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6 Best Yoga Studio Door Access Control Software in 2024

6 Best Yoga Studio Door Access Control Software in 2024

Posted by Tyler Spraul, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist® (CSCS®) on December 29, 2023 — Updated on May 2, 2024

Compare the best yoga studio door access control software from Exercise.com, Mindbody, Mariana Tek, and more.

Best Yoga Studio Door Access Control Software

Selecting the best yoga studio door access control software is essential for yoga studio owners seeking to enhance security and streamline entry management. This yoga access control software plays a critical role in ensuring secure, efficient access for students and staff, whether they’re attending asana classes, participating in pranayama sessions, or engaging in meditation practices. Finding the best access control system for yoga studio safety is paramount.

The ideal yoga studio door access control software integrates seamlessly with yoga studio management systems, supporting functionalities like class scheduling, yoga membership packages, and instructor management. A yoga studio access control system should offer top-rated electronic door access, automated check-ins, and robust security features that align with the studio’s operational needs, including managing online yoga classes and yoga merchandise sales.

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Exercise.com offers an exemplary solution in this category, renowned for its yoga studio door access control integration capabilities (through the Exercise.com partnership with Kisi door access control) with the best gym management software, the best yoga studio management software, and the best martial arts software with door access control. Its door access control system is designed specifically for fitness and yoga studios, providing secure, keyless entry options that are easy to manage and monitor. You can see how the best gym software with door access control works closely with the best gym security systems and the best apps for yoga instructors so that yoga students can make yoga studio check-ins a breeze.

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Best Door Access Control Software for Yoga Studios

CompanyAccess ControlCheck-InsBookingPaymentsMarketingAutomationsMobile AppsCustom BrandedWaiversInvoicingAssessmentsMessagingReports
Mariana TekYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesNoYesYes
Zen PlannerYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes

#1 Exercise.com

Best Yoga Studio Software

Exercise.com provides a top-tier yoga studio door access control software, integrating advanced security features with comprehensive studio management.


  • Advanced Access Control: Offers secure, keyless entry solutions tailored for yoga studios.
  • Automated Check-In System: Streamlines the student check-in process for classes and events.
  • Integrated Booking and Payment Processing: Facilitates smooth class scheduling and financial transactions.
  • Customizable Mobile App: Enhances the user experience with a branded studio app.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Provides detailed insights into studio access patterns and usage.


  • Adaptation Time: Requires time for staff to fully utilize its range of features.
  • Investment Cost: May be a significant investment, particularly for smaller studios.

Exercise.com stands out as the best yoga studio door access control software due to its blend of security, functionality, and integration with studio management systems. Its software is particularly effective for yoga studios that offer a variety of classes, from vinyasa and hatha yoga to yoga nidra and wellness programs. The system not only ensures secure studio access but also enhances operational efficiency, making it an invaluable tool for modern yoga studios.

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Exercise.com Features

Custom-Branded Yoga Studio Apps offer the best apps for yoga studios, yoga staff, and yoga students.

Custom Branded Apps

Exercise.com offers custom-branded yoga studio fitness mobile apps on both iOS and Android tailored specifically to your yoga studio’s unique branding and identity.

Core Online Mobile Fitness App
“My custom-branded apps have made my life easier and helped streamline my online training, which in turn has transformed into a pretty awesome additional revenue stream for me and my family.”
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Yoga Studio Booking and Scheduling


All of the important software you need from the moment you open a yoga studio. Book yoga classes, manage packages and sessions, and more. Flexible on-the-fly dynamic package and pricing creation, yoga studio appointment reminders, and more, all tied together with fitness assessments, e-sign fitness waivers/contracts, yoga class check-ins, the best yoga studio POS system, the best yoga studio scheduling software, the best yoga class booking software, and more.

