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How to Make Money With Your Physique (Top 10 Ways)

How to Make Money With Your Physique (Top 10 Ways)

Posted by Tyler Spraul, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist® (CSCS®) on November 10, 2023 — Updated on November 10, 2023

Learn how to make money with your physique: from bodybuilding to becoming a fitness influencer, fitness modeling, and more.

How to Make Money With Your Physique

In today’s fitness-focused world, having a well-maintained physique can open up numerous opportunities to make money by being fit. From fitness modeling to personal training, there are various ways to monetize your physical fitness and help others achieve their health goals. This article will explore some of the most effective methods for making money with your physique, providing actionable insights and highlighting how platforms like Exercise.com can support these endeavors.

Fitness Income Ideas

With Exercise.com’s gym management software, personal training software, and industry-leading best fitness influencer software, you have many different ways to make money from fitness: you can streamline your business operations, sell workout plans and nutrition services, schedule personal training sessions, run online workout groups, sell digital fitness products, run online fitness challenges, and create custom branded fitness apps to maximize your earning potential.

PJF Performance
I sold a workout program and matched my yearly salary of in-person training within two weeks of selling to my community!
Paul Fabritz
Founder and BS, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, ACE, FMS, PJF Performance

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Top Ways to Make Money With Your Physique

  1. Fitness Modeling: One of the most direct ways to capitalize on a great physique is through fitness modeling. Actionable Insight: Build a professional portfolio and connect with fitness brands or modeling agencies. Social media platforms can be instrumental in showcasing your physique and attracting potential collaborations.
  2. Personal Training: Use your physique to inspire others and guide them in their fitness journey. Actionable Insight: Obtain a certification in personal training and start offering your services. Exercise.com’s platform can help manage your clients, workouts, and schedules, making it easier to focus on providing top-notch training.
  3. Online Fitness Coaching: With the rise of digital platforms, online fitness coaching has become a lucrative option. Actionable Insight: Develop online training programs and use social media or a personal website to market your services. Exercise.com allows for the creation and distribution of digital fitness content, making it simpler to reach a wider audience.
  4. Fitness Influencer: Leverage social media to become a fitness influencer. Actionable Insight: Regularly post engaging content, workout tips, and motivational stories. Collaborate with fitness brands and use affiliate marketing to earn income.
  5. Bodybuilding Competitions: If competitive bodybuilding is your strength, participating in competitions can be rewarding. Actionable Insight: Train for and enter bodybuilding competitions. Winning titles can lead to sponsorships and professional opportunities.
  6. Create a Fitness Blog or YouTube Channel: Share your fitness journey, tips, and workouts. Actionable Insight: Consistently create and post high-quality content. Monetize your blog or channel through ads, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing.
  7. Sell Fitness Programs and E-books: Create and sell workout plans or nutrition guides. Actionable Insight: Use your knowledge and experience to develop comprehensive fitness programs. Exercise.com’s platform can facilitate the sale and distribution of these digital products.
  8. Host Fitness Workshops or Retreats: Organize and lead fitness-focused events. Actionable Insight: Plan workshops or retreats that offer unique fitness experiences. Use your network and social media to promote these events.
  9. Fitness Product Endorsements: Partner with fitness brands to endorse products. Actionable Insight: Build a strong online presence to attract brand partnerships. Ensure that the products align with your personal brand and values.
  10. Offer Nutritional Consultancy: If you have expertise in nutrition, offer consultancy services. Actionable Insight: Get certified in nutrition and start offering personalized meal plans and advice. Exercise.com can help manage client interactions and service delivery.

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Leveraging Exercise.com for Your Fitness Business

Exercise.com is an all-in-one fitness business management software that can significantly enhance your ability to monetize your physique. Whether you’re managing personal training clients, selling custom workout plans, or offering online coaching, Exercise.com provides the tools necessary to streamline your operations, market your services, and grow your business. The platform’s versatile features allow for easy scheduling, client management, workout creation, and e-commerce, making it an invaluable asset for fitness professionals looking to expand their reach and increase their income.

Our overall experience with Exercise.com is a breeze. We love how easy it is to integrate this app with our current workflow while providing great fitness programs for our customers and save us time in the process.
Julie Ledbetter
Owner, Ledbetter Fitness

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How to Sell Fitness Online

One option for learning how to sell fitness online (among many others that Exercise.com offers) is to create and sell workout plans online.

Use the Exercise.com workout plan creator to create your workout plans.

Workout Plan Creator

Then mark them for sale online so you can sell workout plans easily and quickly.

Sell Workout Plans

Publish your custom branded fitness apps to iOS and Android so you can offer a premium workout logging experience to your community.

Custom Branded Apps

Run fitness challenges, create online workout groups, do distance training, and of course, sell workout plans online, all right within the Exercise.com platform.

Online Groups

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How to Make Money With Your Physique: A Step-by-Step Guide

Making money with your physique involves leveraging your fitness and appearance to create income streams in the fitness industry. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get started, emphasizing how Exercise.com can be your ideal partner in this journey.

Step #1: Define Your Niche and Goals

Start by identifying your strengths and the specific niche you want to target. Whether it’s bodybuilding, fitness modeling, personal training, or online coaching, understanding your niche will guide your strategy. Exercise.com can help you tailor your services and marketing efforts to your chosen niche, ensuring you reach the right audience.

