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PushPress Review (⭐️ 8.1 ⭐️) for Gyms, CrossFit, + Trainers in 2024

PushPress Review (⭐️ 8.1 ⭐️) for Gyms, CrossFit, + Trainers in 2024

Posted by Tyler Spraul, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist® (CSCS®) on April 26, 2024 — Updated on April 26, 2024

This PushPress review rates it at 8.1 overall, excelling in WOD and Records (both 9.0), but falling short in marketing (6.5) and automations (7.5).

PushPress Review

To provide a comprehensive comparison between PushPress and Exercise.com, particularly focusing on their applicability to CrossFit gyms and other fitness facilities that emphasize functional training, we will include specialized features such as Leaderboards, WOD (Workout of the Day), Records, and Rep Max Progressions. These features are crucial for engaging the CrossFit community and for tracking performance in a highly competitive environment.

Feature CategoryPushPress DescriptionPushPress ScoreExercise.com DescriptionExercise.com Score
BookingEfficient class and appointment scheduling tools for easy management.8.5Comprehensive scheduling with real-time availability.9.5
Mobile AppsFunctional mobile app with customization options for branding.8.0Fully custom branded mobile apps for iOS and Android.9.8
Workout Creation & DeliveryRobust platform for creating and delivering diverse workouts, including WODs.8.5Extensive workout creation and delivery tools, including video workouts and WODs.9.6
Custom BrandingOffers moderate customization capabilities for branding within the platform.7.5Full customization to match brand identity.9.8
PaymentsIntegrated payment processing with various options for billing efficiency.8.5Flexible payment processing options with competitive rates.9.4
GroupsStrong tools for managing group classes, a necessity for CrossFit gyms.8.5Enhanced group management, including online classes and memberships.9.7
LeaderboardsFeatures leaderboards to encourage competition and track performance.9.0Advanced leaderboards with extensive customization and integration capabilities.9.5
WODSpecialized support for setting up and tracking daily CrossFit workouts.9.0Robust tools for creating, scheduling, and tracking WODs, with community engagement features.9.5
RecordsMaintains detailed records of personal bests and performance metrics.9.0Detailed records keeping with historical data tracking and analysis.9.5
Rep Max ProgressionsTracks strength metrics and max lifts, suitable for progression analysis.8.5Comprehensive tracking of rep max progressions with analytic insights.9.4
WaiversSimplified management of digital waivers and contracts within the app.8.0Simplified waivers and contracts with e-signature support.9.4
InvoicingEfficient invoicing system that supports automatic billing features.8.0Comprehensive invoicing tools with automated follow-ups.9.3
AssessmentsBasic tools for client assessments and fitness evaluations.7.0Detailed client assessments with progress tracking.9.5
MessagingDirect communication tools for enhanced member interaction.7.5Advanced messaging, including personalized communication and marketing.9.5
MarketingBasic marketing tools adequate for small-scale promotions.6.5Robust marketing suite with automations and customized campaigns.9.6
AutomationsAutomated alerts and reminders for class schedules and memberships.7.5Extensive automations for workouts, client management, and more.9.8
ReportsComprehensive reporting capabilities for business insights.8.0Advanced analytics and customizable reporting on all aspects of business.9.7
Total Score(Average of individual scores)8.1(Average of individual scores)9.5

PushPress: With an overall average score of 8.1, PushPress proves to be a solid choice for fitness businesses, particularly those with a strong focus on CrossFit. It excels with specialized features like Leaderboards, WOD, and Records, which are integral to the CrossFit methodology. PushPress is tailored to enhance the management of workout routines and member engagement in a competitive fitness environment, making it well-suited for CrossFit gyms that prioritize performance tracking and community dynamics.

Exercise.com: Scoring an impressive 9.5, Exercise.com provides a more robust and comprehensive solution that encompasses a wider range of functionalities, catering to a broader spectrum of fitness businesses. It goes beyond basic management and operational features, offering advanced customization, extensive workout and client management tools, superior marketing capabilities, and deep integration options. This makes Exercise.com ideal for fitness businesses looking to expand, diversify their offerings, and enhance overall client engagement with a fully branded experience.

