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How do fitness influencers make money? (27 Ways)

How do fitness influencers make money? (27 Ways)

Posted by Tyler Spraul, Certified Strength and Conditioning SpecialistĀ® (CSCSĀ®) on May 28, 2023 ā€” Updated on January 24, 2024

Understanding how fitness influencers make money reveals a diverse landscape of revenue streams. Exercise.com equips fitness influencers to generate income through selling workout plans, online training, hosting virtual challenges, and offering a branded fitness app, all while providing an engaging platform to build and maintain a loyal following. If you’re questioning whether fitness influencers make money, rest assured that with the right approach and platform, they do.

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With Exercise.com, you can learn how to make money as a fitness influencer that goes beyond just doing sponsored ads. Exercise.com is a comprehensive platform with the best fitness software for influencers, the best personal training software, and the best gym management software so no matter what type of fitness business you have, it simplifies the process and amplifies your earning potential while also helping you run fitness challenges, create online workout groups, do fitness livestreaming, do in-person and online training, and more, all through your own custom-branded fitness apps.

Fitness Income Ideas

Once you learn how to make money from fitness, then you have the software platform you need to take your earnings to the next level. With its ability to create, market, and sell personalized workout plans to a vast audience, Exercise.com can help transform your fitness passion into a lucrative online business.

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How Fitness Influencers Make Money

Let’s get right to some practical ways that fitness influencers make money. You can sell workout plans, run fitness challenges, offer access (paid) to an online workout group, you can sell online training sessions, sell a membership to your fitness app, and much more. Here are some easy things you can do with the Exercise.com software platform.

Use the Exercise.com workout plan creator to create your workout plans.

Workout Plan Creator

Then mark them for sale online so you can sell workout plans easily and quickly.

Sell Workout Plans

Publish your custom branded fitness apps to iOS and Android so you can offer a premium workout logging experience to your community.

Custom Branded Apps

Run fitness challenges, create online workout groups, do distance training, and of course, sell workout plans online, all right within the Exercise.com platform.

Online Groups
Core Online Mobile Fitness App
“My custom-branded apps have made my life easier and helped streamline my online training, which in turn has transformed into a pretty awesome additional revenue stream for me and my family.”
Tony Gentilcore
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List of Ways Fitness Influencers Make Money

Here is a big list of different ways that fitness influencers earn money:

  1. Selling Workout Plans: Fitness influencers can create and sell personalized workout plans. Exercise.com offers an excellent platform for selling these plans online.
  2. Online Coaching: Fitness influencers can offer online personal training or coaching sessions. Exercise.com’s platform facilitates one-on-one coaching sessions.
  3. Membership Programs: Fitness influencers can establish subscription-based membership programs. With Exercise.com, these can include exclusive workout content, tips, and advice.
  4. Fitness Challenges: Fitness influencers can host fitness challenges with entry fees. Exercise.com supports setting up and managing such challenges.
  5. Sponsored Content: Brands often pay fitness influencers to create content that features their products.
  6. Affiliate Marketing: Influencers can earn commissions by promoting fitness-related products and earning a cut of any sales made through their unique referral links.
  7. Selling eBooks: Fitness influencers can write eBooks on fitness-related topics and sell them to their audience. Exercise.com can be used to sell and distribute these eBooks.
  8. Fitness App: Fitness influencers can launch a custom-branded fitness app using Exercise.com’s software, providing another revenue stream.
  9. Merchandise Sales: Fitness influencers can create and sell branded merchandise like apparel, equipment, and accessories.
  10. Paid Partnerships: Fitness influencers often partner with fitness brands to promote their products or services in exchange for payment.
  11. Online Courses: Fitness influencers can create and sell online fitness courses. Exercise.com can host and distribute these courses.
  12. Webinars/Workshops: Fitness influencers can host paid webinars or online workshops on specific fitness topics.
  13. Public Speaking: Influencers can be invited to speak at conferences or events, often for a fee.
  14. Donations/Patreon: Fitness influencers can accept donations from their followers or set up a Patreon for recurring donations.
  15. YouTube Ad Revenue: Fitness influencers can earn ad revenue from their fitness videos on YouTube.
  16. Product Line: Fitness influencers can create their own line of fitness products, like supplements or equipment.
  17. Meal Plans: Fitness influencers can create and sell healthy meal plans. Exercise.com can facilitate selling these online.
  18. Fitness Retreats/Events: Fitness influencers can organize and host fitness retreats or events.
  19. Selling Stock Photos/Videos: Fitness influencers can sell stock photos or videos of fitness-related content.
  20. Guest Blogging: Fitness influencers can write guest posts for other blogs or websites for a fee.
  21. Instagram Collaborations: Fitness influencers can get paid to create posts or stories promoting a brand’s product on Instagram.
  22. TikTok Partnerships: Fitness influencers can earn money by partnering with brands to create promotional content on TikTok.
  23. Brand Ambassador: Fitness influencers can become brand ambassadors, regularly promoting a brand’s products in exchange for payment.
  24. Podcasting: Fitness influencers can start a fitness podcast and earn money through sponsorships and ads.
  25. Paid Fitness Modeling: Fitness influencers can do fitness modeling for brands, magazines, or fitness events.
  26. Book Deals: Successful fitness influencers may be offered book deals to share their fitness journey or expertise.
  27. Teaching Fitness Classes: Fitness influencers can host live fitness classes online or in-person. Exercise.com can facilitate online class bookings and payments.

