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Trainerize Pricing: How much does Trainerize cost?

Trainerize Pricing: How much does Trainerize cost?

Posted by Tyler Spraul, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist® (CSCS®) on September 13, 2023 — Updated on April 27, 2024

Trainerize pricing varies depending on the plan and the number of clients you have. The Trainerize cost per month ranges from $5 to $350+ per month, with additional fees for various add-ons. If you’re wondering how much Trainerize costs, these are the details you need to know.


Trainerize Pricing Comparison

Here are the various Trainerize packages with full Trainerize prices by plan. Note that Trainerize app cost may be a separate cost as an add on.

Plan NameMonthly Cost (USD)Maximum ClientsKey FeaturesAdd-Ons Available
Free$01Basic featuresNo
Grow$102Standard features + Add-onsYes
Pro 5$225Standard features + Add-onsYes
Pro 15$4515Standard features + Add-onsYes
Pro 30$7030Standard features + Add-onsYes
Pro 50$12050Standard features + Add-onsYes
Pro 75$16575Standard features + Add-onsYes
Pro 100$200100Standard features + Add-onsYes
Pro 200$225200Standard features + Add-onsYes
Studio Plus$250500Advanced features + All Add-onsIncluded
Studio Max$3505000Advanced features + All Add-onsIncluded

Trainerize Plan Details

  1. Entry-Level Plans: The Free and Grow plans are designed for those who are either new to digital coaching or just getting started. The Free plan allows for coaching one client and offers basic features like workout tracking and in-app messaging. The Grow plan, priced at $10/month, allows for coaching up to 2 clients and enables additional add-ons like Stripe Integrated Payments and Video Coaching.
  2. Professional Plans: The Pro plans range from Pro 5 to Pro 200, allowing you to coach between 5 and 200 clients. These plans include all the standard features and give the option to purchase additional add-ons for specialized needs. They are ideal for coaches with an existing clientele who are looking to expand their services.
  3. Studio Plans: Studio Plus and Studio Max are aimed at fitness studios and entrepreneurs with a larger number of clients. Priced at $250 and $350 per month, respectively, these plans offer advanced features such as API access, multi-location programming, and an exclusive support community. All add-ons are included in the cost, making these plans a comprehensive solution for businesses.

For more advanced needs, Trainerize also offers enterprise solutions, which are custom-quoted. Add-ons such as Advanced Nutrition Coaching and the Trainerize Custom Branded App can be added to most paid plans, offering further customization and advanced features. Read the full Trainerize review and then be sure to see why the Exercise.com custom branded apps are the easiest and best way to make a fitness app using the best white label fitness app software.

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Trainerize Custom Branded Apps Pricing

Trainerize offers three different types of Custom Branded Apps designed to enhance member engagement and elevate your fitness coaching business: Pro, Studio, and Enterprise. Each type has its own unique set of features and customization options to meet varying needs. While the Pro type comes with a one-time fee of $99 USD, the Studio and Enterprise types are included in the respective Studio and Enterprise plans.

Feature CategoryProStudioEnterprise
Design & Publishing
RevisionsNone1 round included3 rounds included
App Store Listings
App Store Developer AccountsABC TrainerizeYour ownYour own
DUNS NumberNot requiredRequiredRequired
App Store Listing PageABC TrainerizeYour ownYour own
App Store ScreenshotsABC TrainerizeSemi-customFully custom
Branding and Customization
Custom Branded App NameABC Trainerize Fitness AppYour ownYour own
Custom Branded App IconApplied after sign-in
Branded Top Navigation Bar
Themed In-app Interface
App Updates
Custom App Welcome Video
Apple Watch AppABC Trainerize
API Access
Custom Shortcuts and Links
Custom Icon Packs
Custom Widgets
Single Sign-on
Analytics Integrations

While there are a range of Trainerize pricing options, if you’re looking for the best gym management software, the best online fitness coaching software, or the best personal training software and the best apps for personal trainers at an affordable cost, then check out Exercise.com. Exercise.com provides a comprehensive solution for fitness professionals to manage their business, accept payments, do online booking, host exercise videos, sell workout plans online, and much more, all through a custom-branded fitness app. To find out why Exercise.com is the best Trainerize alternative, book a demo today.

