5 Exercises to Get Ready for Ski Season

Skiing is a great workout for the whole body; to prevent injury, strengthen your muscles before ski season.

Both downhill skiing and cross-country skiing are types of aerobic exercise that work the entire body. Even if you follow a year-round fitness exercise routine, skiing is different than most aerobic activities. This means you should adjust the types of exercise you do to prepare. 

According to Private Healthcare UK, most skiing accidents are caused by bad preparation or fatigue. Incorporating exercises that help you get ready for ski season will not only improve performance, but will keep you safer and reduce the risk of injury.

Here are some exercises that the Ski Exercise Workouts website says will help you get ready for ski season:


Stand straight with your hands on hips. Keep your feet flat on the floor, shoulder width apart and bend your knees until your body is between your legs. Hold for a few seconds and than return to standing position. Repeat. 


Stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart. Move one foot forward with only your heel touching the floor at this time. Bend your other knee until it is touching the floor or as far down as you can get. Hold for a few seconds and than return to standing position.

Wall Slide

Place your back flat against the wall. Slowly slide down the wall without using your arms until you are in a sitting position. Try to go all the way to the ground if you can. Slowly straighten back up until you are standing straight again. Repeat several times. This is a good stomach exercise to do anytime, not just when preparing for ski season.

Exercise Bikes

Riding a stationary bicycle or regular bicycle is a good exercise to prepare for ski season. This not only helps you get prepared,  but is a good year-round toning exercise.


Walking is another good year-round exercise that helps you build up stamina, so that you can ski longer.

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