Don't flub with My PT Hub. The best My PT Hub alternative is vs My PT Hub: with adequate personal training software, My PT Hub works well for certain small personal trainers, but top tier fitness business owners and large gyms who want to succeed online and in-person, and deliver all varieties of workouts at scale, send fitness assessments, and use powerful gym booking and billing automations are all things that you can get with, so you can run your entire business in one place.
Workout Logger

Run your entire fitness business on one platform

Unlike My PT Hub, software is designed to have all components needed to run a fitness business in one place—making it easy and efficient to organize and grow your fitness business with client and class scheduling, check-ins, and billing—all from your custom-branded apps.
Workout Plan Creator

Robust workout software

My PT Hub workout software doesn’t allow for clients to access their workouts, scheduling, and billing all in one app. The workout plan creator and exercise library provide flexible solutions to save you time creating workouts with built-in integrations, tools, and more. All within a unified platform.
Gym ECommerce

Fitness ecommerce software to scale your training business

My PT Hub does have ecommerce features, but they come at an additional cost and are limited in functionality., however, has full ecommerce capabilities allowing trainers to sell single workout plans, offer automated workout memberships, run workout challenges, and deliver individual training.

Fitness assessment software to capture leads

My PT Hub has performance health software designed to track progress but does not include a full array of assessment options like those included with Take clients through personalized assessments to deliver custom workouts for their individual needs—providing massive growth potential and saved time.
Custom Branded Apps

Custom-branded fitness apps

My PT Hub apps provide limited options for custom apps., however, offers fully-customized native iOS and Android apps built to make your life easier by providing your clients with a unified scheduling and workout experience with your brand displayed front-and-center.

Scheduling, booking, marketing, and more

Schedule training sessions, send marketing messages automatically, process payments, and much more with the platform. Even though My PT Hub does some things very well, like workouts, be careful of the My PT Hub platform limitations.
Gym Marketing Automations

Marketing automations for gyms and fitness businesses

My PT Hub is good for workouts, but has limited functionality for everything else. Integrating other software to run your business means that you are dealing with even more complexity. Simplify your fitness business software stack and save money with

Don't flub with My PT Hub. The best My PT Hub alternative is

Learn why is the best My PT Hub alternative, compare My PT Hub vs (and compare My PT Hub vs Mindbody, Zen Planner, Pike 13, Trainerize, and more My PT Hub competitors), find the top My PT Hub alternative reviews, and decide if the alternatives to My PT Hub are worth it for your gym or fitness business. Read My PT Hub reviews to find out if My PT Hub is any good and whether people love My PT Hub or hate My PT Hub. 

My PT Hub

Then see why the best gym management software and the best personal training software around is You can book classes, sell workout plans, schedule appointments, run fitness challenges, do gym check-ins, offer online training, log workouts, create fitness assessments, generate reports, use habit tracking, offer fitness upsells, message clients, engage gym members, use automations, process payments, and much more—all from your very own custom branded fitness apps. Don’t take our word for it—just read our reviews!

Fitness Income Ideas

The best My PT Hub alternative is Compare vs My PT Hub (with My PT Hub reviews) for a head to head match-up. 

If you’re looking for the best My PT Hub alternative, see why vs My PT Hub results in fitness businesses upgrading to the fully custom branded fitness business management software platform to attract more clients, increase revenue, and grow their fitness businesses.

Our overall experience with is a breeze. We love how easy it is to integrate this app with our current workflow while providing great fitness programs for our customers and save us time in the process.
Julie Ledbetter
Owner, Ledbetter Fitness

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My PT Hub Features

My PT Hub is often employed for its versatility in managing clients and schedules for personal trainers. It also offers workout and nutrition plans, along with metrics tracking.

  • Client Management
  • Nutrition Plans
  • Workout Plans
  • Metrics Tracking
  • Payment Processing
  • App Integration
  • Reporting Tools
  • Community Features

My PT Hub offers a range of features focused on client management and engagement, which includes workout plans, nutrition guides, and tracking various metrics.

Read More:

My PT Hub Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly Interface
  • Comprehensive Nutrition Guides
  • Robust Metrics Tracking


  • Limited Customization
  • Occasional Glitches

The platform excels in providing user-friendly client management tools and extensive nutrition guides, but it falls short in customization options and technical stability. Pros and Cons


  • Fully Customizable
  • Extensive Business Management Features
  • Multi-Payment Options


  • Learning Curve for Some Features outshines most of its competitors with its fully customizable platform that manages every aspect of a fitness business, from online booking to payment processing. While there is a learning curve for some features, the versatility offered is unmatched.

Top 5 My PT Hub Alternatives

  2. Trainerize
  3. Zen Planner
  4. TrueCoach
  5. Wodify

Each of these alternatives offers varying degrees of client management, workout planning, and business features, but stands out for its all-inclusive, customizable platform.

