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How to Make Money as a Fitness Blogger in 2021

If you're looking to make more money as a personal trainer, fitness blogging may be your answer! Read this article to learn how to make money as a fitness blogger.

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UPDATED: Sep 14, 2021

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  • Fitness blogging can generate additional revenue
  • You can make money by promoting your fitness blog, offering products and services, and promoting your expertise
  • Fitness blogging can be especially beneficial for personal trainers with unique niches

Are you a personal trainer looking for a little extra cash? Fitness blogging is an excellent way to leverage your education, expertise, and niche to generate extra revenue no matter what time of the day! Keep reading to learn how to make money as a fitness blogger.

Partnering with not only helps manage your schedule, workout creation, business data, and clients, but it can also help generate additional revenue through your blog. This is just another reason’s gym management software helps grow your business! Book a demo today to learn more.

Promote Your Blog

The first place to start is by launching and managing your fitness blog.

#1 – Start a Fitness Blog

Your fitness blog is your home base for your customers to find all your articles, link to your social media accounts, book a consulting appointment, or download your resources. You can learn more about how to start a blog here.

#2 – Join an Affiliate and Sponsor Program

Affiliate and sponsor programs are an excellent way to not only boost your followers but also earn some cash.

An affiliate program is essentially a commission program. The owner of the product assigns you a link to the product which you share with your followers through your blog and social media. When your followers purchase the product using the affiliate link, you get a percentage of the profit. You can find some of the best fitness affiliate programs here.

Sponsorship programs don’t offer commissions; instead, sponsorships pay you to put their brand on your site through advertisement space, mention their company in your videos or blog posts, and more. Sponsorships are generally harder to achieve than joining an affiliate program but have the potential to bring in more revenue and followers.

#3 – Become a Brand Ambassador

A brand ambassador is someone who promotes a brand by speaking positively about the business and recommending its products. Companies reward their brand ambassadors in various ways, such as cash, gift bags, or discounts. Besides these perks, you may gain new followers by being a brand ambassador. These followers can then become new customers when they view and purchase things from your fitness blog.

#4 – Make an App

A popular fitness trend is to create your own fitness app for your customers. This can be a daunting task, especially if you aren’t tech-savvy. But with, you don’t have to configure your own app—we include your own custom-branded app with our software!

Our app is a powerful tool for business management and client results. The branded app for personal trainers contains all your business data and client information, plus enables you to do workout creation and assessments on the go. Clients are also able to view and record their workouts, nutrition, and assessments anytime, anywhere.

#5 – Website Membership

Charge a small fee and give members exclusive perks such as a weekly newsletter, a discussion forum, or discounts on your other services. You must be consistent with providing valuable benefits to your members, but this type of membership can help build your brand and bring in extra revenue.

Sell Fitness Products and Services

You can further bolster your business and make money with your fitness blog by selling some of these popular products and services:

#6 – Sell Fitness Products

The sky is the limit for selling your own products, from creating your own training equipment–like jump ropes, foam rollers, home gyms, or resistance bands–to selling your own supplements or health foods. While selling your own fitness products is a challenge and takes perseverance, the endeavor can really pay off (literally!) in the end.

#7 – Sell Nutritional Plans

It’s easy to get lost in a fitness world that’s saturated with countless diets and advice. Oftentimes, clients just want a little guidance and accountability for their nutritional intake instead of paying full price for a consultant or trainer.

Selling nutrition plans and templates is an excellent way to add to your services. You can offer a variety of plans to meet the needs of any client or occupation. Nutritional plans are passive income—you create, promote, and get paid for the plans but don’t have the time commitment of following up with clients.

#8 – Sell Fitness Templates

Similar to selling nutrition plans, fitness templates are forms that customers can purchase and fill out as they complete workouts. Fitness templates can be a general fitness guide with exercise suggestions or week-long or month-long workout plans. Just like nutrition plans, selling fitness templates have the benefit of being passive income.

#9 – Sell Fitness Plans

Many potential customers want to follow a fitness program without joining a gym. With our gym ecommerce software, you can build and sell unlimited professional fitness plans. Create fitness plans to meet the needs of any customer by offering a variety of intensity levels. Selling fitness plans is especially beneficial if you’re a fitness blogger with a specific niche.

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#10 – Sell Online Courses

Selling online courses is an excellent option for any personal trainer, but especially if you have a unique niche. Online courses go beyond giving clients workout plans and focus on how to maintain overall health. For instance, you can sell online courses on nutrition, meditation, lymphatic support, geriatric wellness, or injury prevention.

#11 – Sell Ebooks

Ebooks are another low-cost way to communicate larger chunks of information to your audience. While ebooks can be written on any subject, trainers with unique certifications or niches may have more success. Ebooks can either be published as downloadable PDFs or for Kindle through Amazon Self-Publishing.

Use Your Expertise

What better way to make money as a personal trainer than by training online? Here are some ways to make more money on your fitness blog as a personal trainer.

#12 – Offer Online Training

Most people live perpetually busy lives, and adding a trip to the gym can keep customers from using your services. But with’s online workout software, you can reach customers with online training! Our software makes it easy to track and manage your online clients using the same features and app as your in-person clients.

#13 – Run Unique Fitness Events

Many potential customers may be apprehensive of training in a gym space. With’s software, you can run workout challenges, online classes, boot camps, and more, that customers can perform wherever they want!

#14 – Publish Your Work

If you enjoy writing for your blog, you can pitch to magazines, blogs, or other fitness companies to become a published writer. Working as a freelancer, you can make $25-$60 an hour on sites like Upwork and Fiverr.

Fitness blogging is a valuable addition to your personal training career. Utilizing one or more of these fitness blogging ideas can generate substantial extra revenue. Who doesn’t want that? makes fitness blogging easier and more effective by giving you ecommerce, workout creation, and app support. Book a demo today to learn how can grow your business!


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