Fitness Income Ideas

This comparison positions Exercise.com as the more versatile and feature-rich platform, particularly suited for businesses that require a comprehensive suite of tools to manage every aspect of their operations effectively. While PushPress serves as a competent system with strong CrossFit-specific features, Exercise.com offers broader applicability and more advanced functionalities, supporting a wider variety of business needs.

Read on to see why the best CrossFit box management software, the best gym management software, and the best personal training software is essential for gym owners and personal trainers looking to get their own custom branded fitness apps, increase gym member retention, and add multiple gym revenue streams both online and in-person.

Exercise.com is simply the best. We were using three or four different apps or softwares to do what we can now do all in one with the Exercise.com platform.
Brandon Stroupe
Founder and President, APEC Sports Performance

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PushPress Review for Fitness Businesses

PushPress and Exercise.com are both prominent players in the fitness management software arena, each offering unique strengths that cater to different aspects of gym and studio operations. Understanding their features and capabilities can help fitness professionals choose the platform that best fits their business needs.

PushPress is a streamlined platform that excels in simplifying the day-to-day operations of fitness centers, particularly those within the CrossFit and boutique gym sectors. It provides robust tools for scheduling, payment processing, and basic member management, which are designed to enhance the efficiency of gym operations. PushPress is particularly favored for its user-friendly interface and effective integration of performance tracking features like WODs, leaderboards, and rep max progressions, making it a strong choice for facilities that focus heavily on performance and community engagement.

However, where PushPress offers simplicity and essential functionality, Exercise.com provides a more comprehensive and customizable solution. Exercise.com’s platform is notable for its extensive customization options that allow gyms and studios to tailor the software entirely to their branding and operational needs. This level of customization extends to the creation of mobile apps that match the business’s brand, offering a seamless and personalized user experience for members.

You can offer booking and scheduling.


Fitness assessments, waivers, and invoices.


Leaderboards, records, and WOD tracking.


Ecommerce solutions for gyms, personal trainers, and online fitness businesses.

Gym ECommerce

Exercise.com surpasses PushPress in terms of workout creation and delivery, with advanced features that support a wide range of fitness activities from standard gym routines to specialized training programs. This includes video workouts, detailed performance tracking, and a robust set of tools for online training and client engagement. The platform also offers superior marketing and business management tools, including advanced automations for communications, marketing campaigns, and comprehensive analytics that enable business owners to make data-driven decisions to foster growth and improve client retention.

A professional grade workout plan creator and workout logger.

Workout Logger

Custom branded fitness apps.

Custom Branded Apps

Client and member management.

Client Management

And much, much more.

While PushPress is an excellent option for fitness facilities that need straightforward, effective tools for managing daily operations with a slight edge in performance tracking for competitive environments, Exercise.com offers a more all-encompassing solution. It caters to a broader range of fitness business models and provides the necessary tools to manage, expand, and elevate a fitness business through advanced technology and extensive customization. For those looking to fully integrate every aspect of gym management into one platform and expand their brand’s reach, Exercise.com stands out as the superior choice.

See why the best gym management software, the best personal training software, and the best online fitness coaching software around is Exercise.com. You can book classes, sell workout plans, schedule appointments, run fitness challenges, do gym check-ins, offer online training, log workouts, create fitness assessments, generate reports, use habit tracking, offer fitness upsells, message clients, engage gym members, use automations, process payments, and much more—all from your very own custom branded fitness apps. Don’t take our word for it—just read our reviews!

The best PushPress alternative is Exercise.com. Compare Exercise.com vs PushPress (with PushPress reviews) for a head to head match-up.

Gold's Gym
“Our experience working with Exercise.com to develop a custom leaderboard for the Gold’s Gym Fitness Competition was excellent. The software allowed us to efficiently register participants across 150+ locations nationwide, gathering valuable insights on participation. The real-time score updates encouraged healthy competition and boosted engagement, fostering a strong sense of community. The Exercise team was flexible and efficient, ensuring that the software incorporated all the necessary features to make our competition a success.”
Gold’s Gym
Gold’s Gym HQ

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Pros and Cons of PushPress for Gym Owners

PushPress offers a variety of features designed to streamline the management of fitness facilities, making it a potential choice for gym owners. Its focus on efficiency and user engagement through technology helps in day-to-day operations.


