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How much do fitness influencers make with 100k followers?

How much do fitness influencers make with 100k followers?

Posted by Tyler Spraul, Certified Strength and Conditioning SpecialistĀ® (CSCSĀ®) on July 14, 2023 ā€” Updated on December 11, 2023

With 100,000 followers, fitness influencers can make anywhere from $500 to $2,500 per month with low engagement and external promotions, and up to $15,000 (and often much more) if they have high engagement and run their own fitness brand.

How much do fitness influencers make with 100k followers?

These earnings are influenced by factors like content consistency, audience interaction, brand collaboration, and entrepreneurial endeavors. Typical fitness influencer income varies widely but some fitness influencers who have learned how to start a fitness business (instead of just promoting other company’s offers as sponsored posts) can skyrocket their income to levels that are literally off the charts (see data below).

Fitness Income Ideas

Social media has revolutionized the way we connect, share, and inspire others. One notable phenomenon that has emerged is the rise of fitness influencers, who have leveraged platforms like Instagram to build dedicated communities around health, wellness, and fitness. These influencers have not only made an impact on their audiences but have also attracted the attention of big brands looking to tap into their loyal following. One burning question on many people’s minds is just how much these fitness influencers can earn with 100k followers. Discover the secrets behind the earnings of fitness influencers with 100k followers.

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Fitness Influencer Income by Engagement and Business Model

This fitness influencer income data below outlines the importance of building a following that is highly engaged and then monetizing that following with your own brand rather than being viewed as “selling out” by promoting other company’s offers (i.e. sponsored posts). The estimated data below is very conservative; many fitness influencers who work with a professional platform like Exercise.com and treat their opportunity like the business it is see significantly higher earnings than what is mentioned below.

Fitness Influencer Income: Low Engagement + Promotes Other Company’s Offers

FollowersEstimated Earnings Per Month
1,000$10 – $50
5,000$50 – $250
10,000$100 – $500
50,000$500 – $2,500
100,000$1,000 – $5,000
500,000$5,000 – $25,000
1,000,000+$10,000 – $50,000+

Fitness Influencer Income: High Engagement + Promotes Other Company’s Offers

FollowersEstimated Earnings Per Month
1,000$20 – $100
5,000$100 – $500
10,000$200 – $1,000
50,000$1,000 – $5,000
100,000$2,000 – $10,000
500,000$10,000 – $50,000
1,000,000+$20,000 – $100,000+

Fitness Influencer Income: Low Engagement + Starts Their Own Fitness Brand

FollowersEstimated Earnings Per Month
1,000$60 – $300
5,000$300 – $1,500
10,000$600 – $3,000
50,000$3,000 – $15,000
100,000$6,000 – $30,000
500,000$30,000 – $150,000
1,000,000+$60,000 – $300,000+

Fitness Influencer Income: High Engagement + Starts Their Own Fitness Brand

FollowersEstimated Earnings Per Month
1,000$120 – $600
5,000$600 – $3,000
10,000$1,200 – $6,000
50,000$6,000 – $30,000
100,000$12,000 – $60,000
500,000$60,000 – $300,000
1,000,000+$120,000 – $600,000+

Note that this fitness influencer income data is very much on the conservative side; many fitness influencers are making significantly more than what is mentioned here. These tables showcase the significant income potential for fitness influencers at various levels of engagement and entrepreneurial development. The growth opportunities are especially pronounced for those who decide to start their own fitness brand, creating a platform to monetize their unique voice and expertise directly.

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Top 10 Highest Paid Fitness Influencers

Kayla Itsines Fitness Influencer
Source: Kayla Itsines, Fitness Influencer

It’s important to note that the earnings of fitness influencers can be difficult to accurately estimate. This is because their income is often not publicly available and can come from a variety of sources, including sponsored posts, brand partnerships, personal product lines, workout plan sales, and more. Furthermore, an influencer’s earnings can change frequently based on factors like fluctuating follower counts, new brand deals, and shifts in their business strategy. The numbers provided below are rough estimates based on available data and may not reflect the influencers’ actual current earnings.

