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377+ Personal Trainer Content Ideas in 2024

377+ Personal Trainer Content Ideas in 2024

Posted by Tyler Spraul, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist® (CSCS®) on July 14, 2023 — Updated on December 22, 2023

Read our big list of personal trainer content ideas to engage your clients and attract new ones. From ultra creative personal trainer content ideas, to funny personal trainer content ideas, to personal trainer content ideas for Instagram, to many more, we’ve got what you need.

Personal Trainer Content Ideas

In this article, we will explore a wide range of topics that will help you create informative and captivating PT content ideas that will set you apart from the competition and take your personal training marketing to the next level. Whether you’re an experienced trainer or just starting out, these ideas for personal trainer content online are sure to inspire you and take your personal training business to the next level.

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Personal Trainer Content Ideas: Engage, Inspire, Transform

Let’s face it. Personal trainers are not just face-to-face motivators but also online influencers and digital content creators. Whether it’s for Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or Facebook, producing engaging content is crucial for building your brand and attracting new clients. But, consistently coming up with fresh and appealing content ideas can be as challenging as a high-intensity interval training session.

As a personal trainer, your content needs to educate, inspire, and entertain, all while showcasing your expertise and the unique personality of your brand. From funny quips that make your followers laugh to creative posts that spark inspiration, content is your digital handshake with your audience. Let’s explore a range of content ideas for personal trainers across various platforms that will help keep your feed fresh and your followers fit.

Funny Personal Trainer Content Ideas

Humor can be a powerful tool in the realm of fitness. It not only breaks the ice but also helps build a relatable persona that can draw clients to your brand.

  1. “Why did the dumbbell get invited to the party? Because it brings the lift to any gathering!”
  2. Post a “gym fail” compilation with lighthearted commentary – just make sure it’s all in good fun and not at anyone’s expense.
  3. A meme series about the inner thoughts of gym equipment.
  4. “Personal Trainer Thoughts” – funny assumptions about what trainers are thinking during a session.
  5. Share a workout blooper reel.
  6. Create a parody of popular workout routines.
  7. Share a “mythical creatures of the gym” infographic (e.g., The Squat Sasquatch, The Benchpress Unicorn).
  8. “The 12 Days of Fitmas” – a holiday-themed workout challenge with a humorous twist.
  9. Post a photo series of “expectation vs. reality” in the gym.
  10. “Confessions of a Personal Trainer” video series.
  11. A playful take on the “How it started vs. How it’s going” meme.
  12. “Caption This” contests with funny gym photos.
  13. Share humorous gym-themed e-cards.
  14. Create a comic strip about gym life.
  15. “Meme Monday” – start the week with a fitness-related laugh.
  16. “Fitness Horoscope” – predict your followers’ workouts based on their zodiac signs.
  17. Share a list of “Top 10 Funniest Excuses to Skip the Gym.”
  18. A skit about ‘talking’ gym equipment getting lonely at night.
  19. “Workout BINGO” with humorous gym stereotypes.
  20. Create a mockumentary about a day in the life of a personal trainer.
  21. A satirical ‘infomercial’ for outrageous workout equipment.
  22. “Trainer vs. Wild” – a parody survival guide for navigating the gym jungle.
  23. “Gym Gourmet” – a funny take on protein shakes and fitness meals.
  24. Post a workout-themed comic book cover.
  25. A light-hearted quiz: “What type of gym equipment are you?”

Remember, while humor is subjective, it’s important to always remain respectful and inclusive. Emphasizing positivity in your fitness journey can attract a diverse audience, and when it comes to managing the more serious side of your business, a solution like Exercise.com can streamline the process for you. From booking to billing and delivering custom workout plans, see how it fits by booking a demo.

Creative Personal Trainer Content Ideas

Creativity sets you apart in a crowded digital space, highlighting your unique approach to fitness.

  1. Host a virtual “Fitness Art Show” where exercises are performed in sync with music to create a live art piece.
  2. Share artistic interpretations of common exercises.
  3. “Workout Storytime” – narrate a fictional story that incorporates different exercises.
  4. Develop a superhero workout series, where each workout is inspired by a superhero’s powers.
  5. Create a “Fitness Escape Room” challenge where clients solve puzzles with exercises to ‘escape’.
  6. Share behind-the-scenes of creating a workout plan.
  7. Post imaginative workout routines that can be done in unusual locations.
  8. A video series on the synergy between dance and fitness.
  9. “Fitness in Disguise” – turning everyday activities into impromptu workouts.
  10. Design a fitness-themed board game.
  11. Choreograph a “Workout Musical” with songs about different exercises.
  12. Craft a series of workouts based on historical warriors.
  13. Create an infographic series on the anatomy of a workout.
  14. “Fantasy Fitness League” – create teams of exercises competing in imaginative scenarios.
  15. A ‘choose your own adventure’ workout video series.
  16. “Poetry in Motion” – write short fitness poems that accompany each workout move.
  17. “The Fitness Time Machine” – workouts inspired by different decades.
  18. “Fitness Fairy Tales” – reimagined stories with a fitness twist.
  19. Host a “Design Your Own Workout” competition.
  20. Create a comic strip following a character’s fitness journey.
  21. Share a “secret workout recipe” infographic.
  22. A photo series of ‘Where’s Waldo?’ in the gym – find the hidden equipment or exercise form.
  23. “Gym Space Odyssey” – a space-themed workout routine.
  24. Share a fitness-themed “Escape the Ordinary” graphic novel page.
  25. “Workout Wisdom” – philosophical quotes paired with exercises.