The rise of fitness influencers

Simeon Panda Fitness Influencer
Source: Simeon Panda, Fitness Influencer

Fitness influencers have taken social media by storm and have created a lucrative career out of their passion for fitness. From Instagram posts to YouTube videos, they have captured the attention of millions of followers, but the question remains: how do fitness influencers make money?

In recent years, the fitness industry has undergone a massive transformation with the rise of social media. People no longer want to rely on traditional fitness magazines and workout programs. Instead, they want to be inspired, motivated, and guided by real people who share their journey.

One of the biggest impacts of social media on the fitness industry has been the democratization of information. Before social media, fitness enthusiasts relied on magazines and books to learn about fitness and nutrition. These sources were often written by experts who were far removed from the everyday struggles of the average person. Social media, on the other hand, has allowed everyday people to share their fitness journeys and provide valuable advice and guidance to others.

The impact of social media on the fitness industry

Social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube have provided the perfect stage for fitness influencers to share their knowledge and connect with their followers. By posting photos and videos of their workouts, healthy meals, and lifestyle, they have created a loyal fan base that trusts and follows their every move.

One of the biggest advantages of social media for fitness influencers is the ability to connect with their followers on a personal level. They can respond to comments, answer questions, and provide personalized advice to their followers. This level of engagement helps to build trust and credibility, which is essential for success in the fitness industry.

Key factors contributing to the success of fitness influencers

Building a successful career as a fitness influencer is not an easy feat. It requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and commitment. Some of the key factors that contribute to the success of fitness influencers include:

  • Creating engaging content that resonates with their audience. This includes not only workout videos and healthy recipes, but also personal stories and insights into their own fitness journey.
  • Utilizing various social media platforms to reach a wider audience. Successful fitness influencers are active on multiple platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter.
  • Collaborating with other influencers and brands to expand their reach and credibility. By collaborating with other fitness influencers and partnering with fitness brands, influencers can reach new audiences and establish themselves as experts in the field.
  • Maintaining authenticity and transparency. Trust is essential in the fitness industry, and followers expect influencers to be honest and transparent about their own fitness journey, including their struggles and setbacks.

Overall, the rise of fitness influencers has been a positive development for the fitness industry. By providing valuable advice, inspiration, and motivation, fitness influencers have helped to democratize fitness and make it accessible to a wider audience. As social media continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how fitness influencers adapt and continue to inspire their followers.

Building a strong online presence

One of the most crucial elements of becoming a successful fitness influencer is building a strong online presence. Here’s how:

Creating engaging content

Fitness influencers have to create engaging content that not only showcases their skills but also entertains, educates and motivates their followers. They have to come up with creative ways to inspire their audience to be healthy, stay fit, and never give up.

Utilizing various social media platforms

Fitness influencers use various social media platforms to get their message out there and connect with their audience. They leverage Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to share their workouts, recipes, tips, and motivational messages. This not only increases their reach but also helps them build a strong brand identity.