  • Efficient Class Scheduling: PushPress provides robust tools for booking and managing classes, which is crucial for keeping gym operations smooth and accommodating the needs of members.
  • Integrated Payment Processing: The platform includes a seamless integration for handling payments, subscriptions, and billing, reducing administrative workload.


  • Limited Customization: While PushPress offers some level of branding, it might not suffice for gyms that require deep customization to reflect their brand fully.
  • Marketing Tools Shortcomings: The platform lacks comprehensive marketing features, which could hinder efforts to expand the client base and engage with the community more effectively.
  • Interface Complexity: Some users may find the interface complex, impacting the learning curve for staff and potentially affecting the overall user experience.

PushPress serves as a functional management tool for gym owners with its streamlined scheduling and payment systems. However, its limitations in customization and marketing, along with potential usability concerns, might pose challenges for gym owners aiming to scale and enhance their brand presence.

Pros and Cons of PushPress for CrossFit Box Owners

PushPress is well-regarded in the CrossFit community for its specific functionalities that cater to the unique needs of CrossFit gyms, particularly in managing workouts and tracking athlete performance.


  • CrossFit-Specific Features: The platform excels with features like WOD tracking, leaderboards, and performance records, which are integral to the CrossFit training methodology.
  • Community Engagement Tools: PushPress facilitates community engagement through leaderboards and social features, enhancing the competitive spirit within the box.


  • Limited Advanced Reporting: Although PushPress offers performance tracking, the reporting tools may not provide the depth required for detailed analysis and strategic planning.
  • Dependency on Third-Party Integrations: To achieve full functionality, additional integrations may be necessary, which could complicate the technology stack.
  • Customer Support Issues: Some users report challenges with customer support, which could impact resolution times for technical issues.

PushPress is highly effective for CrossFit box owners who need specialized tools to manage daily workouts and foster a competitive community. However, its potential gaps in reporting depth and customer support could be considerations for boxes looking for more comprehensive business intelligence and support.

Tony Gentilcore
Exercise.com makes my life easier by providing an all-in-one solution and the opportunity to help those who otherwise would never have access to my programming!
Tony Gentilcore
Founder, Core Online

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Pros and Cons of PushPress for Personal Trainers

Personal trainers can benefit from PushPress’s streamlined approach to client management and session scheduling, although there are areas where the platform may not fully meet all trainers’ needs.


  • Client Scheduling and Management: PushPress offers efficient tools for managing client appointments and tracking attendance, which is essential for personal trainers.
  • Simple Payment Integration: The platform’s integrated payment system makes it easy to handle session payments, subscriptions, and billing.


  • Limited Workout Customization: While adequate for general use, the workout customization features may not be extensive enough for trainers who require detailed, varied workout plans.
  • Lack of Comprehensive Marketing Tools: Without strong marketing features, personal trainers may find it challenging to attract new clients.
  • Mobile Functionality Gaps: The mobile app may not offer all the features available on the desktop platform, which could limit on-the-go management for trainers.

PushPress offers solid foundational tools for personal trainers, particularly in scheduling and payment handling. However, limitations in workout customization and marketing could impact trainers looking to expand their services or client base.

Pros and Cons of PushPress for Fitness Coaches and Fitness Influencers

PushPress provides essential tools that can aid fitness coaches and influencers in managing their businesses, though it may fall short in areas critical to scaling and broadening audience engagement.


  • Efficient Client Interaction: Direct messaging and social features facilitate continuous engagement with clients, which is crucial for building relationships.
  • Workout and Performance Tracking: Tools for tracking client progress and workouts help in maintaining a high level of service and adapting training programs as needed.


  • Limited Branding and Customization: The platform’s customization options may not be sufficient for influencers who need to maintain a strong brand identity.
  • Inadequate Marketing and Expansion Features: Lacking robust marketing tools, fitness coaches and influencers may struggle to reach a wider audience.
  • Integration Limitations: Relying on additional software for extended functionalities can be cumbersome and may not integrate seamlessly.