My PT Hub’s biggest competitors in web-based training and nutrition software are:

  • My PT Hub vs, offering the most complete customization of your smartphone and web-based apps. Our software is an all-in-one solution for online and in-person training and business management. Book a demo now!
  • My PT Hub vs Trainerize, a similar low-cost platform but with a wide array of integrations, as noted in our Trainerize alternative guide, with outside services to provide additional convenience. Costs vary and you must contact the company for pricing information.
  • My PT Hub vs TrueCoach, which features a great workout builder system but lacks payment processing and app customization. Learn more in our TrueCoach alternative guide. How much does True Coach cost? $19-$99/month depending on how many clients you have.

Big List of My PT Hub Competitors

Company NameDescription
Exercise.comComprehensive business management tools and customization
TrainerizeOnline personal training
TeamBuildrFor strength and conditioning coaches
FitSWFitness Software for personal trainers
TrueCoachFor individual coaching
PT MinderPersonal training management
PT DistinctionWorkout planning and tracking
TrainHeroicOnline coaching and client management
Zen PlannerStudio and gym management
Pike13Scheduling and business management
MindbodyBusiness tools for the wellness industry
VirtuagymAll-in-one fitness solution
RhinoFitGym management software
GlofoxGym and studio management leads the way in all-encompassing business management for fitness professionals, offering features that far surpass the competition.

Best Companies like My PT Hub for Small Gyms

  2. Zen Planner
  3. Trainerize

For smaller gyms, these options provide robust features without overwhelming the user., however, offers the best scalability as your business grows.

Low Cost Software like My PT Hub

  2. TrueCoach
  3. Wodify

These platforms are cost-effective without skimping on essential features. Yet provides more bang for your buck by offering a myriad of features in one platform.

My PT Hub Reviews (Common Themes)

  • Easy to Use
  • Good Customer Support
  • Limited Customization
  • Occasional Technical Issues

Reviews often praise My PT Hub for its user-friendliness and customer support but criticize it for limited customization and occasional technical issues.

My PT Hub Pricing

My PT Hub pricing starts at $55 per month for their most flexible subscription. This plan includes unlimited clients, unlimited workouts, and unlimited nutrition plans. They also offer a 30-day free trial. If you’re wondering how much My PT Hub costs, the monthly fee is $55, and they also have an annual pay monthly option. My PT Hub is designed to replace the need for 4-5 apps, offering a range of features to streamline your fitness business.

Monthly Pricing$55/month
Features IncludedUnlimited clients, unlimited workouts, unlimited nutrition plans
Free Trial30 days

While My PT Hub offers affordable pricing and a free trial, the limitations in customization can be a drawback for some businesses.

My PT Hub pricing varies based on number of clients, but the important thing to remember is that you will need to buy other software to run your business. With you can run your entire business on the best gym management software and best personal training software platform. Whether you are a gym owner, personal trainer, fitness influencer, or other fitness business owner, you can run your entire business on, while My PT Hub only offers workout delivery.

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What is My PT Hub?

My PT Hub is an online platform tailored for personal trainers and fitness professionals to manage clients, workouts, and nutrition plans.

What does My PT Hub do?

The platform provides tools for client management, scheduling, workout and nutrition planning, and performance metrics tracking.

Who uses My PT Hub?

Primarily used by personal trainers, fitness coaches, and small gym owners to manage various aspects of their fitness business.

Read More: How to Use My PT Hub

How much is My PT Hub?

My PT Hub pricing starts at $55 per month for their most flexible subscription. This plan includes unlimited clients, unlimited workouts, and unlimited nutrition plans. They also offer a 30-day free trial. If you’re wondering how much My PT Hub costs, the monthly fee is $55, and they also have an annual pay monthly option. My PT Hub is designed to replace the need for 4-5 apps, offering a range of features to streamline your fitness business.

Read More: My PT Hub Pricing

Is My PT Hub worth it?

The platform is worth considering for those who require basic client management and planning tools but may not suit those looking for extensive customization.

How do I compare My PT Hub vs

While My PT Hub offers a good range of features for client management and planning, provides a more comprehensive, fully customizable solution that covers all aspects of fitness business management, making it the superior choice.

Dean Somerset - Bird Dog
“Developing an easy intake system with my apps and ways to scale the delivery of workouts has been huge. Working with 20-30 individuals who each have specific goals and restrictions can be challenging, but your platform makes it easy to organize everyone’s programs and put a plan together that will get them the best results possible. The simple, effective tools help expand and simplify my coaching process.”
Dean Somerset
Owner, Somerset Fitness

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My PT Hub Reviews

See how reviews of My PT Hub compare to reviews of (Click here to read reviews).

Why, of course, every business has negative reviews, and My PT Hub is no exception. Here are some sample My PT Hub negative reviews:

The customer service is horrible! You have to out in a request to talk to someone live and there is no way to directly delete or downgrade your account you have to put in a request for that as well. I was being charged 30 dollars a month for the subscription and without any notification, it started charging me 50 a month.

