Trainerize Review (Overview, Pricing, and Features)

Get the Basics... Trainerize is a web-based workout tracking software used primarily for online personal training. It’s most valuable feature is a flexible workout creation system which can organize almost any workout a trainer can imagine. Along with 30 days of...

MindBody Review (Overview, Pricing, and Features)

Get the Basics... The types of businesses serviced by this software are studios, gyms, and individual fitness professionals Having a branded app allows businesses to give potential customers the option to find, book and pay for classes in advance. Because the MindBody...

ZenPlanner Review (Overview, Pricing, and Features)

Get the Basics... Zen Planner is a Colorado-based company whose software is used by over 5,500 gyms, yoga studios, martial arts schools, and Crossfit boxes While a touted feature of Zen Planner’s platform, its mobile apps are its greatest weakness. If you decide...

Vagaro Review (Overview, Pricing, and Features)

In this Vagaro Salon and Fitness Software review we will cover:
1. Vagaro Company Overview
2. Relevant Features
3. Vagaro Marketing/Branding Tools
4. Pricing, Upgrades, Integrations
5. Frequently Asked Questions