While PushPress supports the basic operational needs of fitness coaches and influencers, its deficiencies in marketing, customization, and seamless integration could hinder those looking to leverage their brand and expand their reach effectively.

Pros and Cons of PushPress for Yoga Studio Owners

For yoga studio owners, PushPress offers certain core functionalities that support the management of class schedules and client interactions, but it may not address all the specific needs of a yoga-focused facility.


  • Class Scheduling Efficiency: The platform’s scheduling system is effective for managing yoga class bookings, helping to ensure a smooth operation of daily classes.
  • Payment Processing Features: Integrated payment options facilitate easy handling of memberships and class fees.


  • Lack of Yoga-Specific Tools: PushPress does not offer specialized tools for yoga practice management, such as pose libraries or integration with wellness apps.
  • Marketing Functionality Deficits: The limited marketing tools may not support effective promotion and growth of the yoga studio.
  • Customization Restrictions: The platform’s customization capabilities may not fully meet the aesthetic and branding needs of yoga studios.

PushPress provides essential management tools that can benefit yoga studio operations, but its lack of specialized features for yoga and limited marketing capabilities may pose challenges for studio owners aiming to expand and differentiate in the market.

Our overall experience with Exercise.com is a breeze. We love how easy it is to integrate this app with our current workflow while providing great fitness programs for our customers and save us time in the process.
Julie Ledbetter
Owner, Ledbetter Fitness

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Common PushPress Complaints for Fitness Businesses

PushPress is a well-regarded management solution in the fitness industry, especially popular among CrossFit boxes and boutique gyms. Despite its many strengths, there are several common grievances that users have noted, which could impact the decision of potential users.

  • Interface Usability Issues: Some users find the user interface unintuitive and clunky, which can complicate the initial learning curve and daily operations.
  • Customization Limitations: There are complaints about the limited customization options for branding and personalizing the platform to fit specific business needs fully.
  • Integration Challenges: While PushPress integrates with various third-party applications, some users encounter difficulties that can hinder seamless operation.
  • Customer Support Delays: Feedback suggests that customer support can sometimes be slow, affecting resolution times for critical issues.
  • Feature Limitations: Users have pointed out that some desired features, such as more advanced marketing tools and detailed analytics, are lacking or not as developed.

These complaints underscore the areas where PushPress could enhance its offerings to better meet the evolving needs of a diverse fitness business landscape.

Key Advantages and Disadvantages of PushPress for Fitness Businesses

PushPress provides a host of features that benefit fitness businesses, particularly those that value streamlined operations and strong community engagement. However, evaluating both the advantages and potential drawbacks is crucial for businesses considering this platform.


  • Efficient Operational Management: PushPress is highly effective at simplifying administrative tasks such as scheduling, member check-ins, and payment processing.
  • Strong Community Engagement Tools: The software excels in fostering a community environment with features like leaderboards and social integration, which are especially beneficial in competitive fitness settings like CrossFit.
  • User-Friendly Design: Despite some usability complaints, many users find the platform straightforward once acclimated, with easy access to necessary features for daily operations.


  • Limited Scalability: Some of the platform’s features may not scale well for larger gyms or those with multiple locations, due to limitations in customization and complex integrations.
  • Marketing and Client Acquisition: PushPress does not provide robust tools for marketing and client engagement beyond the gym walls, which can be a significant drawback for businesses looking to expand their reach.
  • Advanced Feature Deficit: The platform lacks in-depth analytical tools and advanced customization options, which can hinder businesses aiming to leverage data-driven strategies or those needing a high degree of personalization.
  • Mobile App Constraints: While PushPress offers a mobile app, it sometimes lacks the full functionality of the web platform, which can frustrate users who need to manage their business on the go.
  • Integration Dependencies: Relying on third-party integrations for essential functions can complicate the tech stack and increase overall costs.

PushPress offers robust functionality for day-to-day gym management and excels in environments where community engagement is key. However, its limitations in scalability, marketing, and advanced features may pose challenges for fitness businesses looking to grow or diversify their operations. Businesses must carefully consider whether PushPress aligns with their current needs and future goals, weighing its operational strengths against its strategic limitations.