Don’t do it!

Way too many problems to name but the website and app needs a lot of work!

Validated Reviewer, G2

Always problems with the website app, they take forever to solve the issue and they are always blaming it on some other issue and never taking ownership.

There is always something that needs to be fixed, its very frustrating when you are paying a monthly fee and something is always messed up. need to get their s**t together!

Read reviews to make sure that its going to be worth it to you!

Validated Reviewer, G2

Finding the Best My PT Hub Alternatives

Are you a gym owner or personal trainer searching for the best My PT Hub alternative to manage your fitness business effectively and efficiently? Look no further than, the all-in-one platform designed to streamline your operations, engage your clients, and boost your revenue. In this article, we’ll delve into the key features and benefits that set apart as the ultimate My PT Hub alternative, helping you make an informed decision for your fitness business. Ready to elevate your business to new heights? Keep reading to discover why is the game-changer you’ve been looking for.

Discover Why is the Best My PT Hub Alternative

As a fitness professional or gym owner, you’re always on the lookout for the most effective tools to manage your business and deliver the best experience to your clients. While My PT Hub has been a popular choice in the industry, many fitness pros have been discovering the advantages of using as an alternative. In this article, we’ll discuss why stands out as the best My PT Hub alternative, offering a comprehensive and flexible solution for your fitness business needs.

Customization and Branding

One of the main reasons has become the go-to alternative to My PT Hub is the level of customization and branding it offers. Unlike My PT Hub, allows you to fully customize your app and website with your brand’s colors, logos, and images, ensuring a seamless and professional look. This creates a stronger connection with your clients and helps reinforce your brand identity.

All-In-One Fitness Management Software

Another significant advantage of over My PT Hub is its all-in-one fitness management software. offers a comprehensive platform that covers everything from workout programming, nutrition tracking, and client engagement to billing, scheduling, and reporting. This means you don’t need to juggle multiple tools or integrations to manage your fitness business effectively, saving you time and streamlining your operations.

Superior Workout Builder and Delivery

While My PT Hub offers workout programming features, takes it to the next level with a more robust workout builder and delivery system. With, you can create custom workout plans, exercise libraries, and video demonstrations, then deliver them via your branded app or website. The platform also supports group fitness classes, remote coaching, and in-person sessions, giving you the flexibility to cater to a wide range of client preferences and needs.

E-Commerce and Monetization Features makes it easy to monetize your fitness business with a range of e-commerce features that My PT Hub lacks. You can sell memberships, workout plans, online courses, and even merchandise through your branded app or website. With built-in payment processing and secure transactions, you can focus on growing your business while takes care of the technical details.

Top-Notch Customer Support

Exceptional customer support is essential for any fitness management software, and delivers in this area. Unlike My PT Hub, provides dedicated account managers who work closely with you to ensure your success. From onboarding and software training to ongoing support and updates, is committed to helping your fitness business thrive. offers a comprehensive and customizable solution that sets it apart as the best My PT Hub alternative. With a focus on branding, all-in-one fitness management software, and superior features for workout programming and client engagement, it’s the clear choice for fitness professionals and gym owners who want to elevate their businesses. Schedule a demo with today and see for yourself why it’s the top choice for fitness businesses around the world.

What is My PT Hub and how does My PT Hub work?

My PT Hub is a web-based platform for personal training and member management owned by FITII LTD in Brighton, UK.

The company was founded in January 2015 and, according to its LinkedIn page, is operated by twelve executives and employees. Further information on the company is a bit hard to come by, and no accurate figure of annual revenue seems to be available publicly.

According to their website, My PT Hub is used by upward of 70,000 trainers for managing face-to-face and online clientele.

My PT Hub has an attractive, well-designed sales webpage that boasts the software’s many features, but it’s the execution that counts! Professional trainers are looking for more than just a long list of features; you need a software solution that fulfills your unique needs and adds value to your services. understands that the lives of fitness professionals are unique and that you deserve software that works with you. Our vision is simple:

To build all-in-one fitness business management software that inspires fitness professionals to think big when it comes to growing their businesses, and motivates exercise enthusiasts to pursue their fitness goals by logging one workout at a time.

A review of had this to say:

AMPD Golf Performance
“Working with and their team has been an amazing experience and a dream come true in terms of accomplishing a vision! Their workout technology has helped us effectively engage our community, and I highly recommend to grow your business!”
Andrew Banner
Co-Founder, AMPD Golf Performance

By working with a seasoned advisory board of fitness experts, our world-class development team has built design features that businesses want and need the most.

It’s time to see if My PT Hub is up to the task.

Fitness Business Management (FBM)

What if you are able to access all your tools such as payments, messaging, scheduling, and workout creation all in one place? That’s why we here at created our all-in-one Fitness Business Management Software (FBM) to help manage and grow your business easily and efficiently. No more having to learn and teach different software which enables you to focus more on your business.