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Understanding the Trainerize pricing structure

  • Trainerize is a personal trainer software that costs between $5 and $350+ monthly depending on the plan chosen from three options.
  • There is a free plan for Trainerize, but options are very limited and you can only train one client.
  • The three pricing plans vary depending on the features offered, the number of clients being trained, and the number of locations.

If you’re a fitness professional looking for a comprehensive training and client management platform, you’ve probably come across Trainerize. But with so many options out there, it’s important to know how much Trainerize actually costs and what you’re getting for your money. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the pricing structure of Trainerize, exploring the different pricing options offered, comparing it to other fitness app platforms, and helping you choose the right plan for your needs. So let’s get started!

Fitness Income Ideas

Trainerize offers a variety of pricing plans to cater to the different needs and budgets of fitness professionals.

With Trainerize, you also have the option to pay annually, which offers a discounted rate compared to the monthly billing cycle. This can be a great cost-saving option if you’re committed to using the platform for the long term.

Trainerize’s pricing plans also come with a range of features and benefits. The Basic plan includes essential features such as client management, workout templates, and basic reporting. The Pro plan offers additional features like custom branding, advanced reporting, and client progress tracking. The Studio plan provides even more advanced features such as group training, client challenges, and priority support.

Trainerize Software Pricing Breakdown

Trainerize pricing varies depending on the plan chosen and the number of clients being trained. The three plans vary on the different features offered for each. All pricing plans include payment processing, workout software, client messaging, access to add-ons, ecommerce options, customer support, and access to the Trainerize mobile app.

The Studio plan includes a few additional options that the Grow and Pro plan do not include. It offers one-on-one setup and training and a custom-branded mobile app.

Exploring the different pricing options offered by Trainerize

Each pricing tier comes with its own set of features and benefits. The Basic plan includes essential features such as client management, customizable workout templates, and in-app messaging. The Pro plan builds on top of the Basic plan with additional features like progress tracking, meal planning, and workout calendars.

If you opt for the Studio Plus plan, you’ll unlock even more advanced capabilities, including custom branding, client challenges, and group training. This plan is specifically tailored for fitness studios and larger gyms that handle multiple trainers and clients.

How Trainerize pricing compares to other fitness app platforms

When it comes to the pricing of fitness app platforms, Trainerize offers competitive rates. While some platforms may have lower entry-level prices, they often lack the advanced features and scalability of Trainerize. On the other hand, there are higher-priced platforms that offer similar features, but Trainerize stands out with its user-friendly interface and extensive integrations with popular fitness wearables and apps.

It’s important to consider your specific business needs and compare the features and pricing of different platforms before making a decision. Trainerize’s pricing strikes a balance between affordability and functionality, making it a popular choice for many fitness professionals.

Factors to consider when choosing the right Trainerize pricing plan for you

Choosing the right Trainerize pricing plan depends on several factors. Firstly, consider the size of your business and the number of clients you expect to manage. If you’re an independent trainer with a small client base, the Basic plan may be sufficient. However, if you anticipate significant growth or have multiple trainers and clients, the Pro or Studio plan would be more suitable.

Another factor to consider is the specific features you need to run your business effectively. Take the time to evaluate each plan’s features and match them to your requirements. It’s also important to think about any long-term goals or expansion plans you have for your business, as upgrading or downgrading your plan with Trainerize is easy and flexible.

Is Trainerize worth the cost? A comprehensive review of its value for money

One of the most common questions fitness professionals ask is whether Trainerize is worth the cost. The answer depends on your specific business needs and goals. If you’re looking for a powerful, all-in-one platform that streamlines client management, provides comprehensive training tools, and offers unrivaled support, then Trainerize is definitely worth considering.