Injecting creativity into your content can make the mundane magnificent and the rigorous routines riveting. For the nuts and bolts of managing the creative business that you’ve built, Exercise.com offers an all-in-one platform that lets you channel your energy into what you love, while handling the rest. Book a demo to explore the features.

Our overall experience with Exercise.com is a breeze. We love how easy it is to integrate this app with our current workflow while providing great fitness programs for our customers and save us time in the process.
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Personal Trainer Content Ideas for Instagram

Instagram is all about visuals and quick, compelling messages. Here are ten ideas tailored for the platform:

  1. “Motivation Mondays” with quotes overlaid on workout images.
  2. Time-lapse videos of a day in the life of a personal trainer.
  3. “Workout of the Week” with a carousel of exercises.
  4. “Transformation Tuesdays” showcasing client progress with their permission.
  5. Quick nutrition tips with vibrant images of healthy foods.
  6. Stories featuring mini-tutorials on perfecting form.
  7. Reels that debunk common fitness myths.
  8. IGTV interviews with clients discussing their fitness journeys.
  9. Boomerang videos of fun workout moments.
  10. “Swipe for Sweat” workout sequences in a carousel post.

Leveraging Exercise.com, personal trainers can not only post engaging content but also direct followers to a branded fitness app where clients can see their workouts, track progress, and stay connected with their fitness goals.

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Personal Trainer Content Ideas for TikTok

TikTok’s fast-paced, trend-driven environment calls for content that is both engaging and entertaining:

  1. Participate in fitness challenges or start your own.
  2. Share quick fitness tips with trending music.
  3. Post day-in-the-life vlogs with a fitness twist.
  4. Create duets with clients or other fitness influencers.
  5. Offer bite-sized tutorials on exercises.
  6. Engage in the latest TikTok dance trend with a fitness routine.
  7. Share funny gym moments or workout fails.
  8. Highlight quick and healthy post-workout snacks.
  9. Create sped-up videos of a full workout.
  10. Share motivational quotes with creative visuals.

Exercise.com can serve as a perfect call-to-action on TikTok, inviting viewers to experience your full range of services through a professional platform, from workout plans to tracking their fitness journey.

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Personal Trainer Content Ideas for YouTube

YouTube is ideal for in-depth content, from workout guides to nutritional advice. Here are ten engaging content ideas for YouTube:

  1. Vlogs following personal training sessions.
  2. Comprehensive tutorials on workout routines.
  3. Deep dives into nutritional information for athletes.
  4. “Ask a Trainer” Q&A sessions.
  5. Collaborations with health and wellness YouTubers.
  6. Guided workout sessions for home fitness.
  7. Testimonials and interviews with clients.
  8. Detailed explanations of exercise science.
  9. Weekly fitness challenge vlogs.
  10. Equipment reviews and recommendations.

With Exercise.com, you can use your YouTube content to direct potential clients to your comprehensive service offerings, providing them with a seamless way to join your programs or schedule training sessions.

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Personal Trainer Content Ideas for Facebook

Facebook’s diverse demographics offer a great opportunity to reach a wide audience with varied content:

  1. Live Q&A sessions on fitness topics.
  2. Posts linking to blog articles on fitness and health.
  3. Client spotlight stories with photos and testimonials.
  4. Event announcements for workshops or group workouts.
  5. Polls about fitness preferences and habits.
  6. “Did You Know?” posts with interesting fitness facts.
  7. Shared articles or videos from thought leaders in fitness.
  8. Interactive fitness quizzes.
  9. Photo albums from community or charity fitness events.
  10. Tips and tricks for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Utilizing Exercise.com, you can easily share links on Facebook to your personalized fitness app where clients can engage with your content, sign up for classes, and more.