Client/Class Scheduling

Both and My PT Hub offer client/class scheduling capabilities as well as integration with Google and Apple calendars.

Gym/Facility Management

My PT Hub does not offer gym/facility management features. With, FBM saves you time with assignable staff roles so you can put staff management on autopilot. You’ll be able to keep your business on track with sales and business reports for all your clients and never worry about sales, staff, clients, or data logged falling between the cracks.

You can also sort reports by:

  • Client
  • Location
  • Services

These reports empower you to have your finger on the pulse of your business and if you’re bringing on new trainers you’ll know how much to pay staff based on commissions.

Business Dashboard Reports

My PT Hub does not mention any capability for business dashboard reports on their website. To truly assess how your business is operating, capabilities in this area are essential.

With, as soon as you enter your business dashboard, information such as your schedule for the day, recent clients, messages, and business reports are shown to you and can be customized to your preferred presentation.’s business dashboard reports are easily customizable, giving you free-range to how you want to analyze your business or filter information. Whether you want to run custom reports on your revenue, staff, or clients, gives you many options to analyze how your business is doing.

Client Automation

Automating parts of your service is a must if you are going to make online training viable and profitable. For all clients, My PT Hub sends automatic emails and push notifications to clients anytime their training is updated. Their software platform also allows for recurring bookings.

Want to get even more out of automation? With you can automatically send clients new workout plans, videos, and assessments as well as communications like workout and appointment reminders.

The ability in our software to automatically send assessments and have those assessments generate your client’s workout plan means you can provide clients with training that evolves as they do. For example, sends your client their initial fitness assessment based on your specifications and sets them up with the best program for where they are now.

You can have another assessment sent automatically every two months which will test their progress and adapt their training program accordingly. Your client keeps making gains while you’re free to keep advancing your business.

Here are some additional ways you can take advantage of automation features:

  • Automatic Emails and Texts/Other Automatic Features
  • Automate Workout Delivery
  • Automate Resource Delivery
  • Automate Assessment Delivery
  • Automate Reminders/Alerts via app, text, and email

Dedicated Zapier Support

Integrations with other platforms are important which is why we’ve partnered with Zapier. You will have options to integrate and automate with over 2,000 applications using our software.

Dedicated Account Manager

With you also will be assigned a dedicated account manager that will assist with any help you need. If you want to redesign your website, your account manager at will help connect you with a partner to get it done. If you want to set up an e-commerce store, your account manager won’t blink twice. Whatever you need, our world-class dev team is there to help!

Customized Software

Your fitness business management software should be customized to your preferences to showcase your business. Your website and mobile apps may be the first look that a potential client or customer has of your business, so you want it to stand out. Customization allows consistency among your software online dashboard, mobile apps, website, social media, and any marketing efforts.


With a My PT Hub account, users are offered some very basic customization from the beginning with the option of receiving a higher level of personalization for an additional fee., on the other hand, offers you full custom features with no additional costs.

iOs & Android Apps

With MY PT Hub, basic customization allows you to upload a company logo, change the mobile and web apps’ header color, and add an accent color. For an additional customization set-up fee, the company provides a couple of upgraded features:

First, your mobile app will be given a custom app icon that appears on your client’s home screen to replace the default My PT Hub logo. The second benefit is exclusive to Android users – for those clients, the app appears under your brand name in the Google Play store. From their perspective, they’ll be downloading your app, but that will not be the case with iPhone owners.

According to the company, they are not able to extend this benefit to users downloading from the App Store on an Apple device because of some technical limitations.

By comparison, custom-branding available from goes much more in-depth. Whether on Android or iPhone, your clients will find it and download it under your company’s name adding greatly to the perception of quality they’re getting with your service. Additionally, we truly personalize the function of your app beyond just colors and logo.

Custom-branded fitness apps developed by have achieved an excellent reputation amongst our customers like renowned strength and conditioning coach Tony Gentilcore who said:

Core Online Mobile Fitness App
“My custom-branded apps have made my life easier and helped streamline my online training, which in turn has transformed into a pretty awesome additional revenue stream for me and my family.”
Tony Gentilcore
Founder, Core Online


My PT Hub also does not offer you your own website. While does not offer websites, you do get sales funnels, landing pages, and other ecommerce functionality. With you can showcase your brand fully via partner website agencies with options to include integrations, verbiage, and other custom dev options. Our partners offer fully custom-branded, SEO-optimized fitness websites are responsive and built to convert visitors to leads.

Security Features

Both and MyPT Hub provides the necessary security measures for SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certification. With My PT Hub, your data is hosted in the United States on Amazon Web Services (AWS). With, we also provide the necessary security measures for Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance and utilize Google Cloud.

