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250+ Fitness Content Ideas (BIG List) in 2024

250+ Fitness Content Ideas (BIG List) in 2024

Posted by Tyler Spraul, Certified Strength and Conditioning SpecialistĀ® (CSCSĀ®) on July 14, 2023 ā€” Updated on May 10, 2024

Use this big list of fitness content ideas for Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and more to find social media fitness content ideas that will get you more followers, engagement, and revenue.

Fitness Content Ideas

Looking for fresh fitness content ideas? Read this big list of fitness content ideas so that fitness professionals can get inspiration for what fitness content to post online. Discover a variety of engaging topics to keep your fitness followers motivated and informed on their fitness journey. From workout tips to inspirational fitness quotes and healthy recipes, we’ve got you covered with fitness video content ideas and fitness post ideas that you can use as part of a gym social media marketing strategy or a personal trainer marketing strategy or a part of learning how to become a fitness influencer and make money from fitness by growing an online fitness business.

Fitness Income Ideas

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Types of Fitness Content Ideas

  1. Transformation Journeys: Share inspiring before-and-after stories of real people who have made significant health and fitness changes.
  2. Workout of the Day (WOD): Post daily workout routines that cater to different fitness levels and can be done with minimal equipment.
  3. Healthy Recipe Shares: Regularly provide nutritious and easy-to-prepare recipes that support a fitness lifestyle.
  4. Exercise How-To Guides: Create detailed guides on how to perform exercises with correct form and technique.
  5. Fitness Challenges: Launch monthly challenges that encourage followers to stay active and track their progress.
  6. Live Q&A Sessions: Host live sessions where followers can ask fitness-related questions in real-time.
  7. Product Reviews: Offer honest reviews of fitness equipment, supplements, and apparel.
  8. Fitness Myths Debunked: Publish content that dispels common fitness myths and presents scientific facts.
  9. Guest Expert Articles: Feature articles or interviews with nutritionists, personal trainers, and other health experts.
  10. Mobile App Recommendations: Suggest and review mobile apps that aid in fitness tracking, nutrition, meditation, etc.
  11. Home Gym Setups: Give tips on how to set up an effective home gym within various budgets.
  12. Mindfulness and Meditation: Share content on the mental aspects of fitness, including stress reduction and mindfulness techniques.
  13. Fitness for Different Life Stages: Tailor content for different age groups, such as fitness tips for seniors or postpartum exercises.
  14. Injury Prevention Tips: Provide information on how to exercise safely and prevent common workout injuries.
  15. Seasonal Workouts: Offer workout ideas that are perfect for different seasons, like outdoor summer activities or indoor winter exercises.
  16. Fitness Book Club: Start a book club that reads and discusses fitness and wellness books.
  17. Interactive Polls and Quizzes: Engage your audience with interactive content that allows them to learn about their fitness personality or knowledge.
  18. Fitness for Travelers: Share workout routines that can be done on the go or in small hotel spaces.
  19. Success Metrics Explained: Educate your audience on how to measure fitness success beyond the scale.
  20. Youth Fitness Fundamentals: Post content that encourages physical activity and healthy habits among children and teenagers.
  21. Eco-Friendly Fitness: Discuss how to stay fit while also being environmentally conscious, such as outdoor workouts and sustainable gear.
  22. Fitness Fashion: Cover the latest trends in workout clothes and how to choose the best options for different types of exercise.
  23. Workout Playlists: Create and share motivational playlists for different types of workouts.
  24. Virtual Race Training: Provide training tips and schedules for those preparing for virtual races and marathons.
  25. Deskercise Routines: Offer short, simple exercises that people can do at their desk during the workday to stay active.


For fitness professionals, offering a variety of workout content can engage clients and keep them motivated. Here are 10 workout content ideas:

  1. Full Body HIIT Session: A high-intensity interval training session that can be done in 30 minutes, perfect for busy clients.
  2. Strength Training for Beginners: Focus on basic strength training exercises, ideal for those new to the gym.
  3. Advanced Bodybuilding Techniques: Showcase advanced lifting techniques for experienced gym-goers.
  4. Cardio Kickboxing Class: A fun and energetic cardio workout that combines martial arts techniques with fast-paced cardio.
  5. Outdoor Bootcamp: Host an outdoor workout session that uses natural elements for a full-body workout.
  6. Yoga Flow for Flexibility: A yoga session aimed at improving flexibility and reducing stress.
  7. Pilates for Core Strength: Focus on Pilates exercises that enhance core strength and stability.
  8. Senior Fitness Routine: Tailored exercises for older adults to maintain mobility and strength.
  9. Circuit Training for Weight Loss: A circuit-style workout designed for maximum calorie burn.
  10. Mobility and Stretching Class: A class focused on improving overall mobility and flexibility, crucial for injury prevention.

Integrating these workouts into the Exercise.com platform allows fitness professionals to easily manage and distribute content to their clients, enhancing their business efficiency.

Healthy Recipes

Providing healthy recipe ideas is a great way to support clients’ fitness goals. Here are 10 ideas:

  1. Protein-Packed Smoothie Recipes: Share different smoothie recipes that are high in protein, perfect for post-workout recovery.
  2. Healthy Meal Prep for the Week: Offer a guide on preparing a week’s worth of healthy meals efficiently.
  3. Low-Carb Dinner Options: Recipes for dinners that are low in carbohydrates but high in flavor.
  4. Vegan Pre-Workout Snacks: Ideas for plant-based snacks that provide energy for a workout.
  5. Heart-Healthy Meals: Focus on recipes that promote cardiovascular health.
  6. Gluten-Free Eating Made Simple: Easy and delicious gluten-free recipes.
  7. Paleo Diet Favorites: Share popular and easy-to-make paleo diet recipes.
  8. High-Fiber Breakfasts for Energy: Breakfast ideas that are high in fiber to keep clients full and energized.
  9. Healthy Desserts: Indulgent yet healthy dessert recipes that won’t sabotage fitness goals.
  10. Nutritionist-Approved Snacks: Snack ideas that are balanced and nutritious.

Exercise.com’s platform can be used to share these recipes directly with clients, providing them with valuable nutritional support alongside their workout routines.


