The best WODHopper alternative is vs WODHopper: with adequate scheduling software, WODHopper works well for certain gyms, but top tier gyms who want to succeed online and in-person, and deliver all varieties of workouts at scale, send fitness assessments, and use powerful gym booking and billing automations are all things that you can get with, so you can run your entire business in one place.

The best WODHopper alternative is

Need the best WODHopper alternative? Are you a fitness professional looking for a reliable and efficient way to manage your gym or training business? If so, you may have heard of WODHopper, a popular software solution in the fitness industry. While WODHopper has its merits, there are valid reasons why you might be in search of an alternative.

In this article, we will explore the features of WODHopper, its drawbacks, and introduce as the best alternative available. We will delve into the key features of, how it can enhance your fitness business, and compare its pricing options with WODHopper. Additionally, we will provide customer testimonials, a step-by-step guide to switching from WODHopper to, and explore integration with other fitness apps and tools. Customization options, maximizing revenue with’s built-in eCommerce platform, analyzing data and tracking client progress, and real-life case studies will also be covered. We will wrap up with frequently asked questions and emphasize why is the ultimate WODHopper alternative.

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Introduction to WODHopper and

APEC is simply the best. We were using three or four different apps or softwares to do what we can now do all in one with the platform.
Brandon Stroupe
Founder and President, APEC Sports Performance

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WODHopper is a comprehensive software solution designed for fitness professionals who want to streamline their gym or training operations. It offers features such as workout tracking, class scheduling, membership management, and more. However, as with any software, there are pros and cons to consider. That’s where comes in. is a robust alternative that provides all the features of WODHopper and more. It is a complete business management platform that empowers fitness professionals to excel in their field. Let’s dive deeper into why you might need an alternative to WODHopper.

Introduction to WODHopper and

WODHopper is a comprehensive software solution designed for fitness professionals who want to streamline their gym or training operations. It offers features such as workout tracking, class scheduling, membership management, and more. However, as with any software, there are pros and cons to consider. That’s where comes in. is a robust alternative that provides all the features of WODHopper and more. It is a complete business management platform that empowers fitness professionals to excel in their field. Let’s dive deeper into why you might need an alternative to WODHopper.

One of the key advantages of is its flexibility and customization options. While WODHopper offers a range of features, allows fitness professionals to tailor the platform to their specific needs. Whether you run a small boutique gym or a large fitness center, can be customized to fit your unique business requirements. This level of flexibility ensures that you can optimize your operations and provide the best experience for your clients.

Why do you need an alternative to WODHopper?

While WODHopper has its strengths, some fitness professionals have found limitations that hinder their business growth. One common concern is the lack of customization options with WODHopper. If you want your gym or training business to stand out, it’s essential to have a platform that allows you to reflect your brand identity. Another drawback that users have experienced is the limited integration capabilities with other fitness apps and tools. In today’s interconnected world, having seamless integration is crucial to create an efficient workflow and provide a seamless experience for clients. These are just a few reasons why an alternative like might be the better fit for all your fitness business needs. Let’s explore the features of WODHopper in detail to gain a better understanding.

One of the key features that sets apart from WODHopper is its extensive customization options. With, you have the ability to fully customize your gym or training business’s website, mobile app, and online booking system. This means you can tailor the look and feel of your platform to match your brand identity and create a unique experience for your clients.

In addition to customization, offers seamless integration with a wide range of fitness apps and tools. Whether you want to integrate with popular workout tracking apps, nutrition tracking tools, or wearable devices, has you covered. This integration allows you to streamline your workflow and provide a comprehensive fitness experience for your clients.

Exploring the features of WODHopper

WODHopper offers several core features that aim to make your fitness business management easier. One prominent feature is workout tracking, allowing you to create and record workouts for your clients. This feature can help you monitor their progress over time and provide personalized guidance. WODHopper also allows for class scheduling, enabling you to organize and manage group workouts efficiently. Additionally, it offers membership management, which includes features like online registration, payment processing, and membership tracking. These features can undoubtedly be beneficial, especially for smaller fitness businesses. However, as your business grows and becomes more complex, you might start to encounter some limitations and drawbacks.

