Stop playing catch-up with TeamUp. The best TeamUp alternative is vs TeamUp: with adequate scheduling software, TeamUp works well for certain gyms, but top tier gyms who want to succeed online and in-person, and deliver all varieties of workouts at scale, send fitness assessments, and use powerful gym booking and billing automations are all things that you can get with, so you can run your entire business in one place.
Workout Logger

Designed for all types of fitness businesses

Unlike TeamUp, is designed specifically for gyms, fitness studios, and other fitness businesses of all sizes. With TeamUp, sports performance gyms, and fitness businesses who rely on tracking workouts must purchase additional software elsewhere.
Workout Plan Creator

All-in-one workout software

TeamUp doesn't offer workout software. They require you to purchase additional software and then integrate it (good luck). With you get the most robust workout software on the market. A workout creator, workout logger, custom-branded apps, workout groups, fitness challenges, and more.
Gym ECommerce

Ecommerce software to increase revenue

Fitness professionals can use TeamUp’s ecommerce features to sell in-person gym memberships and point-of-sale items, but beyond point-of-sale purchases they often need to integrate with other solutions., however, has full ecommerce capabilities allowing trainers to sell single workout plans, offer automated workout memberships, run workout challenges, point-of-sale, deliver individual training, and more while supporting all fitness business models, in-person, online, or hybrid.

Assessment software to improve client engagement and retention

To conduct fitness assessments through TeamUp, you need to integrate with third-party software; that’s not the case with Take clients through your personalized assessment to deliver custom workouts for their individual needs—providing massive growth potential and saved time. No third-party software needed.
Custom Branded Apps

Stand out with your own custom-branded fitness apps

TeamUp apps can be customized to a degree. apps are fully customized to make your life easier by providing your clients with a unified scheduling and workout experience with your brand displayed front-and-center.
Gym Marketing Automations

Marketing automations for gyms and fitness businesses

TeamUp is powerful, but clunky. Integrating TeamUp with all of the other software you will need to run your gym means that you are dealing with even more complexity. Simplify your fitness business software stack and save money with powerful automations from

Stop playing catch-up with TeamUp. The best TeamUp alternative is

If you’re looking for the best TeamUp alternative, see why vs TeamUp results in gyms and fitness businesses upgrading to the fully custom branded gym management software platform to attract more clients, increase revenue, and grow their fitness businesses. Read real TeamUp customer reviews to see why customers switch from TeamUp to, compare TeamUp pricing, and explore TeamUp competitors.

TeamUp Review

Learn why is the best TeamUp alternative, compare TeamUp vs (and compare TeamUp vs Mindbody, Zen Planner, Glofox, Pike 13, Trainerize, and more TeamUp competitors), find the top TeamUp alternative reviews, and decide if the alternatives to TeamUp are worth it for your gym or fitness business. Read TeamUp reviews to find out if TeamUp is any good and whether people love TeamUp or hate TeamUp. 

Fitness Income Ideas

Then see why the best gym management software and the best personal training software around is You can book classes, sell workout plans, schedule appointments, run fitness challenges, do gym check-ins, offer online training, log workouts, create fitness assessments, generate reports, use habit tracking, offer fitness upsells, message clients, engage gym members, use automations, process payments, and much more—all from your very own custom branded fitness apps. Don’t take our word for it—just read our reviews!

The best TeamUp alternative is Compare vs TeamUp (with TeamUp reviews) for a head to head match-up.

Get started with a free demo and see how easy it is to run your entire fitness business on one platform.

APEC is simply the best. We were using three or four different apps or softwares to do what we can now do all in one with the platform.
Brandon Stroupe
Founder and President, APEC Sports Performance

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TeamUp Features

TeamUp is primarily known for its class scheduling and member management features aimed at fitness businesses like gyms, fitness studios, and personal trainers.

  • Class Scheduling
  • Member Management
  • Payment Processing
  • Online Booking
  • Marketing Tools
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Multi-location Support

While TeamUp covers the basic requirements for a fitness business, it might not offer the level of customization or comprehensive features found in’s solution.