Showcasing client success stories can be highly motivating for others. Here are 10 testimonial content ideas:

  1. Weight Loss Journey: Share a client’s story of significant weight loss through your program.
  2. Muscle Building Success: Highlight a client who has successfully built muscle mass.
  3. Post-Injury Recovery: A story of how a client recovered from an injury using your fitness plan.
  4. Transformation Tuesday: Weekly feature of a client’s body and fitness transformation.
  5. Senior Fitness Achievements: Focus on older clients who have improved their health and fitness.
  6. Parent Fitness Journey: Stories from parents who managed to stay fit despite a busy schedule.
  7. Athlete Training Success: Showcase an athlete who improved their performance through your training.
  8. Health Improvement Tales: Share how clients have improved their overall health (e.g., lowered blood pressure, improved diabetes).
  9. Beginner’s Progression: Highlight a beginner’s journey and progress in fitness.
  10. Group Class Success Stories: Testimonials from clients who enjoy and benefit from group classes.

Using Exercise.com, these testimonials can be easily organized and displayed, inspiring current and prospective clients and showcasing the effectiveness of your services.

Inspirational Quotes

Motivational quotes can provide that extra push clients need. Here are 10 ideas:

  1. Daily Fitness Motivation: Post a daily motivational quote related to fitness and perseverance.
  2. Weekly Wellness Wisdom: Share a weekly quote focused on overall wellness and health.
  3. Mindset Mondays: Start the week with a powerful quote about mindset and goals.
  4. Fitness Journey Inspiration: Quotes that inspire long-term commitment to fitness.
  5. Healthy Lifestyle Quotes: Share quotes about the importance of a healthy lifestyle.
  6. Strength and Courage Quotes: Focus on quotes that inspire strength and courage in and out of the gym.
  7. Overcoming Obstacles: Quotes about overcoming challenges and setbacks.
  8. Dedication and Discipline: Share quotes that emphasize the importance of consistency and discipline in fitness.
  9. Body Positivity Quotes: Inspirational sayings about loving and accepting your body at every stage.
  10. Achievement and Success: Quotes that celebrate achievements and success in fitness journeys.

Integrating these quotes into your Exercise.com platform can serve as daily reminders for your clients, keeping them engaged and motivated.

Workout Tips

Sharing workout tips can help clients improve their technique and understanding. Here are 10 workout tip ideas:

  1. Proper Form for Common Exercises: Tips on maintaining proper form for exercises like squats, deadlifts, and bench presses.
  2. Maximizing Cardio Workouts: Advice on how to get the most out of cardio sessions.
  3. Strength Training Do’s and Don’ts: Key points to remember in strength training.
  4. Workout Recovery Essentials: Tips on recovery methods, including stretching and nutrition.
  5. Home Workout Optimization: How to make the most of workouts at home with limited equipment.
  6. Gym Etiquette Basics: Educating clients about proper gym behavior and etiquette.
  7. Injury Prevention Tips: Advice on how to train safely and avoid common injuries.
  8. Utilizing Fitness Tech: Tips on how to use fitness technology, like apps and wearables, effectively.
  9. Hydration and Fitness: The importance of staying hydrated before, during, and after workouts.
  10. Mind-Muscle Connection: How to improve the mind-muscle connection for better workout results.

Exercise.com’s platform can be used to regularly share these tips with your clients, enhancing their workout experience and knowledge.

Questions to Your Audience

Engaging with your audience by asking questions can boost interaction. Here are 10 question ideas:

  1. What’s Your Favorite Workout?: Engage clients by asking about their favorite exercises or workouts.
  2. Fitness Goals Check-In: Ask your clients about their current fitness goals and progress.
  3. Workout Playlist Suggestions: Request suggestions for motivational workout music.
  4. Challenges in Fitness Journey: Inquire about the challenges they face in their fitness journey.
  5. Favorite Healthy Meals: Ask about their go-to healthy recipes or meals.
  6. Workout Time Preferences: Query whether they prefer morning, afternoon, or evening workouts.
  7. Feedback on Classes and Services: Seek feedback on your classes, training sessions, or overall services.
  8. Fitness App Features Wish List: Ask what features they would like to see in a fitness app.
  9. Health and Wellness Tips: Encourage clients to share their own health and wellness tips.
  10. Success Stories Sharing: Invite clients to share their own fitness success stories.

By using Exercise.com, you can easily create and manage these interactions, fostering a sense of community among your clients.

Fitness Challenges

Creating fitness challenges can drive engagement and motivation. Here are 10 challenge ideas:

  1. 30-Day Plank Challenge: A challenge to increase plank hold time over 30 days.
  2. Step Count Competition: Encourage clients to compete in a daily or weekly step count challenge.
  3. Healthy Eating Challenge: A challenge focusing on clean eating habits for a month.
  4. Weight Loss Challenge: Host a challenge centered around healthy weight loss goals.
  5. Strength Training Progress Challenge: Track strength improvements over a set period.
  6. Yoga Flexibility Challenge: A yoga challenge to improve flexibility and relaxation.
  7. Cardio Endurance Challenge: Set goals to improve cardio endurance over time.
  8. Hydration Challenge: Encourage increased water intake for better health.
  9. Sleep Improvement Challenge: Focus on improving sleep habits and quality.
  10. Mindfulness and Meditation Challenge: A challenge to practice mindfulness or meditation daily.

Exercise.com can be a crucial tool in managing these challenges, providing a platform for tracking progress and maintaining client engagement.


Collaborating with other fitness professionals or brands can provide fresh content. Here are 10 collaboration ideas:

  1. Guest Trainer Sessions: Invite other fitness experts to lead a special workout session.
  2. Nutritionist Collaboration: Team up with a nutritionist for a joint health and fitness program.
  3. Local Business Partnerships: Collaborate with local businesses for mutual promotions.
  4. Fitness Influencer Takeover: Have a fitness influencer take over your social media for a day.
  5. Community Fitness Events: Partner with community organizations for local fitness events.
  6. Athlete Workouts: Collaborate with an athlete to showcase specific training routines.
  7. Wellness Retreats: Partner with travel agencies or resorts for fitness and wellness retreats.
  8. Charity Fitness Challenges: Team up for fitness challenges that raise funds for charity.
  9. Corporate Wellness Programs: Collaborate with companies to offer employee fitness programs.
  10. Online Fitness Challenges with Brands: Partner with fitness brands for online challenges.

Utilizing Exercise.com’s software, these collaborations can be effectively managed and promoted, expanding your business reach and impact.

How Long Would the Workout Take

As a fitness professional, providing clear time frames for workouts can help clients manage their schedules effectively. This is crucial for those using platforms like Exercise.com, where workout duration can be integrated into custom programs.