AMPD Golf Performance
“Working with Exercise.com and their team has been an amazing experience and a dream come true in terms of accomplishing a vision! Their workout technology has helped us effectively engage our community, and I highly recommend Exercise.com to grow your business!”
Andrew Banner
Co-Founder, AMPD Golf Performance

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Who is the owner of PushPress?

PushPress is owned by its founder, Dan Uyemura, who started the company to provide streamlined, modern management solutions specifically tailored to the needs of fitness studios and gyms.

How much does PushPress charge for transactions?

PushPress charges transaction fees which typically vary depending on the payment processing service chosen by the gym or studio. The fees are competitive with industry standards and are designed to integrate seamlessly with the overall management software.

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What is the PushPress app?

The PushPress app is a mobile application designed for gym and studio management. It facilitates functions like class scheduling, membership management, billing, and client communications, providing gym owners and trainers a powerful tool to manage their operations on the go.

Is PushPress a good app?

Yes, PushPress is considered a good app by many fitness professionals for its user-friendly interface, robust features tailored to gym management, and excellent customer support. It effectively addresses many of the administrative tasks involved in running a fitness business, allowing owners and trainers to focus more on client interaction and service delivery.

How does PushPress work?

PushPress works by providing a cloud-based platform that gym owners and fitness trainers can use to streamline various aspects of business operations, including membership management, scheduling, billing, and reporting. The system automates many tasks, reducing administrative workload and improving efficiency.

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Is PushPress free for clients?

Yes, the PushPress client app is free for gym members to use. This allows them to book classes, view their workout history, and manage their memberships directly from their smartphones.

How much does PushPress cost per month?

PushPress offers various pricing plans starting from approximately $139 per month, depending on the features and scale required by the gym or fitness studio. Higher-tier plans include additional functionalities like custom branding and advanced analytics.

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Is there a better app than PushPress?

Whether there is a better app than PushPress depends on specific needs and preferences. For those looking for more comprehensive features including in-depth customization and broader integrative capabilities, Exercise.com might offer a superior alternative, especially for fitness businesses looking to expand their online presence and engagement.

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Is PushPress online safe?

PushPress is considered safe for online use, employing industry-standard security measures such as SSL encryption to protect user data and ensure the privacy of transactions.

What is PushPress used for?

PushPress is used primarily for gym and fitness studio management, facilitating tasks like membership management, scheduling, payments, and client communication. It’s designed to help fitness businesses operate more smoothly and efficiently.

What are the disadvantages of PushPress for gyms and personal trainers?

The main disadvantages of PushPress include its pricing which may be higher than some competitors, potentially making it less accessible for smaller businesses or startups. Additionally, while robust, its feature set may be more than needed for very small operations or those requiring simpler solutions.

What are the pros and cons of PushPress for gyms and personal trainers?

Pros of PushPress include:

  • Comprehensive management features that streamline operations.
  • User-friendly interface that simplifies daily tasks.
  • Strong customer support and community resources.

Cons include:

  • Higher cost compared to some simpler solutions.
  • Possible over-complexity for very small or solo operators.

Are PushPress reviews on Glassdoor mostly positive or negative?

The PushPress reviews on Glassdoor are mostly positive. The key evidence is:

  • PushPress has an overall rating of 5 out of 5 stars on Glassdoor, based on 16 anonymous employee reviews.
  • 100% of PushPress employees would recommend working there to a friend, according to the Glassdoor reviews.
  • 100% of PushPress employees think the company has a positive business outlook.

While the search results mention that Glassdoor reviews can sometimes skew negative, the overwhelmingly positive ratings and reviews for PushPress indicate that their Glassdoor reviews are mostly positive.

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Are PushPress Google reviews mostly positive or negative?

PushPress Google reviews are generally positive, with users frequently highlighting the efficiency improvements in their gym operations and the responsive customer service. Occasional criticisms usually focus on specific feature requests or bugs.

Are PushPress reviews on Reddit mostly positive or negative?