Collaborating with other influencers and brands

Collaborating with other influencers and brands is one of the best ways for fitness influencers to build their credibility and expand their reach. They partner with other influencers and brands to create co-branded content, host fitness challenges, and showcase new products.

Jesse James West x Mountain from Game of Thrones Collaboration
Jesse James West x Mountain from Game of Thrones Collaboration

Monetizing through brand partnerships

Brands are always looking for ways to reach their target audience, and fitness influencers provide the perfect platform to do so. Fitness influencers are individuals with a considerable following on social media platforms, who create content related to health and fitness. By partnering with various brands, fitness influencers can monetize their content and earn a significant income. Here are some ways that fitness influencers make money through brand partnerships:

Sponsored content and product endorsements

Fitness influencers partner with various brands to promote their products and services. They feature sponsored content on their page, share a product review, and provide a discount code to their followers. For instance, a fitness influencer may partner with a sports nutrition brand to promote their protein powder. The influencer may create a post on their social media page, where they share their experience with the product and provide a discount code to their followers. This method of monetization is prevalent among fitness influencers and can earn them a considerable income.

Becoming a brand ambassador

Some fitness influencers become brand ambassadors for their favorite products. They represent the brand and provide discounts to their followers through custom discount codes, thus making a commission off resulting sales. For example, a fitness influencer may become a brand ambassador for a fitness apparel company. They may create content featuring the brand’s products and provide their followers with a discount code. The influencer earns a commission on every sale made using their code.

Creating co-branded products

Fitness influencers with a strong personal brand may decide to create their products. These co-branded products can range from workout plans to supplements or an apparel line. Not only does this monetize their content, but it is also a testament to a highly engaged audience. For instance, a fitness influencer may create a workout plan and sell it to their followers. The influencer earns a profit from every sale made, and their followers benefit from a workout plan created by someone they trust.

Fitness brand partnerships are an excellent way for fitness influencers to monetize their content. Through sponsored content, becoming a brand ambassador, and creating co-branded products, fitness influencers can earn a significant income while providing value to their followers. However, it is essential to ensure that the partnerships align with their values and audience to maintain authenticity and trust.

Kayla Itsines Fitness Influencer
Source: Kayla Itsines, Fitness Influencer

Offering fitness programs and coaching services

Finally, fitness influencers often offer their fitness programs, coaching services, and consultation services as another way to generate revenue. These services are a great way for influencers to share their expertise and help others achieve their fitness goals. Exercise.com supports influencers in creating multiple revenue streams, including selling workout plans, online coaching, virtual challenges, and providing a custom-branded fitness app.

Developing personalized workout plans

Fitness influencers create personalized workouts for their clients by taking into account their fitness goals, medical background and limitations, as well as their lifestyle. These plans can be sold digitally or in-person, providing a steady income stream for influencers.

Personalized workout plans are essential for clients who want to achieve specific fitness goals. Whether it’s losing weight, building muscle, or improving overall health, a personalized workout plan can help clients get there faster and more efficiently. Fitness influencers use their expertise to create customized workout plans that are tailored to their clients’ needs and preferences.

These workout plans can include a variety of exercises, such as strength training, cardio, and flexibility training. They can also include recommendations for nutrition and supplements to help clients achieve their goals.

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Providing online coaching and consultations

Fitness influencers offer online coaching to provide guidance and accountability to their clients. They provide personalized advice to their clients virtually, leveraging video conferencing and messaging technology to supplement their in-person work.

Online coaching is a convenient and cost-effective way for clients to get the support they need to achieve their fitness goals. It allows them to work with a fitness influencer from anywhere in the world, at any time. Online coaching can also be more affordable than in-person coaching, making it accessible to a wider range of clients.

During online coaching sessions, fitness influencers can provide guidance on exercise form, nutrition, and lifestyle habits. They can also provide motivation and accountability to help clients stay on track.

Hosting fitness challenges and events

Fitness challenges and events provide a great way for fitness influencers to earn revenue. By taking an entry fee and prizes funding by sponsorships, fitness challenges can be a win-win for both the influencer and the brands that sponsor them.