  1. Quick 15-Minute Full Body Blast: Perfect for busy clients, this intense 15-minute workout covers all major muscle groups.
  2. 30-Minute HIIT Session: Ideal for intermediate to advanced clients, this high-intensity interval training pushes limits in half an hour.
  3. 45-Minute Strength Training: Focused on building muscle, this session is great for those who can dedicate a bit more time.
  4. One Hour Yoga Flow: A soothing yet challenging yoga session that stretches and strengthens over an hour.
  5. 10-Minute Morning Wake-Up Workout: Quick routines to get the blood flowing, perfect for beginners or as a warm-up.
  6. 20-Minute Cardio Quickie: A fast-paced cardio session designed to boost heart rate and burn calories efficiently.
  7. 5-Minute Dynamic Stretching Routine: Quick stretching routines that can be a standalone workout or an addition to any workout plan.
  8. 35-Minute Balanced Body Workout: A well-rounded workout targeting all major muscle groups, suitable for all fitness levels.
  9. 50-Minute Endurance Training: Longer sessions aimed at improving stamina and endurance, great for more experienced clients.
  10. Two-Hour Weekend Warrior Challenge: An extended, intensive workout for those looking to push their limits on the weekend.

Each of these workout ideas can be adapted and personalized using Exercise.com’s platform, making them a versatile tool for fitness professionals.

For fitness professionals, utilizing a platform like Exercise.com can streamline the creation and distribution of these workout programs, offering clients a comprehensive and personalized fitness experience.

Offer Freebies & Giveaways

Offering freebies and giveaways is an excellent way to attract and retain clients, and using a platform like Exercise.com can help manage these promotions effectively.

  1. First Session Free: Attract new clients by offering a complimentary first workout session.
  2. Weekly Fitness Challenge Prizes: Host challenges and reward winners with fitness-related prizes.
  3. Nutrition Plan Giveaway: Offer a comprehensive nutrition plan as a prize in a contest or giveaway.
  4. Personal Training Session Raffle: Encourage participation or referrals by raffling off personal training sessions.
  5. Merchandise Discounts: Provide discounts on branded merchandise as a loyalty perk.
  6. E-book on Fitness Tips: Create and give away an informative e-book on fitness or wellness.
  7. Free Trial of Online Coaching: Introduce potential clients to online coaching with a free trial period.
  8. Anniversary Membership Upgrades: Reward long-term clients with a temporary upgrade in their membership.
  9. Workout Plan Sweepstakes: Create excitement with a sweepstakes for a custom workout plan.
  10. Fitness App Subscriptions: Partner with fitness apps to offer free or discounted subscriptions.

Using Exercise.com, fitness professionals can easily manage these offers, tracking participation and engagement seamlessly.

Fitness Trends

Staying updated with fitness trends is crucial for fitness professionals to keep their offerings fresh and relevant.

  1. Virtual Reality Workouts: Explore the integration of VR technology in fitness routines.
  2. Wearable Fitness Technology: Discuss the latest in wearable fitness gadgets and how they can enhance training.
  3. Outdoor Group Fitness: Capitalize on the rising popularity of outdoor fitness classes.
  4. Mindfulness and Meditation: Incorporate mindfulness practices into fitness routines.
  5. Functional Fitness Training: Focus on exercises that prepare the body for real-life movements and activities.
  6. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): Emphasize the benefits of HIIT for quick and effective workouts.
  7. Bodyweight Training: Showcase the versatility and effectiveness of bodyweight exercises.
  8. Nutrition and Fitness Integration: Discuss the growing trend of combining nutritional advice with fitness coaching.
  9. Corporate Wellness Programs: Explore the expansion of fitness into corporate wellness initiatives.
  10. Fitness Gaming: Look into the rise of fitness-based gaming and its potential in workout routines.

Platforms like Exercise.com help fitness professionals stay on top of these trends, offering tools to incorporate them into their training and marketing strategies.

Professional Fitness

For fitness professionals, enhancing their skills and services is key to staying competitive and effective.

  1. Continuing Education Courses: Highlight the importance of ongoing learning and certification in the fitness industry.
  2. Networking Events for Fitness Pros: Discuss the value of attending industry events and conferences.
  3. Advanced Training Techniques: Share advanced workout techniques and training methods.
  4. Business Management Tips: Offer advice on managing and growing a fitness business.
  5. Client Relationship Building: Strategies for building strong, long-lasting relationships with clients.
  6. Effective Online Marketing: Tips for marketing fitness services effectively in the digital age.
  7. Specialization Certifications: Encourage specialization in areas like yoga, senior fitness, or sports conditioning.
  8. Using Technology in Fitness: How to integrate the latest technology, like Exercise.com, for better client results.
  9. Fitness Industry Trends Analysis: Provide insights on current trends and how to adapt to them.
  10. Personal Branding for Fitness Coaches: Guide on building a strong personal brand in the fitness industry.

Exercise.com offers tools that can help fitness professionals in these areas, from client management to workout creation and business analytics.

Transformation Photos

Showcasing transformation photos is a powerful way to inspire current and potential clients.

  1. Before and After Success Stories: Share photos and stories of clients who’ve achieved their fitness goals.
  2. Yearly Progress Highlights: Compile and display yearly progress photos of clients to show long-term change.
  3. Monthly Mini-Transformations: Highlight smaller, monthly progress shots to show consistent improvement.
  4. Client Spotlight Features: Regularly feature a client’s transformation journey on social media or newsletters.
  5. Group Transformation Challenges: Showcase results from group fitness challenges or programs.
  6. Inspirational Journey Videos: Create video compilations of clients’ fitness journeys, including transformation photos.
  7. Client Testimonials with Visuals: Pair transformation photos with client testimonials for a powerful impact.
  8. Themed Transformation Campaigns: Run themed transformation campaigns (e.g., summer ready, post-pregnancy) with photo results.
  9. Educational Transformation Series: Alongside photos, include educational content on how the transformations were achieved.
  10. Celebrating Diverse Body Transformations: Show transformations across different body types and fitness levels.

Exercise.com can help in organizing and presenting these transformation stories, making them a compelling part of a fitness professional’s portfolio.


Yoga is a versatile and popular aspect of the fitness industry, offering a range of content opportunities.

  1. Beginner Yoga Series: Introduce basic poses and flows for those new to yoga.
  2. Yoga for Stress Relief: Focus on yoga practices that help reduce stress and anxiety.
  3. Advanced Asanas Workshops: Offer content for advanced practitioners focusing on challenging poses.
  4. Yoga Philosophy Discussions: Delve into the philosophy and history behind yoga practices.
  5. Yoga for Different Age Groups: Tailor yoga content for different age demographics, from children to seniors.
  6. Yoga and Mindfulness Integration: Combine yoga with mindfulness and meditation practices.
  7. Yoga for Athletes: Specialized yoga routines designed for athletes to enhance performance and recovery.
  8. Restorative Yoga Sessions: Focus on restorative yoga practices for healing and relaxation.
  9. Yoga for Specific Health Issues: Address how yoga can help with specific health conditions like back pain or arthritis.
  10. Yoga Teacher Training Insights: Share insights and tips for those interested in becoming yoga instructors.

