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Today’s User Story is about someone who didn’t get to where he is today by just occasionally going to the gym and having a couple “cheat” days a week. User Eddie_F has achieved one of the most amazing weight loss results we’ve seen on!

Introducing Fitness Tips with Molly Galbraith!

Introducing Fitness Tips with Molly Galbraith! is pleased to announce that we’ll be working with Molly Galbraith, personal trainer and one of the founders of the Girls Gone Strong movement, to bring you weekly fitness tips!

Interview with Fitness Expert Len Saunders

Interview with Fitness Expert Len Saunders

We’re grateful that this week’s fitness expert, Len Saunders, took some time out to answer a few of our questions! He’s an inspiring author and motivational speaker in the fight against childhood obesity. User Story: CopeFIT User Story: CopeFIT

Our Community is made up of members of all ages. It’s exciting to see people of all ages staying active and working towards their goals! User CopeFIT is a dedicated member who has really transformed his body over 3 years of hard work.

Quick Interview with sam_mudrick!

Quick Interview with sam_mudrick! sat down with sam_mudrick for a quick interview. Keep reading to check out more about this successful user! Tell us a little about your background and where you’re from. I’m 28 and work in social media fundraising out of...