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100+ Personal Trainer Gift Ideas in 2024

100+ Personal Trainer Gift Ideas in 2024

Posted by Tyler Spraul, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist® (CSCS®) on July 14, 2023 — Updated on December 22, 2023

Check out this big list of personal trainer gift ideas to find the best gifts for personal trainers that are creative, useful, and affordable.

Personal Trainer Gift Ideas

Are you a gym owner who wants to buy gifts for your personal training staff and other gym staff? Or, maybe you are a PT client and you have a personal trainer who has pushed you to new limits, motivated you to stay on track, and helped you achieve your fitness goals. Either way, it’s time to show your appreciation and express your gratitude for their hard work and dedication.

But what do you give someone who is in amazing physical shape and dedicated to health and fitness? Look no further! We have compiled a comprehensive list of the best gift ideas for a personal trainer that are sure to impress and show your personal training staff just how much you value their expertise.

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This article provides a comprehensive list of the best personal trainer and fitness instructor gift ideas that will surely impress and show your appreciation for their hard work and dedication. So, whether you are a client who is wondering what is a good gift for a personal trainer or maybe you are a fellow fitness professional or gym owner who needs to buy gifts for your personal training staff and other gym staff (gifts are a great way to motivate gym staff), be sure to check out this big list of PT gift ideas below, and then for the fitness professionals, be sure to also check out the the Exercise.com platform to really add rocket fuel to your gym business.

Also check out our list of the best gifts for personal training clients, the best gym owner gift ideas, and the best gym staff gift ideas. Upping your gym marketing and personal trainer marketing strategy and learning how to increase gym member retention is all about doing these little things right every day, so try out the professional’s solution: Exercise.com.

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List of Personal Trainer Gift Ideas

