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High Ticket Fitness Coaching Guide (Tools + Tips)

High Ticket Fitness Coaching Guide (Tools + Tips)

Posted by Tyler Spraul, Certified Strength and Conditioning SpecialistĀ® (CSCSĀ®) on July 14, 2023 ā€” Updated on August 24, 2023

Discover the ultimate guide to high ticket fitness coaching and learn how to maximize your earnings while helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals. In today’s fast-paced world, where time is precious and health is a top priority, high ticket fitness coaching has become a popular choice for online fitness coaches looking to start a fitness business with one of the most profitable fitness business models and individuals looking to achieve their fitness goals.

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This comprehensive guide will delve into the world of how to start a high ticket fitness coaching business, exploring why it is worth the investment, its benefits, setting realistic goals, creating customized workout plans, nutrition and meal planning, overcoming challenges, tracking progress and results, building a supportive community, maximizing client retention, effective communication strategies, leveraging technology for success, and marketing and branding tips for high ticket fitness coaches. So sit back, relax, and get ready to dive into this ultimate guide to high ticket fitness coaching. Be sure to check out the best software for online fitness influencers, the best software for personal trainers, and the best software for gym management, so that you can learn how to do high ticket fitness coaching and take your fitness business to the next level.

Dean Somerset - Bird Dog
“Developing an easy intake system with my apps and ways to scale the delivery of workouts has been huge. Working with 20-30 individuals who each have specific goals and restrictions can be challenging, but your platform makes it easy to organize everyoneā€™s programs and put a plan together that will get them the best results possible. The simple, effective tools help expand and simplify my coaching process.”
Dean Somerset
Owner, Somerset Fitness

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The Power of High Ticket Fitness Coaching: A Guide for Fitness Professionals

As a fitness coach, trainer, or gym owner, you’re driven by a passion for health, fitness, and helping people reach their goals. You strive to provide the best service to your clients, and you know that your expertise can dramatically transform lives. High ticket fitness coaching can take your practice to the next level, and this guide will walk you through why it’s worth considering, especially when utilizing the features and functionalities of the Exercise.com platform. With these resources, you can provide a premium fitness experience, attracting high-value clients and increasing your revenue.

Elevating Fitness Services with High Ticket Coaching

High ticket fitness coaching is an elevated service that aims to deliver extraordinary results. As fitness professionals, we know that results come from personalized, structured, and well-planned fitness programs. High ticket fitness coaching takes this a step further, offering a bespoke service, tailored to individual clients. It goes beyond simply creating workout plans; it’s about understanding the client’s unique needs, aspirations, and lifestyle, and using that understanding to design a comprehensive fitness strategy.

The Exercise.com platform serves as a powerful tool in your coaching arsenal, offering a seamless way to deliver personalized workout plans, conduct assessments, track progress, and provide constant motivation. With the platform, you can easily manage and grow your high-ticket coaching services, providing a top-tier service to your clients.

How to Run a High Ticket Fitness Coaching Business

Ready to get started finding the best tools for high ticket fitness coaches?

Let’s take a look at just some of the high ticket personal training tools you can use on the Exercise.com platform.

#1 Payments

Process payments for open gym, classes, and personal training.

Gym Payments

#2 Landing Pages

Create gym landing pages easily.

Landing Pages

#3 Fitness Challenges

Manage fitness challenges (Read More: 100+ Fitness Challenge Ideas)


#4 On-Demand Fitness Content

Offer on-demand fitness content.


#5 Fitness Classes and Groups

Create classes and fitness groups.

Online Groups

#6 Fitness Livestreaming

Conduct gym livestreaming easily.


#7 Automations

Engage with members via automations.

Gym Member Engagement

#8 CRM

Manage leads with a gym CRM.

Gym CRM Software

#9 Fitness Assessments

Create and send fitness assessments with ease.


#10 Habit Tracking

Use fitness habit tracking to inspire and motivate gym members and clients.