The drawbacks of using WODHopper

Despite its functionality, WODHopper does have limitations that might impact your fitness business in the long run. Customization options are limited, meaning you may not be able to tailor the platform to match your brand identity fully. Integration capabilities are also restricted, making it challenging to connect and utilize other fitness apps or tools that can enhance your business operations. And while WODHopper’s features may be suitable for small fitness businesses, they may fall short when it comes to handling larger operations efficiently. With these drawbacks in mind, let’s introduce you to, the best WODHopper alternative.

Introducing as the best alternative is a leading fitness business management platform that aims to simplify and optimize your gym or training operations. It offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to meet the needs of fitness professionals at any stage of their business. Whether you’re just starting or have an established fitness business, has got you covered. With its intuitive interface, extensive customization options, and powerful integration capabilities, stands out as the ideal alternative to WODHopper. Now, let’s explore the key features of that make it the ultimate choice for fitness professionals.

Key features of boasts a wide range of features that empower fitness professionals to succeed. One notable feature is its fully customizable platform. With, you have the freedom to tailor the platform to match your brand identity. From customized mobile apps and websites to branded online workouts and booking portals, you can create an experience that aligns with your gym or training business. This level of customization allows you to stand out in a competitive industry and build a loyal client base.

In addition to its customization options, offers seamless integration with other apps and tools. Whether you want to connect with popular fitness tracking apps, nutrition software, or communication platforms, provides the flexibility to create a streamlined workflow across multiple platforms. This integration capability enables you to leverage the power of specialized tools while maintaining all your fitness business management in one place.

Another standout feature of is its robust client management tools. With, you can easily manage your clients’ information, including workout history, progress tracking, and communication records. This comprehensive overview helps you provide personalized support and guidance, ultimately leading to improved client satisfaction and retention.

How can enhance your fitness business goes above and beyond traditional fitness software by offering tools that can enhance your fitness business’s revenue and growth potential. With its built-in eCommerce platform, you can sell products and services directly to your clients, boosting your revenue streams. Whether it’s selling workout programs, merchandise, or online coaching packages, provides a seamless and secure eCommerce solution.

Additionally,’s reporting tools offer valuable insights into your business performance. Track client progress, monitor revenue and sales, analyze membership trends, and more. With data-driven insights, you can make informed decisions to optimize your fitness business strategies and identify areas of improvement.

Comparing pricing options: WODHopper vs

When it comes to pricing, offers flexible options that cater to fitness professionals of all sizes. Its pricing is transparent, with no hidden fees or surprises along the way. provides a variety of plans to fit your specific needs. Whether you’re a solo trainer or a multi-location gym, there is a pricing option that suits you.

WODHopper, on the other hand, offers limited pricing plans, primarily designed for smaller fitness businesses. As your gym or training business grows, you may outgrow WODHopper’s pricing options, leading to higher costs or insufficient features.

Customer testimonials: Why fitness professionals love

Don’t just take our word for it. Fitness professionals worldwide have chosen as their preferred fitness business management platform. Here’s what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

“ has revolutionized the way I run my gym. The customization options empower me to create a unique brand experience, and the integration capabilities streamline my workflow. It’s a game-changer!” – John, Gym Owner

“Switching to was the best decision I made for my training business. The reporting tools and client management features have significantly improved my business’s efficiency and helped me attract and retain more clients.” – Sarah, Personal Trainer

These testimonials speak to the transformative power of and why it is considered the ultimate WODHopper alternative.

Step-by-step guide to switching from WODHopper to

If you’re ready to make the switch from WODHopper to, we’ve got you covered with a step-by-step guide. Our seamless transition process ensures that you can migrate your data and continue running your fitness business without disruption. Our dedicated support team is available to assist you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and successful transition.

