a strong choice for therapists seeking versatile software, but for more specialized physical therapy functionalities, Exercise.com remains the top choice as the best HEP software for physical therapists.

Read More:

#6 HEP2Go


HEP2Go is a straightforward, web-based solution for creating and sharing home exercise programs for physical therapy.


  • Focused Exercise Library: Features exercises specifically chosen for rehabilitation purposes.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: Simple and user-friendly program creation tools.
  • Direct Patient Sharing: Enables easy sharing of programs with patients via email or printouts.
  • No Cost for Basic Version: Offers a free version with essential functionalities.


  • Limited Advanced Features: Lacks the depth of features such as mobile app support and workout logging.
  • No Custom Branding: Does not provide custom branding options available in Exercise.com.

HEP2Go is an accessible option for physical therapists needing basic HEP functionalities, but it lacks the comprehensive features of the best HEP exercise demonstration videos and tools offered by Exercise.com.

Hep 2 Go and the Hep2Go app provides the HEP 2 Go home exercise program and HEP physical therapy software platform that physical therapists have used for years. While the HEP2Go home exercise program software offers a free home exercise program software options and HEP 2 Go videos, the HEP to Go free options may be too limiting compared to the best online physical therapy app options. Choose a HEP home exercise program software solution like HEP2Go Pro for more HEP2Go videos and more robust HEP to Go features.

#7 Physitrack


Physitrack focuses on providing digital solutions for physical therapy, including a robust HEP platform.


  • Extensive Rehab Exercise Library: Offers a wide selection of rehabilitation-focused exercises.
  • Interactive Workout Logging: Allows patients to log workouts and provide feedback.
  • Telehealth Integration: Supports telehealth consultations alongside HEP features.
  • Customizable Exercise Programs: Therapists can tailor programs to individual patient needs.
  • Patient Engagement Analytics: Provides insights into patient engagement and program adherence.


Complex Interface: Some users may find the interface less intuitive than Exercise.com.

  • Limited Custom Branding: Less focus on branding compared to Exercise.com’s customizable options.

Physitrack is a solid choice for those seeking a digital solution with telehealth integration, but for a more holistic and customizable approach, Exercise.com is the best HEP software for physical therapy.

Tony Gentilcore
Exercise.com makes my life easier by providing an all-in-one solution and the opportunity to help those who otherwise would never have access to my programming!
Tony Gentilcore
Founder, Core Online

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How to Choose the Best Physical Therapy Home Exercise Program (HEP) Software

Selecting the best physical therapy HEP software involves several important considerations to ensure an optimal match for your practice needs.

Step #1 – Evaluate Exercise Library and Content Quality

  • Diverse Exercise Options: Look for software that offers a wide range of exercises, including videos and demonstrations, suitable for various physical therapy needs.
  • Quality of Content: Ensure the exercises are demonstrated professionally and are easy for patients to understand and follow.

Exercise.com excels with its extensive and best physical therapy home exercise library software, providing high-quality content and demonstrations that are essential for effective patient care.

Read More: Best Exercise Library Software

Step #2 – Assess Program Customization and Patient Engagement Features

  • Customizable Programs: Choose software that allows for the creation of personalized exercise programs tailored to individual patient needs.
  • Patient Engagement Tools: Consider features that enhance patient engagement, such as workout logging, goal setting, and direct messaging.

As the best home exercise program software, Exercise.com offers unparalleled customization and patient engagement tools, making it ideal for therapists seeking to maximize patient adherence and outcomes.

Step #3 – Consider Integration with Practice Management

  • Seamless Integration: Opt for software that integrates smoothly with your existing practice management system, including scheduling, billing, and patient records.
  • Comprehensive Features: The software should offer a holistic solution that covers all aspects of patient care and practice management.

Exercise.com is not only recognized for its wide-ranging capabilities but also excels as the best physical therapy app on the market. This software caters to the unique needs of physical therapists by providing tools that streamline the creation and distribution of customized exercise programs, making it an essential app for physical therapy exercises. The platform’s ability to integrate with other systems ensures that it functions excellently alongside Android physical therapy software, making it accessible and efficient for practices operating on various devices.

Moreover, Exercise.com’s user-friendly interface simplifies the management of patient care, making it the ideal physiotherapy exercise software. Whether therapists are designing at home exercise programs or managing in-clinic treatments, this software ensures that all aspects of patient care are covered. Its versatility makes it suitable not just for individual therapists but also for larger practices seeking robust management solutions.

