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5 Best Pilates Studio Billing Software in 2024

5 Best Pilates Studio Billing Software in 2024

Posted by Tyler Spraul, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist® (CSCS®) on November 18, 2023 — Updated on December 22, 2023

Compare the best Pilates studio billing software from Exercise.com, Mindbody, WellnessLiving, and more.

Best Pilates Studio Billing Software

Choosing the best Pilates billing software is a critical decision for Pilates studio owners and managers. This software not only streamlines the financial aspects of running a Pilates studio, such as processing payments and managing invoices but also integrates these functions with class scheduling and client management. The ideal Pilates billing software should offer a harmonious blend of efficiency, user-friendliness, and comprehensive features to ensure smooth financial operations.

Find the best billing software for Pilates instructors, personal trainers, fitness instructors, and yoga instructors who want software to manage Pilates billing online and in-person, create workouts online for clients, offer workout logging to clients, sell workout plans online, run online workout groups, and more—all from your own custom branded fitness app. See why the best white label fitness app software and best personal trainer app builder software can help you to make a fitness app and have your own Pilates studio billing, booking, and client management platform without all of the hassle and expense of creating a fitness app from scratch.

Fitness Income Ideas

Exercise.com is a leading contender in this category, distinguished by its robust functionalities that extend beyond basic Pilates billing management. Recognized as the best pilates studio software and the best yoga studio software, it also ranks high as the best personal training software and the best gym management software. Exercise.com excels in offering an all-in-one solution for Pilates studios, encompassing class management, client engagement, workout planning, and, crucially, efficient billing and invoicing systems – making it the top choice for studios seeking the best billing software for Pilates.

Our overall experience with Exercise.com is a breeze. We love how easy it is to integrate this app with our current workflow while providing great fitness programs for our customers and save us time in the process.
Julie Ledbetter
Owner, Ledbetter Fitness

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Best Pilates Studio Billing Software Features Comparison

SoftwareClass ManagementBookingMobile AppsCustom BrandedWorkoutsGoalsRecordsMeasurementsPaymentsInvoicingWaiversAssessmentsMessagingReports
Zen PlannerYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesNoYesYes

#1 Exercise.com

Exercise.com stands out as the best Pilates studio billing software, offering a comprehensive suite of features designed for the efficient management of Pilates studios.


  • Integrated Class and Billing Management: Streamlines class scheduling alongside billing and invoicing.
  • Customizable Mobile App: Provides a branded mobile app for easy client access and engagement.
  • Versatile Payment Processing: Supports a range of payment options for studio services.
  • In-depth Financial Reporting: Offers detailed reports for financial tracking and analysis.
  • Client Management Tools: Includes client profiles, assessments, and direct messaging.


  • Learning Curve: The extensive range of features may require some initial learning for studio staff.
  • Premium Pricing: Reflects its comprehensive features, which may be higher than more basic platforms.

As the best billing software for Pilates, Exercise.com provides an all-encompassing solution, not just for billing and payments, but also for class management and client engagement, making it a top choice for Pilates studios seeking a holistic approach to studio management.

Here’s just some of what you can do on the Exercise.com platform:


Process payments for open gym, classes, and personal training.

Gym Payments

Landing Pages

Create gym landing pages easily.

Landing Pages

Fitness Challenges

Manage fitness challenges (Read More: 100+ Fitness Challenge Ideas)


On-Demand Fitness Content

Offer on-demand fitness content.


Fitness Classes and Groups

Create classes and fitness groups.

Online Groups

Fitness Livestreaming

Conduct gym livestreaming easily.



Engage with clients via automations.

Gym Member Engagement


Manage leads with a gym CRM.

Gym CRM Software

Fitness Assessments

Create and send fitness assessments with ease.


Habit Tracking

Use fitness habit tracking to inspire and motivate gym members and clients.

Habit Tracking

Progress Photos

Use fitness progress photos to engage with members.