Integrating with other fitness apps and tools’s integration capabilities go beyond what WODHopper offers. By seamlessly connecting with other fitness apps and tools, you can leverage the power of specialized software to enhance your service offerings. Whether it’s integrating with popular fitness trackers, nutrition apps, or wearable devices, provides the flexibility to create an all-in-one fitness management system that saves you time and delivers exceptional value to your clients.

Customization options: Tailoring to fit your business needs

A one-size-fits-all approach rarely works in the fitness industry. understands the importance of personalization and provides extensive customization options. From branding and design to workout programming and scheduling, you can tailor to match your specific business needs. Stand out from the competition and create an experience that resonates with your target audience.

Maximizing revenue with’s built-in eCommerce platform’s built-in eCommerce platform is a game-changer for fitness professionals looking to increase their revenue streams. Whether you’re selling workout programs, merchandise, or coaching services, makes it easy by providing a secure and user-friendly platform. With, you can focus on what you do best – helping clients achieve their fitness goals – while generating additional income.

Analyzing data and tracking client progress with’s reporting tools

Data-driven decision making is crucial for any successful fitness business.’s reporting tools allow you to analyze key metrics, track client progress, and monitor revenue trends. With the ability to generate comprehensive reports, you can gain valuable insights into your business’s performance, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions that lead to growth and profitability.

Case studies: Real-life examples of fitness businesses succeeding with

Want to see real-life examples of fitness businesses thriving with We’ve got you covered. Our case studies highlight the success stories of fitness professionals who have embraced as their go-to fitness business management platform. From boutique gyms to personal training studios, these case studies provide an in-depth look at how has transformed their operations and helped them achieve their business goals.

Frequently asked questions about transitioning from WODHopper to

Still have questions about transitioning from WODHopper to We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to address any concerns or uncertainties you may have. Our detailed answers cover everything from data migration and pricing to support and training. You can trust to provide the necessary resources to make your transition seamless and hassle-free. Your WODHopper Alternative

Why Choose

Here are five reasons why fitness professionals use vs. WODHopper.



If you’re ready to get started with an easy-to-navigate, all-in-one fitness software, designed to fuel your business, request a demo with today.

And, if you want to see how WODHopper’s additional features stack up to software features, check out our in-depth guide below.

What is WODHopper?

WODHopper is an all-in-one gym management iPad app that allows gym owners or personal trainers to create custom-branded websites viewable on any device. The iPad app allows data to be stored locally on an iPad, but it will connect to wifi when available and upload to the cloud as well as pull-down any software updates.

WODHopper gears its software towards existing gym owners and new gym owners, especially gyms that focus on a “CrossFit Box” structure.

For athletes, the WODHopper software gives them the ability to do an easy check-in for classes or other activities, paperless enrollment with the assistance of a gym manager, and a way to chart their progress.

With five founders of the company, all of who have a background in CrossFit, WODHopper prides itself on the over 60 years of financial experience it brings to the gym management software industry. If potential clients are interested in WODHopper’s software, they can watch a demo via YouTube or schedule a demo.

Fitness Business Management Software

WODHopper’s gym management software is true to its statement that it is an all-in-one interface for gym owners. Through the software’s various features, owners can oversee all aspects related to their gyms, such as payment processing, new memberships or renewals, revenue streams, athlete performance, etc.

In fact, the area that is WODHopper’s biggest strength is the simplification of financial aspects to running a gym, something which owners will most likely appreciate since they are balancing other areas of managing their gyms. That is perhaps why WODHopper created its iPad app with gym owners in mind. For athletes, it’s only through the WODHopper web app/ interface where they can interact.

What makes’s platform with the best gym management software and the best CrossFit gym management software a better choice for gym owners is that its software encompasses the elements of WODHopper but offers even more. While doesn’t minimize the financial and membership tracking owners need to do, gym owners and personal trainers can also do the following:

  • Manage staff
  • Send reminders
  • Track athlete visits
  • View business reports

As a WODHopper alternative, does the same things, but it also offers workout software, ecommerce software, and custom branded apps for iOS (both iPhone and iPad) as well as web page apps. Currently, WODHopper gives gym owners the ability to create a custom branded iPad app and web page along with social media promotion.

