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Gym Rent for Personal Trainers in 2024

Gym Rent for Personal Trainers in 2024

Posted by Tyler Spraul, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist® (CSCS®) on August 16, 2017 — Updated on April 11, 2024

Learn all about gym rent for personal trainers, whether you should rent gym space as a personal trainer, how much gym rental for personal trainers costs, and more.

Gym Rent for Personal Trainers

Whether you are a gym owner or personal trainer, if you want to rent gym space for personal training then understanding the pros and cons of gym rental space and the various ways you can rent gym space by the hour, the week, the month, etc. will all be helpful as you decide whether you should consider renting gym space for personal training (be sure to check out the free gym rental agreement template).

After all, if you want to learn how to become a personal trainer, and learn how to start a personal training business, then you maybe don’t want to jump through all the hoops to open a gym (and all of the high costs of opening a gym). Conversely, if you are a gym owner, maybe renting gym space to a personal trainer is a great way to make some extra cash from your facility while providing a valuable service to your members.

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Personal Trainer Gym Rental Agreements

  • Self-employed personal trainers who rent gym space can save money.
  • Personal trainers must select a rental based on important business factors and client considerations.
  • Would-be renters must be fully aware of the rules associated with renting from the gym.

Working as a personal trainer on staff at a gym has its rewards. The gym usually books the clients and pays trainers a set rate. To make lucrative money, however, renting gym space for personal training can be a safe and effective way to earn money with fewer long-term commitments or space restrictions.

Instead of accepting employment with a gym, many fitness pros prefer to rent space and solicit their services to clients.

Renting space from a gym is not too difficult, but doing so should be carefully thought out. Otherwise, the plan could come with a few unavoidable troubles. The right approach to renting space just makes the venture a more productive breadwinner.

Exercise.com’s gym management software helps you stay organized while providing your clients everything they need even if you operate out of more than one facility.

The Basic Approaches to Renting a Fitness Facility

How do I rent a private gym studio for personal training? A little bit of networking or even cold calling may reveal what particular gyms rent out space. Many advertise rental space availability on the internet. As a client, can you bring a personal trainer to a gym? Not typically, unless that trainer is associated with the facility.

Most independently-owned gyms are open to renting out their space to personal trainers, though. The revenue streams are hard to turn down and don’t exactly require a lot of work. This is the reason many a looking at renting gym space as a personal trainer.

How much is it to rent gym space? Gym space rentals could involve monthly, weekly, or even hourly deals. A trainer with a decent client base won’t mind paying $300 or more for a full month’s access to the gym. Someone with a limited number of clients may find $35 for two hours acceptable if he/she charges $30 per half-hour and has four clients.

As a rule, personal trainers must make sure they can afford a flat-rate rent charge. Otherwise, only the gym will be making money.

What can personal trainers unable to pay a flat rate do? A barter system remains another possible option.

With a barter system, the trainer may pay a percentage per client to the gym. Paying 20% of training fees means the trainer won’t pay for days he/she isn’t working or when business is slow. Even when business is up, keeping 80% or so of the fee would be fair. The gym makes the whole enterprise possible, so its owner deserves a cut.

Prices can vary depending on a lot of factors like location, amenities, and more. It can get rather expensive, but with studios like Orangetheory costing over $300,000 (according to FranchiseTimes) rental space could be well worth it. Because of this, personal trainers shouldn’t focus solely on the costs of rent. Think about what else renting a gym will entail.

In many cases, operating your own personal training business will be more work than becoming a personal trainer at a gym because you’ll be searching for your own clients. How do gym personal trainers get clients? Usually, the gym will offer an introductory session, assessment, or advertise personal training specials to encourage current members to try training.

As an independent personal trainer, you’ll likely be searching for clients from outside locations. This is why your training location becomes pivotal to your success.

Renting Space for Personal Training: Location

The gym’s location plays a major role in attracting clients. Choosing a particular facility should be done carefully, even a prime location could work against a trainer. If you don’t know where to find an available fitness space, you’ll need to brainstorm places that fit your needs as a trainer.

A gym located in a prestigious region probably comes with high rental costs. Personal trainers would need a combination of regular clients at high rates to make a high-rent area worth booking. Trainers must make rental decisions based on their bottom line or else the whole endeavor won’t turn the necessary profit.

The location of the gym should also make pulling in new clients fairly easy. A lower-priced gym located in an industrial area far removed from homes, apartments, or stores won’t likely experience a consistent supply of walk-in traffic. There just won’t be many people around.

