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After only becoming a member five months ago, User midstsec has taking the community by storm, ranking in at #1 for the entire site! User Story: JMolesworth1 User Story: JMolesworth1

Success in weight loss and fitness can only be achieved through dedication and perseverance. user JMolesworth1 is a testament that hard work pays off. After finally figuring out what works for his body type, JMolesworth1 used User Story: DCDubs User Story: DCDubs

When I was growing up, I was always bigger than the other kids. I always fell into that middle range of big, but not fat, but not really that muscular either. If you had to get school clothes in the “Husky” section, you know exactly what I’m talking User Story: goREALa User Story: goREALa is all about motivation through friendly competition. Whether you are interested in Fitness Battles or completing as many Challenges as possible, everyone enjoys earning more points and improving their site rank! User Story: AndyF77 User Story: AndyF77 would like to introduce you to a man that has seen incredible results through hard work and a desire to change! PRO User: AndyF77 has gone from being overweight to a lean and fit! User Story: SBN User Story: SBN is privileged to have users from all over the world! Its exciting for us to be able to share these user stories with our community to get to know each other even across the world.