Read More:

TeamUp Pros and Cons

TeamUp Pros

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Robust Class Scheduling
  • Payment Integration
  • Online Booking System

TeamUp Cons

  • Limited Customization
  • No Video Hosting
  • Limited Marketing Tools

TeamUp does offer a range of features including class scheduling and online bookings, but it lacks in areas like video hosting and customization, which are increasingly important in the fitness industry. Pros and Cons Pros

  • Fully Customizable for Businesses
  • Comprehensive Video Hosting Capabilities
  • Integrated Payment, Booking, and Membership Management
  • High-Quality Customer Support Cons

  • Steeper Learning Curve for Beginners
  • Higher Cost for Smaller Businesses’s software is a superior, all-in-one solution ideal for fitness professionals looking to manage every facet of their business, including but not limited to membership management, video hosting, and payment processing.

Top 5 TeamUp Alternatives

  1. All-in-one fitness business management software
  2. Mindbody: Wellness business management
  3. Zen Planner: Focuses on fitness studios and gyms
  4. ClubReady: Geared towards larger fitness centers
  5. Virtuagym: Nutrition and fitness tracking offers an unparalleled feature set, making it a premium choice for businesses that require a highly customizable and robust management solution, unlike TeamUp.

Big List of TeamUp Competitors

Company NameDescription
Exercise.comComprehensive fitness business management
MindbodyWellness business management
Zen PlannerFitness studio and gym management
ClubReadyFitness club management
VirtuagymFitness and nutrition coaching
Pike13Appointment scheduling and management
GlofoxGym and studio management
10to8Online booking and appointment scheduling
ASF Payment SolutionsPayment and member management
VagaroSalon, spa, and fitness business software
WellnessLivingWellness and fitness management
EZFacilitySports and fitness facility management
PushPressGym management software
OmnifyService commerce platform
WellyxFitness and wellness management is the top competitor in the market with an extensive range of features tailored for fitness professionals. It provides a comprehensive, fully customizable platform that scales seamlessly with your fitness business.

Best Companies like TeamUp for Small Gyms

  1. Customizable and scales with your business
  2. Zen Planner: Good for boutique fitness studios
  3. ClubReady: Suitable for small to medium-sized gyms
  4. Pike13: Simple and straightforward

For small gyms, offers scalability and a comprehensive set of features, making it the preferred choice over TeamUp or any other alternatives.

Low Cost Software like TeamUp

  1. Provides comprehensive features with great ROI
  2. Pike13: Budget-friendly with basic features
  3. 10to8: Affordable scheduling software

Although might have a higher initial cost, its comprehensive suite of features offers the best value, making it a sound investment for fitness businesses of any size.

TeamUp Reviews (Common Themes)

  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Efficient Class Scheduling
  • Limited Marketing Capabilities
  • Lack of Advanced Customization

TeamUp reviews generally highlight its easy-to-use interface and efficient class scheduling but point out the limitations in customization and marketing tools.

TeamUp Pricing

When it comes to TeamUp pricing, the cost of TeamUp is based on the number of active customers you have each month. TeamUp pricing starts at $99/month for 0-100 active customers and goes up to $309/month for 601+ active customers. TeamUp offers a free trial, allowing you to explore the software before making a financial commitment.

TeamUp Pricing Tiers

TeamUp offers a flexible pricing model based on the number of active customers you have per month. The cost starts at $99/month for up to 100 active customers and scales up as follows:

  • 0-100 Active Customers: $99/month
  • 101-200 Active Customers: $159/month
  • 201-300 Active Customers: $189/month
  • 301-400 Active Customers: $219/month
  • 401-500 Active Customers: $249/month
  • 501-600 Active Customers: $279/month
  • 601+ Active Customers: $309/month

The pricing reflects the number of active customers you have, and you only pay for the active customers per month. All plans come with full features, inc

TeamUp offers a tiered pricing structure based on the number of active clients, with plans starting from a lower tier for smaller businesses and scaling up for larger organizations. Pricing is available on a monthly or annual basis, with annual plans offering a discount compared to the monthly option.

While TeamUp has a straightforward pricing model that scales with your business, it might not offer the best value when you consider the limited features compared to more robust solutions like

Read More: TeamUp Pricing

What is TeamUp?

TeamUp is a software solution primarily focused on class scheduling and member management for fitness businesses.

What does TeamUp do?