Marketing Integrations

With My PT Hub, integration with other sites is limited. The main integration options they highlight are activity tracking apps like Apple Health and Fitbit, but more is needed to manage and grow your business.

Our marketing integrations at connect and automate you with well-known platforms like MailChimp, ConstantContact, ConvertKit, Zapier, Google Analytics, & Facebook Pixel. These integrations allow you to implement systems that save you time, have all your management tools in one software, and manage your business from anywhere.

Workout Software

Being able to create, update, send, and track workouts and client progression can be fundamental in growing your business.

Workout Creator/Logger

When it comes to building workouts within My PT Hub, the poor interface and efficiency may leave many trainers longing for their trusty spiral-bound notebook, something that any online PT would frown at.

While a patient trainer can get the job done, the experience will feel clunky and unintuitive, far from the expectation of a time-saving, streamlined tool. The first thing one might notice is the sheer amount of on-screen space that is wasted with spread-out text and number entry points.

When viewed on a desktop computer, the interface used to input a single exercise in My PT Hub takes up nearly the entire screen. By contrast, the workout software built for personal trainers allows users to expand each exercise as necessary to edit the finer details of tempo, variation between sets, and additional notes.

With our workout creation features, you are able to build workouts for any scenario, including:

1-on-1 Training

One-on-one training sessions can be fully customized to align with the needs of an individual client. This setting allows trainers to create an effective workout plan, communicate with clients, and develop a positive environment that enables clients to reach their health and fitness goals.

Group Training

With group training sessions can be customized to your liking allowing for effective methods of engaging multiple clients. Trainers or group exercise instructors can follow along to stay on track when they are leading the class. Exercisers can view the workout plan if there are groups divided into smaller groups or taking the lead for certain parts of the workout. If you also have access to a television, users can show the workout plan broadcasted there.

Online Training

Online training is a great way to grow your business for a number of reasons. For one, you can train your current face-to-face clients if they are out of town on business or traveling on a vacation. Second, you can add new clients to your client base no matter where they are located. Third, it gives you more flexibility for training clients in a hybrid format, partially online and partially face-to-face. works for you to allow you to train clients one-on-one, in groups, online, or hybrid. All of these options give you a ton of flexibility to maximize your time and revenue.

Exercise Library

Another key factor in any software’s workout creation system is the exercise library. Most platforms these days come with a substantial collection of built-in exercise options complete with demo videos, categories, and descriptions.

In an effort to stand out, My PT Hub advertises a humongous library of over 7,500 exercises, a number which would blow away all competitors… if it were true.

The reality is that the My PT Hub exercise library is full of duplicate exercises which artificially inflate the number beyond reason. 

By taking advantage of slight changes to the wording, some as small as adding the letter to pluralize a term, My PT Hub multiplies a single exercise into several. This is a pattern that is repeated throughout many searches for essentially any subject. In other examples, the exercises are exact duplicates letter-for-letter:

This not only debunks their claim to feature 7500+ exercises, it calls into question the company’s transparency and ethics when they advertise what they know to be false.

The video library, however, is full of in-depth videos. No filler. No fluff. Plus, you can add your own custom videos into a custom library.

We take your business seriously which is why we want to enable you with features that will help you. We don’t make false claims of our features to catch your attention. We know that our features can truly take your business to the next level.

Custom Exercises

Your custom exercises can be fully customized the way you want. Whether exercises are filmed at the gym, outside, or in the comfort of your home, you have the ability to create content that resonates with your clients.

TV Workouts provides clients with the ability to watch demos of the exercises within their workout plans on television screens; gyms can also use the exercise library to cast exercise demos onto gym television screens during group classes or one-on-one training sessions. You can also stream the workout plan on a screen for group training sessions.

Gym Ecommerce Software

Ecommerce can be a staple for your business so it is important for the system you use to implement the necessary features for efficient operating. provides fitness businesses with gym ecommerce software options to enhance or add additional revenue streams. Safe and secure payment processing, the ability to sell your retail or other products, and options to sell memberships, packages, or sessions. You can also sell workout challenges, membership plans, or workouts online.

Payment Processing

Billing and payments in My PT Hub take place through a system they call Packages. After selecting this tab on the taskbar, users will be prompted to connect a Stripe account to begin the set-up process.

Our software at offers simple and secure payment processing for one-time transactions, recurring memberships, and your digital products like Ebooks. You can set your service to push out new workouts and plans automatically when clients make a purchase so you can make money from fitness without lifting a finger.

Accepting payments can take time, especially using one software for booking, another for workouts, and another for payments.

That’s why we came up with a Fitness Business Management (FBM) software where you can access all of your payment tools in the same custom-branded web and mobile apps. Professionals like you can spend less time tracking down failed charges, taking payments, and managing payment details and have more time for growing your business.

Sell Products

Both and My PT Hub allow you to sell products online and in-store.

Sell Workout Plans

You are also able to sell customized workout plans with both software platforms.