Progress Photos


Use fitness leaderboards to track event performance and inspire healthy competition.



Create exercise supersets in a snap.


Rep Max Progressions

Program exercise rep max progressions with ease.

Rep Max Progressions

Exercise Library

Use the exercise demonstration video library or create your own custom exercise demonstration videos.

Exercise Library

Workout Plan Creator

Create workout plans for parents and dependents, teams and more.

Workout Plan Creator

TV Workouts

Cast gym TV workouts to in-gym TV screens quickly and efficiently.

TV Workouts

Group and Location Management

Manage multiple groups and locations with ease.


Client Management

Manage clients and gym members with ease. An online training software comparison for personal trainers makes it easy to see why Exercise.com offers the best client management functionality for in-person and online personal training. The best personal fitness trainer software should work for you on the go, just like in the gym.

Client Management

Appointment Booking

Book appointments for parents and dependents with ease. (Read More: Best Gym Booking Software)


Gym Check-In

Gym check-in software that makes your life easy. (Read More: Best Gym Check-In Software)



Communicate with gym members, athletes, team members, personal training clients, class members, parents, and dependents via SMS, email, and in-app push notification.


Performance Tracking

View performance over time, track personal records, and other fitness stats with performance reporting dashboards. The best fitness software for personal trainers offers exercise tracking, habit tracking, workout tracking, and more.

Performance Reporting

Business Dashboards

And of course, view all of your gym business reports easily too.

Gym Reports

Custom Branded Fitness Apps

All from your custom-branded fitness apps (Read More: Best Gym Mobile Fitness Apps Software)

Custom Branded Apps
Kellie Davis - Fit Thrive
With Exercise.com, I’m able to reach people around the world with the programs that I design, implement, and push out. You don’t have that opportunity working in a local gym. So that’s been huge.
Kellie Davis
Founder/Trainer, Fit Thrive

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#2 Mindbody


Mindbody is a widely recognized software in the wellness industry, known for its comprehensive approach to studio management, including Pilates studios.


  • Robust Class Scheduling and Booking: Offers an efficient system for managing Pilates class schedules.
  • Integrated Payment Processing: Facilitates seamless financial transactions for classes and memberships.
  • Mobile App for Clients: Provides a user-friendly app for client bookings and account management.
  • Extensive Reporting Capabilities: Delivers detailed financial and operational reports.
  • Client Interaction Tools: Features messaging and client engagement functionalities.


  • Complex Interface for New Users: The range of features can be challenging for new users to navigate.
  • No Custom Branding: Limited options for custom branding compared to Exercise.com.

Mindbody, as one of the best Pilates studio software options, offers a range of features ideal for larger studios but may lack the personalized touch and custom branding that smaller studios or individual trainers find in Exercise.com.

Read More: Mindbody

#3 WellnessLiving


WellnessLiving provides a versatile solution tailored to meet the needs of Pilates studios, emphasizing ease of use and client engagement.


  • Comprehensive Class Management: Streamlines the management of Pilates classes with advanced booking features.
  • Customizable Mobile Apps: Offers a branded app experience for studios and clients.
  • Integrated Payment Solutions: Simplifies billing and payment processes for various studio services.
  • Client Retention Tools: Includes functionalities for client loyalty and retention.
  • Diverse Reporting Options: Provides a variety of reports for business analysis and decision-making.


  • Less Focused on Individual Needs: May not be as tailored for individual Pilates trainers as Exercise.com.
  • Learning Curve: Some features may require time for staff to master effectively.

WellnessLiving is an excellent choice as the best billing software for Pilates studios, particularly those prioritizing client retention and engagement, though it may lack the customizability and individual focus provided by Exercise.com.

Read More: WellnessLiving

#4 Zen Planner

Zen Planner

Zen Planner is tailored for small to medium-sized fitness businesses and Pilates studios, offering effective solutions for class management and billing.