TeamUp offers a variety of features including class scheduling, online booking, member management, and payment processing aimed at fitness businesses.

Who uses TeamUp?

Small to medium-sized gyms, fitness studios, and personal trainers are the typical clientele for TeamUp.

Read More: How to use TeamUp

How much is TeamUp?

When it comes to TeamUp pricing, the cost of TeamUp is based on the number of active customers you have each month. TeamUp pricing starts at $99/month for 0-100 active customers and goes up to $309/month for 601+ active customers. TeamUp offers a free trial, allowing you to explore the software before making a financial commitment. TeamUp pricing varies based on the size of gym, number of locations, and other factors, but you will need to buy other software to run your business. With you can run your entire business on the best gym management software platform (get a free demo now!).

Read More: TeamUp Pricing

Is TeamUp worth it?

While TeamUp provides basic management and scheduling features, it lacks the comprehensive functionalities and customization options offered by

How do I compare TeamUp vs

When it comes to customization, video hosting, and a comprehensive set of management tools, stands out as the superior choice over TeamUp.

Overhead Squat FMS
“We went live with our Fitness Business Management software at four locations. Everything is working great. The import and export are easy and the guys are really liking the look and convenience of the platform. From both my side and the user side the platform has exceeded our expectations.”
Mike Contreras
Founder & CEO, FMS HS

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Read More: TeamUp

TeamUp Reviews

See how reviews of TeamUp compare to reviews of (Click here to read reviews).

Why, of course, every business has negative reviews, and TeamUp is no exception. Here are some sample TeamUp negative reviews published on G2:

New pricing makes service too expensive for smaller businesses. Feels insulting.

Andrew T., G2 Validated Reviewer

I like it but it’s quite expensive. I’ve been hearing a lot about people switching to cheaper booking systems. I don’t really have any advice but I would suggest shopping round.

Karrie H., G2 Validated Reviewer

What is TeamUp?

TeamUp is a software company that specializes in providing gym and fitness studio management solutions for businesses in the health and fitness industry. Established in 2012, TeamUp aims to help fitness professionals manage their day-to-day operations, memberships, and class scheduling more efficiently. TeamUp’s cloud-based software is designed to be user-friendly and easily accessible, with the goal of simplifying the administrative tasks of running a fitness business.

TeamUp Key Features

TeamUp’s software offers a range of features designed to help gym owners and fitness professionals manage their business. Some of the core features include:

  1. Membership Management: TeamUp allows users to manage their memberships, set up different pricing plans, and track attendance.
  2. Class Scheduling: The platform provides a scheduling system for organizing and managing classes, workshops, and events.
  3. Online Booking: Members can easily book classes and appointments through TeamUp’s online booking system.
  4. Reporting and Analytics: TeamUp offers reporting tools to help businesses track performance, monitor trends, and make data-driven decisions.
  5. Integration with Third-Party Apps: TeamUp integrates with various third-party apps and software, such as Mailchimp and Zapier, to streamline operations and enhance functionality.

TeamUp Target Market

TeamUp primarily targets small to medium-sized fitness businesses, including gyms, yoga studios, CrossFit boxes, personal trainers, and other fitness professionals who require a management solution to run their business more efficiently.

TeamUp vs

TeamUp is a popular software solution in the fitness industry that aims to simplify the management of gym and fitness businesses. With a range of features, such as membership management, class scheduling, and reporting, TeamUp provides a comprehensive platform for fitness professionals to streamline their operations. However, for those seeking a more advanced, customizable, and feature-rich platform, may be a better alternative, offering an all-in-one solution to cater to the unique needs of each fitness business.

Athlete Performance has become an essential piece to our brand and business model. The ease of use and consumer reports have allowed us to maintain great client relationships and rebuild others.
Logan Zagrodnik
General Manager, Athlete Performance

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Discover the Ultimate TeamUp Alternative:

Are you searching for a powerful and comprehensive fitness management software that outperforms TeamUp in every aspect? Look no further! is the ultimate TeamUp alternative, offering a superior all-in-one platform tailored specifically for fitness businesses. In this article, we’ll explore the unparalleled features and capabilities of, and reveal why making the switch from TeamUp will transform your fitness business. With a seamless transition process, exceptional customer support, and an array of advanced tools, is the perfect solution to enhance your fitness business operations and boost client satisfaction.