Offer Online Workout Memberships

A unique advantage has is the ability for online workout memberships to be not only offered but automated. You have the ability to send workouts automatically at a designated time/situation.

Sell Workout Challenges

Both and My PT Hub allow for workout challenges. These types of challenges can not only catch the attention of potential customers but engage current ones as well.

Fitness Assessments

Our fitness assessment software allows you to manage key areas in assessments, reports, and nutrition.

Assessment software should allow you to:

  • Turn leads into clients
  • Engage clients through assessments
  • Gather baseline data about clients
  • Plan effective fitness programs to help clients meet their health and fitness goals
  • Track measurement data, injuries, etc.
  • Optimize the delivery of personalized workouts and nutrition
  • Use to compare to normative data of similar age and sex


Assessments are one thing that My PT Hub gets right with some great features, but be prepared to fork over an additional cost to fully utilize them. This will require a subscription to the third-party platform, Archon Combine.

With customized client assessments, you can more easily collect data that helps you build the most effective initial training program for a new client and retain current clients with progress tracking that proves results. All assessment features will be available within our all-in-one software so there is no need to subscribe to other platforms.

Performance & Measurement Reports

With My PT Hub via Archon Combine, assessments start by measuring your client’s height, weight, age, gender, and wingspan. Your clients are responsible for logging their results via Archon Combine in any of the five categories: anaerobic, fitness, power, agility, and strength with each category having an individual assessment with a specific movement pattern. offers numerous assessment options such as tracking measurement data, injuries, and custom assessment notes. We provide a vast number of measurement options such as weight, height, activity level, distance runs, power output, range of motion measurements, and others.

You are also able to assign future assessments to engage and gauge client and athlete progress and make smart adjustments to the programming based on smart data. You can use an assessment to trigger a workout developed for that client’s success also based on smart data from their onboarding.

Our Performance Health Assessments are built to save you time, increase revenue, and improve client engagement and retention.


Both and My PT Hub provide trainers with the ability to fully track the nutritional habits of their clients. You have options to set caloric and macronutrient goals with clients. Meal plans and other files can be uploaded as well to help clients reach their nutritional goals.

he Takeaway

There are many My PT Hub alternatives and My PT Hub competitors, but gym owners, personal trainers, and other fitness business owners use the all-in-one platform to run their entire business, not just their workout programming. If you choose the platform, you can cancel My PT Hub, Trainerize, Mindbody, and cancel all of the other software platforms you use for all of the following:

Get started with a free demo and see how easy it is to run your entire fitness business on one platform.

Is My PT Hub Free?

The free version is the most limited and serves as an extended trial of sorts for those who are undecided about whether the software is right for them. My PT Hub may also be making use of this as a strategy to boost their user count:

When trainers sign up for the free 30-day trial, their account automatically downgrades to the bare-bones free version when the trial has ended. Because it is free, these users who have decided not to become paying customers do not go through the cancellation process which requires contacting customer service.

My PT Hub, therefore, can continue to count these among their active account holders. Thus, My PT Hub claims to be one of the most popular PT platforms with over 70,000 users. A similar strategy and outcome are used by the competing company, Trainerize.

How good is My PT Hub?

Creating simplified workouts is a My PT Hub specialty, but you will need to buy other software to run your business.

How do I cancel My PT Hub subscription?

To cancel your PT hub subscription, you will have to contact the company directly.

Is it easy to transfer from My PT Hub to

Yes, transferring from My PT Hub to is typically a smooth and straightforward process. The team will work closely with you to ensure a seamless transition and make it as hassle-free as possible.

Will transfer all of my data from My PT Hub? will do its best to transfer all relevant data from your My PT Hub account. The support team will guide you through the process and assist you with any data migration issues that may arise.

Is there any training for me to switch from My PT Hub to

Yes, offers comprehensive training and support to help you switch from My PT Hub. Their dedicated team will guide you through the platform’s features and functionalities, ensuring a smooth transition for you and your clients.

How much does My PT Hub charge to withdraw and cancel?

My PT Hub’s withdrawal and cancellation fees may vary. It’s best to check their terms and conditions or contact their support team for specific details on any fees or charges that may apply.

Is My PT Hub a CRM tool?

Yes, My PT Hub includes CRM (Customer Relationship Management) features, allowing fitness professionals to manage client information and interactions. also offers robust CRM tools to help you better manage and engage with your clients.

What company owns My PT Hub?

My PT Hub is owned and operated by Fitii Ltd, a UK-based company.

How many customers does My PT Hub have?

The exact number of customers using My PT Hub is not publicly disclosed. However, their website claims to serve thousands of personal trainers and fitness professionals worldwide.

What is the revenue of My PT Hub?

The revenue of My PT Hub is not publicly available.

Is My PT Hub HIPAA compliant?