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Personal Trainer Content Ideas for Twitter

Twitter’s quick and conversational style is perfect for timely, engaging updates:

  1. Share bite-sized workout tips or fitness facts.
  2. Post motivational quotes to energize your followers.
  3. Engage in fitness-related trending topics.
  4. Share progress tweets from a client’s fitness journey (with consent).
  5. Tweet about the latest fitness research or news.
  6. Conduct Twitter polls to learn about your audience’s fitness preferences.
  7. Share quick healthy snack ideas.
  8. Tweet reminders about staying hydrated and stretching.
  9. Engage with other fitness professionals in discussions.
  10. Share short clips from your workout sessions.

On Twitter, Exercise.com’s versatility allows personal trainers to share success stories and client progress, and invite followers to discover a professional platform tailored to their fitness needs.

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Motivational Posts (General)

Motivation can be the catalyst for starting and maintaining a fitness journey:

  1. Post success quotes with photos of clients reaching their goals.
  2. Share before-and-after photos (with client permission) as a testament to dedication.
  3. Inspirational stories about overcoming fitness obstacles.
  4. Visuals of stunning locations to encourage outdoor activity.
  5. Video montages of workout milestones.
  6. Post-workout selfies with motivational captions.
  7. Testimonials from clients about the impact of personal training.
  8. “Fitness Journeys” featuring long-term client progress.
  9. Share your own fitness challenges and achievements.
  10. Regular posts celebrating small victories to encourage consistent effort.

For trainers using Exercise.com, these motivational posts can be integrated with client success stories from those using the app, showcasing the professional edge of the trainer’s services.

Challenge Your Audience (Motivational Pep Talks)

Challenging your audience can be a great way to engage and motivate them:

  1. Post weekly challenges with step-by-step guides.
  2. Share stories of personal challenges and how you overcame them.
  3. Create a video series with pep talks focusing on different goals.
  4. Offer virtual badges or rewards for challenge completion.
  5. Post “Challenge Accepted” client testimonials.
  6. Provide daily motivational mantras during challenge periods.
  7. Set up a leaderboard for challenges on your Exercise.com platform.
  8. Offer live-streamed pep talks to kick off challenges.
  9. Post challenge progress updates to keep the momentum.
  10. Host a Q&A after each challenge to discuss experiences and lessons learned.

Exercise.com can help manage these challenges, allowing clients to track their progress and see how they stack up against others in your fitness community.

Client Success Stories

Celebrating client achievements is not only motivating for the clients themselves but also for your audience:

  1. Feature a “Client of the Month” and their fitness journey.
  2. Create a video testimonial series showcasing client stories.
  3. Post interviews with clients who have reached significant milestones.
  4. Share a photo timeline of a client’s progress.
  5. Write detailed case studies highlighting unique fitness journeys.
  6. Share ‘behind-the-scenes’ of client workouts showing their effort and dedication.
  7. Post interactive graphics showing client statistics (e.g., total pounds lost).
  8. Celebrate client anniversaries (e.g., 1 year with your training program).
  9. Create a collage of ‘happy moments’ from clients achieving their goals.
  10. Share quotes from clients about what fitness has brought to their lives.

By utilizing Exercise.com, trainers can seamlessly integrate these stories into their marketing, showcasing the effectiveness of their personalized programs and the comprehensive nature of their services.

Erica Nangle Fitness
Exercise.com is amazing! Positively surprised by the efficiency at responding and helping out!
Erica Nangle
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Healthy Recipes

Nutrition is a key component of any fitness program, and sharing healthy recipes can provide your audience with valuable content:

  1. Weekly “Meal Prep Sunday” posts with step-by-step prep for healthy meals.
  2. Video tutorials on making quick and healthy snacks.
  3. Infographics with the nutritional breakdown of your favorite recipes.
  4. “What I Eat in a Day” posts featuring balanced meal ideas.
  5. Share client-submitted recipes and their health benefits.
  6. Highlight seasonal recipes focused on fresh, local ingredients.
  7. Create a challenge around trying a new healthy recipe each week.
  8. Post photos of meal prep containers with a variety of healthy options.
  9. Share quick breakfast ideas that are perfect post-morning workout.
  10. Write a blog post about understanding macronutrients with recipes as examples.

With Exercise.com, trainers can share these recipes directly through their branded app, providing a one-stop-shop for clients’ fitness and nutrition needs.


Testimonials from clients can significantly enhance credibility and trust:

  1. Video interviews with clients sharing their experience with your services.
  2. Before-and-after photos with written testimonials.
  3. Post client quotes about their journey and how training has changed their life.
  4. Share ‘thank you’ notes or emails from clients as images.
  5. Create a testimonial highlight reel for Instagram or Facebook stories.
  6. Post screenshots of positive reviews from your website or Google My Business.
  7. Share client achievements along with their testimonial.
  8. Compile a yearly review with testimonials and success statistics.
  9. Create a “testimonial Tuesday” regular post series.
  10. Feature written client stories on your blog or newsletter.