Workout Creation and Delivery

Workout Plan Creator

Exercise.com’s workout creator and workout logger allows yoga teachers to develop customized workout plans for yoga students, complete with exercise instructions, videos, and progress tracking. This streamlined process saves time and ensures that students receive personalized training programs that cater to their fitness goals and abilities, enhancing their overall experience and results.

Performance Health Assessment Tools


With Exercise.com, yoga studio owners and teachers can access a variety of performance health assessment tools designed to measure and track client progress. These tools include assessments for strength, flexibility, body composition, and more, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of each client’s fitness level and helping to tailor their training programs accordingly.

E-commerce Capabilities

Gym ECommerce

Exercise.com offers built-in e-commerce capabilities, enabling yoga studio owners to generate additional revenue by selling memberships, workout plans, merchandise, and more directly through their custom-branded yoga app or website. This feature not only diversifies income streams but also provides students with a convenient and seamless purchasing experience.

Automated Billing and Payment Processing

Payment Processing

The automated yoga studio billing and payment processing feature in Exercise.com streamlines the financial side of your yoga business. The platform securely handles recurring payments, invoicing, and payment tracking, reducing the time and effort spent on manual financial tasks while ensuring a smooth and error-free experience for both yoga studio owners and students.

Messaging (SMS, email, and in-app push notifications)

Push Notifications

Send email, SMS, and in-app push notification messages to engage with your yoga students. Send them to one student at a time or to an entire group. Send them automatically based on triggers (failed payment, workout logged, appointment booked, etc.).

Powerful Fitness Automations

Gym Marketing Automations

With fitness automations you can do anything from send messages, start workout plans, process payments, add members to groups and challenges, time-release workout programming, and much more, saving you and your staff time.

Robust Reporting and Analytics

Gym Reports
Erica Nangle Fitness
Exercise.com is amazing! Positively surprised by the efficiency at responding and helping out!
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#2 Mindbody

Mindbody Review

Mindbody is a well-known provider in the yoga industry, offering a comprehensive door access control software that complements its extensive suite of studio management tools.


  • Sophisticated Access Control: Provides secure entry solutions ideal for busy yoga studios.
  • Integrated Check-In and Booking System: Streamlines the process for students attending various yoga classes.
  • Seamless Payment Integration: Ensures smooth financial operations for classes and memberships.
  • Robust Marketing and Automation Features: Aids in studio promotion and client engagement.
  • Mobile App for Easy Access: Offers convenience for both staff and clients.


  • Complexity for New Users: The extensive range of features may be overwhelming initially.
  • Higher Investment: The cost might be on the higher side compared to other solutions.

Mindbody’s door access control software is especially suited for larger yoga studios or those with a diverse range of services, from kundalini yoga to meditation classes. It offers a secure, integrated solution that manages studio access while seamlessly connecting with other aspects of studio management, making it a top choice for yoga studios looking for a comprehensive security and management system.

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#3 Mariana Tek

Mariana Tek

Mariana Tek provides a yoga studio door access control software designed to meet the specific security needs of modern yoga studios.


  • Effective Access Management: Delivers reliable door access control tailored for yoga studios.
  • Integrated Booking and Student Check-Ins: Facilitates easy management of class attendance.
  • Customizable Payment Solutions: Accommodates various transaction types for yoga services.
  • Marketing and Communication Integration: Enhances student engagement with targeted strategies.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simplifies operations for studio administrators and clients.


  • Learning Curve for Advanced Features: Some features may require additional time to master.
  • Investment Consideration: May be a considerable investment for smaller or newer studios.

Mariana Tek’s app is an excellent choice for yoga studios seeking an advanced yet user-friendly access control solution. It provides essential features for managing student entry, booking classes, and handling payments, all within an integrated platform. The software’s focus on user experience and operational efficiency makes it a strong contender for yoga studios looking to enhance their security measures and streamline studio operations.

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#4 WellnessLiving

WellnessLiving Review

WellnessLiving offers a door access control software solution that is both robust and user-centric, catering specifically to the needs of yoga studios.