Exercise.com’s platform can assist in organizing and sharing yoga content, from class schedules to online sessions.


Diet and nutrition play a crucial role in overall fitness and health. As a fitness professional, providing information on diets can guide clients towards healthier eating habits.

  1. Ketogenic Diet Explained: Break down the basics and benefits of a keto diet.
  2. Plant-Based Diet for Athletes: Discuss how athletes can maintain performance on a plant-based diet.
  3. Paleo Diet Pros and Cons: Analyze the paleo diet, its benefits, and potential drawbacks.
  4. Mediterranean Diet and Heart Health: Explore the heart-healthy aspects of the Mediterranean diet.
  5. Intermittent Fasting Guidelines: Provide insights and tips on how to effectively practice intermittent fasting.
  6. Balanced Diet Essentials: Educate on what constitutes a balanced diet and how to achieve it.
  7. Nutrition for Muscle Gain: Focus on dietary strategies for muscle building and strength.
  8. Weight Loss Diet Tips: Offer practical diet tips for sustainable weight loss.
  9. Supplements for Fitness: Discuss the role and effectiveness of various fitness supplements.
  10. Hydration and Fitness: Emphasize the importance of hydration in relation to diet and exercise.

Exercise.com’s software can help fitness professionals integrate these dietary guidelines into their client’s fitness plans, offering a more holistic approach to health and wellness.

Fitness for Beginners

For beginners, starting a fitness journey can be daunting. Creating content that eases this transition is key.

  1. Starting Your Fitness Journey: Tips for beginners on how to start exercising.
  2. Basic Exercises Explained: Detailed explanations of basic exercises for newbies.
  3. Setting Realistic Fitness Goals: Guidance on setting achievable fitness goals.
  4. Home Workouts for Beginners: Simple workouts that can be done at home with minimal equipment.
  5. Overcoming Gym Intimidation: Advice on how to feel more confident in a gym setting.
  6. Beginner’s Guide to Gym Equipment: An overview of common gym equipment and its use.
  7. First Month Fitness Plan: A structured fitness plan for the first month of working out.
  8. The Importance of Rest Days: Educate beginners on the importance of recovery and rest days.
  9. Nutrition Basics for Fitness Newbies: Basic nutrition tips for those new to fitness.
  10. Tracking Your Progress: How to effectively track fitness progress as a beginner.

Exercise.com can be particularly useful for beginners, offering them a platform to track their workouts, progress, and receive guidance.

Healthy Eating Tips

Nutrition is a key component of fitness, and providing tips on healthy eating can greatly benefit clients.

  1. Meal Planning for Fitness: Tips on how to plan meals that support fitness goals.
  2. Healthy Snacking Options: Ideas for healthy snacks that are both nutritious and satisfying.
  3. Reading Nutrition Labels: Educating clients on how to read and understand nutrition labels.
  4. Balancing Macronutrients: Guidance on how to balance carbs, proteins, and fats in a diet.
  5. Eating for Energy: Tips on foods that boost energy for better workout performance.
  6. Portion Control Tips: Advice on how to control portions to maintain a healthy diet.
  7. Pre and Post Workout Nutrition: Information on what to eat before and after workouts.
  8. Hydration and Health: Emphasize the importance of staying hydrated and how it impacts overall health.
  9. Incorporating More Vegetables: Creative ways to include more vegetables in daily meals.
  10. Healthy Eating on a Budget: Tips for eating healthily without breaking the bank.

Platforms like Exercise.com allow fitness professionals to integrate these healthy eating tips into their client’s fitness plans, ensuring a well-rounded approach to health.

Home Gym Essentials for Every Budget

Setting up a home gym can be a game-changer for many clients. Offering guidance on how to do this effectively can be extremely valuable.

  1. Budget-Friendly Home Gym Setup: Ideas for setting up a home gym on a tight budget.
  2. Must-Have Equipment Under $100: List of essential home gym equipment that is affordable.
  3. Space-Saving Workout Gear: Suggestions for compact exercise equipment for small spaces.
  4. High-End Home Gym Investments: Advice on premium equipment for a more advanced home gym.
  5. Versatile Workout Tools: Focus on equipment that offers a variety of workout options.
  6. DIY Home Gym Hacks: Creative ways to use household items as workout equipment.
  7. Maintaining Home Gym Equipment: Tips on how to keep home gym equipment in good condition.
  8. Home Gym for Strength Training: Essential items for a home gym focused on strength training.
  9. Cardio Essentials for Home Workouts: Recommendations for equipment best suited for cardio at home.
  10. Creating a Motivating Workout Space: Ideas on how to make a home gym inviting and motivational.

Using software like Exercise.com, fitness professionals can suggest and even sell the necessary equipment through their platform, adding value to their services.

Importance of Keeping a Food Journal

Encouraging clients to maintain a food journal can be a vital part of their fitness journey, helping them to understand and improve their eating habits.

  1. How to Start a Food Journal: Basic steps to begin journaling daily food intake.
  2. Benefits of Tracking Your Meals: Discuss the advantages of keeping a food journal.
  3. Identifying Patterns in Eating Habits: Teach clients how to notice and understand patterns in their eating.
  4. Food Journal for Weight Loss: How maintaining a food diary can aid in weight loss efforts.
  5. Using a Food Journal to Boost Nutrition: Tips on using the journal to improve overall nutritional intake.
  6. Tracking Macros with a Food Diary: Guide on how to track macronutrients in a food journal.
  7. Emotional Eating and Food Journaling: Using the journal to understand the relationship between mood and food.
  8. Reviewing Your Food Journal with a Professional: The importance of periodically reviewing the journal with a fitness or nutrition professional.
  9. Digital vs. Paper Food Journals: Pros and cons of digital versus traditional paper food journals.
  10. Food Journaling for Special Diets: Tailoring food journaling for clients on specific diets (e.g., vegan, gluten-free).

Exercise.com’s platform can facilitate the integration of food journaling into a client’s fitness plan, allowing for a comprehensive approach to health and wellness.

Workout Routines for New Moms

Postpartum fitness is a niche area where fitness professionals can provide immense value to new mothers looking to regain their fitness.