Exercise.com makes it easy to gather and present testimonials through its comprehensive platform, encouraging others to book a demo and join the success stories.

Before and After Posts

Showcasing clients’ transformations can be a powerful visual proof of your training effectiveness:

  1. Monthly before-and-after client progress pictures.
  2. Share a time-lapse video of a client’s transformation journey.
  3. Write a feature blog post detailing the before-and-after journey of a client.
  4. Create a transformation collage to share on Instagram or Facebook.
  5. Post side-by-side comparisons of client achievements.
  6. Create a video series with client interviews discussing their before-and-after experiences.
  7. Share stories of specific fitness or health goals achieved with accompanying visuals.
  8. Post celebratory before-and-after images when clients reach milestones.
  9. Highlight the most dramatic transformations at year-end.
  10. Create a dedicated section on your website for before-and-after success stories.

By integrating these transformations with Exercise.com’s platform, you can highlight the systematic approach and tracking capabilities that helped facilitate these changes.

Fitness Challenges

Engage your audience with fitness challenges that encourage participation and accountability:

  1. Post a 30-day fitness challenge with daily workouts.
  2. Share a “No Excuses” week-long challenge focusing on consistency.
  3. Create a community challenge with a leaderboard on your Exercise.com platform.
  4. Start a “Steps Challenge” encouraging followers to hit daily step goals.
  5. Announce a monthly “HIIT Challenge” with quick, intense workouts.
  6. Host a “Plank Challenge” with daily time increment increases.
  7. Post a “Clean Eating Challenge” with daily healthy eating prompts.
  8. Create a “Strength Building” challenge focusing on progressive overload.
  9. Share a “Flexibility Challenge” with daily stretching routines.
  10. Announce a “Mind-Body Wellness” challenge incorporating fitness and mindfulness.

Exercise.com can support these challenges with its tracking and community features, fostering a competitive yet supportive environment.

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Fat Loss

Content focusing on fat loss can be informative and extremely popular, providing clear value to your audience:

  1. Share infographics on the science of fat loss.
  2. Post meal prep ideas that support a healthy fat loss journey.
  3. Create a series of “myth vs. fact” posts about fat loss.
  4. Weekly check-in posts with tips for staying on track with fat loss goals.
  5. Share success stories focused specifically on fat loss achievements.
  6. Offer a downloadable guide on fat loss through your Exercise.com app.
  7. Create a “Fat Loss Friday” post series with various tips and tricks.
  8. Post workout routines with a focus on high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for fat burning.
  9. Share articles or create blog posts discussing hormonal influences on fat loss.
  10. Host a live Q&A to answer questions about healthy and sustainable fat loss.

By using Exercise.com, personal trainers can provide their clients with tailored fat loss programs and track their progress effectively, encouraging consistent engagement through a professional platform.

Introduce Your Team

Introducing your team helps to build a personal connection with your audience:

  1. Share individual team member bios highlighting their specialties.
  2. Post fun facts about each team member to humanize your brand.
  3. Create a video tour of your facility introducing staff members.
  4. Host a “Meet the Team” live stream session.
  5. Share team workout sessions to showcase your team’s expertise and camaraderie.
  6. Post “day in the life” stories of different team members.
  7. Highlight team achievements or certifications.
  8. Share team-building activities or outings.
  9. Post client shout-outs to specific trainers or staff members.
  10. Feature team-led workout challenges, with each trainer creating their own.

Utilizing Exercise.com, you can provide direct links to each team member’s profile, offering clients the opportunity to learn more about their qualifications and possibly book sessions with them through the app.

Meal Preparation Tips

Meal preparation is a cornerstone of maintaining a healthy diet, and sharing tips can greatly benefit your followers:

  1. Weekly meal prep guide with shopping lists and step-by-step instructions.
  2. Video series on efficient meal prep techniques.
  3. Share your personal meal prep routine.
  4. Post photos of well-organized meal prep for visual inspiration.
  5. Create a blog post about the benefits of meal prepping.
  6. Offer a free meal prep webinar through your Exercise.com platform.
  7. Share time-saving hacks for meal preparation.
  8. Post comparison photos of meals with and without prep to emphasize its importance.
  9. Share client-submitted meal prep successes.
  10. Create a downloadable meal prep checklist.

Through Exercise.com, trainers can provide comprehensive meal planning and preparation resources, making it an all-inclusive platform for fitness and nutrition planning.

Workout Ideas

Innovative workout ideas can inspire and challenge your audience:

  1. Post a new and unique workout challenge each week.
  2. Share themed workouts, such as holiday-related exercises.
  3. Create workout playlists and share them with your audience.
  4. Post breakdowns of workouts tailored to different fitness levels.
  5. Share workouts that can be done in different settings, like at home or the park.
  6. Create and post workout infographics for quick reference.
  7. Share a “Workout of the Day” (WOD) series.
  8. Host a workout idea brainstorm session live on social media.
  9. Post partner workout routines to encourage community and teamwork.
  10. Share age-specific workouts focusing on youth, adults, or seniors.