Fitness challenges can take many forms, such as weight loss challenges, fitness competitions, or virtual races. They can be hosted online or in-person, depending on the influencer’s preference and the type of challenge.

Hosting fitness events is another way for fitness influencers to engage with their audience and earn revenue. These events can include fitness classes, workshops, or retreats. They provide an opportunity for influencers to connect with their followers in person and offer a unique fitness experience.

Overall, fitness programs and coaching services are an essential part of a fitness influencer’s business model. They allow influencers to share their expertise, help others achieve their fitness goals, and generate revenue in the process.

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Do fitness influencers make money?

Fitness influencers have taken over social media by storm in recent years. With the rise of wellness and living a healthy lifestyle, there has been an increased demand for health and fitness content. Let’s take a look at the money-making potential of fitness influencers, how they generate income, the challenges they face, and their potential earnings.e.

The growth of social media platforms

Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok are the top social media platforms that have contributed to the growth of fitness influencers. These platforms have made it easy for people to share photos and videos of their workouts and healthy meals with their followers. They have also made it possible for individuals to promote their products and services to a broader audience.

The demand for health and fitness content

The wellness industry is worth billions of dollars, and people are willing to pay for products and services that help them live a healthy lifestyle. Fitness influencers have tapped into this demand by providing their followers with relevant and engaging content. They share their fitness routines, diet plans, and personal tips and tricks to help their followers reach their fitness goals.

How fitness influencers generate income

There are several ways fitness influencers can generate income. The most common ways are through sponsored content and brand partnerships, affiliate marketing, selling workout programs and merchandise, online coaching, and hosting fitness events and retreats.

Being a fitness influencer is a lucrative business, with the top influencers earning millions of dollars per year. But how do they do it? Let’s take a closer look at each of the ways fitness influencers can generate income.

Sponsored content and brand partnerships

Brands pay fitness influencers to create content that promotes their products or services. Fitness influencers are often seen endorsing workout gear, supplements, and other health-related products. They may be required to post photos or videos of themselves using or wearing the product or service. This type of advertising is effective because followers trust the influencer’s opinion and are more likely to purchase a product if it is recommended by someone they follow and admire.

Affiliate marketing

In this model, fitness influencers receive a commission for every sale made through their unique affiliate link. If a follower clicks on their link and purchases a product, the influencer will receive a percentage of the sale as commission. This is a common way for fitness influencers to earn income from promoting products they use and love. It’s a win-win situation for both the influencer and the brand, as the influencer earns money and the brand gets exposure and sales.

Selling workout programs and merchandise

Many fitness influencers sell their own workout programs and merchandise. They may sell e-books, workout plans, or clothing lines that appeal to their followers. This is a great way for fitness influencers to monetize their brand and provide value to their followers. By creating their own products, they can build a loyal customer base and earn passive income.

Online coaching and personal training

Some fitness influencers offer online coaching and personal training services to their followers. They may provide personalized workout plans, nutrition coaching, and one-on-one support to help their clients reach their fitness goals. This is a more hands-on approach to monetizing their brand, but it can be a rewarding experience for both the influencer and the client. Online coaching allows fitness influencers to work with clients from all over the world, and it can be a great way to build a community and connect with their followers on a deeper level.

Hosting fitness events and retreats

Hosting fitness events and retreats is another way for fitness influencers to earn income. They may organize workout classes, health and wellness retreats, or speaking events. These events can provide valuable networking opportunities and exposure for their brand. It’s also a great way for fitness influencers to connect with their followers in person and create a sense of community.

In conclusion, there are many ways for fitness influencers to generate income. Whether it’s through sponsored content, affiliate marketing, selling their own products, online coaching, or hosting events, fitness influencers have a variety of options to monetize their brand and provide value to their followers.

The challenges of being a fitness influencer

While being a fitness influencer may seem glamorous, there are several challenges that come with the territory. Fitness influencers have to work hard to build and maintain a loyal audience, navigate the competitive landscape, and balance authenticity with monetization.

Building and maintaining a loyal audience

One of the biggest challenges for fitness influencers is building and maintaining a loyal audience. With so many influencers in the industry, it can be challenging to stand out in a sea of fitness personalities. Influencers must continuously provide valuable content to their followers to keep them engaged and loyal.