So, a personal trainer must work very hard at direct marketing him/herself towards would-be clients. Even when those potential clients show up, they might not like the remote setting and choose to go elsewhere.

Remember, the gym location needs to be inviting.

Always weigh the pros and cons of location when choosing rental space. And don’t forget the actual facilities the gym offers. Workout creating and logging software can help in many situations! For instance, if you lose access to your rental space or are operating out of a distant studio, your clients can keep training anywhere in the world thanks to convenient software that is included with many other features.

Renting Space for Personal Training: Amenities

Without a doubt, the condition of the gym and its equipment factors into whether renting space is a good idea. The equipment should be well-maintained and relatively new. A diverse array of weights, barbells, kettlebells, yoga mats, medicine balls, stability balls, benches, and more should be present.

How can a trainer take a client through a workout without the right equipment? And how many customers want to stick with a trainer when the gym fails to impress?

Remember, personal trainers are not paying for space and access alone. They are paying for what is inside the gym. The gym has to be well-equipped, or it just won’t be of much value.

Using this software you’ll be able to sell anything from gym memberships, nutrition plans, fitness assessments, and any equipment you might need your clients to bring that the facility doesn’t provide. In today’s world, many clients might be willing to purchase their own supplies to avoid further contact and the spread of germs.

Renting Space for Personal Training: Rules and Requirements

Gyms have rules for trainers, and the rules may extend beyond the standard “keep equipment clean” or “always rack weights” requirements. Special rules could involve:

  • Setting weight maximums on Smith machines.
  • Banning powerlifting workouts.
  • Barring the sale or even recommendation of supplements.

Really, a gym can set pretty much any rules it wishes. Even dress codes could be mandated. Personal trainers must understand all gym rules before signing any rental agreements. Otherwise, the relationship between the gym owner and the personal trainer could sour.

And most gyms probably won’t rent out space to someone without a personal training certification.

Without requesting industry credentials, the gym owner would be taking a liability risk allowing a non-certified trainer to work out of his/her space.

Probably the most cost-impacting requirement may be insurance-related. A gym may place a requirement that a personal trainer carries insurance, which would be an added cost. Considering what insurance covers, however, the price could be worth it. (Read more about personal trainer insurance and gym insurance, and why gym insurance is important).

Do personal trainers get paid by the gym? In most cases, yes. This isn’t always the case, however. If you work as a gym employee, the gym collects the money and pays you. If you rent out a gym space, you won’t have to give them a cut from every client.

What gym pays personal trainers the most? This varies from place to place. Many popular gyms will pay trainers a percentage of the training package, typically under 50%.

By using Exercise.com’s software, you’ll be provided with customized and branded mobile fitness apps. This will ensure your clients stay up-to-date with any changes to rules, closures, or other important notifications that can be pushed through your apps.

Keys to Renting Gym Space for Personal Training

The entrepreneurial-minded probably want to move very quickly with setting themselves up in business. While it’s difficult to fault anyone for being motivated, taking the time to explore your options so that you can find the best gym for your training needs is encouraged.

Rushing into a weak deal won’t help the cause of getting a personal training venture on the path towards success. Be smart and take the right approach when picking the perfect gym and rental deal.

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How can I rent gym space for personal training near me?

To rent gym space for personal training near you, start by researching local gyms and fitness centers to see if they offer rental opportunities for independent trainers. Networking with other fitness professionals and using online platforms or social media groups dedicated to fitness professionals in your area can also be valuable resources. When considering gym space, it’s important to evaluate the terms of use, including availability of equipment, space size, and any restrictions or requirements set by the gym. For managing and growing your fitness business, a platform like Exercise.com can offer valuable tools to streamline operations and enhance client engagement, which may assist in making the gym rental process more efficient and aligned with your business goals.

How much does gym rental for personal trainers cost?

The cost of gym rental for personal trainers can vary widely based on location, amenities, and the prestige of the gym facilities for rent. Typically, renting gym space for personal training could range anywhere from $15 to $100 per hour, depending on the city and the type of gym space for rent. For personal trainers looking to rent gym space, it’s important to consider not just the hourly rate but also the terms of the rental agreement, such as minimum hours and the availability of equipment. Some gyms for personal trainers to rent may offer packages or monthly rates, which could be more cost-effective for those who train clients regularly. When looking for a personal training studio for rent, compare various gyms available for rent to find a space that fits your budget and needs.

Where can I find cheap gym rental for personal trainers?