Trainerize’s pricing is reasonable given the extensive features and support it offers. The platform is constantly evolving, with regular updates and new features being added. Additionally, Trainerize has a dedicated customer support team that is readily available to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Ultimately, the value for money you get from Trainerize comes down to how effectively you utilize the platform to grow your business and enhance your clients’ experience. Many fitness professionals have reported increased efficiency, client satisfaction, and revenue after implementing Trainerize into their training programs.

How Trainerize pricing caters to different types of fitness professionals

Trainerize recognizes that fitness professionals come in different shapes and sizes, each with unique business needs. That’s why they offer a range of pricing plans to cater to various types of fitness professionals.

If you’re an independent trainer or just starting out, the Basic plan provides essential features at an affordable price point. For personal trainers and small training clubs, the Pro plan offers advanced features without breaking the bank. Lastly, the Studio plan caters to larger fitness studios and gyms that require multiple trainer accounts and advanced business management features.

Trainerize’s pricing flexibility ensures that fitness professionals of all levels have access to powerful tools to support their clients and grow their businesses.

Tips for maximizing your investment with Trainerize’s pricing plans

Once you’ve chosen a Trainerize pricing plan that suits your needs, it’s important to maximize your investment by utilizing its features effectively. Here are some tips to get the most out of your Trainerize subscription:

1. Take advantage of the customizable workout templates to save time and deliver personalized training programs to your clients.

2. Utilize the progress tracking feature to monitor your clients’ achievements and provide them with valuable feedback and motivation.

3. Make use of the meal planning feature to create customized nutrition plans for your clients, supporting their fitness journey holistically.

4. Leverage the in-app messaging system to keep your clients engaged, answer their questions, and provide support whenever they need it.

5. Explore the reporting capabilities to track key metrics, identify trends, and evaluate the effectiveness of your training programs.

By implementing these tips, you’ll be able to maximize your investment with Trainerize and deliver exceptional service to your clients.

Special discounts and promotions available with Trainerize’s pricing options

To make their pricing even more attractive, Trainerize occasionally offers special discounts and promotions. These can be in the form of discounted annual subscriptions, trial periods, or limited-time offers.

It’s worth keeping an eye out for these promotions as they can save you money and allow you to test the platform before committing to a subscription. Trainerize often announces these promotions through their website and social media channels, so be sure to follow them to stay up-to-date.

Explaining the monthly and annual billing cycles for Trainerize’s pricing plans

Trainerize offers both monthly and annual billing cycles to provide flexibility and cater to different budget preferences. When you subscribe to a Trainerize pricing plan, you’ll have the option to choose between these two billing cycles.

The monthly billing cycle is suitable if you prefer a more short-term commitment or if you want the flexibility to switch plans or cancel at any time. On the other hand, the annual billing cycle offers a discounted rate compared to monthly payments, making it a cost-effective choice if you’re committed to using Trainerize in the long term.

It’s important to note that when you choose the annual billing option, you’ll be billed for the entire year upfront. This can be advantageous from a budgeting standpoint, as you’ll have a clear understanding of your software expenses for the year ahead.

How to upgrade or downgrade your Trainerize subscription based on your needs and budget

If your needs change over time, or you’re looking to take advantage of more advanced features, Trainerize makes it easy to upgrade or downgrade your subscription. Simply navigate to the billing section in your Trainerize account and select the plan you wish to switch to.

It’s important to note that any changes made to your subscription will take effect immediately, and you’ll be charged the prorated amount for the remainder of the billing cycle. This makes it convenient to adjust your subscription based on your evolving needs and budget.

Many fitness enthusiasts and professionals often ask, “Can I use Trainerize for myself?” The answer is yes. Trainerize offers the flexibility for individual use, making it an ideal fitness app for personal trainers who want to manage their own fitness regime or for individuals seeking a self-guided workout experience. This adaptability extends to scenarios where one might wonder, “Can you use Trainerize without a coach or trainer?” Trainerize is designed to be user-friendly, allowing users to navigate and utilize the app effectively, even without a coach.