Exercise.com can enhance this content by providing a platform for trainers to distribute these workout ideas directly to clients, complete with instructional videos and tracking features.

Ask Questions

Engaging your audience through questions can increase interaction and provide valuable insights:

  1. Post fitness-related polls to get opinions from your audience.
  2. Ask followers to share their favorite post-workout meals.
  3. Create a “Question of the Day” related to fitness goals and challenges.
  4. Post quizzes that help clients identify their fitness level or preferred workout style.
  5. Ask for feedback on your training programs through your Exercise.com app.
  6. Host a weekly “AMA” (Ask Me Anything) about fitness and health.
  7. Inquire about followers’ health and wellness goals for personalized content.
  8. Post “This or That” polls with different workout options.
  9. Ask clients to share their success stories for a chance to be featured.
  10. Use questions to facilitate a discussion on new fitness trends.

By utilizing the Exercise.com platform, trainers can easily interact with their clients, address their questions, and tailor their services to meet their clients’ needs.

Each of these content ideas serves as a starting point to creating engaging, valuable content that not only attracts attention but also showcases the expertise of a personal trainer. Integrating these ideas with the functionality and professionalism of Exercise.com can further enhance client engagement and business growth.

Celebrate Member Achievements

Recognizing members’ efforts and accomplishments can build a supportive community:

  1. Share “Member of the Week” highlights with their achievements.
  2. Post monthly roundups of all member accomplishments.
  3. Create a digital “Wall of Fame” on your website or social media.
  4. Announce when a member reaches a milestone, like their 100th workout.
  5. Share video testimonials of members discussing their achievements.
  6. Host an annual awards ceremony and share the highlights.
  7. Celebrate “Most Improved” members each quarter.
  8. Post before-and-after stories as members reach their goals.
  9. Recognize member anniversaries for their dedication over the years.
  10. Create a photo album on Facebook dedicated to member achievements.

With Exercise.com, these achievements can be tracked and celebrated through the app, providing real-time recognition and encouragement for the entire fitness community.


Collaborating with other fitness professionals or brands can offer fresh content:

  1. Host a joint workout session with another personal trainer.
  2. Share a guest blog post from a nutritionist or dietitian.
  3. Collaborate with a local business for a wellness event and share the experience.
  4. Do an Instagram takeover with a fitness influencer.
  5. Post interviews with other professionals in the fitness industry.
  6. Partner with fitness equipment brands for giveaways.
  7. Create co-branded workout challenges with other fitness services.
  8. Share a joint podcast episode on fitness topics.
  9. Host a webinar with experts from different health fields.
  10. Collaborate on a fitness e-book or guide.

Exercise.com’s platform allows for easy collaboration and sharing of co-created content, making partnerships more effective and beneficial for all parties involved.

Comparing Popular Fitness Apps

Informing your audience about their options helps establish your authority in the field:

  1. Write a blog post comparing the features of popular fitness apps.
  2. Share a video review of your personal experience with different apps.
  3. Post a comparison chart on social media highlighting pros and cons.
  4. Host a live discussion about what to look for in a fitness app.
  5. Share client stories about their experiences with various apps.
  6. Create an infographic detailing the most user-friendly fitness apps.
  7. Offer a downloadable guide on the best apps for different fitness goals.
  8. Discuss the integration of wearable tech with fitness apps.
  9. Post a “Top 10” list of your favorite fitness apps and why.
  10. Share a behind-the-scenes look at how you use fitness apps in your training.

Leveraging Exercise.com, you can explain how your custom-branded app stands out from the competition, offering a unique and professional solution that covers all bases from workout planning to tracking and analysis.

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Providing exercise-specific content can educate and inspire your audience to try new things:

  1. Share step-by-step guides for complex exercises.
  2. Post video tutorials on proper form and technique.
  3. Create a series highlighting “Exercise of the Week.”
  4. Share posts debunking common exercise myths.
  5. Write about the benefits of specific exercises for different body parts.
  6. Post alternative exercises for common movements.
  7. Share quick workout routines focusing on one type of exercise, like plyometrics.
  8. Discuss the history and evolution of certain exercises.
  9. Offer advice on how to safely increase the intensity of an exercise.
  10. Share exercise modifications for different skill levels or injuries.

Exercise.com’s app can provide a platform for personal trainers to distribute this educational content, ensuring clients have access to safe and effective exercise instruction wherever they are.

