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Best Workout Software for Gyms (2021)

Choosing the best workout software for gyms means looking for more than just a platform to post workouts. Top gym software options offer customizable workouts, assessments, and an exercise library to help guide every client. Automated features, ecommerce abilities, and workout logging offer added versatility to improve customer satisfaction.

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UPDATED: Jun 17, 2021

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  • The best workout software for gyms should be versatile and easily accessible for prospective clients.
  • Workout software for gyms should be customizable and offer an exercise library that helps guide clients.
  • Using gym management software with workout software integrations can help make your customer experience seamless.

In such a competitive industry, finding the best workout software for gyms could help fitness business owners rise above the competitors. As a business owner, you’ll need to compare fitness software options that meet the needs of your gym or studio.

Nowadays, it seems like everywhere you turn there’s a new gym franchise like Planet Fitness or Orangetheory. To compete with these popular brands, it’s important to stay organized, offer unique services, and market those services to as many people as possible.

The right workout software for gym owners can help build a strong and active business. Book a demo with to see how workout software can boost your membership and client satisfaction.

Choosing The Best Workout Software For Gyms

Most successful gyms have a compilation of management platforms in place to track memberships, payments, scheduling, or other necessities. Even so, very few gyms have an all-in-one gym management software that can handle all of these tasks. The best gym management software offers management tools and other great resources for trainers and staff.

The best workout software for gym owners will accommodate the needs of the gym. There are many fitness studios that simply don’t have the same needs as traditional gyms like Planet Fitness, LA Fitness, or Crunch Fitness.

Despite the different needs of each gym, every gym needs a system in place to help promote growth. Even a smaller studio could turn into multiple franchises with the right infrastructure. We’ll break down some of the key features of workout software that could help your gym or studio grow.

What workout software do gyms use? Gym workout software varies from place to place based on need. Some small studios might simply use scheduling software so that clients can register for classes with limited space. Other gyms need a gamut of features covered like website design, staff management, member management, payment processing, marketing, and more.

Accessibility Is Key With Workout Software for Gyms

One of the major growing trends in the fitness industry is convenience. In 2017, one research study showed that 50% of inactive people reported that time was the biggest barrier to exercise. In recent years, there has been an influx of 24-hour gyms, virtual training options, and even personal training without appointments.

Long story short, if you want your workout software to help you grow your clientele, it has to be convenient and accessible to your clients at any time. Nowadays, pretty much every workout software option is on a mobile app, but not all of them offer the same features on that app.’s branded apps for gyms offer a nice touch that personalizes your apps to your liking.

Comparison of the best workout software for gyms.
Gym Workout Software Features
Client Automation
Performance & Measurement Reports
Offer Online Workout Memberships
Run Workout Challenges
Group Training
Custom Exercises
Sell Workout Plans
1-1 Training
Custom Branded
iOS & Android Apps
Fitness Assessments
Online Training
Payment Processing
Exercise Library
Client / Class Scheduling
Workout Creator / Logger

You’ll see above that comparing workout software options for gyms doesn’t just come down to which is the most affordable; there are some other important details to consider. There are a handful of workout features you should seek when comparing workout software for your gym:

  • Custom-branded gym app
  • Custom exercises
  • Exercise library accessibility
  • Fitness assessment delivery
  • Client automation
  • Workout challenges
  • Workout creation

While these aren’t the only important features, these features tend to be what sets apart the best workout software platforms from subpar options. Having an exercise library is a valuable asset that protects and informs your clients if they are training without your guidance for the day. Not everyone can remember the steps to a Turkish Get-up after one session.

All of these features should be available to clients at any time. As we all know, life happens. This added convenience helps clients overcome barriers to exercise even when things don’t go as planned. Part of accessibility is having your workouts available for outsiders as quickly as possible.

Gym ecommerce is important when deciding on a well-rounded workout software for your gym as well. If a prospective client finds your gym and wants to purchase a workout plan while they’re sitting at home late at night, will they be able to? Having gym ecommerce software in place will help to avoid any missed opportunities with clients that may not be able to meet face-to-face during normal business hours. This should be available via an app, website, and of course, in person.

Gym Workout Software Should Be Functional

Accessibility is clearly important, but so is functionality. Having an accessible product won’t matter if the product doesn’t have many useful features. What is the best app for gym workouts? There are many apps available that offer gym workouts alone, but these products have limitations.

Most workout apps offer generalized workouts that aren’t typically catered to the true needs of clients. In addition, these products aren’t made for gym owners but instead for gym-goers who just want a guide on what workouts to do. There is little social interaction or personalization involved.

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Versatile gym workout software should help keep clients engaged. Getting regular workouts from your trainer, participating in workout challenges, and performing periodic fitness assessments can help keep clients motivated and active. Reading and doing a random workout seems nice in the beginning, but that enjoyment fades as monotony accumulates.’s workout software for gyms allows you to provide those engaging resources, amongst other features, which can all be automated to send to your clients at a consistent and convenient time. Your clients can even participate in 1-on-1 or group training with you from a distance or in person. This type of engagement keeps clients coming back.

To help keep clients motivated, clients and trainers can track workout data, assessment results, nutrition logging, and more. All of these features can be fully customized to fit the needs of each and every client.

The Best Workout Software for Gyms: The Bottom Line

What is the best workout software for gyms? Workout software should be versatile and accessible to help stay proactive with finding and retaining clients. Successful clients are more likely to refer your gym to other members, and strong workout software can help.

The best workout software for gym owners will be multi-functional and easy to use. Learn how’s workout software can benefit your gym by booking a demo today.

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