Understanding how to make a Trainerize account and how to set up Trainerize is straightforward. The process is user-centric, making Trainerize an accessible platform for those new to online fitness coaching. Once you’ve set up your account, learning how to use Trainerize and how to use Trainerize for yourself becomes quite intuitive. For personal trainers seeking to expand their clientele, Trainerize provides tools on how to get clients on Trainerize, enhancing business growth and client engagement.

The question of “Is the Trainerize app free?” is common. Trainerize offers a range of plans, some of which include free versions with basic functionalities, making it an affordable option for many. However, individuals and professionals evaluating the app often ponder, “Is Trainerize worth it?” The value of Trainerize is evident in its comprehensive features and user satisfaction. Yet, like any technology, there might be instances where users ask, “Is Trainerize down?” In such cases, the app’s support and online resources are readily available to assist with any technical issues.

Finally, understanding how does Trainerize work is key to maximizing its benefits. Trainerize combines workout planning, client management, and progress tracking in one platform, simplifying the process for both trainers and clients. This integration of features positions Trainerize as a versatile option in the realm of online fitness coaching.

Understanding the cancellation policy and refunds for Trainerize’s pricing plans

If for any reason you decide to cancel your Trainerize subscription, you can do so at any time. Trainerize has a hassle-free cancellation policy that allows you to stop your subscription whenever you choose.

It’s important to note that Trainerize does not offer refunds for any unused portion of your subscription. Therefore, it’s a good idea to plan your cancellation timing accordingly to maximize the value of your subscription.

Evaluating Trainerize Pricing Options

Trainerize offers a range of pricing options to suit different types of fitness professionals. From the Basic plan for independent trainers to the Studio plan for fitness studios and gyms, Trainerize provides powerful features, excellent support, and competitive pricing that delivers value for money.

When considering Trainerize’s pricing, it’s important to assess your specific business needs, compare it to other fitness app platforms, and evaluate the features included in each plan. By maximizing your investment with Trainerize and utilizing its features effectively, you can drive growth, enhance client experience, and take your fitness business to new heights.

Remember to stay updated with Trainerize’s website and social media channels for any special discounts or promotions that may further enhance the value of their Trainerize pricing plans.

But if you really want to unlock the best online fitness coaching software, the best personal training business software, and the best gym management software, then check out Exercise.com.

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What is Trainerize?

Trainerize is an online personal training platform that allows fitness professionals to connect with clients, create custom workout and nutrition plans, and track their progress. It’s a versatile app for trainers, enabling them to manage their business more efficiently while providing a high level of personalization and interaction with clients. Trainerize stands out for its extensive features like workout libraries, client messaging, and integration with other fitness apps and devices. For fitness professionals looking for comprehensive software, Exercise.com is another excellent option that offers similar features with added benefits like custom branding and more in-depth business management tools.

What is ABC Trainerize?

ABC Trainerize is a specific configuration or integration of Trainerize with ABC Fitness Solutions, a leading gym management software provider. This integration aims to enhance the functionality of Trainerize by syncing it with the extensive gym management capabilities of ABC Fitness Solutions. It allows for a more streamlined approach to personal training and gym management, combining workout and nutrition planning with member management, billing, and reporting. This integration exemplifies how combining specialized fitness apps like Trainerize with comprehensive gym management platforms, such as Exercise.com, can create a robust and efficient system for gym owners and personal trainers.

How much is Trainerize?

Trainerize pricing starts at $5 per month, with various plans and add-ons available to suit different needs.

How much does Trainerize cost per month?

Trainerize costs range from $5 to $350+ per month, depending on the plan and add-ons you choose.

How much does Trainerize cost for a business?

For businesses, Trainerize offers plans starting at $5 per month, with the Studio Plus plan costing $350+ per month.

