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100+ Gym Staff Gift Ideas in 2024

100+ Gym Staff Gift Ideas in 2024

Posted by Tyler Spraul, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist® (CSCS®) on December 18, 2023 — Updated on December 22, 2023

Use this big list of gym staff gift ideas to get gift ideas for gym employees that will help them feel appreciated.

Gym Staff Gift Ideas

Learn how to motivate gym staff by learning what to gift gym employees that will truly help them feel part of a greater cause and mission, ultimately leading to happy gym staff, happy gym members, and you having a successful gym with increased gym member retention and increased gym revenue and profit.

Then check out our gym owner gift ideas, personal trainer gift ideas, and gift ideas for personal training clients.

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Best Gym Staff Gift Ideas

Appreciating the hard work and dedication of gym staff with thoughtful gym employee gifts can significantly boost morale and show your gratitude for their efforts. Here are 25 gift ideas that are perfect for gym staff, whether for a special occasion, as a token of appreciation, or for holiday gifting:

  1. Personalized Water Bottles: High-quality, branded water bottles to stay hydrated throughout the day.
  2. Fitness Apparel Gift Cards: Gift cards to popular athletic wear stores.
  3. Massage Gift Certificates: Vouchers for a relaxing massage session.
  4. Healthy Snack Boxes: Boxes filled with nutritious and delicious snacks.
  5. Workout Equipment: Small, personal workout tools like resistance bands or yoga mats.
  6. Gym Bag Essentials Kit: A kit including items like deodorant, sweat towels, and shower gel.
  7. Sports Event Tickets: Tickets to a local sports event for a fun day out.
  8. Online Fitness Course Subscriptions: Access to online courses or webinars for professional development.
  9. Ergonomic Office Supplies: Comfortable office accessories for administrative staff.
  10. Customized Gym Staff T-Shirts: Branded t-shirts or hoodies for a unified team look.
  11. Personalized Coffee Mugs: Mugs with their names or an inspirational fitness quote.
  12. Spa Day Passes: A day of relaxation and pampering at a local spa.
  13. Fitness Journals: Journals for tracking workouts or personal fitness goals.
  14. Bluetooth Headphones: For enjoying music or podcasts while working out or relaxing.
  15. Team Building Experience: An outing like an escape room or sports activity for team bonding.
  16. Quality Sneakers Gift Card: Allow them to choose a new pair of comfortable sneakers.
  17. Motivational Book Collection: A selection of books focused on motivation, fitness, and wellness.
  18. Portable Smoothie Maker: Convenient for making healthy drinks on the go.
  19. Recognition Awards: Trophies or plaques recognizing their hard work and achievements.
  20. Fitness Tracker: To help them keep track of their personal health and fitness.
  21. Inspirational Poster Set for Locker Rooms: To brighten up the staff areas.
  22. Healthy Cooking Class Vouchers: For learning how to prepare nutritious meals.
  23. Subscription to Fitness Magazines: Keeping them updated with the latest fitness trends.
  24. Hydration Tracking Water Bottle: Smart bottles that remind them to stay hydrated.
  25. Annual Gym Convention Pass: Tickets to a gym or fitness convention for learning and inspiration.

These gym staff gift ideas are designed to cater to the lifestyle of gym staff, offering them practical, enjoyable, and fitness-oriented items that acknowledge their contributions to the fitness community.

Creative Gym Employee Gift Ideas

Offering creative gifts to gym employees is a fantastic way to show appreciation for their hard work and dedication. Here are some unique and thoughtful gift ideas that gym employees are sure to love:

  1. Customized Workout Playlists: Create personalized Spotify or Apple Music playlists for each employee.
  2. Fitness Challenge Entry: Cover the entry fee for a local fitness challenge or race they’ve been eyeing.
  3. Personalized Gym Artwork: Commission a local artist to create fitness-inspired artwork for their home or workspace.
  4. Virtual Reality Fitness Game: A fun and interactive VR fitness game for them to enjoy.
  5. Workout Deck of Cards: A custom-designed deck where each card represents a different exercise or challenge.
  6. DIY Smoothie Kit: A kit with various smoothie ingredients and recipes for healthy drinks.
  7. Gym Mural Contribution: Allow them to contribute ideas or designs for a new mural at the gym.
  8. Eco-Friendly Fitness Gear: Sustainable workout gear such as bamboo yoga mats or recycled fabric gym bags.
  9. Personalized Fitness Calendar: A calendar with motivational quotes and space for workout planning.
  10. Fitness Cooking Class: Enrollment in a cooking class focused on healthy, fitness-friendly meals.
  11. Inspirational Fitness Biography: A book about a renowned athlete or fitness icon.
  12. Interactive Fitness App Subscription: A subscription to a cutting-edge, interactive fitness app.
  13. Gym-Themed Board Game: A fitness or gym-inspired board game for team-building and fun.
  14. Active Recovery Day Pass: A day pass to a local spa or wellness center for relaxation and recovery.
  15. Portable Exercise Equipment: Compact and portable fitness tools like resistance bands or sliders.
  16. Workout-themed Escape Room Experience: A group trip to an escape room with a fitness or sports theme.
  17. Fitness-themed Puzzle: A custom-made puzzle featuring a picture of the gym team or fitness motifs.
  18. Mindfulness and Meditation App Subscription: For relaxation and stress management.
  19. Personalized Gym Towels: High-quality towels embroidered with their names or a motivational message.
  20. Fitness Instructor Action Figure: Custom-made action figures modeled after each staff member.
  21. Healthy Recipe Book: A collection of nutritious and delicious recipes for fitness enthusiasts.
  22. Gym Equipment Workshop: A workshop on how to maintain and repair gym equipment.
  23. Fitness Instructor Bobbleheads: Customized bobbleheads in the likeness of each team member.
  24. Athletic Shoe Customization Gift Card: A gift card for customizing their own athletic shoes.
  25. Team Fitness Photoshoot: A professional photoshoot for the gym staff, creating lasting memories.

These gifts are designed to be fun, engaging, and in line with the fitness-oriented lifestyle of gym employees, making them both meaningful and enjoyable.

CrossFit Coach Gift Ideas

Choosing the perfect gift for a CrossFit coach should reflect their passion for high-intensity training and community spirit. Here are some thoughtful and appropriate gift ideas for a CrossFit coach:

  1. Customized Weightlifting Belt: A high-quality weightlifting belt with their name or a motivational quote.
  2. CrossFit Games Merchandise: Official apparel or accessories from the CrossFit Games.
  3. Personalized Hand Grips: Quality hand grips for protection during high-rep workouts.
  4. Inspirational CrossFit Coach Biography: A book about a famous CrossFit coach or athlete.
  5. CrossFit Workshop Enrollment: A ticket to a specialized CrossFit training or coaching workshop.
  6. Custom Wall Ball: A personalized wall ball with their name or the gym’s logo.
  7. Olympic Lifting Shoes: High-quality lifting shoes for stability and performance.
  8. Mobility Tools Set: A set of foam rollers, massage balls, and mobility bands.
  9. WOD (Workout of the Day) Whiteboard: A large, high-quality whiteboard for planning daily workouts.
  10. Functional Fitness Course: Enrollment in a course related to functional fitness or movement.
  11. CrossFit Coach’s Journal: A specially designed journal for planning workouts and tracking progress.
  12. CrossFit-Themed Artwork: Art pieces or posters that celebrate CrossFit culture.
  13. Portable Muscle Recovery System: A portable device for muscle recovery and relaxation.
  14. Subscription to a CrossFit Magazine: Keeping them up-to-date with the latest in the CrossFit world.
  15. CrossFit Games Documentary or Movie: DVDs or digital downloads of inspirational CrossFit documentaries.
  16. Nutrition Coaching Session: A session with a nutritionist specializing in athletes’ diets.
  17. Speed Rope Set: A set of high-speed jump ropes for training or coaching.
  18. CrossFit Coach T-Shirt Collection: A collection of shirts with CrossFit coaching slogans or graphics.
  19. Gym Equipment Voucher: A gift card for purchasing new gear or equipment for their training.
  20. CrossFit Competition Entry Fee: Cover the entry fee for a local or regional CrossFit competition.
  21. Gym Sound System Upgrade: Contribution to a high-quality sound system for their CrossFit box.
  22. Athletic Recovery Sandals: Comfortable sandals designed for post-workout recovery.
  23. CrossFit Travel Experience: Sponsorship for a CrossFit-related trip or retreat.
  24. Kettlebell Set: A set of kettlebells in various weights for diverse training options.
  25. CrossFit Coach’s Toolkit: A toolkit with essential items like tape, chalk, and other coaching aids.

Each of these CrossFit coach gift ideas is chosen to resonate with the unique lifestyle and needs of a CrossFit coach, offering both practicality and a nod to their passion for CrossFit training.