  • Comprehensive Access Control System: Ensures secure and efficient studio entry.
  • Seamless Integration with Studio Management: Links access control with class scheduling and payments.
  • Effective Marketing and Automation Tools: Supports studio growth and client retention.
  • Intuitive Mobile App Access: Provides convenience for staff and yoga practitioners.
  • Detailed Reporting and Analytics: Offers insights into access trends and studio usage.


  • Interface Familiarization: Requires some adaptation time to utilize its full range of features.
  • Pricing Strategy: Could be a significant investment for smaller yoga studios.

WellnessLiving’s access control software is designed for yoga studios looking for a solution that offers more than just secure entry. Its system integrates key aspects of studio management, providing a holistic approach to not only security but also operational efficiency, making it an ideal solution for yoga studios of all sizes.

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#5 Glofox

GloFox Review

Glofox provides a specialized door access control software solution, focusing on the unique security requirements of yoga studios.


  • Advanced Door Access Technology: Offers reliable and secure entry management.
  • Integrated Booking and Check-In System: Streamlines student attendance for classes.
  • Payment Processing Integration: Facilitates seamless financial transactions.
  • Customizable Mobile App and Marketing Tools: Enhances the overall client experience.
  • Detailed Access Reports: Provides valuable insights for studio management.


  • Customization Complexity: Advanced customization may require technical assistance.
  • Investment Level: The cost might be considerable for smaller or less established studios.

Glofox’s door access control software is tailored for yoga studios seeking a comprehensive solution that encompasses not just security, but also booking, payments, and client engagement. Its focus on integrating access control with other studio operations makes it a suitable choice for studios looking to streamline their security protocols while enhancing overall efficiency.

Read More: Glofox

#6 Zen Planner

Zen Planner Review

Zen Planner offers a door access control software that is both effective and adaptable, suited to the diverse needs of yoga studios.


  • Secure Access Control Solutions: Ensures safe and controlled studio entry.
  • Seamless Class Booking Integration: Facilitates easy management of yoga class schedules.
  • Efficient Payment System: Streamlines billing and membership fee processing.
  • Marketing and Client Communication Features: Aids in building strong client relationships.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simplifies operations for both administrators and clients.


  • Adaptability to Complex Needs: May not offer as much customization for larger studios with varied requirements.
  • Cost Considerations: Investment may be a factor for budget-conscious studios.

Zen Planner’s software is an excellent option for yoga studios looking for a reliable and straightforward access control system. It provides essential functionalities for managing studio access while integrating smoothly with class scheduling and payment processing, making it a practical choice for yoga studios of various sizes.

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These yoga studio door access control software solutions each offer unique features to enhance studio security and streamline operational processes. Exercise.com stands out as the best choice with its comprehensive, integrated, and user-friendly system, making it the ideal solution for yoga studios seeking an all-encompassing approach to access control and studio management.

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Types of Door Access Control Systems for Yoga Studios

When selecting a door access control system for a yoga studio, understanding the different types available is crucial. These systems play a vital role in securing the studio while providing convenient access to students and staff. They range from basic keyless entry systems to advanced network-based solutions, each with its own set of features and benefits. Here’s a look at the fundamental types of door access control systems suitable for yoga studios:

Discretionary Access Control (DAC)

DAC systems allow the owner or administrator to decide who can enter specific areas of the yoga studio. They are typically easier to set up and manage.

  • Pros: User-friendly; owner has complete control over access permissions.
  • Cons: Can be less secure if not managed properly; reliant on the administrator’s vigilance.

Mandatory Access Control (MAC)

MAC systems are more rigid and are often used in high-security environments. They’re less common in yoga studios but offer enhanced security.

  • Pros: High level of security; access rights are regulated based on predefined settings.
  • Cons: Less flexibility; can be complex to set up and manage.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

RBAC systems grant access based on the user’s role within the yoga studio (e.g., instructor, student, staff). This system is suitable for studios with different levels of access for different individuals.

