Mixing It Up with Circuit Training Workouts

Circuit training is a great way to get into the habit of exercising on a regular basis without making the gym your second home. Even the most devote gym rat needs to change up their routine now and then

8 “Fitness” Products You Should Never Buy

8 “Fitness” Products You Should Never Buy

Fitness products such as the Thighmaster and Shake Weight received a lot of attention despite the dubiousness of their appearance and uses. However, there are a lot of products and gadgets out there that haven’t worked so well or were just a bit too

Ultimate Guide to Squat Technique

The illustrious squat, a most supreme compound exercise, is hailed by muscle builders across the globe as a must do move. The problem with the squat is many who attempt the motion do so with improper technique.

Weight Training for Runners

Weight training for runners can help improve your speed and energy, whether you’re looking to improve your run times on a track, cross country, or even just a run around the neighborhood.