Yoga Studio Staff Gift Ideas

Yoga studio staff play a crucial role in creating a serene and welcoming environment. Here are some gift ideas that cater to their love for yoga and wellness:

  1. High-Quality Yoga Mats: Premium yoga mats that offer comfort and durability.
  2. Aromatherapy Essential Oil Set: A set of essential oils for relaxation and ambiance.
  3. Yoga Retreat Scholarship: Sponsorship for a yoga retreat or workshop.
  4. Handmade Yoga Mat Bags: Beautifully crafted yoga mat bags for carrying their mats.
  5. Meditation Cushion Set: Comfortable and supportive meditation cushions.
  6. Personalized Yoga Blocks: Custom-engraved yoga blocks.
  7. Eco-Friendly Yoga Clothing: Sustainable and comfortable yoga apparel.
  8. Yoga Studio Artwork: Art pieces that reflect the tranquility and spirit of yoga.
  9. Yoga Teacher Training Course: Enrollment in an advanced yoga training course.
  10. Yoga Book Collection: A selection of books on yoga philosophy, anatomy, and practice.
  11. Yoga-Themed Jewelry: Jewelry pieces with yoga symbols like lotus or Om.
  12. Yoga Pose Statues or Figurines: Decorative items inspired by yoga poses.
  13. Organic Tea Assortment: A collection of organic teas for relaxation and health.
  14. Yoga Wheel: A tool for enhancing stretching and backbends.
  15. Online Yoga Class Subscription: Access to a renowned online yoga platform.
  16. Yoga Studio Plant Decor: Indoor plants to enhance the studio’s ambiance.
  17. Yoga Music Playlist Subscription: A subscription to a music service with a focus on yoga and meditation tracks.
  18. Yoga Instructor’s Diary: A specially designed diary for planning yoga classes and personal reflections.
  19. Sound Bath Instruments: Instruments like singing bowls for sound therapy sessions.
  20. Yoga Pose Wall Decals: Decorative wall decals featuring yoga poses.
  21. Acupressure Mat Set: A mat and pillow set for relaxation and stress relief.
  22. Yoga Socks and Gloves Set: Non-slip socks and gloves for a better grip during practice.
  23. Yoga Studio Welcome Sign: A personalized welcome sign for the studio entrance.
  24. Herbal Neck Wrap: A soothing wrap for relaxation and muscle tension relief.
  25. Yoga Flow Cards: A deck of cards with different yoga poses and sequences.

These yoga teacher gifts are thoughtful and relevant to yoga studio staff, celebrating their commitment to yoga and wellness, and enhancing their personal and professional yoga experience.

What should I gift gym employees?

Gift gym employees items that show appreciation and are relevant to their interests and lifestyle. Options can include fitness gear, gift cards for wellness services, quality water bottles, or personalized items that reflect their contribution to your gym.

What gifts do gym employees really want?

Gym employees often appreciate gifts that are practical and useful in their personal and professional lives. This might include high-quality workout attire, advanced fitness gadgets, or subscriptions to fitness magazines or online resources.

What do you buy gym staff to say thank you?

To say thank you to gym staff, consider buying thoughtful gifts like massage gift certificates, quality fitness equipment (like a premium yoga mat or resistance bands), or vouchers to a healthy restaurant. Personalized gifts, like custom t-shirts or mugs, can also be a nice touch.

What do you put in a gym employee gift basket?

In a gym employee gift basket, include items such as healthy snacks, fitness accessories (like headbands or gym socks), hydration bottles, self-care products (like muscle balms or bath salts), and perhaps a handwritten note of appreciation.

What do gym customers want?

Gym customers typically want clean and well-maintained facilities, a variety of workout equipment, knowledgeable and friendly staff, diverse fitness classes, and a supportive and inclusive environment.

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What do gym employees want besides money?

Besides money, gym employees often value recognition for their hard work, opportunities for professional development, a positive work environment, and perks like free gym membership or discounts on health and fitness products.

Can I buy gifts for my gym staff?

Yes, buying gifts for your gym staff is a wonderful way to show appreciation and boost morale. It’s important to choose gifts that are thoughtful and appropriate for a professional setting.

How much should you spend on gym staff gifts?

The amount to spend on gym staff gifts can vary, but it’s usually best to keep it modest yet meaningful. Typically, spending between $20 to $50 per staff member is considered reasonable and thoughtful.

How do you motivate employees at a gym?

Motivate employees at a gym by offering incentives for excellent performance, providing opportunities for career advancement, recognizing their achievements, creating a positive and collaborative work environment, and ensuring they have the tools and training to succeed in their roles.

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How much should I spend on Christmas gifts for gym employees?

For Christmas gifts for gym employees, a budget of $20 to $50 per employee is generally appropriate. The gifts should be thoughtful and reflect your appreciation for their hard work throughout the year.

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