  1. Fitness Tracker: A high-quality fitness tracker for monitoring workouts.
  2. Massage Gift Certificate: For a well-deserved relaxation session.
  3. Customized Water Bottle: Personalized with their name or logo.
  4. Gym Bag: A durable and spacious bag for gym essentials.
  5. Workout Apparel: High-quality, breathable training clothes.
  6. Resistance Bands Set: Versatile for a variety of exercises.
  7. Wireless Headphones: Perfect for listening to music during workouts.
  8. Nutrition Certification Course: To enhance their professional skills.
  9. Foam Roller: For muscle recovery and flexibility.
  10. Personalized Towels: Embroidered with their name.
  11. Kettlebells: A useful addition to any trainer’s equipment collection.
  12. Fitness Journal: For tracking clients’ progress and workout plans.
  13. Yoga Mat: High-quality mat for yoga or stretching sessions.
  14. Weightlifting Gloves: To protect their hands during heavy lifting.
  15. Workout Dice: For a fun and unpredictable workout routine.
  16. Bluetooth Speaker: To play motivating music in training sessions.
  17. Fitness-Themed T-shirts: With catchy fitness slogans.
  18. Smart Scale: That measures body fat percentage, muscle mass, etc.
  19. Caffeine Booster: Like pre-workout supplements or quality coffee.
  20. Heart Rate Monitor: For tracking intensity during workouts.
  21. Meal Prep Containers: To encourage healthy eating habits.
  22. Ankle Weights: For added resistance in workouts.
  23. Exercise Ball: Versatile for core exercises and balance training.
  24. Inspirational Books: On fitness, motivation, or personal development.
  25. Aromatherapy Diffuser: To create a relaxing atmosphere at home.
  26. Hand Grip Strengthener: To improve grip strength.
  27. Jump Rope: An excellent tool for cardio workouts.
  28. Sports Watch: For timing workouts and tracking performance.
  29. Subscription to Fitness Magazines: For staying updated with industry trends.
  30. Portable Protein Powder Dispenser: For nutrition on the go.
  31. Workout Video Subscription: Access to online workout classes.
  32. Gym Membership: For a gym they don’t work at, to train themselves.
  33. Running Shoes: High-quality shoes for running or outdoor activities.
  34. Personalized Gym Sign: With an inspirational quote.
  35. Workout Playing Cards: For a variety of exercise routines.
  36. Fitness Conference Tickets: For professional development.
  37. Exercise Program Software: Like a subscription to Exercise.com.
  38. Sports Massager: Like a massage gun for muscle relief.
  39. Motivational Poster: For their training area.
  40. Healthy Cooking Class: To enhance their culinary skills.
  41. TRX Suspension Training Kit: For bodyweight workouts.
  42. Gym Membership Referral Cards: To grow their client base.
  43. Fitness Themed Jewelry: Like dumbbell-shaped necklaces or bracelets.
  44. Workout Cap or Beanie: For outdoor training sessions.
  45. Waterproof Phone Case: For those who enjoy outdoor aquatic workouts.
  46. Barbell Pad: For comfortable squats and hip thrusts.
  47. Chalk for Lifting: To improve grip during heavy lifts.
  48. Fitness Bootcamp Voucher: For their own fitness.
  49. CPR/AED Certification Course: An essential for any trainer.
  50. Sports Nutrition Supplements: Like protein powders or BCAAs.
  51. Adjustable Dumbbells: Space-saving and versatile for any workout.
  52. Workout-themed Coffee Mug: For their pre-workout caffeine fix.
  53. Healthy Recipe Book: Focused on fitness and nutrition.
  54. Online Personal Training Software Subscription: Enhance their client management experience.
  55. Sunscreen: For trainers who do outdoor sessions.
  56. Dry Shampoo: For a quick refresh between sessions.
  57. Exercise Dice: For creating spontaneous workouts.
  58. Pull-Up Bar: For home or studio use.
  59. Bicycle: For an environmentally friendly commute or leisure.
  60. Gym Flooring Tiles: For their home workout space.
  61. Olympic Rings: For strength and conditioning workouts.
  62. Cooling Towel: To stay cool during intense workouts.
  63. Weightlifting Belt: For support during heavy lifting.
  64. Yoga Blocks: To aid flexibility and balance in yoga poses.
  65. Fitness-themed Keychain: A small but thoughtful accessory.
  66. BPA-Free Shaker Bottle: For protein shakes or hydration.
  67. Stability Ball: Useful for core workouts and stretching.
  68. Sweat-Proof Wireless Earbuds: Ideal for hassle-free workouts.
  69. Speed Ladder: For agility and speed training.
  70. Body Fat Caliper: To measure clients’ body fat percentages.
  71. Running Armband for Phone: For easy phone access during runs.
  72. Thermal Insulated Water Bottle: To keep drinks cold or hot for hours.
  73. Battle Ropes: For high-intensity workouts.
  74. Personalized Workout Plan Booklet: Customized for their clients.
  75. Ab Wheel: For effective core workouts.
  76. Gym Cleaning Supplies: Like disinfectant wipes or sprays.
  77. Post-Workout Recovery Drink: To aid in muscle recovery.
  78. Nutrition Coaching Session: With a registered dietitian.
  79. Compression Gear: For recovery and performance.
  80. Plyometric Box: For jump training and lower body workouts.
  81. Workout Bandanas or Headbands: To keep sweat at bay.
  82. First Aid Kit: Tailored for fitness-related injuries.
  83. Personalized Business Cards: For their personal training business.
  84. Gym Equipment Maintenance Kit: To keep gear in top shape.
  85. Portable Speaker: For outdoor training sessions.
  86. Swim Goggles: For trainers who swim as part of their routine.
  87. Exercise.com Pro Membership: For advanced workout creation and client management.
  88. Gym Locker Organizer: For keeping their personal space tidy.
  89. Skiing or Snowboarding Day Pass: For a fun, active getaway.
  90. Sauna Suit: For those who like to sweat it out.
  91. Balance Board: For improving balance and core strength.
  92. Workout-themed Socks: Fun and functional for daily training.
  93. Reflective Gear: For early morning or late evening outdoor sessions.
  94. Vitamin and Supplement Organizer: For daily health management.
  95. Personal Training Session with a Renowned Trainer: For their own development.
  96. Fitness Expo Passes: For networking and learning opportunities.
  97. Wall Timer for Workouts: To keep track of training sessions.
  98. Ergonomic Office Chair: For comfort during administrative work.
  99. Nutritionist-Approved Snack Box: Healthy and tasty snack options.
  100. Spa Day Pass: For ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.

