Here’s Why You Should Switch from Trainerize

Searching for an alternative to Trainerize? We’re glad you’re here!

There’s a more powerful platform that can scale your training business worldwide. We have users in over 100 countries waiting for you!

And it’s right at your fingertips.

#1 – Do More with Less

At, you can leverage one fitness plan multiple ways: for individual clients, groups, automated memberships, and one-time sales.

With our software, the world is your oyster! (A very technologically advanced oyster)

And that’s no cliché. That’s the life you want.

#2 – Simply Work Harder and Smarter

With our flexible programming, your exercises can take on many forms. They won’t be as cool as shape-shifters, but pretty close.

You can add and remove as many workout parameters as you want: sets, reps, weight, time, and more. Easily organize progressions to keep your clients moving forward. Add alternative workouts for those with injuries.

All it takes is a few clicks on our user-friendly interface to help your clients reach their potential!

#3 – Engage Clients

It always helps to see the numbers. So give your fitness users all the data they need to track their progress and stay focused.

After logging workouts, they can view their totals, find in-depth data for specific exercises, and view all workout records.

You’ll keep clients coming back for more!

#4 – Set It, Forget It

Okay, don’t literally forget it. But training plans, files, videos, and more can be automatically released based on a member’s join date allowing you to focus your time on growing your business!

Create training plans and videos, then watch them work for you. All while growing your business worldwide.

#5 – Generate Leads

Expanding your clientele can be both efficient and fun!

You can approach new users through custom assessments that invite them to join your training program, help you understand their fitness history, and gauge their interest.

Create as many different types of questions and assessments as you want, and pass them along to current clients, too!

Train more, earn more!

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#6 – Boost and Automate Sales

Set your own subscription prices for individual clients and groups. (You can even offer coupon codes for any lucky people you choose!) Automate your memberships, so that clients can sign up without your help.

If you want more reach, link your own personal website to your workout plans. We also help you build affiliate networks so that other people/businesses can promote your training.

We always lead people back to your expertise!

#7 – See Your Revenue

Clients aren’t the only ones who need numbers to keep going! You do, too.

That’s where your Trainer Dashboard comes in. You’ll be able to view all your dollar data: 30-Day Gross, Estimated Next Transfer, and Last Transfer amounts. You’ll also see how many active subscribers you have.

With this info, you can make informed decisions that are right for you and your training business.

#8 – Customize Training Groups

Our platform gives members the opportunity to build community by leveraging our group activity feeds, leaderboards, and discussion boards!

You can also leverage our group technology as automated training memberships. Simply schedule the training and have members join, all while you focus on other areas of your business. Run a training group on a time-release schedule, or make all of its videos and plans available at once.

The choice is yours!

#9 – Establish Your Brand Online!

Did someone say “custom-branded apps”?

Yep, we have those, too! They’re tailored to your training brand, so that users know what sets your business apart — giving you an engaging experience that reflects the personality of your business.

#10 – Train Other Trainers

Give other trainers the opportunity to create their own businesses under your guidance.

You’ll give them room to grow and learn the trick of the training trade!

#11 – You’ll Get Support (and Success!)

Let our Support Team conquer your clients’ requests and our Success Team train you to be an e-Training wizard! (Who doesn’t want to be a wizard?)

Online Marketing Made Easy

If we haven’t made ourselves clear yet, is about helping you build your training business the fun, flexible, and efficient way!

We help you get clients, which helps you get sales.

And you help your clients get expert results . . . all while enjoying what you do.

So when it comes to the world’s #1 training marketplace, we know what’s up!

Let us show you how we can transform your business!

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