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8 Best Gym Security Systems in 2024

8 Best Gym Security Systems in 2024

Posted by Tyler Spraul, Certified Strength and Conditioning SpecialistĀ® (CSCSĀ®) on January 19, 2024 ā€” Updated on March 20, 2024

Compare the best gym security systems from Kisi, Pelco, HID Global, and more. See how the best gym software with door access control system can keep your gym secure.

Best Gym Security Systems

Choosing the best gym security system is crucial for ensuring the safety and security of fitness facilities. These types of gym door access control systems range from advanced gym security monitoring and high-quality gym CCTV systems to smart gym access management and gym biometric security systems. Incorporating the right security solutions, like gym door access control systems and gym intrusion detection systems, can significantly enhance the overall security posture of a gym, ensuring the protection of both assets and members.

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Integrating your gym security system with the best gym business management software is essential. This integration not only streamlines operations but also enhances member experience and security. Exercise.com, recognized for its top-notch gym and personal training software solutions, offers seamless integration, elevating the efficiency and effectiveness of gym security systems.

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Best Gym Security Systems Compared

CompanyDoor Access ControlMobile AppsKey FobsBiometric AccessGym Software Integration
KisiYesYesYesYesDirect with Exercise.com
HID GlobalYesYesYesYesNo
Avigilon (formerly Openpath)YesYesYesYesNo

#1 Kisi


Kisi stands out as a leading provider in gym security solutions, particularly due to the direct Kisi integration with Exercise.com. This collaboration allows gym owners not only to manage their gym security through the Kisi app but also enables gym members and staff to open gym doors and check in to the gym right from their custom branded gym app from Exercise.com.


  • Direct integration with Exercise.com for comprehensive management.
  • Offers mobile app access, key fobs, and biometric access for enhanced security.
  • User-friendly interface for easy operation.


  • Higher cost due to advanced features.
  • Requires technical know-how for initial setup.

Kisiā€™s system excels in providing smart gym access management, incorporating features like door access control and advanced gym security monitoring. The integration with Exercise.com enhances the user experience, offering gym owners and members a seamless and secure way to access gym facilities. With Kisi, gyms can leverage the benefits of modern gym video surveillance and gym electronic security equipment, ensuring top-notch security and convenience.

The Kisi and Exercise.com integration particularly stands out, offering a unique combination of gym security and management software. This integration means not only can gym owners control access and monitor security, but they can also manage memberships, scheduling, and other gym operations, all within a unified system. This synergy between gym security and operational efficiency positions Kisi and Exercise.com as the best choice for modern fitness facilities looking for reliable gym security solutions and comprehensive gym safety systems.

Exercise.com offers powerful automations that can be triggered upon check-in.

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Aside from door access control, Exercise.com boasts an intuitive gym member management system, gym appointment scheduling, and workout tracking.

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Plus, with a custom-branded gym app, you’ll elevate your gym’s branding and member experience.

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#2 Pelco


Pelco is renowned for its high-quality gym CCTV systems and advanced gym security monitoring solutions. They offer top gym surveillance cameras, making them a solid choice for gym owners seeking reliable gym security solutions. A strong contender for the best gym security system, Pelco commercial camera systems use AI to monitor for object/ā€‹motion detection and tampering in your fitness facility and then send alerts.


  • Specializes in high-quality gym CCTV systems and video surveillance.
  • Offers advanced gym security monitoring and reliable gym security solutions.
  • Comprehensive gym safety systems with modern surveillance technology.


  • Limited integration with gym management software.
  • No biometric access or key fob options available.

Pelco’s systems are ideal for gym owners prioritizing modern gym video surveillance. Their cameras and monitoring systems provide gym owners with peace of mind, ensuring comprehensive coverage and security. While Pelco doesn’t offer direct integration with gym management software like Exercise.com, their focus on visual security makes them a top choice for gym CCTV and surveillance needs.

#3 HID Global

HID Global

HID Global specializes in gym biometric security systems and smart gym access management. Their systems offer robust gym door access control systems and advanced security features.


  • Advanced biometric access and smart gym access management.
  • High-quality gym CCTV systems and electronic security equipment.
  • Reliable gym security solutions with a focus on modern technology.


  • No direct gym software integration.
  • May require additional investment for full feature utilization.

HID Global is perfect for gym owners looking for a blend of biometric security and electronic access control. While lacking in direct software integration, their systems provide a high level of security and are particularly suited for gyms looking for top-of-the-line gym biometric security systems.

#4 Brivo


Brivo offers comprehensive gym security automation systems and access control solutions. Known for their smart gym access management, they are a good fit for gym owners seeking automated and integrated security systems.


  • Smart gym access management with automated control systems.
  • Offers gym door access control and mobile app access.
  • Reliable gym security solutions with a focus on automation.