NameEstimated Social Media FollowersEstimated Annual Earnings
Kayla Itsines12.6M (Instagram)$17M+
Joe Wicks (The Body Coach)3.8M (Instagram)$15M+
Simeon Panda7.2M (Instagram)$8M+
Jen Selter12.5M (Instagram)$7.5M+
Michelle Lewin13.7M (Instagram)$5M+
Emily Skye2.5M (Instagram)$5M+
Cassey Ho (Blogilates)1.7M (Instagram)$3M+
Rachel Brathen (Yoga Girl)2.1M (Instagram)$2.5M+
Lyzabeth Lopez2.1M (Instagram)$2M+
Natalie Jill545K (Instagram)$1M+
Simeon Panda Fitness Influencer
Source: Simeon Panda, Fitness Influencer

How Fitness Influencers Generate Income

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The Rise of Fitness Influencers in the Social Media Age

In recent years, the landscape of health and fitness has undergone a significant transformation. With the advent of social media platforms like Instagram, individuals with a passion for fitness no longer need to rely solely on traditional media outlets for information and inspiration. Fitness influencers have carved out a niche for themselves, forging personal connections with their followers and establishing themselves as authorities and motivators in the fitness industry.

These influencers often share their personal fitness journeys, providing authentic and relatable content that resonates with their audience. By sharing their own struggles, triumphs, and expertise, they have been able to build a loyal community of followers who trust and look up to them for guidance.

One of the key reasons for the rise of fitness influencers is the accessibility and convenience of social media platforms. Unlike traditional media outlets, which often require a significant investment of time and resources, social media allows fitness influencers to reach a wide audience with minimal barriers. This has democratized the fitness industry, giving individuals from all walks of life the opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences.

Furthermore, fitness influencers have also played a crucial role in challenging societal beauty standards and promoting body positivity. Many influencers advocate for self-acceptance and emphasize the importance of overall health and well-being, rather than solely focusing on achieving a certain physical appearance. This inclusive approach has resonated with many individuals who have felt excluded or discouraged by traditional fitness narratives.

Understanding the Power of Fitness Influencers on Instagram

Instagram, with its highly visual nature, has become the go-to platform for fitness influencers to showcase their workouts, healthy recipes, and inspirational transformation stories. With 100k followers, these influencers have a substantial reach, allowing them to impact and inspire a large audience. But how does this translate into earnings?

Fitness influencers on Instagram have various ways of monetizing their large following. One common method is through brand partnerships and sponsored content. Fitness brands often collaborate with influencers to promote their products or services, paying them a fee or providing free products in exchange for exposure. Additionally, influencers can earn income through affiliate marketing, where they receive a commission for every sale made through their unique referral link. Some fitness influencers also create and sell their own fitness programs, e-books, or merchandise, leveraging their expertise and credibility to generate revenue. Overall, the power of fitness influencers on Instagram extends beyond just inspiring others; it can also be a lucrative career path for those who have built a strong personal brand.

The Influence of Instagram on Fitness Trends

It’s no secret that Instagram has played a pivotal role in shaping fitness trends. From workouts like HIIT and yoga to dietary choices like plant-based eating and intermittent fasting, fitness influencers have been instrumental in popularizing these trends and making them accessible to the masses. Brands have recognized the power of these influencers to drive consumer behavior, and as a result, have flocked to them for collaborations and partnerships.

One of the reasons why Instagram has been so influential in shaping fitness trends is its visual nature. Fitness influencers are able to showcase their workouts, meals, and progress photos through images and videos, making it easier for their followers to understand and replicate their routines. This visual aspect of Instagram allows for a more immersive and engaging experience, which has contributed to the widespread adoption of these fitness trends.

In addition to visual content, Instagram also provides a platform for fitness influencers to share their knowledge and expertise through captions and stories. Many influencers use their captions to provide detailed explanations of their workouts, nutritional tips, and personal experiences, giving their followers valuable information and guidance. This educational aspect of Instagram has empowered individuals to take control of their fitness journeys and make informed choices about their health and well-being.