Fitness Experts to Follow on Instagram

Highlighting other experts can offer diverse perspectives and show you’re connected to the wider fitness community:

  1. Curate a list of motivational fitness experts and share why they’re worth following.
  2. Feature an “Expert of the Week” with a brief bio and their best fitness advice.
  3. Share stories or reels that showcase other experts’ top tips or workouts.
  4. Create a collaboration post where multiple experts share their number one fitness tip.
  5. Interview an industry leader and share snippets on your feed.
  6. Start a hashtag trend that features daily posts from different fitness experts.
  7. Compile a “Top 10 Workouts” list from various fitness gurus.
  8. Post “behind-the-scenes” looks at how top fitness influencers train.
  9. Share a roundup of the best fitness advice you’ve seen on Instagram this week.
  10. Create a community post where your followers can tag their favorite fitness experts.

Through your branded app with Exercise.com, you can facilitate connections between these experts and your clients, creating an integrated network of fitness professionals.

Give Your Audience Fitness Tips

Providing daily or weekly fitness tips keeps your audience engaged and informed:

  1. Post a daily “Fitness Tip of the Day” with actionable advice.
  2. Share weekly blog posts with a collection of tips on a specific topic.
  3. Create short videos with quick fitness hacks and post them regularly.
  4. Share infographics with tips for improving workout effectiveness.
  5. Offer tips tailored to different fitness levels or age groups.
  6. Post about the importance of rest and recovery with practical suggestions.
  7. Share seasonal fitness tips, like how to stay active in winter.
  8. Provide tips on how to overcome common fitness plateaus.
  9. Post about the latest fitness research and what it means for your audience.
  10. Share quick stretches or exercises for people with desk jobs.

Exercise.com can be a platform to not only share these tips but also to create custom content like workout plans or educational materials that clients can use to improve their fitness journey.

Health Benefits of Regular Exercise

Educating your followers on the health benefits can help them stay motivated and committed:

  1. Create posts that detail how regular exercise benefits mental health.
  2. Share infographics on the impact of exercise on chronic diseases.
  3. Post testimonials from clients who have experienced health improvements.
  4. Write detailed articles about the different types of exercise and their benefits.
  5. Share a weekly “Health Fact” related to exercise.
  6. Create a series on how regular exercise can improve quality of life.
  7. Discuss the role of exercise in healthy aging.
  8. Share a comparison of the health benefits of cardio vs. strength training.
  9. Post about the immediate benefits of a single workout session.
  10. Discuss how regular exercise can positively impact sleep quality.

By incorporating these educational pieces through the Exercise.com platform, you can show your audience that your services are not just about aesthetics, but overall well-being.

Helping Other Personal Trainers

Sharing knowledge and resources can establish you as a leader in the personal training field:

  1. Write blog posts with tips for personal trainers just starting out.
  2. Share your favorite resources for continued education.
  3. Post video tutorials on advanced training techniques.
  4. Create a community group for personal trainers to discuss challenges and solutions.
  5. Share case studies of successful client transformations and how you achieved them.
  6. Host webinars or live Q&As to share your expertise with other trainers.
  7. Post articles on business strategies for personal trainers.
  8. Share success stories from other trainers who have used your methods.
  9. Offer mentorship opportunities or internships through your business.
  10. Create an e-book on building a successful personal training business.

With the help of Exercise.com, you can also create a network where personal trainers can share their experiences, learn from each other, and access professional tools to manage their business effectively.

These content ideas aim to bolster the presence of personal trainers in various digital landscapes, and utilizing Exercise.com’s comprehensive features can certainly help in organizing, tracking, and managing the multifaceted aspects of a fitness professional’s online content and client engagement strategies.

Offer Freebies

Free resources can attract new followers and give back to your community:

  1. Give away a free e-book on nutrition basics when users sign up for your newsletter.
  2. Share a free weekly workout plan with different focus areas.
  3. Post downloadable checklists for workout prep or meal planning.
  4. Offer a free first-time consultation for new clients.
  5. Host a monthly prize draw for followers who engage with your content.
  6. Create a series of free instructional videos for basic home workouts.
  7. Offer printable guides for exercises that can be done anywhere.
  8. Share a free mindfulness and meditation guide for rest days.
  9. Provide a complimentary fitness journal PDF to track workouts and goals.
  10. Create an exclusive community group that offers free live Q&A sessions.

Using Exercise.com, you could easily distribute these freebies through your custom-branded app, giving users a taste of the full suite of services you offer.