On Reddit, reviews of PushPress tend to be mixed but lean towards positive, especially from users who appreciate specific fitness-business-oriented features. Critiques often relate to comparisons with other software regarding features or pricing.

Does PushPress take a percentage?

No, PushPress does not take a percentage of the transactions. The platform operates on a subscription fee model, where users pay a monthly rate based on their plan, without additional charges per transaction.

What company owns PushPress?

PushPress is independently owned and operated, with its headquarters located in the United States. It was founded by Dan Uyemura with a focus on improving gym management through technology.

How many people use PushPress?

Thousands of fitness businesses worldwide use PushPress. The platform is particularly popular among small to medium-sized gyms and boutique studios.

Is PushPress a CRM system?

Yes, PushPress functions as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, offering tools to manage client relationships, track interactions, and analyze data to improve customer retention and satisfaction.

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How do I leave a review on PushPress?

To leave a review on PushPress, you can visit major software review sites like Capterra, G2, or the app sections of Google Play or the Apple App Store, depending on where you interact with the software.

Is PushPress a POS system?

Yes, PushPress includes POS (Point of Sale) system functionalities, allowing gyms to process payments for memberships, classes, and merchandise seamlessly within the platform.

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Can you use a Square reader with PushPress?

PushPress integrates with various payment processors, including Square, to facilitate easy and secure transactions directly through the platform.

Is the PushPress app free?

The PushPress app is free for clients to download and use, allowing them to manage their memberships, book classes, and track their progress.

Is PushPress HIPAA compliant?

PushPress is not specifically marketed as HIPAA compliant since it is primarily focused on fitness management rather than medical or health services. However, it employs robust security measures to protect user data. Exercise.com is HIPAA compliant.

Where is PushPress headquartered?

PushPress is headquartered in Hawthorne, California, USA.

How long has PushPress been in business?

PushPress has been in business since around 2013, steadily growing to support a wide range of fitness businesses with its innovative solutions.

Can you sell products on PushPress?

Yes, you can sell products on PushPress using its integrated POS features, which allow for the handling of merchandise sales alongside service offerings.

What kind of company is PushPress?

PushPress is a technology company that specializes in creating software solutions for fitness businesses, aiming to streamline operations and improve management efficiency through its platform.

Does PushPress sync with QuickBooks?

Yes, PushPress offers integration with QuickBooks, enabling seamless financial management by syncing transaction data directly with QuickBooks for accounting purposes.

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What is PushPress payments?

PushPress payments refer to the integrated payment processing system within the PushPress platform, which handles all financial transactions securely and efficiently.

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Can you text through PushPress?

Yes, PushPress allows for text messaging directly through the platform, facilitating communication between gyms and their clients for updates, reminders, and marketing.

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What does PushPress integrate with?

PushPress integrates with a variety of other platforms and services, including marketing tools, financial software like QuickBooks, and other health and fitness apps to enhance its functionality and provide a comprehensive management solution.

What does PushPress software do?

PushPress software helps manage all aspects of gym operations, from client registration and scheduling to payment processing and performance tracking. It is designed to simplify the administrative workload and enhance client engagement and retention.

What type of app is PushPress?

PushPress is a gym management app tailored for fitness businesses, providing tools necessary for effective business operations, including scheduling, billing, and client management.

How do I cancel my PushPress contract?

To cancel your PushPress contract, contact PushPress customer support to understand the specific steps required, which may include providing notice as specified in your contract. Make sure to follow the procedure to avoid potential fees or issues.

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How much does PushPress app cost?

The cost of the PushPress app is included in the monthly subscription fee, which varies based on the level of service and number of clients managed. Subscription plans typically start at around $139 per month.

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What are PushPress processing fees?

PushPress processing fees for transactions depend on the payment processor used and are competitive within the industry. These fees are charged per transaction and are typical for software that includes integrated payment processing.

What is PushPress payments?

PushPress payments refer to the platform’s built-in payment processing capabilities, which allow for seamless handling of financial transactions within the same management software environment.

Is the PushPress app free?

The PushPress app is free for clients of gyms that use PushPress, with no additional cost for accessing the app to book classes, manage memberships, or track workouts.