Client/Class Scheduling allows gym owners and personal trainers to schedule classes using specific parameters, such as by trainer, location, and service. In addition to these options, owners and trainers can also schedule events that reoccur, such as on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The software also allows them to automate those appointments.

With the WODHopper iPad app, athletes tap their names to RSVP or remove themselves from attending a scheduled event. Athletes can also view the custom branded website on their computers or phone to do the same thing. But only gym owners can schedule classes.

Gym/Facility Management

WODHopper and both offer gym managers and personal trainers several levels of functionality as far as billing, class scheduling, athlete benchmarking, etc. And WODHopper is especially helpful for those managers to schedule and staff group classes with coaches, especially classes that focus on CrossFit.

But as a WODHopper alternative, gives gym managers and personal trainers the ability to not only schedule group workout sessions but individual athlete sessions with customized workout sessions along with upfront customized branding.

Business Dashboard Reports

Both and WODHopper have extensive reporting and tracking that are simple to use so gym managers can spend time running their gyms and less on details. With WODHopper, managers can view the revenue coming to their gyms, what clients owe, all transactions, or just current and future transactions.

Managers can also see what classes are regularly attended or have low attendance. If they see athletes who haven’t attended a class in a while or are in danger of letting their membership lapse, managers can send an email to them.

But’s powerful software can give gym managers and personal trainers so much more, such as workout logging, an athlete’s exercise history, and notes in a gym’s or trainer’s custom branded apps. Trainers and managers can also view performance tracking, workout snapshots, record tracking, and progress photos. Furthermore, gym managers can connect staff with clients to design workouts, and trainers can build individual workout programs.

Client Automation

Running a gym of any kind is a lot of work, especially if a manager has a small group of employees. In addition to hiring staff, creating classes, assigning coaches, the most important but repetitive part of the business a manager faces is the financials associated with membership payments. The good news is many tasks like billing, new member sign-up, membership renewals, etc. can now be automated.

WODHopper and both use automated functions within their gym management software. For WODHopper, the company’s software automates both payment and billing processes. The software will also send gym members reminders about classes and upcoming payments., however, is an excellent WODHopper alternative when it comes to the level of automation. The software can process automatic payments, send automated email and text reminders, ensure client retention, automate workout engagement and assessments, and make recommendations for workouts.

Dedicated Zapier Support, unlike WODHopper, partners with Zapier. As such, gym owners and personal trainers have over 2,000 apps that improve the efficiency, productivity, and personalization of their businesses.

Dedicated Account Manager

WODHopper has a tech support line but does not provide each client with a dedicated account manager. takes customer service very seriously, which is why when you partner with, you receive a dedicated account manager to handle all aspects of your account! From initial set-up and training, website creation and management, updating your custom app, and more, your account manager covers all the behind-the-scenes work so you can stay focused on your customers.

Customized Software

Both WODHopper and are software companies and that’s how they connect with their potential customers. The ability to customize software or web pages for clients adds a stronger selling point, which is why both companies offer this option. Gym managers and even personal trainers are selling a service and the convenience that goes along with it, and athletes want to know they can connect to their gym through the internet or an app on their phones, that these outlets are just extensions of their gym or personal trainer.  That is why custom branding is so important.


WODHopper offers limited custom branding. Via the iPad app that a gym owner can download, they can then create a website with logos and colors that reflect their gym. It’s not clear if this ability comes with another type of WODHopper membership other than the company’s unlimited membership as that is the only one listed on the website.

As a WODHopper alternative, will not only custom brand a gym or personal trainer’s website, but we also offer custom-branded gym and fitness trainer apps developed in-house that athletes can download to connect with their gym.

iOS & Android Apps

Gym owners or personal trainers who have a membership with WODHopper can download an iPad app.  The app allows owners to do many things, such as sign-up new members, accept payments, track financials, etc. However, currently, the company doesn’t offer an iPhone or Android app to athletes., on the other hand, gives gym owners, personal trainers, and their clients the ability to download custom branded apps from Apple and the Android Play stores. These apps are developed in-house by the company and give users all these abilities.