Favorite Workouts

Sharing your personal or clients’ favorite workouts can provide authenticity and inspiration:

  1. Post a “Trainer’s Pick” workout of the week.
  2. Share a client’s favorite workout and their story.
  3. Create a “Top 5 Workouts” list that your followers love.
  4. Discuss your personal favorite exercise routines and why they work for you.
  5. Post seasonal workout routines, like “Summer Beach Body” or “Winter Warm-Ups.”
  6. Share a “Throwback Thursday” featuring old but gold workouts.
  7. Create a challenge based on your favorite high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts.
  8. Share clips from your personal workout sessions to inspire others.
  9. Discuss the workouts you recommend for stress relief and why.
  10. Create a community poll to find out followers’ favorite workouts and share results.

By integrating these favorites into your Exercise.com platform, clients can access them directly, making it easy to follow along and stay motivated.

Setting Realistic Weight Loss Goals

Setting achievable goals is crucial for sustained progress and motivation:

  1. Write a blog post about the importance of setting realistic goals.
  2. Share success stories of clients who have achieved their weight loss goals.
  3. Post a video explaining how to set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals.
  4. Create an infographic with tips for setting weight loss goals.
  5. Offer a free goal-setting workshop or webinar.
  6. Share a “Goal of the Month” to encourage followers to focus on small, attainable goals.
  7. Post interactive content where followers can share their goals and progress.
  8. Discuss the pitfalls of overly ambitious goals and how to avoid them.
  9. Offer personalized goal-setting sessions as a service.
  10. Share tips for adjusting goals as circumstances change.

Exercise.com can support clients in setting and tracking their weight loss goals through customizable app features, enhancing their sense of accomplishment and commitment.

Goal Setting

Educating on broader goal-setting strategies can foster a proactive and positive mindset:

  1. Post articles on the psychological aspects of goal setting and achieving.
  2. Share stories of how goal setting has changed clients’ lives.
  3. Offer a goal-setting checklist or guide.
  4. Post motivational quotes about the power of goals.
  5. Create a series of posts about setting long-term vs. short-term goals.
  6. Share a testimonial video of a client discussing their goal-setting journey.
  7. Discuss the importance of flexibility in goal setting.
  8. Offer a printable monthly goal tracker.
  9. Share a list of common goal-setting mistakes and how to avoid them.
  10. Create a challenge that focuses on setting and accomplishing a goal within a month.

By emphasizing goal setting, personal trainers can utilize the Exercise.com platform to help clients define clear and measurable objectives, providing them with the roadmap and tools necessary to achieve their fitness aspirations.

This structure of content ideas provides a multifaceted approach to engaging clients and growing a personal trainer’s brand. Each category offers a unique angle to captivate and educate the audience, building a strong and loyal community around your fitness philosophy and the services you provide through Exercise.com.

Ask Questions

Engaging with your audience through questions encourages interaction and builds community:

  1. Post a “Question of the Day” related to fitness and encourage responses.
  2. Create a weekly poll on fitness preferences or habits.
  3. Ask for feedback on your services and what clients would like to see more of.
  4. Share a “This or That” fitness edition post and ask followers to choose.
  5. Host an “AMA” (Ask Me Anything) session on fitness topics.
  6. Post a fitness-related dilemma and ask your followers how they would handle it.
  7. Share a controversial fitness topic and ask for opinions.
  8. Create a quiz on nutrition or exercise and share the results.
  9. Ask clients to share their biggest fitness challenges.
  10. Pose a question that encourages followers to tag their workout buddies.

Exercise.com’s app can facilitate these conversations directly with clients, providing a seamless way to engage and learn more about their preferences and needs.

Burning Calories During Personal Training

Showing the effectiveness of workouts can be very motivating for current and potential clients:

  1. Share a video explaining how different exercises burn calories.
  2. Post before-and-after photos of a training session with calorie burn data.
  3. Create an infographic on the average calorie burn of popular workouts.
  4. Share a client’s success story focusing on calorie burn and results.
  5. Post a weekly challenge that encourages followers to beat their calorie burn record.
  6. Discuss how to maximize calorie burn during workouts with tips and tricks.
  7. Share a list of “Top Calorie-Burning Activities” to try during personal training.
  8. Create a post discussing the myths and facts about burning calories.
  9. Offer a downloadable guide on exercises that offer the best calorie burn-to-time ratio.
  10. Host a live workout session focused on high-calorie-burning exercises.

Personal trainers can track and show real-time calorie burn using devices that integrate with the Exercise.com platform, providing immediate feedback and a sense of accomplishment for clients.

Celebrate Member Achievements

Recognizing progress and success can boost morale and encourage a supportive community:

  1. Share a “Member of the Month” story and their achievements.
  2. Post about milestones reached by clients, such as total weight lifted or miles run.
  3. Create a virtual “Wall of Fame” for clients who reach their goals.
  4. Share before-and-after photos of clients (with their permission).
  5. Celebrate anniversaries of clients joining your training program.
  6. Acknowledge small wins as well as big achievements.
  7. Post client testimonials along with their success stories.
  8. Share a video compilation of client achievements over the year.
  9. Create an “Achievement Day” where you feature multiple clients and their stories.
  10. Offer special rewards or recognition for consistent clients.