Step #2: Obtain Necessary Certifications

If you’re planning to offer personal training or nutritional advice, obtaining relevant certifications is crucial. This not only enhances your credibility but also ensures you provide safe and effective guidance. Exercise.com supports certified professionals by providing a platform to showcase their qualifications and expertise.

Step #3: Build Your Online Presence

Create a strong online presence through a website and social media. Share your fitness journey, workouts, and tips. Exercise.com allows you to integrate your services with your website and social media platforms, making it easier for potential clients to find and engage with your content.

Step #4: Develop Your Services or Products

Based on your skills and qualifications, develop the services or products you want to offer, such as personalized training plans, fitness classes, or nutrition guides. Exercise.com’s versatile platform enables you to create, market, and sell these services and products directly to your clients.

Step #5: Market Your Brand

Utilize digital marketing strategies to promote your brand and services. This can include SEO, content marketing, and social media advertising. Exercise.com offers marketing tools that can help you reach a broader audience and effectively promote your services.

Step #6: Engage and Grow Your Client Base

Engage with your audience through social media, email marketing, and by providing valuable content. Exercise.com’s software includes features for client engagement, such as in-app messaging and workout notifications, helping you maintain a strong connection with your clients.

Step #7: Leverage Technology for Client Management

Use a platform like Exercise.com for client management, scheduling, and tracking progress. This technology streamlines your operations, allowing you to focus more on client interaction and less on administrative tasks.

Step #8: Expand Your Offerings

As your business grows, consider expanding your offerings. This could include additional services, online courses, or workshops. Exercise.com’s scalable platform supports business growth, making it easy to add new services and manage increased client volume.

Step #9: Monitor and Adapt

Regularly assess your business performance and adapt your strategies as needed. Exercise.com provides analytics and reporting tools that can help you track your progress and make data-driven decisions.

Step #10: Network and Collaborate

Build relationships with other fitness professionals, brands, and potential clients. Networking can lead to new opportunities and collaborations. Exercise.com’s community features can facilitate connections within the fitness industry.

By following these steps and utilizing a comprehensive platform like Exercise.com, you can effectively monetize your physique and build a successful career in the fitness industry. To get started and learn more about how Exercise.com can support your business, book a demo today.

There are numerous ways to make money with your physique, each with its unique set of strategies and requirements. By leveraging your physical fitness, expertise, and platforms like Exercise.com, you can turn your passion for fitness into a profitable career. To explore how Exercise.com can help you in this journey, book a demo today.

Des B Fit
I am grateful to have been able to create an app for my online family to grow with, and be able to support a business that I believe in.
Desiree Pfeifer

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Can you make money being in shape?

Yes, being in shape can open up opportunities to make money, such as fitness modeling, personal training, participating in competitions, and becoming a fitness influencer or coach. Your physical fitness can be a significant asset in industries that value health and wellness.

Can you make money by being muscular?

Being muscular can lead to earning opportunities in areas like fitness modeling, bodybuilding competitions, personal training, and as a fitness influencer or brand ambassador. Muscular physiques are often sought after in certain sectors of the fitness industry.

How do bodybuilders earn money?

Bodybuilders earn money through competitions and prize money, sponsorships from fitness and supplement brands, offering personal training and coaching services, creating fitness content (like courses or videos), and guest appearances or seminars.

How do you get paid to get fit?

Getting paid to get fit can involve participating in fitness challenges with cash rewards, becoming a fitness influencer, starting a fitness-related blog or YouTube channel, or earning sponsorships from fitness brands by showcasing your fitness journey.

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What are passive income ideas for fitness?

Passive income ideas in the fitness industry include selling pre-recorded workout videos, creating and selling fitness e-books or courses, affiliate marketing with fitness products, developing a fitness app, and offering online fitness programs that don’t require constant active involvement.

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Do people in good shape make more money?

While being in good shape alone doesn’t guarantee higher earnings, individuals in good physical condition may have opportunities in certain careers or side hustles related to fitness and wellness that can lead to additional income.

What careers keep you in shape?

Careers that keep you in shape include personal training, professional sports, physical therapy, dance instruction, military or law enforcement roles, outdoor guides, and fitness class instructors.

How do fitness influencers make money?

Fitness influencers make money through sponsorships and endorsements from fitness brands, affiliate marketing, selling their own fitness products or programs, monetizing their content on social media or YouTube, and offering online coaching or personal training.

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How can Exercise.com help fitness business owners make more money?

Exercise.com can help fitness business owners make more money by providing a platform to manage and grow their business efficiently. It offers tools for creating and selling online fitness programs, managing client relationships, scheduling, processing payments, and providing a custom-branded app to enhance client engagement and expand market reach. This comprehensive approach can lead to increased revenue streams and more efficient business operations.

Erica Nangle Fitness
Exercise.com is amazing! Positively surprised by the efficiency at responding and helping out!
Erica Nangle
Owner, Erica Nangle Fitness

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Tyler Spraul is the director of UX and the head trainer for Exercise.com. He has his Bachelor of Science degree in pre-medicine and is an NSCA-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist® (CSCS®). He is a former All-American soccer player and still coaches soccer today. In his free time, he enjoys reading, learning, and living the dad life.
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