Habit Tracking

#11 Progress Photos

Use fitness progress photos to engage with members.

Progress Photos

#12 Leaderboards

Use fitness leaderboards to track event performance and inspire healthy competition.


#13 Supersets

Create exercise supersets in a snap.


#14 Rep Max Progressions

Program exercise rep max progressions with ease.

Rep Max Progressions

#15 Exercise Library

Use the exercise demonstration video library or create your own custom exercise demonstration videos.

Exercise Library

#16 Workout Plan Creator

Create workout plans for parents and dependents, teams and more.

Workout Plan Creator

#17 TV Workouts

Cast gym TV workouts to in-gym TV screens quickly and efficiently.

TV Workouts

#18 Group and Location Management

Manage multiple groups and locations with ease.


#19 Client Management

Manage clients and gym members with ease.

Client Management

#20 Appointment Booking

Book appointments for parents and dependents with ease. (Read More: Best Gym Booking Software)


#21 Gym Check-In

Gym check-in software that makes your life easy. (Read More: Best Gym Check-In Software)


#22 Messaging

Communicate with gym members, athletes, team members, personal training clients, class members, parents, and dependents via SMS, email, and in-app push notification.


#23 Performance Tracking

View performance over time, track personal records, and other fitness stats with performance reporting dashboards.

Performance Reporting

#24 Business Dashboards

And of course, view all of your gym business reports easily too.

Gym Reports

#25 Custom Branded Fitness Apps

All from your custom-branded fitness apps (Read More: Best Gym Mobile Fitness Apps Software)

Custom Branded Apps
Our overall experience with Exercise.com is a breeze. We love how easy it is to integrate this app with our current workflow while providing great fitness programs for our customers and save us time in the process.
Julie Ledbetter
Owner, Ledbetter Fitness

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High Ticket Fitness Coaching: The Advantages

High ticket fitness coaching comes with a slew of benefits that enhance the client’s experience and your coaching practices. This service allows you to leverage your in-depth knowledge of fitness, nutrition, and human physiology to design a personalized coaching approach that will yield optimal results.

With the Exercise.com platform, you can provide a range of personalized services, from custom workout plans to nutritional guides, designed to cater to the unique needs and goals of your clients. The platform’s reporting and analytics feature can help you monitor your clients’ progress, making it easier to adjust their programs as needed. You will also be able to keep your clients accountable, track their workouts, and provide real-time feedback, fostering a more connected and engaging coaching relationship.

Selecting High Ticket Fitness Clients

Choosing the right clients for your high ticket fitness coaching business is paramount to your success. As a fitness professional, you want to ensure that your clients are committed, motivated, and ready to invest in their fitness goals. Understanding your clients’ goals, needs, and lifestyle is key to designing a program that aligns with their expectations.

The Exercise.com platform offers features to help you manage client relationships effectively, from comprehensive client profiles to communication tools, making it easy to connect and maintain a strong rapport with your clients. This ensures that you’re consistently delivering exceptional coaching experiences that match their investment.

Goal Setting in High Ticket Fitness Coaching

Goal setting is an integral part of any fitness journey. In high ticket fitness coaching, it’s about defining goals that are ambitious yet achievable. By using the Exercise.com platform, you can easily set and track SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) with your clients, turning their fitness dreams into achievable steps. The platform allows you to monitor their progress closely, making adjustments as necessary to ensure they’re consistently moving towards their targets.

Custom Workout Plans for High Ticket Clients

A customized workout plan is a hallmark of high ticket fitness coaching. The Exercise.com platform comes equipped with a powerful workout plan creator, enabling you to design personalized workouts that cater to each client’s fitness level, goals, and limitations. With this tool, you can create, update, and track workouts, offering your high ticket clients a truly personalized fitness journey.