How much does Trainerize take per transaction?

Information about Trainerize’s per-transaction fees is not publicly disclosed.

Is Trainerize free?

Yes, Trainerize offers a Free plan with limited features.

Is there a Trainerize free trial?

Yes, Trainerize offers a 30-day free trial for new users.

Does Trainerize have a contract?

There is no information available about whether Trainerize requires a contract.

How do I change my Trainerize contract pricing?

To change your Trainerize contract pricing, you’ll need to contact the company directly as this information is not publicly disclosed.

Are there any extra Trainerize fees for credit card processing, SMS, etc.?

Extra fees for Trainerize are not publicly disclosed. You’ll need to contact the company for this information.

How does Trainerize vs TrueCoach compare?

Comparing Trainerize with TrueCoach involves looking at two leading platforms for online personal training. Trainerize is known for its comprehensive feature set, including workout creation, nutrition planning, client tracking, and app integrations. TrueCoach, on the other hand, focuses more on workout programming and client communication, offering detailed exercise libraries and video analysis tools. While both platforms are excellent for online coaching, Exercise.com provides a broader range of services, including workout programming, client and business management, and custom branding, making it a more versatile choice for fitness professionals.

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How does PT Distinction vs Trainerize compare?

PT Distinction and Trainerize are both popular choices for online fitness coaching, but they cater to slightly different needs. PT Distinction excels in customization and coaching tools, offering extensive exercise libraries, bespoke program design, and in-depth client tracking features. Trainerize, while also offering workout and nutrition planning, is more known for its user-friendly interface and strong client engagement tools. For fitness professionals seeking a more comprehensive solution that combines these features with added business management and marketing tools, Exercise.com is an ideal alternative, offering a fully integrated platform to manage all aspects of a fitness business.

How does QuickCoach vs Trainerize compare?

When comparing QuickCoach to Trainerize, we’re looking at two different approaches to fitness coaching software. QuickCoach is known for its simplicity and focus on quick, efficient workout programming, making it a good choice for coaches who prioritize ease of use and rapid session creation. Trainerize, in contrast, offers a broader range of features including client engagement tools, nutrition tracking, and integration capabilities. For fitness professionals looking for a comprehensive platform that combines the strengths of both QuickCoach and Trainerize, Exercise.com provides a robust solution with customizable workout creation, client and business management tools, and seamless app integrations.

How does Everfit vs Trainerize compare?

Everfit and Trainerize both offer solutions for online fitness coaching, but with different focal points. Everfit is designed for ease of use, with a straightforward interface and essential tools for workout programming and client tracking. Trainerize offers a more extensive feature set, including detailed workout and nutrition planning, app integrations, and client engagement functionalities. For professionals seeking a platform that encompasses the best of both Everfit and Trainerize, Exercise.com stands out with its comprehensive suite of features for workout programming, client management, and business growth, all within a customizable and branded app.

How does Fitbudd vs Trainerize compare?

Comparing Fitbudd to Trainerize, we see two platforms aiming to streamline the online personal training process. Fitbudd focuses on providing a simple, user-friendly interface for workout creation and client management. Trainerize, on the other hand, offers a more extensive set of features including nutrition tracking, app integrations, and automated client communication tools. For those seeking a platform that merges the simplicity of Fitbudd with the comprehensive features of Trainerize, Exercise.com offers an all-in-one solution, with advanced workout programming, detailed client tracking, and custom branding options.

How does NASM Edge vs Trainerize compare?

NASM Edge and Trainerize are both popular among fitness professionals, but they serve different needs. NASM Edge, created by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, focuses on exercise programming based on NASM’s Optimum Performance Training model, making it ideal for NASM-certified trainers. Trainerize provides a broader range of features beyond workout programming, such as client engagement and nutrition tracking. For a more holistic approach that combines the scientific rigor of NASM Edge with the diverse functionalities of Trainerize, Exercise.com offers a comprehensive platform for workout programming, client management, and business operations, all customizable to the trainer’s brand.