Building a loyal audience takes time and effort. Fitness influencers have to create content that resonates with their followers. They must also engage with their audience by responding to comments and messages. This helps to build a sense of community and fosters a loyal following.

However, maintaining a loyal audience can be just as challenging as building one. Fitness influencers must consistently provide high-quality content to keep their followers engaged. They must also adapt to changes in the industry and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques.

Navigating the competitive landscape

The fitness industry is highly competitive, and it can be challenging for influencers to differentiate themselves from others. They must continuously come up with new and innovative content to keep their followers interested.

One way that fitness influencers can navigate the competitive landscape is by finding a niche. By focusing on a particular area of fitness, such as yoga or strength training, influencers can differentiate themselves from others in the industry. This can help to attract a specific audience and build a loyal following.

Another way to stand out in a competitive industry is by collaborating with other influencers. Collaborations can help to expand an influencer’s reach and introduce them to new audiences. They can also provide opportunities to create unique and engaging content.

Balancing authenticity and monetization

Another challenge for fitness influencers is finding a balance between authenticity and monetization. Influencers must be genuine and authentic with their followers, but they also need to generate income to make a living. Finding a balance between providing valuable content and promoting products can be challenging.

One way that fitness influencers can balance authenticity and monetization is by only promoting products and services that they believe in. Influencers who promote products solely for financial gain risk damaging their reputation and losing the trust of their audience.

Another way to balance authenticity and monetization is by creating sponsored content that aligns with an influencer’s values and brand. This can help to maintain authenticity while generating income.

In conclusion, being a fitness influencer is not an easy task. It requires hard work, dedication, and a willingness to adapt to changes in the industry. However, with the right approach, fitness influencers can build a loyal following, stand out in a competitive industry, and balance authenticity with monetization.

The potential earnings of fitness influencers

The earnings of fitness influencers vary depending on several factors. The size of their following, engagement rate, niche, and the number of collaborations they have all impact their income potential. However, there are several other factors that can influence the earning potential of fitness influencers.

Factors affecting fitness influencer income potential

One of the main factors that impact the income potential of fitness influencers is the size of their following. The more followers an influencer has, the more they can charge for sponsored content and brand partnerships. Engagement rate is also important, as brands prefer to work with influencers who have high engagement rates. However, other factors such as the influencer’s niche and the quality of their content can also impact their earning potential.

For example, an influencer who specializes in yoga may have a smaller following than a general fitness influencer, but may have a higher earning potential due to their niche. Additionally, an influencer who consistently produces high-quality content that resonates with their audience may have a higher earning potential than an influencer with a larger following but lower-quality content.

Top-earning fitness influencers and their success stories

Some fitness influencers have managed to turn their passion for fitness into a lucrative career. The top-earning fitness influencers make six or seven-figure incomes. They have built massive followings on social media and have established themselves as experts in the industry. Many have even gone on to create their own fitness empires, including clothing lines, supplement brands, and workout studios.

For example, Kayla Itsines, a fitness influencer from Australia, has built a fitness empire with her Bikini Body Guide program. Itsines has over 12 million followers on Instagram and has earned an estimated $17 million from her fitness empire. Similarly, Joe Wicks, also known as The Body Coach, has built a successful fitness brand with his 90-day plan and workout videos. Wicks has over 4 million followers on Instagram and has earned an estimated $14 million from his fitness empire.

These success stories demonstrate the earning potential of fitness influencers who have built a strong brand and established themselves as experts in the industry. However, it’s important to note that building a successful fitness brand takes time, dedication, and hard work.

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How Much Does the Average Fitness Influencer Make?

The earning of a fitness influencer can vary widely, depending on their follower count, engagement rates, and the platform they’re active on. Some influencers make a few hundred dollars per sponsored post, while others with larger followings can earn thousands or even tens of thousands per post.

How Much Do Influencers Make Per Follower?

The earnings per follower vary depending on factors such as engagement rate, platform, and the influencer’s niche. On Instagram, for example, influencers generally earn around $10 per 1,000 followers for a sponsored post, but this can fluctuate significantly.