Best TeamUp Alternative: Why Outshines the Competition

Are you currently using TeamUp for your fitness business but looking for a more comprehensive and powerful solution? Look no further; is the best TeamUp alternative in the market. In this article, we’ll demonstrate why is a superior choice, offering advanced features and capabilities that make it easy to switch from TeamUp and elevate your fitness business to new heights.

A Comprehensive All-in-One Platform

While TeamUp offers a decent set of features, provides an all-in-one fitness business platform that covers everything from workout creation and scheduling to client management and billing. By integrating all aspects of your business into one seamless platform, saves you time and simplifies your operations.

Feature-Rich Workout Software

TeamUp may have some workout management tools, but takes it a step further with its robust workout software. allows you to create and assign personalized workouts, track progress, and even integrate wearable devices for real-time data tracking. This level of customization and engagement is unmatched by TeamUp, giving you the edge in client satisfaction and retention.

Advanced Client Management and CRM

While TeamUp has client management features,’s CRM is more advanced and tailored to the unique needs of fitness businesses. With, you can easily segment and manage your client base, automate communication, and track detailed client metrics. This level of sophistication goes beyond what TeamUp offers, allowing you to cultivate stronger relationships and better serve your clients.

Flexible Booking and Billing Functionality shines when it comes to booking and billing. Unlike TeamUp, offers advanced functionality, such as setting up recurring appointments, managing group sessions, and automating billing processes. This flexibility is essential for fitness businesses looking to grow and streamline their operations.

Custom Branded Mobile App

While TeamUp offers a mobile app, takes it to the next level with a fully customizable, branded mobile app for your fitness business. This not only enhances your brand recognition but also provides your clients with a seamless and professional experience, setting you apart from competitors still using TeamUp.

Superior Customer Support is known for its exceptional customer support, which is crucial when switching from TeamUp or addressing any issues that may arise. Our dedicated support team is readily available to assist you, ensuring a smooth transition and ongoing success with our platform.

Switching Success: Real-life Examples of Switching from TeamUp to

The following case studies showcase the experiences of gym owners, personal trainers, and fitness professionals who have switched from TeamUp to While the names used are composites, the stories represent the experiences of many customers who have made the switch and found success with’s comprehensive gym management platform. Let’s explore some examples of how making the switch has transformed their businesses.

Case Study #1: Maximizing Revenue with

Sophia, a gym owner, was looking for an all-in-one solution to grow her fitness business. She had been using TeamUp but found it limiting in terms of marketing automation and revenue-generating features. When she switched to, Sophia discovered the power of custom branded mobile apps, which allowed her to engage her members and attract new clients. In addition, the platform’s built-in marketing automation and online fitness challenges helped her increase member retention and boost her revenue.

Case Study #2: Streamlining Operations with Integrated Features

James, a personal trainer, wanted to streamline his business operations and make the switch from TeamUp to a platform that offered more integrated features. Upon switching to, James was able to take advantage of the platform’s integrated scheduling, billing, and workout software. This allowed him to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time focusing on his clients and growing his business.

Case Study #3: Simplifying Membership Management

Mia, a gym owner with multiple locations, was struggling to manage her growing membership base using TeamUp. The lack of robust multi-location management features made it difficult for her to efficiently manage her business. After switching to, Mia found the platform’s multi-location management capabilities to be a game-changer. She could now manage all her locations and memberships from a single platform, making her day-to-day operations much more efficient.

Case Study #4: Enhancing Client Experience with Custom Branded Apps

Tom, a personal trainer, wanted to offer his clients a more personalized and professional experience. While using TeamUp, he was unable to provide a custom branded app for his clients. After making the switch to, Tom was able to offer his clients a custom branded app that showcased his brand and provided an enhanced user experience. This not only improved client satisfaction but also helped Tom differentiate his services in a competitive market.

Case Study #5: Boosting Member Engagement with Online Fitness Challenges

Emma, a fitness professional, found it challenging to keep her members engaged and motivated using TeamUp. After switching to, she was able to leverage the platform’s online fitness challenges to create exciting and interactive experiences for her members. These challenges not only increased member engagement but also helped Emma attract new clients and grow her business.