The Economics of Fitness Influencer Marketing

When it comes to influencer marketing, 100k followers may seem like a significant milestone. However, it’s important to note that follower count is just one piece of the puzzle. Brands are increasingly interested in an influencer’s engagement rate, which measures the level of interaction and connection they have with their followers.

The higher the engagement rate, the more valuable an influencer becomes to brands. This is because a high engagement rate indicates that the influencer’s followers are genuinely interested in their content and are more likely to trust and act upon their recommendations. Thus, an influencer with 100k highly engaged followers can potentially earn more than an influencer with double or even triple the number of followers but a lower engagement rate.

In addition to engagement rate, another important factor that brands consider when working with fitness influencers is the target audience. Brands want to ensure that the influencer’s followers align with their target market. For example, a fitness brand that specializes in women’s activewear would be more interested in partnering with a fitness influencer who has a predominantly female following.

Furthermore, the type of content that an influencer produces also plays a role in their value to brands. Fitness influencers who consistently create high-quality, informative, and visually appealing content are more likely to attract brand partnerships. Brands want to associate themselves with influencers who can effectively showcase their products or services in a way that resonates with their target audience.

How Much Money Can You Make as a Fitness Influencer?

If you’re wondering about the earning potential of fitness influencers with 100k followers, the answer isn’t clear-cut. There are numerous factors that come into play, including the influencer’s niche, target audience, geographic location, and the type of brand collaborations they engage in.

On average, fitness influencers with 100k followers can expect to earn anywhere from $500 to $5,000 per sponsored post. This range may seem broad, but it reflects the different variables that impact an influencer’s earning potential.

One important factor that can affect a fitness influencer’s earning potential is their level of engagement with their audience. Influencers who have a highly engaged following, with active and loyal fans, are more likely to attract brands and secure higher-paying collaborations.

Additionally, the influencer’s content quality and consistency play a significant role in determining their earning potential. Brands are more likely to partner with influencers who consistently produce high-quality content that aligns with their brand values and resonates with their target audience.

Breaking Down the Income Streams for Fitness Influencers

While sponsored posts are a significant source of income for fitness influencers, they aren’t the only revenue stream. Many fitness influencers diversify their earnings by exploring additional avenues such as affiliate marketing, merchandise sales, online coaching, e-books, and courses.

Factors Affecting Earnings for Fitness Influencers with 100k Followers

Several factors affect the earnings of fitness influencers with 100k followers. Firstly, their niche plays a significant role in determining their potential earnings. For instance, an influencer specializing in niche areas like yoga or veganism may have a higher earning potential due to the dedicated and passionate nature of their audience.

Additionally, an influencer’s target audience demographics and geographic location can impact their earning potential. Brands often seek influencers whose audience aligns with their target market, so an influencer with a highly engaged and relevant following may command higher fees.

Analyzing the Engagement Rate and its Impact on Earnings

The engagement rate is a critical metric that brands consider when evaluating influencers for partnerships. Higher engagement rates indicate that an influencer’s audience is actively interacting with their content, which translates into higher credibility and trust. As a result, an influencer with a higher engagement rate can negotiate larger fees for their sponsored posts.

Demystifying Sponsored Posts: How Much Can You Earn?

Sponsored posts are the bread and butter of many fitness influencers, and they represent a significant portion of their income. As mentioned earlier, fitness influencers with 100k followers can earn anywhere from $500 to $5,000 per sponsored post. However, it’s crucial to note that these figures are not set in stone and may vary widely depending on factors such as the influencer’s reach, engagement rate, and the brand they collaborate with.

The Role of Brand Collaborations in Maximizing Earnings for Fitness Influencers

Collaborating with brands allows fitness influencers to monetize their online presence further. Brands often partner with influencers for product endorsements, sponsored content, and brand ambassadorships. The fee for these collaborations can vary greatly, depending on factors such as the influencer’s following, engagement rate, and the scope of the partnership.

