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How to Become a Fitness Brand Ambassador (Complete Guide)

To learn how to become a fitness brand ambassador, you'll first need to decide whether you want to promote apparel, equipment, supplements, or other fitness-related products. By visiting company websites and social media outlets, you can find the best fitness brand ambassador programs and incentives. Fitness brand ambassadors can make over $70,000 with the right company.

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UPDATED: Jul 6, 2021

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Get the Basics...
  • Fitness brand ambassadors tend to promote fitness apparel, equipment, or supplements.
  • Each fitness business will offer different incentives which may include discounts, commissions, and free products.
  • You can find fitness ambassador jobs on company websites, social media outlets, or job hosting websites.

Learning how to become a fitness brand ambassador could help you grow your fitness business by increasing your exposure and legitimacy as an industry professional. Fitness brand ambassadors that use effective workout software can expedite the growth of their businesses.

If you’re looking to increase your outreach and image by becoming a fitness ambassador, you’re in the right place. We’ll highlight some of the best fitness ambassador programs, how to become a fitness brand ambassador, and the benefits of becoming a fitness brand ambassador.

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How do I become a fitness brand ambassador?

Becoming a fitness brand ambassador is a straightforward process with most companies. First, you’ll want to decide what you want to represent. Are you looking to have a certain appearance with a fitness apparel company or do you want to be known for the specific equipment you train with?

When it comes to fitness brand ambassadors, you’ll have the option of promoting equipment, apparel, resources, supplements, and so on. The hard part is that you don’t want to over-commit to too many products or you won’t be able to uphold the requirements of each program.

Most of your top fitness brands will have ambassador programs listed directly on their websites. For example, Lululemon is considered a top fitness apparel competitor and you can apply to be an ambassador by using their website. Similarly, you’ll be able to find some fitness ambassador programs by skimming through companies on Instagram. 

How do you become a fitness brand ambassador? You can find many other top fitness apparel brands looking for influencers by perusing company websites or searching for fitness ambassador jobs on the top job hosting websites like or LinkedIn.

If you’re looking to start a fitness brand ambassador program, you’ll need to decide what you’re promoting and what incentives other people will get for being ambassadors of your brand.

Is it worth being a fitness brand ambassador?

Being a fitness brand ambassador is usually a low-stress side job that can offer you some decent benefits. The most common benefits of being a brand ambassador include:

  • Promotional Products
  • Discounted Products/Services
  • Increased Publicity
  • Quick Money

These are just a handful of the direct benefits of being a brand ambassador. Other benefits include flexible work hours, little time commitment, no experience required, and more. The most challenging part of becoming a fitness ambassador is that each company will offer something different.

In some cases, you might find a company that has different tiers of ambassadors. For example, Titan Fitness has one program listed for entry-level ambassadors and another for high-level ambassadors referred to as advocates. Again, by visiting the company website, you can apply and learn more about your eligibility for each.

In the above example, you’ll see that Titan Fitness offers discounts and commissions as incentives for brand ambassadors at any level. Some organizations will be more cash-driven while others will offer more discounts. With Titan, only the advocates receive free products to test.

In general, you won’t find many companies that give away a lot of free products unless they are promotional materials like pens, cups, and other low-cost advertising supplies. Many companies use ambassadors as a form of free or cheap marketing. You’ll be expected to post workouts or images of clients using the company’s products.

This is why workout software can be so helpful. You’ll be able to spend less time creating and logging workouts, and more time building your business and representing your companies. You’ll even be able to include marketing material in your customized exercise library if you choose workout software with

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Do fitness ambassadors get paid?

This will depend on the company. Most new fitness brands will only be able to offer discounts and inexpensive marketing supplies, while larger companies will be more likely to pay you. Some will pay commissions while others might offer hourly pay.

How much do fitness brand ambassadors make? According to ZipRecruiter, the average fitness brand ambassador makes just over $44,000 per year. Some ambassadors can make over $70,000, but it’s more likely to be under the national average.

For those that rely on commissions, it’s worth noting that many companies will pay based on the number of followers or likes your posts get. In this case, having a custom-branded fitness app could be a useful tool, where all of your social media accounts can be linked and accessible for all of your followers.

How to Become a Fitness Brand Ambassador: The Bottom Line

If you’re a fitness professional looking to become a fitness brand ambassador, you’ll learn that every fitness company has a slightly different approach to hiring and rewarding brand ambassadors. You could earn commissions, hourly wages, discounts, free products, and more depending on the company.

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