  1. Postpartum Core Strengthening Workouts: Focus on safely rebuilding core strength after childbirth.
  2. Low-Impact Cardio for New Moms: Cardio routines that are gentle yet effective for postpartum bodies.
  3. Full-Body Workouts with Baby: Creative workouts that include the baby, making it fun and practical.
  4. Yoga Routines for Postpartum Recovery: Gentle yoga flows designed for postpartum recovery and relaxation.
  5. Pelvic Floor Exercises: Specific exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles post-childbirth.
  6. Short, Efficient Workouts for Busy Moms: Quick workout routines that can fit into a new mother’s busy schedule.
  7. Stroller Fitness Classes: Ideas for outdoor workouts that involve the baby stroller.
  8. Strength Training with Baby Gear: Utilizing baby gear like carriers for resistance in workouts.
  9. Breastfeeding-Friendly Workout Tips: Tailoring workouts for breastfeeding mothers, considering their unique needs.
  10. Postpartum Nutrition and Exercise Plan: Combining fitness routines with nutritional advice for new moms.

Platforms like Exercise.com can help fitness professionals design and deliver these specialized workouts, catering to the unique needs of new mothers.

Did You Miss a Workout

Addressing missed workouts is important in maintaining motivation and consistency. Offering content on this can reassure clients and keep them on track.

  1. Bouncing Back After Missing a Workout: Tips on how to get back into the routine after a lapse.
  2. Adjusting Your Workout Plan for Missed Days: How to modify plans when workouts are missed.
  3. Mental Impact of Missing a Workout: Addressing the guilt or stress associated with missing a workout.
  4. Effective Make-Up Workouts: Ideas for effective workouts that can compensate for missed sessions.
  5. Preventing Workout Burnout: Strategies to avoid missing workouts due to burnout or overtraining.
  6. Missed Workout? Focus on Nutrition: Emphasizing nutrition on days when workouts are missed.
  7. Incorporating Active Recovery: Using active recovery as an alternative when regular workouts are missed.
  8. The Importance of Rest Days: Reminding clients that skipping a workout for rest can be beneficial.
  9. Short Workouts for Unexpected Breaks: Quick workouts for days when regular routines can’t be followed.
  10. Motivation Strategies Post-Missed Workouts: Techniques to stay motivated and avoid missing future workouts.

Using a platform like Exercise.com, fitness professionals can offer support and modifications to clients who miss their workouts, helping them stay on track.

Exercises for Reduced Mobility

Creating content for individuals with reduced mobility can open up fitness to a wider audience, providing inclusive and accessible workout options.

  1. Chair Exercises for Strength and Flexibility: Safe and effective exercises that can be done sitting in a chair.
  2. Low-Impact Workouts for Joint Health: Workouts that are gentle on the joints but still effective.
  3. Stretching Routines for Mobility Improvement: Stretching exercises aimed at increasing mobility and flexibility.
  4. Water Aerobics for Non-Impact Fitness: Highlighting the benefits of water aerobics for those with mobility issues.
  5. Resistance Band Workouts for Limited Mobility: Using resistance bands for strength training without strain.
  6. Tai Chi for Balance and Mobility: Introducing Tai Chi as a gentle way to enhance mobility and balance.
  7. Breathing Exercises for Relaxation and Mobility: Using breathing exercises to improve lung capacity and overall mobility.
  8. Yoga Poses for Increased Flexibility: Specific yoga poses that are accessible for those with reduced mobility.
  9. Pilates for Core Strength and Stability: Pilates routines focused on core strength, crucial for mobility.
  10. Guided Meditation for Mind-Body Awareness: Encouraging mind-body connection through meditation for those with mobility challenges.

Platforms like Exercise.com can be particularly useful in delivering these specialized routines, ensuring that all clients, regardless of mobility, have access to effective fitness options.

Fitness Tracking Topics

In the era of data-driven fitness, discussing various aspects of fitness tracking can be highly engaging for clients.

  1. Using Fitness Trackers Effectively: How to maximize the use of fitness trackers for better workout results.
  2. Tracking Progress Beyond the Scale: Encourage tracking fitness progress in ways other than just weight.
  3. Benefits of Heart Rate Monitoring: Discuss the importance of monitoring heart rate during exercise.
  4. Sleep Tracking for Improved Fitness: Exploring the impact of sleep quality on fitness and how to track it.
  5. Setting and Tracking Fitness Goals: Guidance on setting realistic goals and ways to track them.
  6. Analyzing Workout Data for Improvement: Teach clients how to interpret and use their workout data.
  7. The Role of Step Counting in Fitness: The benefits and limitations of using step counts as a fitness metric.
  8. Tracking Nutrition for Fitness Goals: How to effectively use food tracking apps in conjunction with fitness goals.
  9. Wearable Tech Trends in Fitness: Discussing the latest trends in wearable fitness technology.
  10. Mindfulness and Stress Tracking Apps: How tracking mindfulness and stress levels can benefit overall fitness.

Utilizing Exercise.com’s software, fitness professionals can offer their clients sophisticated tracking and analysis tools, making their fitness journey more informed and data-driven.

These content ideas across various categories can help fitness professionals, like gym owners, personal trainers, and fitness influencers, provide a rich and diverse range of information to their clients. Emphasizing the use of platforms like Exercise.com can enhance the delivery and management of these content ideas, making them more accessible and personalized for each client.

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Fitness Content Ideas for Instagram

Use these fitness content ideas for Instagram to become a fitness influencer on Instagram that steadily attracts more Instagram followers. Use these creative fitness Instagram post ideas and Instagram content ideas for fitness influencers so that your fitness content for Instagram will shine.

  1. Insta-Fit Challenges
  2. Quick Healthy Meal Snaps
  3. Motivational Monday Quotes
  4. Time-Lapse Transformation Videos
  5. Behind-the-Scenes Gym Stories
  6. Fitness Fashion Highlights
  7. Wellness Wednesday Tips
  8. Partner Workout Features
  9. Stretching Sequence Posts
  10. User-Generated Content Reposts

Use these fitness Instagram content ideas, learn all about becoming a fitness influencer on Instagram, and then learn how to monetize a fitness Instagram account. For more content ideas for fitness Instagram accounts, pay close attention to the best fitness Instagram accounts in your niche and then use them for creative inspiration.