  • Pros: Efficient for larger studios with many users; access is managed by role, not by individual.
  • Cons: Can require more initial setup to define roles accurately.

Biometric Systems

Biometric systems use unique physical characteristics, like fingerprints or facial recognition, to grant access. Ideal for studios prioritizing high security and tech-forward solutions.

  • Pros: High level of security; difficult to duplicate access credentials.
  • Cons: More expensive; requires hardware installation; privacy concerns for some users.

Smart Card Systems

Smart card systems involve issuing a card to each user, which they swipe or tap for entry. These systems can be programmed for specific access levels and times.

  • Pros: Flexible and customizable; can integrate with other studio systems (like booking or payments).
  • Cons: Cards can be lost or stolen; requires issuing and managing physical cards.

Mobile-Based Systems

Mobile-based systems use smartphones as a key. Users can gain entry through an app, often integrating with other studio management software.

  • Pros: Convenient for users; no need for physical keys or cards; can integrate with studio management apps.
  • Cons: Dependent on users having a compatible smartphone; potential technical issues with app or phone.

Cloud-Based Systems

Cloud-based systems centralize access control management online, allowing remote control and monitoring of access points.

  • Pros: Accessible from anywhere; easy to update and manage; integrates well with other online studio management tools.
  • Cons: Requires a reliable internet connection; potential cybersecurity risks.

When choosing a door access control system for a yoga studio, consider factors like the size of your studio, the level of security needed, your budget, and how the system will integrate with your existing studio management processes. For example, a small studio might opt for a simple RBAC or smart card system, while a larger studio with multiple instructors and classes might benefit from a more sophisticated biometric or cloud-based system. The goal is to find a balance between security, convenience, and integration with your studio’s overall operation.

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How to Choose the Best Yoga Studio Door Access Control System

Selecting the best door access control system for a yoga studio is a vital decision that impacts the security, efficiency, and overall ambiance of the studio. A suitable system ensures secure, streamlined access for yoga practitioners engaging in various practices like asana, pranayama, or meditation. It should complement the yoga studio’s atmosphere while providing robust security and integration with other studio management tools like class scheduling, yoga membership packages, and instructor management.

Step #1 – Determine Your Security Needs

Assessing the specific security needs of your yoga studio is the first step in choosing the right door access control system. Consider the size of your studio, the location, and the number of students and staff.

  • Studio Size and Location: Larger studios or those in urban areas may require more sophisticated security measures.
  • Type of Yoga Classes Offered: Studios offering specialized classes like kundalini yoga or yoga nidra might have different security needs than those with more general offerings.
  • Traffic Flow: Consider peak hours and how the flow of students can be managed efficiently and securely.

Exercise.com provides solutions that cater to various security needs, offering systems that range from basic security to advanced options, ensuring that your studio’s unique requirements are met.

Step #2 – Evaluate System Integration Capabilities

The chosen door access control system should integrate seamlessly with your yoga studio’s existing management software. This integration enhances operational efficiency and provides a better experience for both staff and students.

  • Integration with Studio Management Software: Check if the system can integrate with software used for class scheduling, payments, and student management.
  • Automated Check-In Process: An integrated system can streamline the check-in process, crucial during busy class times like vinyasa or hatha yoga sessions.
  • Data Synchronization: Ensure the system can sync data across platforms, providing a cohesive operational view.

Exercise.com excels in offering systems that integrate well with various studio management tools, ensuring a seamless experience from the moment a student enters the studio.

Step #3 – Consider User Experience

The door access control system should provide a positive experience for both yoga studio staff and students. It should be easy to use and not disruptive to the peaceful studio environment.

  • Ease of Use: The system should be intuitive, allowing students and staff to operate it without confusion.
  • Aesthetic and Ambiance: Choose a system that aligns with the aesthetic of your yoga studio, maintaining the tranquil environment.
  • Reliability: Ensure the system is reliable, reducing the chances of malfunctions that could disrupt yoga classes.