Nutritional Guidance for High Ticket Fitness Clients

A well-rounded fitness program also includes a strong focus on nutrition. Using the Exercise.com platform, you can provide your high ticket clients with customized nutrition plans that complement their fitness routines. By guiding your clients through healthy eating practices, you help them understand that nutrition is not just about dieting, but rather about fueling their bodies for optimal performance and health.

Overcoming Challenges with High Ticket Fitness Coaching

Despite the many benefits, high ticket fitness coaching does come with its set of challenges. However, using the Exercise.com platform, you can navigate these challenges effectively. Whether it’s overcoming motivational dips, navigating time constraints, or handling workout plateaus, the platform allows you to provide timely feedback and support, ensuring your clients remain motivated and on track.

Tracking Progress in High Ticket Fitness Coaching

Monitoring and analyzing a client’s progress is essential in high ticket fitness coaching. With Exercise.com, you can track workouts, assess progress, and make data-driven decisions. This feature ensures that every step of your client’s journey is documented, analyzed, and utilized for their success, maximizing their investment in your coaching service.

Creating a Community for High Ticket Clients

High ticket fitness coaching can foster a sense of community among your clients. The Exercise.com platform offers features that allow clients to interact, fostering a supportive community where clients can share their experiences, challenges, and achievements. By encouraging community interaction, you can provide your clients with a supportive, inclusive, and motivating fitness environment.

Ensuring Client Retention in High Ticket Fitness Coaching

High ticket fitness coaching is not only about acquiring new clients but also about retaining your existing ones. Client retention is vital to the success of your coaching business. With the Exercise.com platform, you can provide a consistently excellent client experience that inspires loyalty and increases retention rates. By offering personalized workout and nutrition plans, maintaining strong communication, providing regular progress reports, and fostering a supportive community, you’ll create an environment that your clients would be hard-pressed to leave.

Generating Revenue with High Ticket Fitness Coaching

The ultimate goal of offering high ticket fitness coaching is to generate higher revenue for your business. By providing premium services that yield superior results, you’ll be able to charge higher prices. With Exercise.com, you can easily manage your clients’ subscriptions, payments, and renewals, ensuring a steady flow of income. You’ll also have the tools to track your business’ financial health, making it easier to make informed decisions about your pricing, services, and client acquisition strategies.

High Ticket Fitness Coaching: An Investment in Success

High ticket fitness coaching represents a significant investment in your clients’ fitness success and the prosperity of your coaching business. Leveraging the power of the Exercise.com platform, you can deliver top-tier fitness services that cater to high-paying clients, enhance their fitness journey, and substantially increase your income. It’s about providing an exceptional service that yields exceptional results, setting you apart as a fitness professional and positioning your business for long-term success.

Whether you’re a seasoned fitness professional or just starting your journey in the industry, high ticket fitness coaching offers a powerful way to maximize your expertise, deliver premium services, and elevate your business. By understanding your clients, personalizing your services, tracking progress, fostering a community, and ensuring client retention, you’re not just providing a service, but you’re creating an experience – one that your high-ticket clients will be more than willing to pay for.

Embrace the power of high ticket fitness coaching, utilize the functionalities of Exercise.com, and transform both your clients’ lives and your business. You have the skills and knowledge; it’s time to take your coaching business to new heights.

How do you structure a high ticket fitness coaching program?

A high ticket fitness coaching program is typically structured to provide exceptional value and personalized service to the client. This could include personalized training and nutrition plans, regular one-on-one coaching sessions (either in person or via video call), 24/7 availability for questions or support, and regular check-ins and adjustments to the plan as needed. Using a platform like Exercise.com can streamline this process, providing an easy way to manage client programs, track progress, communicate with clients, and more.

What is considered high ticket fitness coaching?

High ticket fitness coaching refers to fitness coaching services that are priced significantly higher than average. These programs are usually highly personalized and involve a greater level of direct interaction and support from the coach. High ticket fitness coaching typically attracts clients who are committed to achieving specific fitness goals and are willing to invest in a premium service to do so.