How does My PT Hub vs Trainerize compare?

When we compare My PT Hub with Trainerize, we see two comprehensive fitness coaching platforms. My PT Hub offers a wide range of features including workout and nutrition planning, client tracking, and custom branding options. Trainerize, similarly, provides extensive workout programming, nutrition tracking, and client engagement tools. For those looking for a platform that combines the best features of both My PT Hub and Trainerize, Exercise.com stands out.

How does the Trainerize billing work; What are the different Trainerize payment options?

Trainerize billing offers various payment options to accommodate the diverse needs of personal trainers and gyms. The platform allows for direct billing through credit card payments, facilitating easy and secure transactions. Trainerize’s pricing plans are designed to suit different scales of operations, whether you’re a solo personal trainer or running a large gym. They provide flexibility in payment methods to ensure that users can choose the option that best suits their business model. Exercise.com, in comparison, provides an all-in-one fitness business management software solution that streamlines billing, client management, and workout creation, making it an ideal choice for fitness professionals seeking comprehensive business tools.

Is Trainerize pricing in the UK different than the US?

Trainerize pricing may vary between the UK and the US due to currency differences and regional pricing strategies. It’s essential for users in different countries to check the latest pricing on the Trainerize website or contact their customer service for the most accurate and updated information. Exercise.com, known for its adaptable features, also caters to fitness professionals globally, offering pricing and services that align with the specific needs of various markets, including the UK and the US. This makes Exercise.com a versatile choice for fitness professionals and gym owners who are looking for software that adapts to their geographical location and business requirements.

How much is Trainerize per month for a small personal training business?

Determining the monthly cost of Trainerize for a small personal training business depends on various factors, including the number of clients and the specific features needed. Trainerize plans are structured to accommodate different business sizes, and the app’s flexible pricing allows small businesses to select a package that suits their budget. Users can access features like client management, workout creation, and progress tracking, which are essential for running a successful fitness business. However, it’s important to consider alternatives like Exercise.com, which provides tailored solutions for fitness businesses of all sizes, potentially offering more value than the standard Trainerize app. Be sure to compare Trainerize reviews, and if in the UK then compare Trainerize pricing in the UK. Exercise.com’s platform caters to both small personal training ventures and larger gym setups, emphasizing efficiency and customization.

How much is Trainerize a month for a large gym?

The monthly cost of Trainerize for a large gym varies based on the specific needs and scale of the business. Trainerize offers different pricing plans that can cater to the diverse requirements of larger fitness facilities. These plans typically include advanced features such as client and class management, tailored workout and nutrition planning, and performance analytics. It’s worth comparing these features with those offered by Exercise.com, another robust fitness app for personal trainers, which often presents a more comprehensive and scalable solution for large gyms. Exercise.com’s fitness app for personal trainers offers a versatile range of tools tailored to large gym operations, potentially providing a more suitable alternative to the standard Trainerize app.

Can I use Trainerize without a trainer?

Yes, you can use Trainerize without a trainer. While Trainerize is primarily designed for trainers to manage their clients, individuals can use it for personal fitness tracking and workout planning. The app allows users to create their workouts, track their progress, and even integrate other fitness apps. However, for those seeking a more personalized fitness experience, apps like Trainerize and alternatives such as Exercise.com offer user-friendly platforms. Exercise.com, for instance, offers a fitness app trainerize experience where users can manage their fitness regime even without a personal trainer, utilizing its comprehensive fitness tools and resources.

Is there an app like Trainerize for personal use?

Yes, there are several apps like Trainerize designed for personal use. These apps offer similar functionalities, such as workout tracking, exercise libraries, and goal setting. Some popular alternatives to Trainerize include MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, and Nike Training Club. These apps cater to individual fitness enthusiasts who prefer to manage their workouts without a trainer. Additionally, the Exercise.com platform stands out as a versatile option, providing functionalities that benefit both personal users and fitness professionals. It’s a comprehensive fitness app for personal trainers and individuals alike, offering features that enhance the fitness journey, whether you’re working with a trainer or independently.