How Much Do Influencers Make Per Post?

Earnings per post depend on factors like the platform, follower count, engagement rate, and the specifics of the sponsorship deal. Some influencers can make a few hundred dollars per post, while others can make thousands or tens of thousands for a single sponsored post.

Who Is the Highest Paid Fitness Influencer?

Kayla Itsines is often cited as one of the highest-paid fitness influencers, earning millions from her fitness app and eBook sales. However, this information may have changed, and it can be hard to pinpoint who is the highest paid fitness influencer since not all fitness influencer income information is publicly available. Generally speaking the fitness influencers who make the most money are the ones who create their own fitness brands and products, rather than just relying on promoting other company’s brands via sponsored posts and affiliate arrangements.

Who Is the Highest Paid Non-Celebrity Fitness Influencer?

The earnings of non-celebrity fitness influencers can vary greatly, but influencers like Cassey Ho (Blogilates), Joe Wicks (The Body Coach), and others have built lucrative fitness empires from their online influence.

What Social Media Pays the Most to Influencers?

Fitness influencer earnings vary greatly across platforms. YouTube often pays more due to ad revenue sharing, but Instagram, with its high engagement rates, can be lucrative for sponsored posts. TikTok, while newer to the influencer scene, has also proven profitable for some influencers.

How Do Fitness Influencers Make Money on TikTok?

Fitness influencers can make money on TikTok through sponsored content, brand partnerships, and the TikTok Creator Fund, which pays creators based on their views. They can also use TikTok to direct followers to their other revenue-generating platforms, such as their Exercise.com storefront.

How Do Fitness Influencers Make Money on YouTube?

Fitness influencers earn money on YouTube through ad revenue, sponsored content, and affiliate marketing. They can also direct viewers to purchase their workout plans or other fitness products available on their own custom branded platform from Exercise.com.

How Do Fitness Influencers Make Money on Instagram?

On Instagram, fitness influencers make money through sponsored posts, brand collaborations, affiliate marketing, and by selling their own products or services. They can easily direct followers to their Exercise.com storefront to purchase their workout plans or other fitness products.

How Do Fitness Influencers Make Money on Facebook?

Fitness influencers can monetize Facebook through sponsored posts, Facebook’s Ad Breaks program in their videos, fan subscriptions, and by directing followers to purchase their fitness products or services, such as those offered on their Exercise.com platform.

Fitness Influencer Income Generation and Lasting Impact

Fitness influencers can make a substantial income by promoting products and services that align with their brand. The key to success is finding a balance between authenticity and monetization while also providing their followers with valuable content. While being a fitness influencer may come with challenges, the potential earnings make it an attractive career path for fitness enthusiasts looking to turn their passion into profit.

Becoming a successful fitness influencer takes time and effort, but the rewards can be tremendous. By building a strong online presence, partnering with brands, and offering coaching services, they can create a lucrative career out of their passion for fitness.

However, being a fitness influencer is not just about fame and fortune. It’s also about inspiring others to live healthier and happier lives. By sharing their own fitness journeys, influencers can motivate their followers to make positive changes in their own lives.

One way that fitness influencers can make a difference is by promoting body positivity. In a world where unrealistic beauty standards are constantly being pushed, it’s important to remind people that everyone’s body is unique and beautiful in its own way. Fitness influencers can use their platform to encourage their followers to embrace their bodies and focus on being healthy rather than achieving a certain look.

In addition to promoting body positivity, fitness influencers can also use their platform to raise awareness about important health issues. For example, they can share information about the benefits of regular exercise, healthy eating habits, and mental health awareness. By educating their followers about these topics, they can help improve the overall health and wellbeing of their audience.

Finally, becoming a fitness influencer is not just about personal success, but also about giving back to the community. Many influencers use their platform to raise money for charity or participate in events that support a good cause. By using their influence for good, they can make a positive impact on the world around them.

Overall, becoming a successful fitness influencer is about more than just building a following and making money. It’s about inspiring others, promoting positivity and healthy habits, and giving back to the community. If you’re passionate about fitness and want to make a difference in the world, then becoming a fitness influencer may be the perfect career path for you.

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