To find cheap gym rental for personal trainers, start by exploring local community centers, smaller gyms, and non-traditional spaces like churches or community halls that might offer gym studios for rent at lower rates. Some gyms for personal trainers to rent might offer discounted rates during off-peak hours, making it a more affordable option for personal trainers to rent gym space. Websites and apps designed for renting gym space for personal training can also provide listings of gym facilities for rent that fit a variety of budgets. Remember, the cheapest option might not always meet all your needs, so weigh the cost against the location, amenities, and overall vibe of the gym space for rent.

How do I find small gym space for rent near me?

Finding a small gym space for rent near you can be as simple as conducting an online search for personal trainer space for rent or private gym space for rent near me. Many gym rental for personal trainers listings can be found on specialized websites that cater to fitness professionals looking for personal training rental space. Networking with other personal trainers and fitness industry professionals can also lead to discovering available gym rent for personal trainers. Don’t overlook smaller, boutique gyms or specialty studios that may offer personal trainer gym rental opportunities, as these can often provide a more intimate and personalized space for training clients.

How much is private gym space for rent?

The cost of private gym space for rent can vary significantly based on factors such as location, size, and amenities included. Generally, personal trainer gym rental in major cities can be higher, with prices ranging from $25 to $200 per hour for premium gym studios for rent. When searching for gym space for rent, it’s crucial to inquire about all potential costs involved, not just the base rent, to ensure the gym rental for personal trainers fits within your budget. Many gyms available for rent might offer discounts for longer commitments or off-peak hours, so it’s worth negotiating to find a deal that works for both parties.

What are the gyms that allow independent personal trainers?

Gyms that allow independent personal trainers typically include local independent gyms, boutique fitness studios, and some larger chain gyms for personal trainers to rent space. These facilities recognize the value of having diverse training options available and often provide personal training rental space as a way to attract a broad clientele. When searching for gyms available for rent, it’s important to ask about the facility’s policies regarding independent trainers and whether there are specific requirements or fees for personal trainer rent gym space. Gym facilities for rent that cater specifically to personal trainers often offer flexible terms and supportive environments for building your client base.

Is it possible to rent gym space by the hour?

Yes, it is indeed possible to rent gym space by the hour, making it a flexible option for personal trainers who may not need a full-time personal training studio for rent. Many gyms for personal trainers to rent offer hourly rental rates, allowing trainers to book space only for the time they need, which is ideal for those with varying client schedules. When looking into gym rental for personal trainer, be sure to inquire about the availability of hourly rentals and whether there are any minimum booking requirements or discounts for booking multiple hours at once. Hourly gym rent for personal trainers can provide the versatility needed to accommodate individual training sessions or small group classes without the commitment of a long-term lease.

Which gyms pay the most for personal trainers?

Gyms that tend to pay the most for personal trainers are often high-end luxury facilities, boutique studios that specialize in a particular type of fitness, and well-established gym chains known for their comprehensive services. In these settings, personal trainers can benefit from higher compensation due to the premium services provided and the clientele’s willingness to invest in their health and fitness. Trainers looking for gym facilities for rent or employment should research and network within these types of establishments to understand the compensation structures, including base pay, commission rates, and potential bonuses for client retention and sales.

Do personal trainers get charged by gyms?

Yes, personal trainers often get charged by gyms to use their space, which is a common practice in the industry. This arrangement can take the form of a flat rental fee, a percentage of the trainer’s session fees, or a combination of both. This fee structure is part of the gym rent for personal trainers model, where trainers pay for access to the gym facilities for rent and equipment to provide their services. Trainers considering renting gym space for personal training should carefully review the rental agreement to understand all costs involved and ensure that the arrangement aligns with their business model and financial goals.

Do personal trainers typically pay rent?

Personal trainers typically pay rent to use gym spaces, which is a standard aspect of the personal training rental space business model. This rent can vary widely based on the gym’s location, amenities, and prestige. Personal trainer space for rent and personal trainer gym rental agreements are common in the industry, allowing trainers the flexibility to operate independently within an established gym environment. When exploring options for gym space for rent, personal trainers should consider the rental cost as a key factor in their business expenses and negotiate terms that allow for sustainable growth and profitability in their personal training services.

What do most personal trainers charge per hour?