  • No direct integration with fitness-specific software like Exercise.com.
  • Limited options in terms of biometric security.

Brivoā€™s gym security systems are well-suited for gym owners who prioritize automation and ease of use. While they don’t offer direct integration with gym management software, their systems provide efficient and reliable gym security solutions.

#5 Avigilon (formerly Openpath)


Avigilon (formerly Openpath) excels in providing smart gym access management and gym security automation systems. Their innovative approach to access control makes them a strong contender in the gym security market.


  • Innovative gym security automation systems.
  • User-friendly mobile app access and key fob integration.
  • Flexible and scalable gym security solutions.


  • No direct integration with comprehensive gym management software.
  • Limited in advanced surveillance features like gym CCTV systems.

Avigilon is ideal for gym owners looking for flexible and innovative access control solutions. Their focus on smart gym access management makes them a good choice for those seeking modern and scalable gym security systems.

#6 Salto


Salto is known for its reliable gym security solutions, offering robust gym door access control systems and key fob access. They are a solid choice for gym owners who prefer traditional security systems.


  • Reliable gym door access control systems.
  • Offers key fob access for easy entry management.
  • Sturdy and dependable gym security equipment.


  • No mobile app access or biometric security options.
  • Limited integration capabilities with gym management software.

Salto’s systems are best suited for gym owners looking for traditional and reliable gym security solutions. They provide a straightforward approach to gym security, focusing on sturdy access control systems.

#7 ButterflyMX


ButterflyMX is known for its innovative approach to gym security, particularly in providing smart gym access management solutions. Their systems are designed with modern technology, offering user-friendly interfaces and robust security features.


  • Advanced gym security monitoring with modern technology.
  • User-friendly mobile app access enhances user experience.
  • Offers biometric access for increased security.


  • No direct integration with gym-specific software solutions like Exercise.com.
  • Limited in traditional surveillance methods like gym CCTV systems.

ButterflyMX’s products are ideal for gym owners who prioritize ease of use and modern security features. Their focus on user-friendly technology and advanced access solutions positions them well in the market for gyms seeking modern and efficient security systems.

#8 Swiftlane


Swiftlane stands out in the gym security market for its comprehensive approach, offering a range of features from door access control to biometric security. Their focus on integrating advanced technology makes them a strong choice for contemporary gym facilities.


  • Offers a range of features including door access control and biometric access.
  • Advanced gym security solutions with a focus on modern technology.
  • High-quality and reliable gym security equipment.


  • Does not offer direct integration with gym management software platforms.
  • May require additional investment for the full range of features.

For gym owners looking for a comprehensive security solution that incorporates advanced technology, Swiftlane is an excellent choice. Their focus on providing a full suite of security features ensures gyms have access to top-tier security solutions.

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How to Choose the Best Gym Security System

Selecting the best gym security system is a critical decision for any fitness facility. The right system not only ensures the safety of the facility and its members but also integrates seamlessly with the gym’s operational flow.

Step #1 – Assess Your Security Needs

Understanding your gym’s specific security needs is the first step in choosing the appropriate system. Consider factors like the size of your gym, the number of access points, and the level of security required.

  • Evaluate the layout and size of your facility.
  • Determine the primary security concerns (e.g., access control, surveillance).
  • Consider the type of clientele and their security expectations.

Step #2 – Research Available Technologies

Familiarize yourself with the latest gym security technologies, including gym door access control systems, gym biometric security systems, and gym CCTV systems. Understanding the available technology will help you make an informed decision.

  • Explore the latest advancements in gym security technology.
  • Compare the pros and cons of different security features.
  • Look for systems that offer the specific features you need, like mobile access or biometric security.

Step #3 – Consider Integration Capabilities

A gym security system that integrates with your gym management software, like Exercise.com, can streamline operations and enhance member experience. Look for systems that offer this level of integration.

  • Check for compatibility with your current gym management software.
  • Consider the benefits of integrated systems for operational efficiency.
  • Look for solutions like Kisi, which offer direct integration with Exercise.com.

Step #4 – Evaluate Cost vs. Benefit

Consider the cost of the security system in relation to the benefits it provides. While itā€™s important to have a secure facility, ensure that the investment aligns with your budget and business goals.

  • Analyze the initial investment and ongoing costs.
  • Consider the long-term benefits and ROI of the security system.
  • Balance the cost with the level of security and convenience offered.

Step #5 – Read Reviews and Get References

Before making a final decision, read reviews and seek references from other gym owners. Their experiences can provide valuable insights into the reliability and effectiveness of different systems.

  • Look for reviews and case studies online.
  • Talk to other gym owners about their experiences with different security systems.
  • Consider the reputation and customer service of the security system providers.

Choosing the right gym security system is a significant decision that impacts the safety, efficiency, and reputation of your fitness facility. By following these steps and considering the integration with comprehensive gym management software like Exercise.com, gym owners can ensure they select a system that meets their specific needs and enhances their overall operations.