Fitness Content Ideas for a YouTube Channel

  1. Full-Length Workout Videos
  2. Fitness Equipment Reviews
  3. Nutrition Advice Vlogs
  4. Personal Trainer Interviews
  5. ‘Day in the Life’ Fitness Vlogs
  6. Exercise Technique Tutorials
  7. Fitness Journey Documentaries
  8. Home Gym Tours
  9. Health and Fitness Myth Busting
  10. Live Stream Q&A Sessions

Fitness Content Ideas for TikTok

  1. Viral Fitness Challenge Videos
  2. Quick Workout Routine Clips
  3. Healthy Recipe Demos
  4. Fitness Comedy Skits
  5. Motivational Fitness Journey Shorts
  6. Gym Hack Demonstrations
  7. Partner Exercise Mini-Tutorials
  8. Fitness Fashion Try-On Hauls
  9. Before-and-After Reveals
  10. TikTok Dance Workouts

Fitness Content Ideas for Facebook

  1. Live Workout Sessions
  2. Fitness Success Story Spotlights
  3. Interactive Fitness Polls
  4. Health and Wellness Webinars
  5. Community Fitness Event Announcements
  6. Exercise Tip of the Day Posts
  7. Fitness Challenge Groups
  8. Healthy Lifestyle Infographics
  9. User Progress Share and Celebrate
  10. Expert Q&A Panels

Fitness Content Ideas for an Email Newsletter

  1. Subscriber-Exclusive Workouts
  2. Weekly Fitness Roundups
  3. Nutrition Tips and Tricks
  4. Subscriber Success Spotlights
  5. Upcoming Fitness Trends Forecasts
  6. Early Access to New Programs
  7. Exclusive Discounts on Fitness Gear
  8. Personal Trainer Insights
  9. Mindfulness and Motivation Sections
  10. Fitness Challenge Invitations

Fitness Content Ideas for Beginners

  1. Basic Exercise How-Tos
  2. Beginner Workout Plans
  3. Simple Healthy Eating Guides
  4. Fitness Goal Setting Tips
  5. Understanding Fitness Jargon
  6. Easy Home Workout Setups
  7. Beginner’s Guide to Gym Equipment
  8. Tips for Staying Motivated
  9. Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  10. Progress Tracking for Newbies

Easy Health and Fitness Content Ideas

  1. Five-Minute Workouts
  2. Simple Stretching Routines
  3. One-Pot Healthy Recipes
  4. Health Tips for Busy People
  5. Easy-to-Follow Fitness Challenges
  6. No-Equipment Exercise Demos
  7. Quick Mindfulness Exercises
  8. Basic Nutrition Explainers
  9. Health Benefits of Common Foods
  10. Simple Habit-Forming Strategies

Funny Fitness Content Ideas

  1. Gym Fail Compilations
  2. Workout Parody Videos
  3. Fitness Meme Collections
  4. Humorous Personal Trainer Anecdotes
  5. Satirical Diet Plan Reviews
  6. Comical Exercise Demonstrations
  7. Fitness Myth Satire
  8. Laughable Gym Fashion Shows
  9. Workout Game Show Spoofs
  10. Hilarious Health and Fitness Q&As

Fitness Content Writing Ideas

  1. Inspirational Fitness Journeys
  2. Expert Commentary on Fitness Studies
  3. Personal Trainer Guest Posts
  4. Deep Dives into Nutrition Topics
  5. Fitness Industry News Analysis
  6. Opinion Pieces on Fitness Trends
  7. Exercise Routine Breakdowns
  8. Health and Wellness Resource Lists
  9. Fitness Product Buying Guides
  10. Workout Playlist Recommendations

Fitness Blog Post Ideas

  1. Benefits of Morning vs. Evening Workouts
  2. Cross-Training Advantages for Runners
  3. How to Overcome Fitness Plateaus
  4. The Importance of Rest Days
  5. Yoga for Mental Health
  6. The Role of Hydration in Fitness
  7. Strength Training for Weight Loss
  8. The Science of Muscle Recovery
  9. Fitness Apps: Are They Worth It?
  10. The Best Exercises for Core Strength

Gym Social Media Post Ideas

  1. Member of the Month Features
  2. Gym Anniversary Celebrations
  3. New Class Announcements
  4. Trainer Takeover Days
  5. Workout Tip Tuesdays
  6. Fitness Challenge Leaderboards
  7. Gym Equipment Spotlights
  8. Health and Wellness Podcasts
  9. Client Testimonial Videos
  10. Holiday-Themed Fitness Challenges

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Fitness Influencer Content Ideas

Finding the best fitness influencer content ideas can be hard, but creating good fitness influencer content is one of the most popular and profitable niches in the digital world. As the interest in health and wellness continues to rise, fitness influencers are becoming increasingly sought after for their expertise and inspiration. However, coming up with new and engaging fitness content can be a challenge.

Types of Fitness Content for Social Media

Here are some content ideas to help fitness influencers keep their followers engaged and entertained.

  1. Workout Routines: Share your favorite workout routines and exercises, along with how to perform them correctly and safely. Offer tips on how to progress and make them more challenging over time. Sell workout plans to your audience.
  2. Healthy Recipes: Share healthy and delicious recipes that are easy to make and great for pre- or post-workout fuel. Offer tips on how to make quick and healthy meals for busy days.
  3. At-Home Workouts: With many people still working from home, share ideas for effective and fun at-home workouts that don’t require any equipment.
  4. Progress Updates: Document your own fitness journey and share your progress with your followers. Offer encouragement and support to those who are just starting their own journey.
  5. Motivation and Inspiration: Share motivational fitness quotes, stories, and tips to help your followers stay motivated and on track with their fitness goals.
  6. Workout Challenges: Create fun and challenging workout challenges for your followers to participate in. Offer prizes or recognition to those who complete the challenge. Run an online fitness challenge to monetize your fitness followers.
  7. Q&A Sessions: Host Q&A sessions on your social media platforms where your followers can ask you fitness-related questions. This is a great way to engage with your audience and provide them with valuable information.
  8. Product Reviews: Share your honest opinions on fitness products, such as workout gear, supplements, and healthy snacks. Offer your followers recommendations and insights on what has worked for you.
  9. Behind-the-Scenes: Share behind-the-scenes glimpses of your life as a fitness influencer. This can include your workout routines, healthy meals, and even your travels.
  10. Collaborations: Collaborate with other fitness influencers or brands to create unique and exciting content for your followers.

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These are just a few ideas to help fitness influencers create engaging and entertaining content for their followers. The key is to stay true to your brand, be authentic, and always provide value to your audience. By doing so, you’ll not only build a strong community but also establish yourself as a trusted and respected fitness influencer.

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Krissy Cela Fitness Content
Source: Krissy Cela
Erica Nangle Fitness
Exercise.com is amazing! Positively surprised by the efficiency at responding and helping out!
Erica Nangle
Owner, Erica Nangle Fitness

How do you come up with fitness content ideas?