How many companies use PushPress?

Several thousand gyms and fitness studios around the world use PushPress, benefiting from its specialized features designed to meet the needs of the fitness industry.

How can I get out of my PushPress contract?

To exit your PushPress contract, you should review the terms for any required notice periods or fees. Contact PushPress support for detailed instructions on how to properly terminate your agreement, ensuring compliance with all contractual obligations.

Why are PushPress processing fees so high?

PushPress processing fees are aligned with industry standards, reflecting the value of integrated services offered by the platform, including seamless payment integration, comprehensive gym management, and client engagement tools.

Can clients see notes on PushPress?

Clients can see notes on PushPress if the gym or trainer chooses to share specific comments or workout details. This transparency helps in maintaining clear communication and tailored service delivery.

What are the pros and cons of opening a CrossFit gym?


  • Community Building: CrossFit gyms are known for their strong community spirit, which can drive client retention and satisfaction.
  • Brand Recognition: CrossFit is a well-known brand in the fitness industry, which can attract members.
  • Diverse Revenue Streams: Offering classes, personal training, workshops, and selling merchandise.


  • High Startup Costs: Equipment and space requirements for a CrossFit gym can be substantial.
  • Intense Competition: Many areas have multiple CrossFit gyms, which can dilute potential clientele.
  • Certification Requirements: CrossFit trainers typically need specific certifications, which can be a barrier to entry.

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How do I compare PushPress vs SugarWOD?

When comparing PushPress vs SugarWOD, consider the following:

  • PushPress offers comprehensive gym management tools including scheduling, payments, and member management. It is well-suited for gyms that need robust operational support.
  • SugarWOD focuses more on workout programming and community engagement, making it ideal for gyms that prioritize social interaction and fitness tracking.

What are the best apps for CrossFit box owners?

For CrossFit box owners, the best apps typically include:

  • Wodify: Popular for its performance tracking and gym management features.
  • SugarWOD: Excellent for engaging members with workout planning and social features.
  • PushPress: Effective for managing the operational aspects of a gym, like memberships and scheduling.
  • Beyond the Whiteboard: Good for tracking workout results and member performance.

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What is the best PushPress alternative?

The best PushPress alternative could be Exercise.com, which offers comprehensive management tools, robust customization options, and powerful integrations. It supports a wide range of gym activities from scheduling to e-commerce, making it a versatile choice for gym owners.

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What is the best CrossFit box management software?

Exercise.com stands out as the best CrossFit box management software due to its flexibility, comprehensive features, and excellent customer support. Unlike other platforms that may offer limited customization, Exercise.com allows CrossFit box owners to tailor every aspect of their management system to fit their unique needs, from workout creation and class scheduling to member engagement and detailed performance analytics.

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What is the best personal training software?

For personal trainers looking for software that supports robust client management, personalized workout planning, and progress tracking, Exercise.com is the best choice. It offers unparalleled customization for workout programs, integration with other platforms for a holistic approach to health and fitness, and tools that enhance client engagement and retention, making it superior to other options in the market.

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What is the best online fitness coaching software?

Exercise.com is the best online fitness coaching software available today. It excels in providing a comprehensive platform that includes custom-branded apps for fitness coaches, enabling them to deliver personalized workouts, track client progress, and manage communications efficiently. Its ability to integrate with various devices and apps ensures coaches can offer a seamless, connected experience to their clients, setting it apart from competitors like Trainerize.

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What is the best gym management software?

Exercise.com is arguably the best gym management software, offering extensive features that cover all aspects of gym operations. It goes beyond basic functionalities like scheduling and payments to include powerful tools for marketing, business analytics, and customer relationship management. Exercise.com provides gym owners with a versatile platform that adapts to their specific operational needs, making it more effective than alternatives like Mindbody or PushPress for driving business growth and improving member satisfaction.

Jimmy Myers Relentless Sports Performance
If you want to offer an elite service for the end user you need to get with the times and use elite level software that is intuitive, visually appealing, and effective. That is exactly what Exercise.com delivers to its clients.
Jimmy Myers
Owner/Trainer, Relentless Sports Performance

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