With Exercise.com, you can celebrate these achievements by featuring them in the app, providing a public acknowledgment that can inspire the entire community.


Collaborating with other professionals or brands can offer fresh content and reach wider audiences:

  1. Partner with a nutritionist and create a combined workout and meal plan.
  2. Host a joint fitness challenge with another trainer or influencer.
  3. Share a guest post from a physical therapist on injury prevention.
  4. Collaborate with a sports brand for a giveaway.
  5. Create a workout series with a fellow fitness professional.
  6. Host a joint Q&A session on fitness and wellness.
  7. Collaborate on a podcast episode with another expert in the fitness industry.
  8. Run a co-branded workshop or webinar.
  9. Share a “swap” post with another trainer, where you post on each other’s accounts.
  10. Create a community event or charity workout with several local trainers.

Your Exercise.com app can host shared content from collaborations, offering your clients a valuable mix of expertise and community involvement.

Continuing with this approach, personal trainers can craft a diverse and engaging content strategy that highlights their knowledge, celebrates their community, and ultimately drives business growth.

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What kind of content should I NOT post as a personal trainer?

Avoid posting content that promotes unhealthy habits, showcases unverified information, or is potentially harmful. Stay away from sharing personal or controversial opinions unrelated to fitness. Always ensure the safety and efficacy of any advice or exercise you demonstrate.

What content should I post as a personal trainer?

Post content that showcases your expertise, like workout tutorials, nutrition tips, and client success stories. Highlighting your certifications and ongoing education can also build trust. With Exercise.com, you can host these exercise videos and even sell workout plans, enhancing your content’s reach and professionalism.

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What do personal trainers post on social media?

Personal trainers often post workout demonstrations, nutritional advice, client testimonials, and motivational content. Sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses of your training sessions, client progress, and fitness journey personalizes your brand.

How do you create good fitness content?

Good fitness content is informative, engaging, and genuine. Stay updated with the latest fitness research, ensure your demonstrations are clear, and engage with your audience by answering questions and acknowledging feedback. Using platforms like Exercise.com allows you to create and host professional-grade exercise videos.

How do I use my content to get more personal training leads?

Consistently post valuable content, engage with followers, and use calls to action in your posts. Encourage existing clients to share their success stories. Through Exercise.com, you can sell workout plans and run online fitness coaching, which can be promoted through your content to attract more leads.

How do I promote myself as a personal trainer?

Create a strong online presence across multiple platforms. Share testimonials, certifications, and engage with followers. Consider offering free workshops or classes to showcase your skills. Exercise.com can further boost your promotion by offering a custom branded fitness app for your business.

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What is a good bio for a personal trainer?

A good bio introduces who you are, your certifications, specialties, and a touch of your personal fitness journey. It should reflect your passion for fitness and how you can help potential clients. Mentioning tools like Exercise.com can emphasize your professional approach to fitness.

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How do I promote my personal training on Instagram?

Use Instagram to showcase before-and-after photos, conduct live workouts, share short exercise clips, and engage with followers. Utilizing Instagram Stories and collaborating with fitness influencers can also boost your visibility. You can further direct followers to book a demo or view content through Exercise.com.

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Is TikTok good for personal trainers?

Yes, TikTok is an excellent platform for personal trainers due to its vast audience and the popularity of fitness content. It’s perfect for sharing short, engaging workout clips, challenges, and tips.

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How do I sell workout plans online?

First, create detailed and tailored workout plans. Then, choose a platform to sell them. Exercise.com is a fantastic choice, allowing you to host and sell your workout plans, accept payments, and even offer online coaching, all under your brand.

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How do you create a fitness niche?

Identify gaps in the market, consider your passion and expertise, and research potential target audiences. Whether it’s post-pregnancy workouts, senior fitness, or sport-specific training, specialize in an area you’re passionate about.

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Do personal trainers need social media?

While not mandatory, social media is highly beneficial for personal trainers. It allows for greater reach, engagement with clients, and showcasing of expertise.

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Should I post fitness content?

Absolutely! Posting fitness content establishes your authority in the field, engages current clients, and attracts potential ones. By combining this with tools from Exercise.com, such as hosting exercise videos, you can offer a holistic online fitness solution.

How can Exercise.com help me run my fitness business online?

Exercise.com is a premier software solution for fitness professionals. It empowers you to manage your business, accept payments, book online, host exercise videos, sell workout plans, and conduct online fitness coaching. All of this is available through a custom branded fitness app, emphasizing its professional solution for fitness experts. Booking a demo with Exercise.com will provide a comprehensive overview of its capabilities.

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