Coming up with new and engaging fitness content can be a challenge, but there are several strategies you can use to generate ideas. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Know Your Audience: Understanding your target audience and what they are interested in will help you come up with content that resonates with them. Consider conducting surveys or polls to get a better understanding of what your followers want to see.
  2. Stay Up to Date with Industry Trends: Keep an eye on the latest trends in the fitness industry and look for ways to incorporate them into your content. This can include new workout routines, healthy recipes, or fitness technologies.
  3. Experiment with Different Formats: Try out different content formats, such as videos, blog posts, or live streams, to see what resonates with your audience. This will help you find what works best for you and your followers.
  4. Collaborate with Others: Collaborating with other fitness influencers or brands can help you generate new and unique content ideas. This can also help you reach new audiences and build relationships with other industry professionals.
  5. Repurpose Old Content: Look for ways to repurpose old content, such as updating and reposting old blog posts or creating new videos based on previous content. This can help you keep your content fresh and relevant without having to start from scratch.
  6. Ask for Feedback: Encourage your followers to provide feedback on your content, and take their suggestions into consideration when coming up with new ideas. This can help you create content that your audience truly wants to see.
  7. Look to Other Fitness Influencers: Keep an eye on what other successful fitness influencers are doing, and look for ways to adapt their ideas and make them your own. However, make sure to always stay true to your brand and not simply copy others.

By using these strategies, you’ll be able to generate a steady stream of fitness content ideas that will keep your followers engaged and entertained. The key is to stay creative and always be open to trying new things.

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What should I post on social media for fitness?

Workout routines and exercises, healthy recipes, progress updates, motivational quotes and tips, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of your life. You can also host Q&A sessions, share product reviews, and collaborate with other fitness influencers or brands. It’s important to remember to provide value to your followers and always be authentic and true to your brand. By doing so, you’ll be able to build a strong and engaged community and establish yourself as a trusted and respected fitness influencer.

Jeff Seid
Credit: Jeff Seid

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What do you say in a fitness post?

To make your fitness post stand out, you can try incorporating the following elements:

  1. Personal Anecdotes: Share personal stories or experiences that relate to the topic of your post. This can help to make your content more relatable and engaging for your followers.
  2. Interactive Elements: Consider incorporating interactive elements into your post, such as polls or quizzes. This can help to engage your followers and encourage them to interact with your content.
  3. Behind-the-Scenes Insights: Offer a behind-the-scenes look at your fitness journey and share insights and tips that your followers may not have heard before. For example, you could share your favorite pre- or post-workout snacks, or tips for staying motivated when you don’t feel like working out.
  4. Visuals: Use high-quality visuals, such as images or videos, to enhance your content and make it more eye-catching. For example, you could create a workout video that showcases your form and demonstrates how to perform each exercise.

By incorporating these elements into your fitness posts, you can create content that is not only informative but also unique and engaging for your followers. Remember to always stay true to your brand and provide value to your audience, and your posts are sure to be a hit.

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What should I write in my fitness bio?

Here is a brief explanation on how to write a good fitness bio:

  1. Be Clear and Concise: Your fitness bio should clearly convey who you are and what you stand for. Use concise language and avoid overly complex sentences.
  2. Showcase Your Expertise: Highlight your background, experience, and qualifications in the fitness industry. This will help establish you as a trusted and knowledgeable source of information.
  3. Be authentic: Your fitness bio should reflect your personality and voice. Be yourself and let your passion for fitness shine through in your writing. By being authentic, you’ll be able to connect with your followers and build a strong community around your brand.

Here are three example fitness bio sentences that you could include in your fitness bio:

  1. “Passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals, I strive to inspire and motivate through my own journey.”
  2. “With a focus on healthy living and functional fitness, I share workouts, healthy recipes, and motivational tips to help my followers reach their full potential.”
  3. “Join me on my journey as I share my love for fitness, wellness, and the power of a healthy lifestyle. Let’s work together to achieve our best selves.”

These sentences showcase your passion for fitness and your desire to help others, while also highlighting your focus on healthy living and functional fitness. By including a clear message in your bio, you can help your followers understand what they can expect from your content and why they should follow you.

(Read more here: Best Fitness Influencer Bio Ideas)

Fitness Content Ideas for Beginners

Here are a few unique pieces of advice for creating fitness content for beginners:

  1. Keep it Simple: Remember that as a beginner, your audience is just starting their fitness journey. Offer simple and straightforward workout routines that are easy to follow, and avoid using complicated terminology or exercises that may be intimidating.
  2. Emphasize Form: Good form is key to preventing injury and getting the most out of your workouts. When demonstrating exercises, be sure to emphasize the importance of proper form and offer tips on how to perform each exercise correctly.
  3. Encourage Consistency: Consistency is key when starting a fitness journey. Encourage your beginners to start small and make fitness a part of their daily routine. Offer tips on how to stay motivated and make fitness a sustainable part of their life.
  4. Offer Modifications: Not all exercises will be accessible to all beginners. Offer modifications and alternatives to help make the workouts accessible to a wider range of people.
  5. Celebrate Progress: Celebrating progress, no matter how small, is important for building confidence and maintaining motivation. Encourage your beginners to track their progress and celebrate their achievements, no matter how big or small.

By following these tips, you can create content that is accessible, effective, and motivating for beginners. By emphasizing consistency, proper form, and progress, you can help your beginner followers build a strong foundation for a healthy and sustainable fitness journey.

What fitness content should I post on Instagram?

Jay Cutler
Source: Jay Cutler

Whether you want personal trainer Instagram post ideas or just content to provide fitness inspiration to your Instagram followers, providing something visually appealing is the key ingredient for Instagram success. Creating a good fitness post for Instagram requires skill and finesse, but it’s very doable to create engaging gym content for Instagram. Here are some fitness Instagram ideas that take advantage of Instagram’s visual platform:

  1. Fitness Transformations: Showcase the power of fitness by sharing before-and-after photos or videos of your own journey or your followers’. Use eye-catching visuals to highlight the impact of a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Healthy Meal Inspiration: Take advantage of Instagram’s visual nature by sharing beautiful and appetizing photos of healthy meals and snacks. Offer easy-to-follow recipes and tips on how to make quick and healthy meals for busy days.
  3. Workout Gear and Equipment: Show off your favorite workout gear and equipment through visually stunning photos or videos. Offer insights and recommendations on what has worked best for you, and inspire your followers to invest in their own gear.
  4. Fitness Fashion: Highlight your favorite fitness fashion items through visually appealing photos and videos. Offer tips on how to style them for a workout, and show how to stay fashionable and comfortable during your workouts.
  5. Workout Locations: Share breathtaking photos and videos of your favorite workout locations, whether it’s a local park or a gym. Offer tips on how to find great workout spots and how to make the most of them.