These fitness trainer gift ideas offer a range of thoughtful and practical options for gym owners to show appreciation to their personal training staff and other gym staff. Additionally, they serve as great suggestions for personal training clients looking to give meaningful gifts to their trainers. While many of these gifts can independently support a trainer’s professional and personal fitness journey, integrating solutions like Exercise.com’s advanced software for workout creation and client management can significantly enhance a trainer’s efficiency and service quality, making it an ideal gift option for progressive fitness professionals.

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The Importance of Showing Appreciation to Personal Trainers

Personal trainers play a crucial role in helping us achieve our fitness goals. They provide guidance, support, and accountability, pushing us to new heights that we may not have thought possible. They dedicate their time and energy to helping us become the best version of ourselves. Showing appreciation to personal trainers not only acknowledges their hard work and dedication but also strengthens the client-trainer relationship. It lets them know that their efforts are valued and motivates them to continue inspiring and transforming lives.

One way to show appreciation to personal trainers is by giving them positive feedback. Letting them know how their training sessions have positively impacted your life can be incredibly meaningful. Whether it’s through a heartfelt conversation, a handwritten note, or a thoughtful email, expressing your gratitude can go a long way in making them feel valued and appreciated.

Another way to show appreciation is by recommending them to others. If you’ve had a great experience with your personal trainer, spread the word! Share your positive experiences with friends, family, and colleagues who may be looking for a personal trainer. By referring new clients to them, you not only help their business grow but also show that you trust and believe in their abilities.

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Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Personal Trainers

When it comes to choosing the perfect gift for your personal trainer, you want to ensure it is thoughtful and meaningful. Consider their interests, lifestyle, and preferences. Here are some fantastic gift ideas that are bound to make your personal trainer smile:

  • 1. Personalized workout gear with their name or a motivational quote
  • 2. A wellness retreat or spa gift certificate for ultimate relaxation
  • 3. A subscription to a fitness magazine or online training platform
  • 4. High-quality gym equipment, such as resistance bands or a set of dumbbells
  • 5. A cooking class or nutrition consultation to enhance their knowledge
  • 6. A fitness tracker or smartwatch to help them stay on top of their goals

These thoughtful gift ideas show that you appreciate their hard work and dedication to fitness and well-being.

Additionally, you could consider gifting your personal trainer a massage or chiropractic session to help them relax and recover from their intense workouts. Another great idea is to give them a gift card to a healthy meal delivery service, so they can enjoy nutritious and convenient meals after a long day of training clients. Remember, the key is to choose a gift that aligns with their interests and supports their overall well-being.

How to Choose the Perfect Gift for Your Personal Trainer

Choosing the perfect gift for your personal trainer may seem daunting, but with some careful consideration and thought, you can find something that truly reflects their personality and shows your appreciation. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect gift:

  1. 1. Consider their interests and hobbies. Do they enjoy yoga, weightlifting, or outdoor activities?
  2. 2. Think about their professional needs. Are there any tools or equipment that can enhance their training sessions?
  3. 3. Take note of any hints or preferences they may have mentioned in the past.
  4. 4. Make it personalized. Adding a personal touch, like their initials or a custom message, can make a gift extra special.
  5. 5. Finally, don’t forget to set a budget that works for you. Remember, it’s the thought and effort put into the gift that counts the most.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can find a gift that your personal trainer will truly appreciate.

Practical and Useful Gifts for Personal Trainers

Personal trainers are always looking for ways to improve their clients’ experiences and maximize their own training sessions. Practical and useful gifts are not only appreciated but also contribute to their effectiveness as trainers. Here are some practical gift ideas that will make their lives easier:

  • 1. A durable and spacious gym bag to carry their essentials
  • 2. A foam roller or massage balls to aid in recovery and reduce muscle soreness
  • 3. An adjustable weight bench for versatile workout options
  • 4. Bluetooth headphones for a wireless and uninterrupted workout experience
  • 5. A portable blender for on-the-go protein shakes and smoothies
  • 6. A water bottle with measurements to help track hydration throughout the day

These practical gifts are not only useful but also show that you understand the challenges and demands of their profession.