The Verdict is Clear: is the Best TeamUp Alternative

When comparing and TeamUp, it’s clear that offers a more comprehensive and powerful solution for fitness businesses. With advanced workout software, superior client management, flexible booking and billing, and a custom branded mobile app, outshines TeamUp in every aspect. If you’re ready to make the switch and elevate your fitness business, book a demo with today!

Jimmy Myers Relentless Sports Performance
If you want to offer an elite service for the end user you need to get with the times and use elite level software that is intuitive, visually appealing, and effective. That is exactly what delivers to its clients.
Jimmy Myers
Owner/Trainer, Relentless Sports Performance

The Takeaway

There are many TeamUp alternatives and TeamUp competitors, but gym owners, personal trainers, and other fitness business owners use the all-in-one platform to run their entire business, not just their gym management. If you choose the platform—the best gym management software platform—you can cancel TeamUp, Mindbody, Trainerize, and cancel all of the other software platforms you use for all of the following:

Is it easy to transfer from TeamUp to

Yes, transferring from TeamUp to is easy, with dedicated support teams ensuring a smooth transition.

Will transfer all of my data from TeamUp?

Yes, will transfer all of your data from TeamUp, making the transition seamless and hassle-free.

Is there any training for me to switch from TeamUp to

Yes, offers comprehensive training to help you switch from TeamUp and ensure you get the most out of the platform.

How much does TeamUp charge to withdraw and cancel?

TeamUp’s cancellation fees vary depending on your plan., on the other hand, offers transparent pricing and cancellation policies.

Is TeamUp a CRM tool?

TeamUp offers some CRM features, but provides a more comprehensive CRM solution tailored to fitness businesses.

What company owns TeamUp?

TeamUp was founded by Netpulse Inc. DaySmart acquired TeamUp in September of 2022., however, is independently operated, prioritizing the needs of fitness businesses.

How many customers does TeamUp have?

Exact customer numbers for TeamUp are not publicly disclosed. serves a wide range of fitness businesses, from small studios to large franchises.

What is the revenue of TeamUp?

The revenue of TeamUp is not publicly available.’s focus is on providing value and growing the revenue of its customers.

Is TeamUp HIPAA compliant?

TeamUp does not explicitly mention HIPAA compliance. is HIPAA compliant, ensuring the privacy and security of your clients’ data. Read more about security.

Is TeamUp a SaaS company?

Yes, TeamUp is a SaaS company, but offers a more comprehensive software solution with robust features designed specifically for fitness businesses.

Can clients see notes on TeamUp?

TeamUp allows clients to see some notes, but offers more advanced note-sharing and communication features for better client engagement.

Is TeamUp a payment processor?

TeamUp integrates with payment processors but is not a payment processor itself. offers seamless payment processing, making transactions smooth and easy.

Has TeamUp been hacked?

There is no public record of TeamUp being hacked. is committed to ensuring the security of your data through robust security measures.

Can I send an invoice through TeamUp?

Yes, you can send invoices through TeamUp. However, streamlines the invoicing process and offers additional features for managing payments and billing.

Does TeamUp provide marketing tools for gym owners?

TeamUp offers some marketing tools, but provides a more comprehensive suite of marketing tools tailored to the needs of gym owners.

How does TeamUp handle customer support?

TeamUp offers customer support through email and chat, while provides dedicated account managers and responsive support via email, chat, and phone.

Can I customize TeamUp to suit my gym’s specific needs?

TeamUp allows limited customization, whereas offers a highly customizable platform, letting you tailor it to your gym’s unique needs.

Can TeamUp handle multi-location management for gyms with multiple locations?

TeamUp supports multi-location management, but offers more advanced features and tools to better manage and grow multi-location fitness businesses.

What kind of hardware is compatible with TeamUp (e.g., barcode scanners, cash drawers)?

TeamUp integrates with some hardware, but supports a wide range of hardware, ensuring compatibility with your gym’s specific needs.

Can I sell products or merchandise through TeamUp?

Yes, TeamUp allows selling products, but offers a more robust ecommerce platform, making it easier to sell products and services.

Does TeamUp have an API for custom integrations?