  • Easy-to-Use Class Booking System: Facilitates efficient scheduling and management of Pilates classes.
  • Integrated Billing and Payments: Streamlines the financial management of studio services.
  • Customizable Reports: Provides valuable insights with customizable reporting features.
  • Client Management Features: Includes tools for managing client information and progress.
  • Mobile App Accessibility: Offers a mobile app for easy access and management.


  • Limited Workout Libraries: Does not offer as extensive a library of Pilates exercises as Exercise.com.
  • No Direct Messaging Capabilities: Lacks direct messaging features for client communication.

Zen Planner is a solid choice for Pilates studios needing the best Pilates billing software with robust class management features, but for more comprehensive workout libraries and communication tools, Exercise.com is a superior option.

Read More: Zen Planner

#5 Vagaro


Vagaro caters to a broad spectrum of wellness businesses, including Pilates studios, with its all-encompassing software solution.


  • Versatile Class Scheduling and Booking: Offers robust tools for managing Pilates class schedules.
  • Custom Branded Mobile App: Allows studios to offer a personalized app experience.
  • Effective Payment Processing: Facilitates smooth billing and payment collection.
  • Client Engagement Tools: Features for enhancing communication with clients.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Generates detailed reports for business tracking and client management.


  • Complex Pricing Structure: The pricing model can be complex and less transparent.
  • General Fitness Focus: May not offer as specialized features for Pilates as Exercise.com.

Vagaro is a competitive option for Pilates studios looking for the best Pilates studio billing software, though it may lack the specialized focus and pricing transparency of Exercise.com.

Read More: Vagaro

Lani Hudgins
Excellent choice for my business! I tried nearly all the “major” platforms and found Exercise.com to be the most intuitive.
Lani Hudgins
Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

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How to Choose the Best Pilates Studio Billing Software

Selecting the best Pilates studio billing software involves several crucial steps to ensure you find a solution that meets your studio’s specific needs.

Step #1 – Assess Billing and Payment Processing Features

  • Flexible Payment Options: Look for software that supports a variety of payment methods to accommodate client preferences.
  • Efficient Invoicing and Billing: Ensure the software provides easy-to-use invoicing and billing features for smooth financial operations.
  • Secure Payment Processing: Security is key in handling financial transactions; choose software with reliable security measures.

Exercise.com, as the best billing software for Pilates, offers these features, providing Pilates studios with a secure and efficient solution for managing financial transactions.

Step #2 – Evaluate Integration with Class Management and Client Engagement

  • Seamless Class Booking Integration: Choose software that integrates billing with class scheduling and management.
  • Client Engagement Tools: Consider features that enhance client engagement and retention, such as messaging and personalized interactions.
  • Mobile App Accessibility: A mobile app is essential for modern studios, offering clients easy access to class bookings and account management.

Exercise.com excels in providing an integrated solution, making it the best Pilates studio software for managing both financial and class-related aspects efficiently.

Step #3 – Consider Customization and Reporting Capabilities

  • Custom Branding Options: Opt for software that allows for custom branding to reflect your studio’s unique identity.
  • Comprehensive Reporting Features: Detailed financial and operational reports are crucial for informed decision-making.
  • Customizable Client Profiles: Personalized client profiles can enhance the client experience and studio management.

As the best Pilates billing software, Exercise.com offers extensive customization and detailed reporting, ensuring Pilates studios have all the tools necessary for successful financial management. By considering these steps, Pilates studios can choose the best Pilates studio billing software to streamline their financial and operational processes, with Exercise.com being the top recommendation for its comprehensive, customizable, and user-friendly approach.

Des B Fit
I am grateful to have been able to create an app for my online family to grow with, and be able to support a business that I believe in.
Desiree Pfeifer

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Why is Exercise.com the best Pilates studio billing software?

Exercise.com is considered the best Pilates studio billing software due to its comprehensive billing features, integrated class management tools, customizable options, and robust client engagement functionalities, making it ideal for Pilates studios seeking an all-encompassing software solution.