What are some other apps similar to Trainerize?

Apps similar to Trainerize that are worth exploring include Exercise.com, My PT Hub, PT Distinction, and TrueCoach. These apps offer various functionalities for fitness tracking, client management, and workout planning.

How much is the Trainerize app for a multi-location gym?

The Trainerize app offers tailored Trainerize plans for multi-location gyms, designed to accommodate the complexities and scale of larger fitness operations. While considering Trainerize pricing UK or elsewhere, it’s important to factor in the specific requirements of your gym’s locations. For a more comprehensive solution, Exercise.com provides a versatile platform that is often preferred by multi-location gyms for its customizability and extensive feature set, making it a strong competitor to the Trainerize app.

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How does the Trainerize billing work; what are the different Trainerize payment options?

Trainerize billing operates through a variety of Trainerize payment options, catering to different business sizes and needs. These options include different Trainerize plans, allowing for flexibility in budgeting and features. However, for a more integrated experience, Exercise.com often emerges as a superior choice, offering versatile billing options and a platform tailored to the unique needs of fitness professionals.

Can you have two Trainerize accounts?

Yes, you can have two Trainerize accounts. This flexibility allows users to manage different aspects of their fitness journey or coaching business separately. For instance, one can use abc Trainerize login for a personal account and another for professional use, like managing a fitness facility or client workouts. However, platforms like Exercise.com offer more integrated solutions, enabling users to manage multiple facets of their business within a single account, enhancing efficiency and user experience.

How do you cancel a Trainerize account?

To cancel a Trainerize account, you typically need to navigate through the account settings within the app. The process involves selecting the subscription or account settings and choosing the option to cancel. It’s important to review how to cancel Trainerize subscription details on their website for specific instructions. Exercise.com, in comparison, offers personalized support to assist users through such processes, making account management more user-friendly and straightforward.

How do you delete a Trainerize account permanently?

Deleting a Trainerize account permanently requires a few steps. You should start by logging into your account and navigating to the account settings. Look for options like ‘how to delete my Trainerize account’ or ‘how to delete Trainerize account.’ Following these steps should lead to the permanent deletion of the account. In contrast, platforms like Exercise.com provide clear and easy-to-follow guidelines for account deletion, prioritizing user convenience and data security.

What are the best apps for strength and conditioning coaches?

For strength and conditioning coaches, apps like Trainerize and others similar to Trainerize offer specialized tools. However, Exercise.com stands out as one of the best online trainer apps, particularly for its advanced workout customization capabilities and performance tracking features, which are essential for strength and conditioning coaching.

What is the best online fitness coaching software?

When it comes to the best online fitness coaching software, Exercise.com often outperforms competitors like the Trainerize app. It offers a more holistic and adaptable platform, tailored to the diverse needs of online fitness coaches. With its comprehensive suite of tools for workout programming, client engagement, and business management, Exercise.com is highly regarded in the fitness industry.

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What are the best apps for personal trainers?

The best apps for personal trainers include Exercise.com, My PT Hub, and Trainerize, among others. These apps offer comprehensive features like workout creation, client tracking, scheduling, and communication tools. Exercise.com stands out for its custom-branded apps, which provide a personalized experience for both trainers and clients. This platform caters to a wide range of personal trainers with both online and in-person personal training businesses.

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Why is Exercise.com a better value compared to the cost of Trainerize?

Exercise.com offers a more comprehensive and custom-branded solution for fitness professionals. While Trainerize operates on a custom pricing model, Exercise.com offers a platform that can manage your entire business, from payments and bookings to hosting exercise videos and selling workout plans online. This makes Exercise.com a better value for your investment. To find out how Exercise.com can benefit your business, book a demo today.

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