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10 Popular Exercise Video Choices for Teens

Exercise videos make it easy and fun for teens to get active at home while learning a new skill.

To benefit from exercise DVDs, teens should choose workouts they enjoy. They can learn to do new things and stay in shape at the same time. When teenagers focus on health and exercise, they are more likely to become adults that regularly exercise. Here are 10 exercise video choices for teens:

Teen Tone: Extreme Dance Workout: This program uses hip hop and salsa moves to create a workout that is more fun than work.

Shanti Generation – Yoga Skills For Youth Peacemakers

Not only will this video help to strengthen and tone muscles, but it will help teens find inner peace and reduce stress. 

Yoga 4 Teens

This is great for beginning yoga students as it helps them learn what yoga is about.

Empowering Pilates – Exercise Video For Teens

This program teaches Pilates with a focus on being healthy and positive. 

Fame Workout

This will be loved by any teen that loved the movieFame, as it is filled with great dance steps and music. 

So You Think You Can Dance, Get Fit – Cardio Funk

This DVD is based on the hit TV show and is filled with fun dance routines.

Learn To Hip Hop Collection

Not only will teens have a great time getting in shape, but they will have loads of hot new moves to try out on the dance floor for their friends.

Ballroom Basics Volume 8: Streetdance

Street dance has come and gone in popularity, but it is always a fun way to get in shape.

Hip Hop Moves for the Club For Men

Guys often have a hard time finding exercise videos that are appealing to them, but this one is targeted to them specifically. 

So You Think You Can Dance, Get Fit – Tone and Groove

This is another great DVD for those that like to dance and get fit at the same time.

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