Where to find high ticket fitness clients?

High ticket fitness clients can be found in places where people value health and have the resources to invest in their fitness. This can include high-end fitness clubs, professional networking groups, and online platforms catering to high-income individuals. Online marketing (including social media and content marketing), targeted advertising, and referrals are also effective strategies. Exercise.com can provide a digital platform that helps attract high ticket clients by demonstrating your professionalism and capabilities.

How do I find my niche in high ticket fitness coaching?

Finding your niche in high ticket fitness coaching involves identifying the unique value you can provide and who is most likely to benefit from it. This could be based on your specific areas of expertise (like post-rehab training or sports performance), your personal fitness journey, or your understanding of a particular client group (like busy executives or competitive athletes). You can then tailor your services and marketing efforts to appeal to this niche.

How do I create a high ticket fitness coaching package?

To create a high ticket fitness coaching package, start by defining what you’ll offer that sets you apart from less expensive options. This could include personalized workouts and nutrition plans, private training sessions, constant support, advanced tracking of progress, and more. Then, use a platform like Exercise.com to deliver your services efficiently and professionally. Your pricing should reflect the high value and personalized service clients will receive.

How do you charge a high ticket for fitness coaching?

Charging for high ticket fitness coaching involves determining a price that reflects the high value you’re providing. This can be based on what similar services are charging, your own expertise and reputation, and what your target clients are willing to pay. Pricing can be per session, per month, or for a complete program, and should be communicated clearly and confidently to potential clients.

How do I get my first paying high ticket fitness coaching clients?

Getting your first high ticket clients can be achieved through targeted marketing and networking efforts, showcasing your expertise through content (like blog posts, videos, or ebooks), and getting referrals from satisfied clients or peers. Offering a high-quality digital experience with a platform like Exercise.com can also help attract and retain high ticket clients.

How many clients does the average high ticket fitness coach have?

The number of clients a high ticket fitness coach has can vary widely, but because of the high level of personalized service these coaches provide, they often work with fewer clients at a time than traditional fitness coaches. This could range from a handful of clients for full-time coaches to 20 or more for coaches with additional support staff.

How do I market myself as a high ticket fitness coach?

To market yourself as a high ticket fitness coach, focus on showcasing your expertise and the unique value you offer. This could involve sharing client success stories, creating high-quality content in your area of expertise, and building a professional online presence. Networking with other professionals who work with your target clients can also be effective.

How do you organize a high ticket fitness coaching program?

Organizing a high ticket fitness coaching program involves setting up a clear structure for client interaction, progress tracking, and program adjustments. This can include scheduling regular check-ins, providing personalized workouts and nutrition plans, and offering support via email or messaging. Exercise.com can provide a platform for managing all these aspects of your program, making it easy for both you and your clients.

What is the basic structure of a high ticket fitness coaching session?

A high ticket fitness coaching session typically includes a check-in on the client’s progress, a review and adjustment of their workout or nutrition plan if necessary, and a workout session if applicable. It could also include education on relevant topics, goal setting, and motivation. The exact structure can vary based on the coach’s approach and the client’s needs.

How can Exercise.com help me with high ticket fitness coaching?

Exercise.com provides a platform that can streamline the delivery of high ticket fitness coaching. This includes features for creating and managing personalized workout plans, tracking client progress, scheduling and conducting virtual workouts, and providing a branded app for a professional client experience. By automating many of the administrative aspects of coaching, you can focus on providing the highest level of service to your clients.

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Excellent choice for my business! I tried nearly all the “major” platforms and found Exercise.com to be the most intuitive.
Lani Hudgins
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Tyler Spraul is the director of UX and the head trainer for Exercise.com. He has his Bachelor of Science degree in pre-medicine and is an NSCA-Certified Strength and Conditioning SpecialistĀ® (CSCSĀ®). He is a former All-American soccer player and still coaches soccer today. In his free time, he enjoys reading, learning, and living the dad life.
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