Top 5 Protein Powder Supplements

Protein powder supplements boost the normal diet and add to the amount of protein already available in it. This helps in the growth of tissue muscles and the elimination of fat.

Top Workout Fads of 2011

2011 has come and gone, along with some interesting workout fads. It was the year that people believed shoes could help them lose weight and the year that video games went from being a couch potato sport to a legitimate way to trim the waistline.

10 Epic Weightlifting Fails

10 Epic Weightlifting Fails

We’ve all done it: tried to lift too much too soon, worn ridiculous workout clothes, or made a fool of ourselves while weight training.

How to Gain Muscle

If you want to gain muscle, you must add plenty of protein and calories to your diet and stick to a consistent and progressive strength-training program. This can not only make you more attractive but improve your overall health.

Flexibility Training: Good or Bad?

The simple addition of flexibility training to your workout routine can help keep muscles healthy and functioning at their best. Moving your body, strengthening muscles, and increasing blood flow to the heart and through the body are the purpose and goal.