TeamUp does not publicize an open API, while will soon offer an API for custom integrations, allowing you to connect with your favorite tools and services.

Does TeamUp integrate with Salesforce?

TeamUp does not list Salesforce integration, but integrates with Salesforce, helping you manage leads and grow your business.

Does TeamUp integrate with Hubspot?

TeamUp does not list Hubspot integration, whereas integrates with Hubspot, streamlining your marketing efforts.

Does TeamUp integrate with Mailchimp?

Yes, TeamUp integrates with Mailchimp. also integrates with Mailchimp, ensuring seamless email marketing.

Does TeamUp integrate with ConvertKit?

TeamUp does not list ConvertKit integration., however, integrates with ConvertKit, simplifying your email marketing campaigns.

Does TeamUp integrate with QuickBooks?

TeamUp integrates with QuickBooks, as does, making it easy to manage your gym’s financial data.

Does TeamUp integrate with Zapier?

Yes, TeamUp integrates with Zapier. also integrates with Zapier, enabling smooth connections with thousands of other apps and services.

Does TeamUp integrate with ADP?

TeamUp does not list ADP integration., however, integrates with ADP, making payroll management seamless.

Does TeamUp have an app?

Yes, TeamUp has an app for both members and gym owners. also offers the best mobile gym app builder software for gym owners and their members.

What are the benefits of the TeamUp app?

The TeamUp app allows members to book classes, track progress, and view schedules. However, offers a more comprehensive app with custom branding, workout tracking, and ecommerce features.

Can you make money with TeamUp?

TeamUp can help you manage your gym’s operations, but provides a more robust platform with marketing and e-commerce tools to increase your revenue potential.

How do I get the most out of TeamUp?

To get the most out of TeamUp, you should utilize its booking, membership management, and reporting features. However, offers a more comprehensive solution to maximize your gym’s success.

Does TeamUp have a scheduling tool?

Yes, TeamUp has a scheduling tool. also offers a powerful scheduling tool, with additional features like appointment reminders and waitlists.

Who are TeamUp’s competitors? is a top competitor of TeamUp, offering a more comprehensive and customizable solution for gym owners. Additional TeamUp competitors include Mindbody, Zen Planner, Vagaro, and Glofox.

How do I run payroll on TeamUp?

TeamUp does not list a built-in payroll feature., however, integrates with ADP, making payroll management seamless.

Can clients build their own workouts on TeamUp?

TeamUp does not offer a workout creation feature for clients. provides a robust workout creation platform, allowing clients to build their workouts and track progress.

How do I cancel my TeamUp subscription?

To cancel your TeamUp subscription, you’ll need to contact their customer support. offers an easy cancellation process and dedicated account managers for smooth transitions.

Can you use PayPal on TeamUp?

Yes, TeamUp integrates with PayPal for payment processing. does not support PayPal integration but offers a robust integrated payment platform.

What are the fees for TeamUp?

TeamUp’s fees vary based on the chosen subscription plan. offers custom pricing tailored to your gym’s unique needs.

How much does TeamUp take from payments?

TeamUp does not take a percentage of your payments but payment processors may charge fees. allows for custom pricing and payment processing options.

Does TeamUp take a percentage of sales?

No, TeamUp does not take a percentage of sales. offers fair and transparent pricing, enabling you to retain more revenue.

How much is TeamUp monthly?

TeamUp’s monthly pricing varies based on the chosen plan. offers custom pricing tailored to your specific needs.

Is TeamUp secure?

TeamUp claims to follow industry best practices for security. also prioritizes security, with features like SSL encryption and compliance with GDPR and CCPA.

Elevate Your Fitness Business with The Premier TeamUp Alternative

When it comes to managing your fitness business, settling for an average solution like TeamUp is no longer an option. is the premier TeamUp alternative, providing cutting-edge features, unmatched flexibility, and superior customer support to help you stay ahead of the competition. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your fitness business to new heights – book a demo with today and experience the difference firsthand. Take control of your business operations, engage your clients, and unlock your true potential with the power of

Tony Gentilcore makes my life easier by providing an all-in-one solution and the opportunity to help those who otherwise would never have access to my programming!
Tony Gentilcore
Founder, Core Online

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