By leveraging Instagram’s visual platform, you can create eye-catching and inspiring fitness content for Instagram that will keep your followers engaged and motivated. Always be on the lookout for creative gym content ideas for Instagram. Get started creating great content for fitness Instagram followers and your engagement and revenue will follow.

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What fitness content should I post on TikTok?

Source: Ulisses World

There are loads of fitness content ideas for TikTok. Mix it up. Have some fun with it. While Instagram fitness content ideas may need to be more thought out and considered, the unique part of creating fitness content for TikTok is that it is more ephemeral, dynamic, and real-time. Fitness post ideas for Instagram can take time, but TikTok is quick and fun. Find music that is trending and ride the wave by using that music while working out. Film an exercise routine, show off a new workout variationā€”these are all great types of TikTok fitness content ideas. Bonus is that you can start to create your own exercise library and sell workout plans to your TikTok followers if you create your own branded fitness apps.

PJF Performance
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Paul Fabritz
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Here are some TikTok fitness content ideas:

  1. Workout Challenges: Create short and fun workout challenges that your followers can participate in. Use TikTok’s dynamic video format to make your challenges engaging and shareable.
  2. Fitness Tutorials: Share short, bite-sized fitness tutorials that are easy to follow and understand. Use TikTok’s unique features, such as transitions and effects, to make your tutorials visually appealing and memorable.
  3. Workout Transformations: Showcase your own fitness journey or your followers’ transformations through quick and inspiring videos. Use TikTok’s ephemeral video format to highlight the impact of a healthy lifestyle in a dynamic and memorable way.
  4. Dance Workouts: Take advantage of TikTok’s music-driven format by sharing dance workouts that are both fun and effective. Offer tutorials on how to perform each dance, and encourage your followers to join in and share their own videos.
  5. Time-Lapse Workouts: Share time-lapse videos of your workouts to show the progress and effort that goes into each session. Use TikTok’s quick video format to create visually appealing and engaging content that highlights the benefits of a consistent fitness routine.

By leveraging TikTok’s quick and ephemeral video format, you can create engaging and dynamic fitness content that will keep your followers entertained and motivated.

What fitness content should I post on YouTube?

Source: Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEAN-X

Some of the best fitness content ideas for YouTube include ideas that take advantage of the longer form video capabilities of YouTube. Here are some fitness content ideas that take advantage of YouTube’s longer form video format:

  1. Workout Routines: Share in-depth workout routines that are easy to follow and understand. Use YouTube’s longer video format to provide clear instructions and demonstrations, and offer tips and modifications to make the routines accessible to a wide range of people.
  2. Fitness Challenges: Create longer form fitness challenges that your followers can participate in. Use YouTube’s video format to provide clear instructions and demonstrations, and encourage your followers to share their own progress and results.
  3. Healthy Living: Share longer form videos about healthy living, including topics such as nutrition, mindfulness, and stress management. Use YouTube’s video format to provide in-depth information and practical tips that your followers can apply to their own lives.
  4. Behind-the-Scenes: Share behind-the-scenes glimpses of your life, including your workouts, healthy meals, and daily routines. Use YouTube’s longer video format to offer a more in-depth look at your life and to give your followers a deeper understanding of who you are and what you stand for.
  5. Workout Documentaries: Create longer form documentaries that showcase your fitness journey, including your progress, setbacks, and achievements. Use YouTube’s video format to provide an in-depth and inspiring look at what it takes to build a healthy and sustainable fitness routine.

By leveraging YouTube’s longer form video format, you can create in-depth and informative fitness content that will provide value and inspiration to your followers.

Kellie Davis - Fit Thrive
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How do you create good fitness content?

Creating good fitness content involves understanding your audience, being authentic, and providing value. Focus on topics you’re knowledgeable about, use high-quality visuals, and be consistent in your messaging. Include a mix of workout tips, nutrition advice, and personal stories. Exercise.com can help by providing a platform to host and distribute your content professionally.

What do fitness influencers post?

Fitness influencers typically post a variety of content, including workout routines, fitness challenges, nutritional tips, motivational quotes, personal fitness journeys, and product reviews or promotions. They often share this content across social media platforms and their personal blogs or websites.

How do you make a good gym post?

To make a good gym post, use high-quality images or videos, provide useful and engaging content, and encourage interaction by asking questions or seeking feedback. Share tips, progress updates, client testimonials, or behind-the-scenes glimpses. Ensure your posts align with your brand and audience interests.

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How do I start as a fitness content creator?

To start as a fitness content creator, identify your niche, always be on the lookout for fitness post ideas, create consistent and engaging content, build a presence on social media platforms, engage with your audience, and collaborate with other creators or brands. Understanding SEO and using platforms like Exercise.com to host your content can also be beneficial. Fitness content creators can take their fitness social media content ideas and put them into action by becoming a fitness influencer, running a fitness content marketing business, or just working as one of many gym content creators who make money from fitness. Learning to how to make fitness content, how to make gym content that stands out, and how to make a fitness video that get engagement, and ultimately revenue, are all important skills that you often need to learn how to become a fitness content creator just by doing. So get started!

How do I sell fitness content?

To sell fitness content, create high-quality, valuable material like workout programs, e-books, or video courses. Promote your content through social media, email marketing, and your website. Platforms like Exercise.com can facilitate the sale of your content by providing a professional space to host and market it.

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How do I post gym content?

Post gym content by sharing workout routines, fitness tips, success stories, and educational material. Use engaging visuals and maintain a consistent posting schedule. Be interactive and responsive to your audience. Utilize social media platforms and a personal or business website for broader reach. Whether it’s Instagram post ideas for gym influencers, or TikTok post ideas for personal trainers, every fitness professional who wants to generate content ideas for health and wellness needs to just get in their reps and start creating content for fitness. Engage with other similar accounts to find fitness content examples that you can use as inspiration for creating your own fitness content.

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Do fitness influencers make money?

Yes, fitness influencers can make money through various channels such as sponsorships, affiliate marketing, selling their own products or services, advertisements, and collaborations with fitness brands. The amount they earn can vary widely based on their reach, engagement rate, and the platforms they use.

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How can Exercise.com help me with my fitness business?

Exercise.com can significantly enhance your fitness business by providing a comprehensive suite of tools to manage client interactions, process payments, schedule appointments, and host and sell fitness content. Its custom-branded app offers a professional platform for your business, helping streamline operations and improve client engagement. Exercise.com is especially beneficial for fitness professionals looking to expand their online presence and offerings.

Erica Nangle Fitness
Exercise.com is amazing! Positively surprised by the efficiency at responding and helping out!
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