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Common Challenges Gym Owners Struggle With

What do gym owners struggle with? Common challenges for gym owners include adjusting to the competition, maintenance, and generating new sources of revenue. Using uniform payments, strong marketing, and a regular maintenance routine can help alleviate many gym ownership challenges.

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UPDATED: May 11, 2021

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  • Some of the challenges of gym ownership include maintenance, retention, and assessing your competitors.
  • Choosing a good location while offering services at competitive prices is paramount to succeeding as a gym owner.
  • Convenient access to memberships, scheduling, and other services could be the difference between you and other gyms.

Many fitness enthusiasts invest in facilities without considering the challenges of gym ownership and researching the very important question: what do gym owners struggle with?

Overcoming gym ownership problems can be daunting if you wait too long. It’s important to strategically prepare your business plan to prevent catastrophic business mistakes before they occur. In this article, we’ll guide you on common gym owner challenges alongside some potential solutions.

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Common Challenges of Gym Ownership

Owning a gym isn’t for the faint-hearted. It often requires a lot of work to establish a successful and long-lasting fitness facility. As a gym owner, you’ll need to consider where you want to be, how many members you want to have, what services you’ll provide, and so much more.

Considering all of the above factors will be your first step to establishing a successful gym. Without an identity, you’ll be just another gym that nobody talks about or loves. Once you open your doors, you’ll face a new assortment of problems. So, what do gym owners struggle with?

Creating Consistent Revenue

Why do most gyms fail? Simply put, they don’t bring in enough money to offset the costs of expensive equipment, leases, and the energy demands associated with owning a gym.

There are a handful of ways to create regular income for your gym. One of the easiest steps is to bind members to contracts while automating payments.

You’ll also need to find ways of attracting new members after building a client base. This can be done by offering workout challenges, advertising specials, and more. It also helps to sell apparel and other gym accessories that serve as walking advertisements for your gym.’s gym ecommerce software allows gym owners to sell various products online or in-person to help generate more revenue. This can be anything from workout challenges to shaker cups.

Maintaining Facilities

In general, many gym owners fail to recognize the challenges associated with gym facility maintenance. This refers to the overall appearance and functionality of the entire facility. You’ll need to be sure your facility is clean throughout. This includes cleaning bathrooms, showers, floors, benches, and virtually everything else.

Facility maintenance also means keeping up with routine maintenance on machines and other gym equipment. For example, NordicTrack recommends lubricating treadmills every three months to prevent irregular function and to prolong the life of your treadmills.

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While lubricating a bunch of treadmills might seem like a tedious task, it can help prevent you from purchasing or leasing new treadmills every year or two. The gym is a physically demanding space. Floors, walls, and equipment are all damaged regularly. Be sure to be proactive with repairs and maintenance.

Understanding the Competition

Competition is a big part of gym ownership. It’s important to understand what your competitors offer and for how much.

Satisfaction and retention rely on your members feeling appreciated and like they are getting a fair value for your services. Sometimes it can be as simple as offering a custom-branded fitness app that allows your clients to schedule classes or buy services on the go.

Understanding your competitor also includes the evaluation of staff. Gym employee management is tricky for gym owners. Highly credentialed staff can be expensive when it comes to payroll, but those accolades could help bring in more members that look for additional services like personal training, nutrition plans, and more.

Overcoming Gym Ownership Problems

For those who are looking to open a gym, it’s important to anticipate some setbacks and challenges. Is owning a gym a good investment? Gym ownership can be rewarding both morally and financially if you are thorough with your business plan, execution, and understanding of gym owner challenges.

So, to recap: what do gym owners struggle with? Time management, maintenance, and attracting new clients are always challenges, but they don’t have to be as impactful. Learn how you can improve the operations of your gym by booking a demo with today.

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