  • Custom branded coaching
  • Client management
  • Fitness business software so only one app is needed, not several
  • The ability to sell and deliver individual programs
  • Automation of the membership process

Security Features

Any type of information exchanged over the internet is open to the potential of hacking or stolen information. That’s why uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption on its websites and in its apps.

If a gym owner or personal trainer has employees, rights for staff members can be assigned through permissions, plus owners can turn-on and require staff to use Two-Factor Authentication, which will make employees verify their identity each time they come to the website or use the apps.

With WODHopper, security is a bit limited. It is defined when new members are added while a gym owner’s iPad is in kiosk mode. But since data is stored on the iPad and in the cloud, if the iPad were lost or stolen, that information could be compromised.

Marketing Integrations

Aside from Zapier and social media outlets, also integrates with software like Vimeo, Mailchimp, Convert Kit, ConstantContact, Kisi, Zoom, and Refersion. These connections can possibly boost membership enrollment.

WODHopper only promises to promote a gym or personal trainer through social media outlets.

Workout Software

What makes the best WODHopper alternative is the software has many layers, one of which is a workout software for gyms and personal trainers that’s built into the platform. Personal trainers can track activity with clients in the same software with which they manage their fitness business as opposed to using a third-party app to do the same thing.  It’s also great for their clients because they can easily view their data. Personal trainers can also do the following procedures:

  • Send workout reminders and summaries through email, text, and push notifications
  • Connect staff with clients
  • Use performance analyses, create workout summaries, progress reports, and charts

Workout Creator/Logger

While WODHopper has the ability to create and log workouts within its iPad app and its web app, those functionalities are limited and require that a gym owner, coach, or trainer add them versus what the client can do. Again, the client can primarily check-in or withdraw from classes, sign-up for or renew a membership, and view performance and workouts.

Another great thing about as a WODHopper alternative is that the workout software is easy to use for not only gyms, coaches, and personal trainers but also clients. It comes with built-in integration and tools along with a workout program/plan creator and an exercise manager. Trainers and clients can make notes and view progress within the custom branded apps or on the web.

1-1 Training

For personal trainers, the work they do with individual clients is their bread and butter.’s workout software platform allows them to create and schedule workouts, in person or online classes, and automate the delivery of workouts. In this way, a gym or personal trainer can stay in contact with their clients, and clients feel they are building a personal relationship with their gym or trainer.

Group Training

Individual training is great for people who already know what they want from their coach and trainer as well as what workout program they want to follow. However, individual sessions are not for everyone.

In some cases, a trainer or coach may have a session with a group containing members who are at different areas in their personal fitness journey. With that point in mind, trainers can do the following within the software:

  • Log workouts for the group
  • Create and view exercise history
  • Track the nutrition of each group member
  • Make notes about the class or group as needed

Online Training

In today’s world, we are all busy with work and other life tasks, so getting to the gym for a workout can become a secondary concern.

Although it might be possible to find workout videos on YouTube or some other media channel, a workout plan that a personal trainer or gym can design helps clients stay on track, which is why software is so powerful. Within the software, a gym or trainer can do the following:

  • Send personalized workouts
  • Track a client’s activity and performance
  • Update the client with workout snapshots to illustrate areas where a client might need to focus or improve
  • View photos or video of client progress

Exercise Library offers an extensive exercise library with our workout software. Our videos are professionally made and feature proper form and technique. Trainers can use these videos in their workout creator to enhance the personalized workout experience.

Custom Exercises

In addition to our professional exercise library, enables you to merge with your YouTube or Vimeo accounts so you can use your own videos in the workout creator. This is an excellent way to promote and add value to your brand.

TV Workouts workout software videos can also be cast onto a TV screen during a group training session for participants to follow along.

Gym Ecommerce Software

Although gyms and personal trainers still accept in-person payments, the internet and apps for smartphones and tablets as a platform for gym ecommerce software have made it easier for clients to pay for memberships, classes, or even merchandise.