Affiliate Marketing: A Lucrative Opportunity for Fitness Influencers

Affiliate marketing is another avenue that fitness influencers can explore to boost their earnings. By promoting products and services through unique affiliate links, influencers earn a commission for every sale generated through their recommendations. This can be an attractive income stream for fitness influencers, as it allows them to align with brands they genuinely believe in while earning a passive income.

Unlocking the Potential of Merchandise Sales for Fitness Influencers

Many fitness influencers have tapped into the merchandise market, creating their own branded products such as apparel, workout gear, and nutritional supplements. By leveraging their personal brand and loyal following, influencers can generate significant revenue from merchandise sales. This revenue stream not only provides a boost to their earnings but also strengthens their connection with their audience.

Additional Revenue Streams: Online Coaching, E-books, and Courses

Fitness influencers can further monetize their expertise and knowledge by offering online coaching services, creating e-books, and developing online courses. By sharing their insights and providing personalized guidance, influencers can create additional revenue streams while positively impacting their followers.

Strategies to Grow Your Instagram Following and Boost Earnings as a Fitness Influencer

For aspiring fitness influencers aiming to reach the coveted 100k follower mark, there are several strategies to consider. First and foremost, consistency is key. Posting regularly and engaging with your audience helps build trust and keeps your followers invested in your journey.

It’s also essential to produce high-quality and visually appealing content. Investing in a good camera or hiring a professional photographer can help elevate the overall aesthetic of your Instagram feed, attracting and retaining followers.

Building Authenticity and Trust with Your Audience to Increase Earnings

Authenticity is paramount for fitness influencers looking to build a loyal and engaged following. The fitness industry is saturated with influencers, and standing out requires a genuine connection with your audience. By sharing personal stories, being transparent about your struggles, and providing valuable content, you can build trust and establish yourself as an authority.

Overcoming Challenges: Competition, Algorithm Changes, and Maintaining Relevance

While the world of fitness influencer marketing presents exciting opportunities, it is not without its challenges. The market is highly competitive, with numerous influencers vying for the attention of brands and followers. Additionally, algorithm changes on social media platforms can impact an influencer’s reach and visibility, making it essential to stay abreast of trends and adapt to new algorithms.

The Future of Fitness Influencer Marketing: Trends and Predictions

The landscape of fitness influencer marketing is constantly evolving. Going forward, we can expect to see more niche influencers rising to prominence, as brands recognize the value of targeting specific demographics. Additionally, as technology advances, we may see an increase in virtual fitness experiences, allowing influencers to connect with their audience in new and innovative ways.

In conclusion, the earning potential of fitness influencers with 100k followers is influenced by various factors, including engagement rate, demographics, and the type of brand collaborations they engage in. While sponsored posts are a significant revenue stream, influencers can also explore additional opportunities such as affiliate marketing, merchandise sales, and online coaching to maximize their earnings. By building authenticity and trust with their audience, fitness influencers can unlock their full earning potential and make a powerful impact in the fitness industry.

How much do fitness influencers make with 100k followers?

Fitness influencers with 100k followers can make a significant income, often ranging from $1,000 to $2,000 per sponsored post. However, income can vary greatly based on engagement rates, the specific niche, and the quality of the content.

How to become a fitness influencer?

To become a fitness influencer, start by defining your niche and target audience. Regularly post high-quality, engaging content related to fitness, health, and wellness. Engage with your audience, collaborate with other influencers, and stay updated on fitness trends. Building a strong, authentic brand is key.

How much do Instagram fitness influencers make with 100k followers?

Instagram fitness influencers with 100k followers can make anywhere between $1,000 to $2,000 per sponsored post. Additional revenue can come from affiliate marketing, product endorsements, and personal fitness services or products.

How much money do fitness influencers make?

The amount of money fitness influencers make varies widely. Top influencers can earn six figures annually, while those with smaller followings might earn a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per month, depending on their engagement and business model.

How much do gym influencers make?

Gym influencers’ earnings can vary significantly based on their following, engagement rate, and the number of partnerships they secure. Top influencers can earn thousands per post, while others might earn a few hundred dollars.

How much do fitness influencers make on Instagram?