How does billing software improve the management of Pilates studios?

Billing software improves the management of Pilates studios by automating financial processes, reducing administrative workload, enhancing client payment experiences, and providing detailed financial insights, leading to improved efficiency and client satisfaction.

Can Pilates studio billing software integrate with other studio management tools?

Yes, the best billing software for Pilates studios, like Exercise.com, can seamlessly integrate with other studio management tools, offering a unified solution for managing all aspects of a Pilates studio’s operations, from client management to class scheduling and financial transactions.

What features should Pilates studios look for in billing software?

Pilates studios should look for features such as versatile payment processing, efficient invoicing and billing, secure transactions, class management integration, client engagement tools, and comprehensive reporting in billing software to ensure smooth and effective studio operations.

Is mobile app support important in Pilates studio billing software?

Mobile app support is crucial in Pilates studio billing software as it allows both studio owners and clients to manage financial transactions, class bookings, and studio interactions conveniently from their smartphones, enhancing accessibility and operational efficiency.

What is the best billing software for Pilates studios?

The best billing software for Pilates studios is one that offers comprehensive features like client billing, payment processing, subscription management, and financial reporting. Exercise.com is highly recommended for Pilates studios due to its robust billing and invoicing capabilities, along with its ability to integrate with class scheduling and client management.

What is the profit margin for Pilates studio?

The profit margin for a Pilates studio can vary widely based on location, studio size, pricing, and operational efficiencies. Generally, profit margins can range from 10% to 35%. Efficient management, effective marketing, and client retention strategies play a significant role in enhancing profitability.

Can you make a living as a Pilates instructor?

Yes, you can make a living as a Pilates instructor. Income depends on factors such as the number of classes taught, private session rates, location, and additional offerings like online classes or workshops. Successful instructors often combine studio work with private clients and online classes to maximize earnings.

Is Pilates high in demand?

Pilates is in high demand, especially as more people seek low-impact exercises that improve flexibility, strength, and mental well-being. Its popularity is also bolstered by its adaptability for different skill levels and the growing awareness of its health benefits.

How big does a Pilates studio need to be?

The size of a Pilates studio depends on the number of clients you plan to serve and the type of classes offered (mat classes require less space than equipment-based sessions). A small studio might be around 500-1000 square feet, while larger studios could be 1500 square feet or more.

Is Pilates a growing business?

Pilates is a growing business, with an increasing number of people discovering its benefits for physical and mental health. The rise of wellness culture and the adaptability of Pilates to various demographics contribute to its growing popularity and business potential.

Can you run a Pilates business from home?

Yes, you can run a Pilates business from home, especially if you focus on small classes, private sessions, or online instruction. This setup can significantly reduce overhead costs and offers flexibility in scheduling.

How much does it cost to open a Pilates studio?

The cost of opening a Pilates studio varies based on location, studio size, and equipment. Initial expenses can range from $10,000 for a small home studio to $50,000 or more for a larger, fully equipped commercial space.

How can Exercise.com help my Pilates studio with billing software?

Exercise.com’s billing software helps Pilates studios streamline their financial operations. It offers features like automated billing, secure payment processing, subscription management, and detailed financial reporting. This integration with other studio management tools like scheduling and client tracking simplifies the administrative process, allowing studio owners to focus more on client service and studio growth. Exercise.com’s comprehensive platform ensures smooth financial operations, enhancing overall business efficiency.

Erica Nangle Fitness
Exercise.com is amazing! Positively surprised by the efficiency at responding and helping out!
Erica Nangle
Owner, Erica Nangle Fitness

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Tyler Spraul is the director of UX and the head trainer for Exercise.com. He has his Bachelor of Science degree in pre-medicine and is an NSCA-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist® (CSCS®). He is a former All-American soccer player and still coaches soccer today. In his free time, he enjoys reading, learning, and living the dad life.
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