Both WODHopper and process payments through their apps. However, only uses Stripe to process payments as well as SSL encryption and Two-Factor Authentication to add an additional layer of security. The only time heightened security exists in WODHopper is if the iPad software is placed in kiosk mode while a gym owner is signing up a new member. If a new client were to choose online sign-up, it’s not clear what security would be in place.

Payment Processing

Both WODHopper and support auto payment processing in their respective apps. Within WODHopper, a gym owner or trainer, after signing up new members, can set up members to be auto-billed. A gym or trainer can also be alerted if a payment is declined. And charges for classes, drop-ins, other classes, or merch sales can be bundled with monthly payments for memberships.

The software platform also handles automatic payments and does all of the same things WODHopper does, and more, but with a better end to end security, which makes it easy for gym owners or trainers to accept payments, even in their custom branded apps. This gives clients a better sense that their payments are handled by their specific gym or trainer.

Sell Products

WODHopper gives gym owners or trainers the ability to sell products via their “tab” system. That means a member who has a monthly membership plan can add other items, such as gym merchandise, then pay for it when he pays his membership fees. If the member is at the gym, then he can pay for his item right on the spot.

Selling products in makes it a more effective as a WODHopper alternative. Gym owners or personal trainers can sell to clients wherever they are and immediately, it doesn’t matter where the clients happen to be. Single or reoccurring workout challenges, files, videos can all be purchased in the gym management software.

Sell Workout Plans

Currently, WODHopper doesn’t sell specific workout plans but offers classes that clients can attend. With, gym owners can match and assign coaches to work with clients who are at the beginning or progressing through their fitness journey.

With, individual, customized workout plans/ programs can be designed for clients no matter where they are in their fitness, then owners and trainers bill and accept payments through their custom branded apps.

Offer Online Workout Memberships

Online memberships are how WODHopper brings in new members. The company claims its enrollment is completely paperless as are other processes within its software.  In fact, that was the main motivation for the owners for starting the company.

A gym owner can choose to eliminate the back office and interact with potential clients as they enter the gym with the WODOPPER software in kiosk mode on an iPad and sign them up for a membership or class. In this scenario, a potential new gym client can sign-up for a membership, quickly fill out a health assessment, and sign waivers in a matter of minutes.

Although not explicitly stated on the company’s website, it’s assumed clients can do the same over the internet on a gym’s branded website. not only supports online memberships through its gym ecommerce software but as a WODHopper alternative exceeds at what it offers clients.  First of all, clients can sign-up in person at a gym, but chances are they may choose to become members while shopping and comparing what other gyms might offer. However, once a potential client chooses to accept membership with a gym or contract with a trainer,’s software automatically releases workout plans, files, videos, questionnaires, assessments, or anything else members might need to start on their fitness journey — what they receive is entirely up to you.

Sell Workout Challenges

Workout challenges are another way gym owners and trainers engage with their clients.  These workouts can be single instances or reoccurring.  They might be daily, every other day, whatever addresses a client’s fitness needs. And with’s built-in client automation, the software delivers these workouts without interaction from a gym owner, his staff, or a personal trainer.

Health and Fitness Assessment Software

Health or fitness assessments are essential steps gym owners or personal trainers need members and/or clients to fill out and take seriously.

If a member or client were to have a health event and the gym or trainer weren’t aware of any preexisting health issues, that gym or trainer could be liable for damages if the client were to take legal action.

Both WODHopper and ensure that a health and fitness assessment is on file before members engage in any activity or workout program, but provides much more in-depth health assessments than WODHopper.


When clients become members of a gym or sign-up to work with a personal trainer through the WODHopper interface, a prompt appears where they can complete a health and fitness assessment and sign a release waiver. This assessment is basic and asks for responses in a very “yes” or “no” format.

If the member hasn’t signed a waiver while signing up for a class, they are prompted to sign it before they can join a class. Both the assessment and waiver don’t require any supporting documentation and are not personalized to clients

As an alternative to WODHopper, health and fitness assessment software from is more extensive and allows for complete personalization. If you train high-level athletes, your assessments will likely differ from moms-to-be. recognizes this and provides you with the ability to customize each assessment.