Exercise.com’s solutions prioritize user experience, offering reliable and user-friendly access control systems that complement the serene ambiance of a yoga studio.

Step #4 – Assess Customization and Scalability

Your yoga studio’s needs may evolve, so it’s important to select a system that is both customizable and scalable.

  • Customization Options: Look for a system that allows customization to fit your studio’s specific operational needs and branding.
  • Scalability: Ensure the system can adapt as your studio grows, whether you add more classes, like restorative yoga or expand your space.
  • Future-Proofing: The system should be upgradable to adapt to technological advancements and changing security needs.

Exercise.com understands the importance of scalability and customization, offering solutions that grow with your yoga studio and can be tailored to your evolving needs.

In choosing the best door access control system for your yoga studio, consider these crucial steps to ensure the system aligns with your operational needs, enhances security, and provides a positive experience for your community. Exercise.com stands out with its comprehensive, user-friendly, and scalable solutions, making it the ideal choice for yoga studios seeking an effective and integrated access control system.

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How much does yoga studio access control cost per door?

The cost of access control for a yoga studio per door varies based on system complexity and features but typically ranges from $1,500 to $2,500 for installation, plus ongoing service fees.

How does a yoga studio key fob work?

A yoga studio key fob works by using RFID or a similar technology to grant access when the fob is brought near a door reader. Each fob is programmed to allow access to specific areas based on the user’s permissions.

What are the types of door access control systems for yoga studios?

Types of door access control systems for yoga studios include keypad entry systems, key fob or card systems, biometric systems, and smartphone-based access systems.

What is the difference between door entry and access control for yoga studios?

Door entry systems typically refer to the hardware used for entering a door, such as keypads or card readers, whereas access control encompasses the broader system of managing and monitoring who can access the studio and when.

How much does a gate entry system cost for a yoga studio?

The cost of a gate entry system for a yoga studio can vary widely, but on average, it can range from $2,000 to $6,000, including installation and hardware, depending on the system’s sophistication.

How much does an access card system cost for a yoga studio?

An access card system for a yoga studio typically costs between $1,500 to $2,500 per door, including installation. Additional costs may apply for the cards and the system’s maintenance and software.

How much does a key fob entry system cost for a yoga studio?

The cost of a key fob entry system for a yoga studio is generally in the range of $1,500 to $2,500 per door for installation, with additional costs for the fobs and any necessary software or maintenance.

Which type of access control is best for a yoga studio?

The best type of access control for a yoga studio depends on the studio’s specific needs. Key fob or card systems are popular for their ease of use and management, while smartphone-based systems offer modern convenience and can integrate with studio management software.

What is the most secure type of entry door for a yoga studio?

The most secure type of entry door for a yoga studio is typically a heavy-duty, solid core door equipped with an electronic lock system, such as a key card or biometric system, which offers enhanced security and access tracking.

How does a door access system work for yoga studio management?

A door access system for yoga studio management works by controlling and monitoring entry to the studio. It allows studio owners to set access permissions for different user groups and track entry and exit times, integrating with management software for streamlined operations.

How do you set up a door access control system in a yoga studio?

To set up a door access control system in a yoga studio:

  1. Choose the Right System: Decide on the type of system (key fob, card, biometric).
  2. Install the Hardware: Install electronic locks and readers on doors.
  3. Integrate Software: Set up the control software to manage access permissions and monitor usage.
  4. Distribute Access Credentials: Provide key fobs, cards, or register users in the system.
  5. Train Staff: Ensure staff understand how to manage and use the system.

How can Exercise.com help my yoga studio with door access control software?

Exercise.com can help your yoga studio with door access control by providing a comprehensive software solution that can integrate with various access control systems. This integration allows for seamless management of member access, class scheduling, and member tracking, all within one platform, enhancing security and providing a convenient experience for both staff and clients.

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