Unique and Creative Gift Ideas for Your Personal Trainer

If you want to go beyond the traditional gift options and surprise your personal trainer with something unique and creative, consider these out-of-the-box ideas:

  • 1. A personalized workout playlist curated just for them
  • 2. A custom-made piece of fitness-inspired artwork
  • 3. An experience gift, such as a hot air balloon ride or a skydiving session
  • 4. A subscription to a monthly healthy snack box
  • 5. A DNA testing kit to help them understand their genetic predispositions
  • 6. A cooking class to learn how to prepare healthy and nutritious meals

These unique and creative gift ideas will surely make your personal trainer feel special and appreciated.

Budget-Friendly Gifts for Personal Trainers on a Tight Budget

Showing appreciation and gratitude doesn’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of budget-friendly gift options that can still express your thanks and admiration. Here are some wallet-friendly gift ideas:

  • 1. A heartfelt handwritten thank-you note expressing your gratitude
  • 2. A homemade healthy snack or energy bars
  • 3. A potted plant or a small succulent for their office or training space
  • 4. A motivational fitness quote poster or wall art
  • 5. A personalized keychain or bracelet with a fitness-inspired charm
  • 6. A reusable water bottle with their favorite motivational quote

These budget-friendly gifts may be small in price, but they are big on thoughtfulness and appreciation.

Luxury Gift Ideas to Pamper Your Personal Trainer

If you want to go all out and splurge on a luxury gift to pamper your personal trainer, these ideas are sure to impress:

  • 1. A day at a luxury spa for a massage, facial, and relaxation
  • 2. A weekend getaway to a scenic destination for some well-deserved rest
  • 3. A high-end fitness tracker or smartwatch with advanced features
  • 4. An exclusive membership to a private training facility or health club
  • 5. A professional photoshoot to capture their fitness journey
  • 6. A designer workout outfit or a pair of stylish athletic shoes

These luxury gift ideas are perfect for showing your personal trainer that they deserve the very best.

Fitness Gear and Equipment Gifts for Personal Trainers

Personal trainers are passionate about fitness and always appreciate new gear and equipment to enhance their training sessions. Whether it’s for their clients or their own personal workouts, these fitness gear and equipment gifts will be a hit:

  • 1. A set of resistance bands for versatile strength training
  • 2. A stability ball for core strengthening exercises
  • 3. A TRX suspension training system for full-body workouts
  • 4. An adjustable kettlebell for dynamic and varied workouts
  • 5. A yoga mat with a carrying strap for flexibility and balance exercises
  • 6. A set of battle ropes for high-intensity cardio and strength training

With these fitness gear and equipment gifts, your personal trainer will have even more tools to help their clients reach their fitness goals.

Technology and Gadgets That Make Great Gifts for Personal Trainers

In today’s digital age, technology and gadgets can greatly enhance a personal trainer’s effectiveness and efficiency. Consider these tech-savvy gift ideas:

  • 1. Wireless earbuds for a tangle-free and uninterrupted workout
  • 2. A smart scale that tracks body composition and provides valuable insights
  • 3. A fitness-focused smartwatch with advanced tracking features
  • 4. Bluetooth speakers for high-quality music during workouts
  • 5. A smart jump rope that tracks jump count and calories burned

These technology and gadget gifts will not only impress your personal trainer but also contribute to their professional growth and success.

Books and Resources That Every Personal Trainer Will Love

Personal trainers are always seeking to expand their knowledge and stay up to date with the latest trends and research in the fitness industry. Books and resources that provide valuable insights and inspiration make excellent gifts. Here are some book and resource ideas:

  • 1. “The Personal Trainer’s Handbook” by Teri Rose
  • 2. “Strength Training Anatomy” by Frederic Delavier
  • 3. “Becoming a Personal Trainer for Dummies” by Melyssa St. Michael
  • 4. “The Mindful Athlete: Secrets to Pure Performance” by George Mumford
  • 5. Fitness magazines like “Men’s Health” or “Women’s Health”
  • 6. Online courses or certifications for specialized training programs

These books and resources will provide your personal trainer with valuable knowledge and inspiration to further excel in their profession.