My PT Hub does not explicitly state whether they are HIPAA compliant on their website. If this is a concern for your business, it is advised to contact their support team for clarification. is HIPAA compliant.

Is My PT Hub a SaaS company?

Yes, My PT Hub is a SaaS (Software as a Service) company that provides cloud-based software solutions for personal trainers and fitness professionals.

Can clients see notes on My PT Hub?

Trainers can add notes on My PT Hub, and whether clients can view these notes depends on the trainer’s settings. also allows trainers to add notes and customize their visibility.

Is My PT Hub a payment processor?

My PT Hub integrates with third-party payment processors, such as Stripe and PayPal, for accepting payments. has integrated payment processing options, streamlining the billing process for you and your clients.

Has My PT Hub been hacked?

There is no public information available about My PT Hub being hacked. However, it’s essential to stay vigilant and follow best practices for securing your account, such as using strong passwords and enabling two-factor authentication when available.

Can I send an invoice through My PT Hub?

Yes, My PT Hub allows you to create and send invoices to your clients for services and products. also provides invoicing capabilities, making it easy to manage client billing.

Does My PT Hub provide marketing tools for gym owners?

My PT Hub does not specifically focus on marketing tools for gym owners., however, offers a range of marketing features, including email marketing, custom branding, and lead generation tools to help grow your fitness business.

How does My PT Hub handle customer support?

My PT Hub offers customer support through email and live chat. provides comprehensive customer support through various channels, including phone, email, and live chat, ensuring you receive timely assistance when needed.

Can I customize My PT Hub to suit my gym’s specific needs?

My PT Hub offers some customization options, but the extent of customization may be limited., on the other hand, provides a fully customizable platform tailored to your gym’s specific needs, including custom branding, workout templates, and more.

Can My PT Hub handle multi-location management for gyms with multiple locations?

My PT Hub does not specifically mention multi-location management capabilities., however, offers multi-location management features, making it easy to manage multiple gym branches from one central platform.

What kind of hardware is compatible with My PT Hub (e.g., barcode scanners, cash drawers)?

My PT Hub is primarily a personal training software solution, and not a full-functioned gym management software solution, so hardware compatibility (such as barcode scanners and cash drawers) may not be directly relevant., however, can integrate with various hardware and software systems to help streamline your gym operations.

Can I sell products or merchandise through My PT Hub?

My PT Hub allows you to sell products and merchandise to your clients through the platform’s online store feature. also supports product and merchandise sales, making it easy to manage your inventory and revenue.

Does My PT Hub have an API for custom integrations?

My PT Hub does not publicly mention having an API for custom integrations. offers a robust API (not publicly available – contact us to join the waitlist), enabling custom integrations with various third-party tools to enhance your gym management capabilities.

Does My PT Hub integrate with Salesforce?

My PT Hub does not explicitly mention Salesforce integration on their website., however, can integrate with Salesforce, allowing you to sync your client data and manage your sales process effectively.

Does My PT Hub integrate with Hubspot?

My PT Hub does not explicitly mention Hubspot integration on their website., however, can integrate with Hubspot, enabling you to manage your marketing efforts and track client interactions seamlessly.

Does My PT Hub integrate with Mailchimp?

My PT Hub does not explicitly mention Mailchimp integration on their website. can integrate with Mailchimp, allowing you to manage your email marketing campaigns and stay connected with your clients.

Does My PT Hub integrate with ConvertKit?

My PT Hub does not explicitly mention ConvertKit integration on their website., however, can integrate with ConvertKit, streamlining your email marketing efforts and helping you grow your fitness business.

Does My PT Hub integrate with QuickBooks?

My PT Hub does not explicitly mention QuickBooks integration on their website., however, can integrate with QuickBooks, simplifying your financial management and ensuring accurate bookkeeping for your gym.

Does My PT Hub integrate with Zapier?

My PT Hub does not explicitly mention Zapier integration on their website., however, integrates with Zapier, enabling you to connect with a wide range of third-party applications for added functionality and automation.

Does My PT Hub integrate with ADP?

My PT Hub does not explicitly mention ADP integration on their website., however, can integrate with ADP, simplifying your payroll and employee management processes.

Does My PT Hub have an app?

Yes, My PT Hub has a mobile app available for iOS and Android devices. also offers a fully customizable branded app for your gym, allowing you to provide your clients with a seamless experience on their mobile devices.

What are the benefits of the My PT Hub app?

The My PT Hub app allows personal trainers and clients to access workouts, nutrition plans, and progress tracking on the go.’s custom-branded app offers similar features along with additional benefits like custom branding, workout creation, gym management, booking, billing, scheduling, and more, enhancing the client experience.

Can you make money with My PT Hub?

My PT Hub can help you generate income by selling training packages, workout plans, and merchandise through the platform. also provides comprehensive tools for selling training packages, memberships, and products, making it easy to grow your fitness business revenue.