As an added bonus, based on the personal and recurring assessments from, clients can receive data-driven workouts through the custom app from their gym or trainer to match their fitness level. Clients can then access these assessments in the custom app and track their progress.

Performance & Measurement Reports

The WODHopper software does include many kinds of reports, performance is just one of those. It’s unclear if these reports can be personalized for clients as the software is more for the benefit of gym owners or personal trainers.

Like everything that covers, performance and measurement reports are detailed and extensive and are available for each client through a gym’s or trainer’s dashboard. These reports pertain to health assessments, performance stats, progress reports, etc.


Athletic nutrition is an inherently personal thing, so gyms or staff may choose not to focus on it and let athletes decide what works best for them. But if personal trainers have assigned a nutrition program for clients to follow, or clients have chosen their own nutrition program, notes can be made about either in the software.

WODHopper appears not to pay much attention to this area whereas does. In fact, a gym owner or trainer can monitor nutritional intake for each member under the client sections of their dashboard.

WODHopper Pricing

WODHopper’s pricing is straightforward as the company only charges one price: $130 a month for unlimited members.

The company mentions a “Ramp Up” pricing structure on its website for new gyms, but it doesn’t detail what that means or what its costs, only that a scheduled demo is required to find out more information.

WODHopper Alternatives

Gym management software appeals to gym owners and personal trainers for different reasons. It could be how the software handles memberships, reporting, performance stats, online engagement with clients, and a host of other reasons.

WODHopper sees itself as an all-in-one gym management software, but as is the case with software, it does well in some areas and not so well in others. Other than as an alternative to WODHopper, here are the top five companies that can do similar things to WODHopper:

  • Club Automation – Software written for clubs
  • WellnessLiving – All-in-one fitness studio solution
  • Zen Planner – All-in-one fitness business software
  • EZFacility – Gym and health club management software
  • Virtuagym – Software for personal

The Bottom Line: Pros and Cons

If you’re a gym owner or personal trainer interested in the benefits of CrossFit training with a healthy focus on financial reporting, then WODHopper might suit your baseline needs. However, in order to grow your business substantially, you will have to add on third-party software to make WODHopper a complete and total gym management software.

If you are a gym or personal trainer that wants software that not only has strong reporting ability and the ability to manage a CrossFit box, but is detailed in other areas, such as client management, automation, personalization, and custom branding, is the clear and easy choice.

WODHopper Pros and Cons

Although WODHopper states it is an all-in-one gym management software solution, those solutions are not presented neatly. The software does not offer complete and total mobile and web app customization, and does not include comprehensive workout software or substantial marketing integrations. Pros and Cons is the best WODHopper alternative. It doesn’t matter if you are a gym or personal trainer who supports CrossFit or not,’s gym management software stretches to cover every area you need.

And makes it easy to track memberships, create personalized, data-driven, automated workouts, manage staff, work with the needs of clients whether they are in the gym or working out remotely and online, and perform ecommerce functions all in one place.

Plus, as a gym owner or personal trainer, you get rock-solid software developed in-house by the company and standout support. will be with you as your client list grows and your revenue increases with software that is built with your success in mind.

If you’re looking for an alternative to WODHopper and are ready to grow and manage your business with fully customizable software, book a demo with

Why is the ultimate WODHopper alternative

When it comes to choosing the best fitness business management platform, emerges as the clear winner. With its extensive customization options, integration capabilities, and powerful features, empowers fitness professionals to take their businesses to new heights. Seamlessly transition from WODHopper to and unlock a world of possibilities to enhance your fitness business. Don’t settle for less – choose the best WODHopper alternative and start thriving with today!

AMPD Golf Performance
“Working with and their team has been an amazing experience and a dream come true in terms of accomplishing a vision! Their workout technology has helped us effectively engage our community, and I highly recommend to grow your business!”
Andrew Banner
Co-Founder, AMPD Golf Performance

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