Healthy Snack and Nutrition Gift Ideas for Personal Trainers

Nutrition plays a vital role in achieving fitness goals. Help your personal trainer stay fueled and energized with these healthy snack and nutrition gift ideas:

  • 1. A subscription to a healthy snack box service
  • 2. A nutritious cookbook filled with delicious and healthy recipes
  • 3. A collection of high-quality protein powders or bars
  • 4. A meal prep kit to make healthy eating more convenient
  • 5. A set of portion control containers for mindful eating
  • 6. A personalized nutrition consultation with a registered dietitian

These healthy snack and nutrition gifts will support your personal trainer’s commitment to a well-rounded and balanced lifestyle.

Self-Care and Relaxation Gifts to Help Your Personal Trainer Unwind

Being a personal trainer can be physically and mentally demanding. Help your personal trainer relax and recharge with these self-care and relaxation gifts:

  • 1. A spa gift certificate for a massage or facial
  • 2. A cozy bathrobe and slippers for ultimate relaxation
  • 3. A meditation app subscription to help them unwind and destress
  • 4. A soothing essential oil diffuser with lavender or eucalyptus oils
  • 5. A subscription to a monthly self-care box filled with wellness goodies
  • 6. A luxurious scented candle to create a calming atmosphere

These self-care and relaxation gifts will show your personal trainer that you care about their well-being and value their dedication to their profession.

Motivational and Inspirational Gifts to Encourage Your Personal Trainer

Personal trainers thrive on motivation and inspiration. Help them stay motivated and focused on their own fitness journey with these motivational and inspirational gifts:

  • 1. A motivational quote wall decal for their training space
  • 2. A vision board kit to help them visualize their goals and aspirations
  • 3. A motivational book or journal for personal reflection and growth
  • 4. A set of affirmation cards to promote positivity and self-belief
  • 5. A fitness-inspired bracelet engraved with an empowering message
  • 6. A gym poster featuring an inspirational athlete or fitness quote

These motivational and inspirational gifts will remind your personal trainer that they have what it takes to achieve greatness.

DIY Gift Ideas to Show Your Appreciation as a Client

Want to add a personal touch and save some money? Consider creating a DIY gift that expresses your gratitude and appreciation. Here are some DIY gift ideas for your personal trainer:

  • 1. A homemade healthy recipe book filled with your favorite dishes
  • 2. A hand-painted water bottle with a motivational message
  • 3. A heartfelt thank-you video compiling messages from other clients
  • 4. A personalized playlist of songs that remind you of your workouts together
  • 5. A scrapbook featuring pictures and memories from your fitness journey
  • 6. A customized gratitude jar filled with notes of appreciation and encouragement

These DIY gifts will showcase your creativity and thoughtfulness while still conveying your heartfelt appreciation.

Fitness Apparel and Accessories That Make Great Gifts for Personal Trainers

Personal trainers always appreciate new fitness apparel and accessories to help them look and feel their best. Consider these stylish and functional gift ideas:

  • 1. High-performance athletic shoes for optimal support and comfort
  • 2. Moisture-wicking and quick-drying workout apparel
  • 3. A stylish gym bag with compartments for organization

Should gym owners give personal training staff gifts on their birthday?

Yes, gym owners giving personal training staff gifts on their birthdays is a thoughtful gesture. It helps in building a positive work environment and shows appreciation for their hard work. Gifts can range from fitness accessories to personalized items.

Should gym owners give personal training staff gifts on Christmas?

Gifting personal training staff during Christmas is a great way to show appreciation and celebrate the festive season. Christmas gifts for personal trainers can include items like gym gear, fitness technology, or even a simple heartfelt thank you note.

What is the appropriate amount to spend on gifts for personal training staff and other gym employees?

The appropriate amount to spend on gifts for personal training staff and other gym employees varies. It’s more about the thought than the cost. Typically, anything between $20 to $100 per person is considered reasonable, depending on the gym’s budget.

Is money a good gift for gym owners to give personal trainers? If so, how much?

Money can be a good gift, especially as a bonus or a token of appreciation. The amount can vary, but something between 10-20% of a typical session cost or a week’s worth of sessions is a generous and appreciated guideline.

What is a good gift for your personal trainer?

A good gift for your personal trainer could include fitness-related items like workout gear, a massage roller, or a quality water bottle. Personalized gifts or gift cards to health and fitness stores are also thoughtful choices.