For therapists who prioritize mobility and need to access patient information and exercise plans on the go, Exercise.com offers an app for physical therapy that supports both Android and iOS platforms. This flexibility ensures that therapists can provide consistent care, even when away from the office. The app’s intuitive design and functionality make it the best physical therapy app for professionals looking to enhance patient engagement and adherence to prescribed exercise programs.

Exercise.com stands out as a top recommendation for any physical therapy practice looking to improve its service delivery through technology. With its comprehensive features, ease of use, and strong support for mobile devices, it helps physical therapists maximize their efficiency and effectiveness in patient care.

Lani Hudgins
Excellent choice for my business! I tried nearly all the “major” platforms and found Exercise.com to be the most intuitive.
Lani Hudgins
Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

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What is HEP software?

HEP software, or Home Exercise Program software, is a specialized tool used by healthcare professionals, particularly physical therapists, to create, manage, and deliver customized exercise programs for their patients to follow at home. This software typically includes a library of exercises, customization options, tracking features, and communication tools for patient engagement.

What is the best home exercise program software?

The best home exercise program software is one that offers a comprehensive physio exercise prescription software with exercise library, customizable plans, easy client tracking, and user-friendly interfaces for both therapists and patients. Exercise.com is highly regarded in this space for its extensive customization options, robust exercise library, and integrated communication tools.

Why is Exercise.com considered the best HEP software for physical therapists?

Exercise.com is considered the best HEP software for physical therapists due to its extensive exercise library, customizable program options, patient engagement tools, and seamless integration with practice management systems, offering a complete solution for physical therapy practices.

How does HEP software improve patient outcomes in physical therapy?

HEP software improves patient outcomes in physical therapy by providing tailored exercise programs, enhancing patient engagement and adherence, and allowing therapists to track progress and make necessary adjustments to treatment plans.

Can HEP software integrate with telehealth services?

Yes, the best HEP software for physical therapy, like Exercise.com, can integrate with telehealth services, offering a comprehensive approach to patient care that includes both in-person and remote treatment options.

What features should physical therapists look for in HEP software?

Physical therapists should look for features such as a comprehensive exercise library, customizable program creation, workout logging, patient engagement tools, and integration with practice management systems in HEP software to ensure an effective and efficient patient care process.

How important is custom branding in HEP software for physical therapy practices?

Custom branding in HEP software is important for physical therapy practices as it enhances the professional image of the practice, provides a personalized experience for patients, and strengthens brand identity.

What is similar to HEP2Go?

Software similar to HEP2Go includes platforms like PT Exercise, Physiotec, and Exercise.com. These alternatives offer similar features such as customizable exercise libraries, patient management, and tools for creating personalized home exercise programs.

What is a HEPA physical activity program?

A HEPA (Health-Enhancing Physical Activity) program focuses on increasing physical activity levels in individuals to improve their overall health and wellbeing. These programs are often designed to be inclusive, accessible, and adaptable to different fitness levels and health conditions.

What is the best online fitness platform for HEP delivery?

The best online fitness platform for HEP delivery is one that combines ease of exercise program creation, efficient patient management, and effective communication tools. Exercise.com stands out as a top choice for its comprehensive exercise library, customization abilities, and seamless integration of client tracking and communication.

Do physical therapists need a HEP app?

While not mandatory, a HEP app can significantly enhance a physical therapist’s practice. It aids in creating personalized exercise programs, improves patient adherence through easy access and tracking, and facilitates ongoing communication between the therapist and patient.

Is MedBridge worth it?

MedBridge is generally considered worth it for many healthcare professionals, especially for its extensive continuing education courses, HEP tools, and patient engagement resources. Its value depends on your specific needs for education, patient care, and exercise program management.

How can Exercise.com help physical therapists with HEP delivery?

Exercise.com can greatly assist physical therapists with HEP delivery through its customizable exercise program builder, extensive exercise library, and patient management tools. It allows therapists to create tailored exercise programs, track patient progress, and maintain communication, all within a user-friendly platform. The ability to integrate these features into one system streamlines the HEP delivery process, making it more efficient and effective.

Jimmy Myers Relentless Sports Performance
If you want to offer an elite service for the end user you need to get with the times and use elite level software that is intuitive, visually appealing, and effective. That is exactly what Exercise.com delivers to its clients.
Jimmy Myers
Owner/Trainer, Relentless Sports Performance

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Tyler Spraul is the director of UX and the head trainer for Exercise.com. He has his Bachelor of Science degree in pre-medicine and is an NSCA-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist® (CSCS®). He is a former All-American soccer player and still coaches soccer today. In his free time, he enjoys reading, learning, and living the dad life.
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