Most personal trainers charge an hourly rate that can range widely depending on their experience, specialization, and location. Typically, rates can vary from $30 to over $100 per hour. Trainers in metropolitan areas or those with niche expertise tend to be at the higher end of the spectrum. When setting rates, trainers should consider the going rate for personal trainer gym rental in their area and the value they bring to their clients. Gyms for personal trainers to rent might also influence pricing, as higher gym rent for personal trainers costs could necessitate higher session rates to maintain profitability.

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Why are gym personal trainers so expensive?

Gym personal trainers are often considered expensive due to the specialized expertise, personalized attention, and tailored fitness programs they provide. Additionally, the overhead costs associated with renting gym space for personal training, maintaining certifications, and possibly sharing revenue with the gym where they train all contribute to the cost. When clients invest in personal training rental space, they’re not just paying for the trainer’s time; they’re investing in their health, the convenience of having a professional guide their fitness journey, and access to the gym facilities for rent that come with professional training services.

Why do personal trainers pay rent?

Personal trainers pay rent to access the space and equipment necessary to provide high-quality training services. This arrangement allows trainers the flexibility to operate their businesses within well-equipped gyms available for rent without the significant upfront investment of owning a facility. Paying gym rent for personal trainers is a trade-off that gives them access to clients, premium equipment, and the professional environment of a gym for personal trainers to rent, all of which contribute to offering more value to their clients.

Can personal trainers write off gym clothes?

Yes, personal trainers can typically write off gym clothes as a business expense, provided these clothes are used exclusively for work and not for personal wear. This can include branded attire or specific uniforms required by the gym studios for rent where they train. Keeping detailed records and receipts is crucial for justifying these expenses if audited. This tax deduction can help offset some of the costs associated with personal trainer rent gym space and maintaining a professional appearance.

Can you live off being a personal trainer?

Many personal trainers successfully make a living from their profession, especially those who build a strong client base, specialize in certain areas of fitness, and effectively manage their business expenses, including gym rental for personal trainer fees. The key to thriving as a personal trainer often involves continuous education, effective marketing, and diversifying income streams, such as offering online training, group classes, or selling fitness products in addition to one-on-one sessions. Personal trainer space for rent costs must be carefully managed to maintain profitability.

Where do most personal trainers work?

Most personal trainers work in a variety of settings, including commercial gyms, fitness centers, boutique studios, clients’ homes, and outdoor spaces. Many also provide online training sessions, especially following the rise of digital fitness trends. The choice of workplace often depends on the trainer’s client base, preferred training style, and the economics of personal training studio for rent versus other options. With the flexibility of rent gym space for personal training, trainers can choose the environment that best matches their and their clients’ needs.

What country pays personal trainers the most?

Countries with high living standards and a strong culture of health and fitness, such as the United States, Australia, and some parts of Europe, tend to pay personal trainers the most. In these regions, there’s a significant demand for personal training services, which, coupled with a willingness to invest in health and wellness, can lead to higher earnings for trainers. However, personal trainer gym rental costs and the cost of living in these countries can also be higher, which is an important consideration.

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Is it better to buy or lease gym equipment?

Deciding between buying or leasing gym equipment hinges on evaluating your business’s financial health, operational needs, and future goals. Purchasing equipment offers the benefits of ownership, long-term cost savings, and potential tax advantages through depreciation, but it requires a significant upfront investment and places the burden of maintenance and potential obsolescence on the owner. On the other hand, leasing minimizes initial costs, provides flexibility to upgrade, and often includes maintenance in the lease agreement, making it an attractive option for new businesses or those looking to regularly update their equipment. However, leasing can ultimately be more expensive over time and does not result in asset ownership. The best choice varies based on individual business circumstances, with some gyms finding a mixed approach—buying essential, durable items and leasing high-tech or rapidly evolving equipment—to be most effective.

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Can I rent space in a gym if I am not a certified personal trainer?

Gyms will likely not rent out space to someone that is not certified due to liability concerns.

How can I start a personal training business?

Starting a personal training business involves several key steps: obtaining the necessary certifications, defining your target market, setting up your business structure, and finding the right gym space for rent or opting for an online platform. Building a strong brand and online presence can also attract clients. Considering the costs associated with personal trainer rent gym space and investing in marketing and client management software can help streamline operations and grow your business.

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What is the best personal training software?

The best personal training software is one that addresses the comprehensive needs of a trainer, including client management, scheduling, workout planning, and progress tracking. A platform that offers integrated payment processing, marketing tools, and support for both in-person and online training can be particularly beneficial. Software that simplifies the administrative aspects of renting gym space for personal training and enhances the client experience can significantly contribute to the success of a personal training business.

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