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How can I keep my gym safe?

To keep your gym safe, implement a reliable access control system, install surveillance cameras, and ensure adequate lighting in all areas. Regularly inspect and maintain equipment to prevent accidents. Establish clear safety protocols and emergency procedures, and train staff accordingly. Encourage a culture of safety and respect among members.

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What is the best access control system for gyms?

The best access control system for gyms is one that offers convenience, security, and scalability. Systems like key fob or card access, biometric scanners, or mobile app-based access are popular. The choice depends on your gym’s size, budget, and specific security needs.

What are gym keys called?

Gym keys are commonly referred to as key fobs or access cards. These are electronic devices used for keyless entry into gym facilities, typically using RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology or magnetic stripes.

How much does a gym security system cost?

The cost of a gym security system varies widely depending on its complexity and features. Basic systems can start from a few hundred dollars, while more advanced setups with multiple cameras, access control, and high-tech features can cost several thousand dollars.

What is the strongest protection of gym access control?

The strongest protection in gym access control often involves biometric systems, like fingerprint or facial recognition scanners. These systems provide high security as they are unique to each individual and are difficult to duplicate or forge.

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How can I make my gym more accessible?

Make your gym more accessible by offering a variety of equipment that caters to all fitness levels and abilities, including those with disabilities. Ensure clear signage, wide aisles, and an inclusive environment. Offer flexible membership options and consider implementing user-friendly technology like mobile app access.

What software do gyms use?

Gyms commonly use management software like Mindbody, Zen Planner, or Exercise.com. These platforms offer features for scheduling, membership management, billing, reporting, and sometimes integrated access control, making gym management more efficient. The best gym management software is Exercise.com.

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How much does a gym key fob entry system cost?

The cost of a gym key fob entry system can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the system’s complexity, the number of access points, and additional features like integration with management software.

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Do I need insurance for my gym?

Yes, insurance is essential for a gym to protect against liability for accidents, injuries, equipment damage, and other unforeseen events. Common policies include general liability, professional liability, and property insurance.

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Does gym insurance protect my from gym theft and gym break-ins?

Gym insurance, particularly property insurance, typically covers damages and losses due to theft and break-ins. It’s important to check with your insurance provider for specific coverage details and ensure you have adequate protection.

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How common are gym break-ins?

The frequency of gym break-ins can vary based on location and security measures in place. While not extremely common, gyms can be targets due to valuable equipment and personal items stored in locker rooms. Implementing robust security measures is key to prevention.

What is the most widely used gym access control method?

The most widely used gym access control method is electronic key fobs or access cards. They are user-friendly, easily programmable, and provide a good balance of security and convenience for both gym owners and members.

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What is the most secure gym access control model?

The most secure gym access control model is biometric access, using fingerprint or facial recognition. This model offers high security as it’s nearly impossible to replicate someone’s biometric data, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.

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What is the best gym software with door access control?

The best gym software with door access control is one that integrates seamlessly with your gym’s operational software. Exercise.com, for example, offers comprehensive management features and can often integrate with access control systems, providing both security and efficiency.

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What are the different types of gym door access control systems?

Different types of gym door access control systems include key fobs or RFID cards, pin code entry, biometric scanners (fingerprint or facial recognition), and mobile app-based access. Each type offers varying levels of security and convenience.

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What is the best fingerprint scanner for gyms?

When selecting the best fingerprint scanner for gyms, it’s crucial to consider reliability, user-friendliness, and integration capabilities with your existing security gym system. The ideal scanner should offer fast and accurate readings to ensure smooth access for members while maintaining high security.

What is the most affordable fitness security system?

The most affordable fitness security system combines cost-effectiveness with essential features like intrusion alarms, access control, and surveillance. When considering security systems for gyms, look for packages that offer the best value without compromising on critical security aspects.

How do I choose gym security cameras?

Choosing gym security cameras involves evaluating factors such as resolution, field of view, low-light performance, and storage options. Ensure the cameras are suitable for the specific security needs of a typical gym, covering key areas like entrances, equipment zones, and locker rooms for comprehensive surveillance.

What is the most common gym security need for a typical gym?

The most common gym security need for a typical gym involves controlling access to ensure only members and authorized personnel can enter, deterring theft and vandalism, and monitoring the facility to ensure the safety and security of members and staff. A comprehensive security system for gyms should address these priorities effectively.

How can Exercise.com help me manage my gym and keep it secure?

Exercise.com can help manage your gym and keep it secure by offering a comprehensive platform that integrates with access control systems. Its software facilitates efficient member management, scheduling, billing, and reporting. The ability to integrate with security systems means you can manage access control alongside other gym operations, ensuring a secure and smoothly run facility.

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