How do I get the most out of My PT Hub?

To get the most out of My PT Hub, utilize its features like workout planning, client progress tracking, and communication tools. However, offers a more comprehensive suite of features, including custom workout templates, marketing tools, and custom integrations, helping you maximize your fitness business potential.

Does My PT Hub have a scheduling tool?

Yes, My PT Hub has a scheduling tool that allows you to manage appointments and classes. also offers a robust scheduling system, making it easy to manage your gym’s calendar, appointments, and group classes.

Who are My PT Hub’s competitors?

My PT Hub’s competitors include, Trainerize, TrueCoach, and other fitness software platforms. stands out due to its customizability, comprehensive features, and ability to integrate with various third-party tools.

How do I run payroll on My PT Hub?

My PT Hub does not explicitly mention payroll capabilities on their website., however, can integrate with payroll services like ADP, streamlining your payroll process and making it easier to manage your gym’s finances.

Can clients build their own workouts on My PT Hub?

My PT Hub primarily focuses on personal trainers creating workouts for their clients., on the other hand, offers the ability for trainers to create workouts and for clients to log and track their own workouts, as well as offers the ability for gym owners and fitness influencers to run their entire business on the platform, providing a more comprehensive solution.

How do I cancel my My PT Hub subscription?

To cancel your My PT Hub subscription, you will need to contact their customer support. offers flexible subscription plans and top-notch customer service, ensuring you receive the support you need when managing your account.

Can you use PayPal on My PT Hub?

My PT Hub does not explicitly mention PayPal integration on their website. does not integrate with PayPal.

What are the fees for My PT Hub?

My PT Hub offers multiple pricing plans, with fees depending on the selected plan and features. For specific pricing details, you’ll need to visit their website or contact their sales team. offers custom pricing based on your gym’s needs, ensuring you get the right features at a competitive price.

How much does My PT Hub take from payments?

My PT Hub does not explicitly mention taking a percentage of payments on their website. offers fair and transparent pricing, available via a custom quote (get a demo for pricing).

Does My PT Hub take a percentage of sales?

My PT Hub does not explicitly mention taking a percentage of sales on their website. offers fair and transparent pricing, available via a custom quote (get a demo for pricing).

How much is My PT Hub monthly?

My PT Hub offers multiple pricing plans, with fees depending on the selected plan and features. For specific pricing details, you’ll need to visit their website or contact their sales team., on the other hand, offers custom pricing based on your gym’s needs, ensuring you get the right features at a competitive price (get a demo for pricing).

Is My PT Hub secure?

My PT Hub states that they prioritize data security, but specific details about their security measures are not publicly available. is fully HIPAA compliant and committed to ensuring your data’s safety and adheres to industry best practices for security, including encryption, secure hosting, and regular security audits. Read more about Security.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right software to run your business can mean the difference between success and failure, but it doesn’t have to be a hard choice because just makes everything easier.

My PT Hub

Performance Assessments may be the best feature within My PT Hub but are provided by an outside company, Archon Combine, which users must pay an additional fee to integrate with. Trainers wishing to use Archon Combine can just subscribe to it on their own.

What’s more, there are multiple causes for concern about the company’s ethics stemming from their exaggerated claims about their exercise library and the number of users and the many complaints users have made about unapproved charges.

The price-point is the most attractive part of My PT Hub but it seems to be a classic case of “you get what you pay for.” While the company has a nice-looking website boasting the software’s many features, the facade falls apart when it comes to the actual execution and how the company operates from a customer service standpoint.

In terms of full customization, workout creation and delivery, a wide range of automation and integrations, My PT Hub simply does not stack up to the features offered by the all-in-one business management software platform. is an all-in-one fitness business management software platform that actually delivers. We build your web and smartphone apps with your brand in mind. It’s your app, your software, and your brand front and center.

The benefits of signing on with include:

  • Fully customizable management software
  • Always integrating and updating components from our advisory board of fitness professionals
  • Custom workout library, workouts, challenges
  • Plentiful automation features
  • Ecommerce system built to increase your revenue
  • Fully adaptable to your needs as a fitness professional

The all-in-one club management software platform handles everything you need to thrive as an industry professional with ease.  Fully customized to you and your brand, it’s only fitting that your custom business software would be developed by the team at

Hopefully, you see the benefit of not waiting to have a system and software in place that allows you to manage and grow your business for years to come.

What features are most important for your business?

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Jimmy Myers
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Comparing the Best My PT Hub Alternatives Online stands out as the best My PT Hub alternative for gym owners, personal trainers, and fitness professionals looking to optimize their businesses. With unparalleled customization, comprehensive fitness management tools, advanced workout builder capabilities, e-commerce opportunities, and top-notch customer support, it’s the perfect solution to help you achieve your goals. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the difference for yourself—schedule a demo today and join the ranks of satisfied fitness professionals who’ve made the switch and never looked back.

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