Fitness influencers on Instagram can earn from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per post, depending on their following size, engagement rate, and the types of deals they secure with brands.

Do fitness influencers make money with less than 100k followers?

Yes, fitness influencers can make money with less than 100k followers, especially if they have high engagement rates and a targeted niche audience. They can earn through sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and by offering their own fitness products or services.

What is the fitness influencers salary?

A fitness influencer’s salary varies widely. Those with a large, engaged following can earn substantial amounts, often through sponsored content, affiliate marketing, and personal fitness services. The average salary ranges significantly based on the influencer’s market strategy and audience size.

Who are the highest paid fitness influencers?

The highest paid fitness influencers typically have large followings and high engagement rates. They include names like Kayla Itsines, Simeon Panda, and Michelle Lewin. Their earnings come from sponsored posts, product lines, app subscriptions, and personal training services.

How do fitness influencers make money?

Fitness influencers make money through various channels, including sponsored posts, brand partnerships, affiliate marketing, selling their own fitness programs or merchandise, and offering online coaching or personal training services.

How much money can you make with 100k followers on Instagram with a fitness account?

With 100k followers on a fitness Instagram account, you can potentially make between $1,000 to $2,000 per sponsored post. Earnings can also come from affiliate sales, personal training services, and selling fitness-related products.

How to become a fitness influencer on Instagram?

To become a fitness influencer on Instagram, consistently post high-quality, engaging content related to fitness and health. Grow your following by engaging with your audience, using relevant hashtags, collaborating with other influencers, and offering unique, value-driven content.

How much to charge with 100K followers?

With 100K followers on Instagram, an influencer, especially in the fitness niche, can charge anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 per sponsored post. This range can vary based on engagement, industry, and the collaboration’s specifics.

How much does the average fitness influencer make?

The average earnings of a fitness influencer can vary widely depending on their follower count, engagement rate, and the frequency and type of brand partnerships. An influencer with a moderate following of 20k to 50k might earn anywhere from $100 to $1,000 per post.

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How much does 100k followers on Instagram pay?

An influencer with 100k followers on Instagram could earn from $1,000 to $3,000 per sponsored post. Earnings may vary due to factors like content quality, engagement, and specific partnership agreements.

What happens if you get 100k followers on Instagram?

Reaching 100k followers on Instagram is a significant milestone that can open up new opportunities for influencers, including more substantial brand partnerships, higher engagement, and recognition within the industry. It often solidifies an influencer’s status within their niche, such as fitness.

Who is the highest paid fitness influencer?

The highest-paid fitness influencers can vary by region and change over time. Popular figures in the industry can make six or even seven figures through sponsorships, merchandise, online coaching, and more.

How hard is it to make money as a fitness influencer?

Making money as a fitness influencer requires time, effort, consistency, and a strategic approach. Building an engaged audience, creating quality content, and networking with brands can be challenging, but successful influencers can create a lucrative career in the fitness industry.

How do you become a paid fitness influencer?

Becoming a paid fitness influencer involves building a strong, engaged following; creating high-quality, relevant content; networking with brands and other influencers; and aligning with brands that resonate with your audience. Persistence, consistency, and professionalism are key.

How much do people with 400k Instagram followers make?

Individuals with 400k followers on Instagram might earn between $2,000 and $8,000 per sponsored post, with variations based on engagement, industry, and collaboration specifics.

How much does it cost to buy 50,000 followers?

Buying followers is generally discouraged as it often leads to low engagement and breaches social media platforms’ policies. Costs can vary, but remember that these followers are often fake or disengaged, offering no real value to your brand or business.

How can Exercise.com help me with my fitness business?

Exercise.com provides a robust solution tailored for fitness professionals, including gym owners, personal trainers, online coaches, and fitness influencers. Through a custom-branded app, you can manage your entire business, accept payments, offer online booking, host videos, sell workout plans, and run online coaching. Exercise.com’s platform emphasizes professionalism, efficiency, and growth, allowing you to focus on delivering the best service to your clients. By booking a demo with Exercise.com, you can discover how their all-in-one platform can boost your fitness business’s success and profitability.

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