Should I give a gift to my personal trainer?

Yes, giving a gift to your personal trainer is a nice way to show appreciation for their guidance and support. It doesn’t have to be extravagant; even small, thoughtful gifts can be very meaningful.

What do you get a personal trainer?

Consider getting a personal trainer something that aligns with their profession, like gym accessories, fitness books, or wellness vouchers. Personalized gifts that reflect their interests can also be a great choice.

What do you get a PT for Christmas?

For Christmas, you can get a personal trainer gifts like workout equipment, fitness apparel, or tech gadgets like a fitness tracker. Christmas gift ideas for fitness instructors could also include relaxation-focused gifts like spa vouchers or wellness products.

Are you supposed to tip your personal trainer at Christmas?

Tipping your personal trainer at Christmas is not mandatory but can be a nice gesture of appreciation. If you choose to tip, the amount can vary based on your budget and the length of time you’ve worked with them.

Should you give personal trainer Christmas gift?

Giving a Christmas gift to your personal trainer is a thoughtful way to show gratitude for their support throughout the year. Personal trainer Christmas gifts don’t have to be expensive; it’s the thought that counts.

How much should I tip my personal trainer?

Tipping a personal trainer is subjective and optional. If you decide to tip, anywhere from 10-20% of the cost of a session or the equivalent of one session is typical.

Do you tip a personal trainer at the gym?

Tipping a personal trainer at the gym is not a requirement but is appreciated if you feel they have gone above and beyond in helping you reach your fitness goals.

How much should you give your personal trainer for Christmas?

The amount you give your personal trainer for Christmas can vary. A common approach is the cost of one session or 10-20% of a month’s services. The key is to choose an amount that fits your budget and reflects the value you feel you’ve received.

Should you get your personal trainer a birthday gift?

Getting your personal trainer a birthday gift is a nice gesture, though not obligatory. It can be something simple and fitness-related or even just a card expressing your appreciation.

How much should you spend on a personal trainer?

The amount you spend on a personal trainer depends on your budget and fitness goals. Personal training rates vary widely, but on average, they can range from $30 to $100 per hour.

How can I impress my personal trainer?

Impress your personal trainer by showing dedication to your workouts, being consistent, open to learning, and positively responding to feedback. Your commitment to your fitness goals is the best impression you can make.

What are some unique gym gifts for fitness trainers?

When looking for unique gym gifts for fitness trainers, consider items that can aid in their training sessions, like high-quality resistance bands, advanced fitness trackers, or specialized workout apparel. These thoughtful gifts show appreciation for their dedication to fitness.

Can you suggest any gift ideas for a personal trainer?

Gift ideas for a personal trainer can range from practical items like a high-quality water bottle or a gym bag to more personalized gifts like custom workout clothing or a book on advanced fitness techniques. The key is to choose something that aligns with their passion for fitness.

What would be a good Christmas gift for personal trainers?

A good Christmas gift for personal trainers could be something that they can use in their professional life, like a set of premium resistance bands or a subscription to a fitness magazine. Personal touches, like a custom-engraved water bottle or a gift card to a sports store, also make great choices.

Are there specific gifts for fitness instructors that you would recommend?

For fitness instructors, consider gifts that help with their classes, like wireless headphones for music, a portable speaker, or stylish athletic wear. Gifts that help them relax after a long day, like massage tools or a spa gift card, are also appreciated.

What are some thoughtful gifts for your personal trainer to show appreciation?

Thoughtful gifts for your personal trainer could include a personalized thank-you note accompanied by a fitness-related gift, like a high-quality foam roller or a gift card to a health food store. Personalized apparel or accessories that they can use during training sessions are also great options.

How can I motivate my gym staff?

Motivate your gym staff by recognizing their achievements, providing ongoing training and development opportunities, offering incentives, and creating a positive and supportive work environment.

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How can Exercise.com help me run my fitness business?

Exercise.com helps run your fitness business by offering comprehensive software solutions for client and staff management, workout programming, scheduling, progress tracking, and billing. Its platform streamlines business operations, enhances client engagement, and supports the growth and efficiency of your fitness business.

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